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Kobalt Circular Saw Review – Best Cordless Circular Saw

A kobalt circular saw review is one powerful tool and helps you experiment with a ton of creative ideas. Nowadays, cordless models are selling like hotcakes. Homeowners and even some professionals prefer convenience over any other aspect.

This is an area where these battery-powered saws take the lead. Therefore, every brand offers quality circular saws that run on a battery. If you also want a compact battery-powered saw, this Kobalt circular saw review is for you.

It packs some exciting features that will help you find the best place—enough of fancy stuff. Let us jump straight to the review.

Kobalt Circular Saw Review (24V – 6.5Inches)- Best Cordless Circular Saw

kobalt circular saw review
🟢 Blade Length 7.25 inches
🟢 Power Source Li ion Battery
🟢 Cordless Functionality Yes
🟢 Measurement System Metric
🟢 Material Plastic
🟢 Voltage Rating 24V
🟢 Number of Teeth 24
🟢 Horsepower N/A
🟢 Speed 5400 RPM
🟢 Package Dimensions 14 x 11.2 x 7 inches
🟢 Product Weight 8.7 Pounds
🟢 Cutting Angle 0 – 50 Degrees


  • Excellent Power to Weight Ratio
  • Electric Brake Stop
  • Compact Design
  • Great Precision


  • None

1: Design Language

From the outside, it looks like a quite simple machine. It is one powerful saw that can handle even complex cutting-related tasks. The design language has been kept clean. Without the battery placed in, it feels quite lightweight.

Though, even with the battery, it is not heavy like some other power tools. The revamped design looks fresh and updated. The signature Kobalt design language is quite evident here.

Furthermore, the addition of a new brushless motor makes the whole saw relatively thin and lightweight. So, from the design point of view, there is an improvement.

2: Power Output

Power Output

Let us stick a while on this aspect. All new Kobal 24-volt circular saw has been revamped to cater to the needs of professionals. Naturally, therefore, the power output had to be updated. Now, you get 7.25 inches blades instead of 6.5 inches.

As we highlighted earlier, the electric motor works at 24 volts. Further, the max RPM it can reach is 5400, which is more than enough for a cordless circular saw. It is tough to find such a durable battery-powered saw with these power figures.

Users have reported that it can cut 2.25 inches of wood without a hassle. Moreover, the deeper you go, the more you feel the power of its motor. Therefore, it is the ideal tool for those who want adequate raw power along with convenience.

Not to forget the adjustable bevel angle button. It lets you adjust the bevel angle from 0° to 50°. Also, the brushless motor isn’t only powerful but also durable. The brushless construction makes it super efficient and also less noisy.

So, regarding the power output, it is a win-win situation. You lose nothing; instead, get a lot of new additions, which enhances the user experience.

3: Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Don’t get confused by the vast numbers on the specs sheet. The Kobalt 24 Volt Max is an easy-to-use power saw. That’s the best thing about this circular saw. You get a ton of features, and all of them are easy to use.

Therefore, you won’t find even a single function in Kobalt 24 Volt Max circular saw that is complex. Further, the grab handle makes it a compact circular saw. Also, there is an LED light assistance on board.

So, even if we dig a bit deep, we’ll find a ton of convenient add-ons that further enhance the overall user experience.

4: Durability Aspect-Kobalt circular saw

Durability Aspect-Kobalt circular saw

A bit tough to ask. Okay, let us discuss—the single-line answer. Yes, the durability here is excellent. It is now coming to those aspects that prolong its lifespan. But, first, it’s the brushless copper winding motor that steals the show with its outstanding performance.

Not all cordless power tools are that powerful. However, this one is above average in this regard, so appreciate that. It is well constructed and holds all the components firmly.

Unless you are way too careless, this circular saw should last you long. We highlighted the features, add-ons, and quality internals are enough for any circular saw to be declared durable. Hence, you can go for it if the durability aspect is your preference.

5: Ideal for You

Ideal for You

Are you still wondering? Well, this particular circular saw is ideal for those who want perfection. Moreover, those users who cannot don’t want to invest thousands just for a professional power saw, they’ll love the revamped Kobalt 24 Volt Max.

However, the new blade set, enhanced power output, and cordless functionality can easily convince users to invest some bucks against this specific offering. Anyhow, it depends on you and your requirements. So, invest wisely!

6: Key Features of Kobalt circular saw review

i): New and Improved Brushless Motor

The main highlight here is the new and improved brushless motor. As a result, you get plenty of amps along with remarkable efficiency.

ii): 50% More Battery Life

Isn’t it the battery life that people mainly look for in a cordless saw? With 50% more battery life, you can take it out all day long.

iii): A Compact Saw

With a reliable blade set and improved electric motor, using the Kobalt 24v Max circular saw becomes convenient.

iv): Excellent Accuracy

No need to worry about the accuracy of the cuts. Be it straight ones or the groove ones; it has got you covered.

7: Battery Backup

If you want to know, what’s the best-revamped aspect? It’s the all-new and beefier 24-volt battery that keeps things running. According to many user reviews, the new battery lasted 50% more compared to the old one.

Now, that’s a huge difference. Anyhow, this model would impress you with its improved battery life. Unfortunately, the old 18v battery can’t be compared with the new 24v one.


In this Kobalt Circular Saw Review, we covered all the aspects of the all-new Kobalt 24v Max. You will be amazed by its performance and feature set. Its battery, electric motor, and even design language are top-notch. Get yours today!

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