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Are Raleigh Bikes Any Good? We’ve got the Answer

Raleigh is a mountain bike brand that the majority of bikers trust. Since the 19th century, this brand has manufactured some top-quality mountain bikes. But the majority wants to know, Are Raleigh Bikes any Good? 

Well, to answer that, we’d say that, yes, these bikes are good in a lot of ways. However, to claim them as the best bikes, some research and testing must be done. This article will share all the information you need to know about Raleigh Bikes in 2023. So, let us get into it. 

Yes, Raleigh is a good mountain bike brand for a number of reasons. First, they are known for their quality mountain bike range. Second, they are among the old, tried, and trusted brand names.  

Lastly, they have a mountain bike for nearly every type of rider. This makes Raleigh bikes a popular brand even in 2023. 

Are Raleigh Bikes Any Good? A Brief Brand’s History 

Raleigh is basically a famous brand name. This mountain bike brand is known for its high-quality bike range. We think it is essential to know the brand’s history before commenting on anything regarding the durability and quality of its bikes. 

The brand was an initiative of two individuals named Richard Morris and Paul Eugene. Raleigh is basically a street in the United Kingdom (UK). 

Luckily, these two guys were able to boost their brand’s name in no time. They launched a couple of bike models that the majority of that time really liked. 

Raleigh sold over a million units of these bike models. This was the right elevation time for the brand. Later in the 1870’s era, Raleigh was among the mountain bike brands that used to sponsor various bike events. 

Today, Raleigh is an established mountain bike brand. They stand against some of the top-rated mountain bike manufacturers. 

Are Raleigh Bikes any Good? Pros and Cons. 

No matter which brand we are evaluating, we have to look at what value it offers to the mountain biking community. Therefore, we tried to cover the brand name on the basis of its pros and cons. 


Raleigh mountain bike brand is still popular because of various good reasons. Here are a few of them. 

1: Available In A Variety of Frames 

Very few mountain bike brands really think of offering bikes in different types of frames. Luckily, the Raleigh brand really worked on this aspect, and they currently offer almost all types of mountain bikes. 

For example, they have aluminum frame bikes, alloy frame bikes, and also steel frame bikes in their line-up. Now, every rider demands a different type of frame. 

Not everyone wants a lightweight frame. Some people (fat and tall guys, for example) demand a more robust steel frame. But, on the other hand, they don’t mind the weight of steel or high-strength carbon fiber frames. 

In this regard, Raleigh has all types of frames available. So, the availability of their bikes in an all-frame option is a big plus for several buyers. 

2: Iconic Designs 

The design and build quality of Raleigh bikes has always been impressive. For example, they deploy high-quality suspension systems in their bike. And the best part is that all their bikes are designed in a way that best complements such quality additions. 

Similarly, their electric bikes have durable electric motors equipped that don’t harm the design language of any bike. So, riders get nearly every feature that a mountain bike should have without any compromises on the looks or design aspect. 

3: Excellent Warranty Coverage 

A ton of mountain bike manufacturer’s offer limited warranties on their mountain bikes. However, the point to note here is warranty coverage. Raleigh is a brand that has user-friendly warranty coverage. 

For instance, they are offering up to 5 years of warranty on their full-suspension mountain bikes. Similarly, they also offer a limited lifetime warranty on their rigid-frame bikes. 

Further, riders get a 1-year warranty on their bike’s basic components. We think Raleigh is one of the best brands that have user-centric warranty coverage. 

4: For All Types of Users (Beginner, Pro-Level, Etc.) 

You will discover that there are many brands out there that focus on catering to the needs of all types of mountain bike riders. That’s another area where Raleigh really shines. They have almost all types of bikes available, including: 

Further, the brand also has dedicated bikes available for various types of riders. For example, they have bikes for beginner-level riders and also for pro-level expert riders. So, this brand focused on offering an ideal bike to every type of rider (regardless of his skill level). 

5: Dedicated Bikes for Kids and Women 

We are left with very few manufacturers’ options when we talk about mountain bikes or road bikes for women or kids. Most of the mountain bike brands for women don’t offer a full range of bikes. 

However, the scenario is a lot different here. Raleigh has dedicated bikes for kids and women. Therefore, even women and kids can shop for their favorite bike under this brand’s umbrella. 

6: Flexible Prices 

You don’t necessarily have to have a budget of $1000 or more to get one Raleigh bike. Admittedly, though, they have high-quality, expensive mountain bikes too. But their affordable offering starts from around $200. We all know how much attention the brand pays to each bike while manufacturing it. 

So, even their $200 or $300 bike won’t disappoint you. For enthusiastic riders, more expensive bikes are available that cost around $1000-$1500


You might be wondering, is there even an aspect where the Raleigh mountain bike doesn’t fit well? Yes, there are a few (very few, to be honest). But don’t worry; the goodness this brand has to offer surpasses a few of its cons. 

1: Handle Bars could’ve Been Improved 

Even many riders reported that the handlebars of Raleigh bikes could be improved. We think the same in this regard. That’s because most of their bikes have wide handlebars. 

So, Raleigh bikes may not be the right pick for long commutes. But that’s one area where we think that this brand could work. 

2: Some Minor Quality Issues Here And There 

Even for the best mountain bikes brand out there, some minor quality control issues can occur here and there. We understand it, and that’s not that big of a deal. 

3: Saddles could be improved 

Another thing that most riders highlight is that the quality and comfort level of all saddles isn’t the best. We think Raleigh should also work in this regard to make saddles comfortable. 

Raleigh Bike’s Review – Type of Bike They Offer 

As we highlighted, Raleigh bikes offer almost all types of bikes. Some of these bike types are highlighted below. 

  1. Raleigh Mountain Bikes 
  2. Road Bikes 
  3. Urban Bikes 
  4. Women’s Bikes 
  5. Kids’ Bikes 
  6. Recreational Bikes 

Are Raleigh Mountain Bikes any Good? 

Raleigh is a brand that is known for manufacturing top-quality mountain bikes. Therefore, their mountain bikes are very good in terms of features. They also perform quite well. 

The brand offers mountain bikes with all types of features. Also, they have mountain bikes available for almost every type of rider. 

For example, you can get Raleigh’s dual-suspension bikes if comfort is your priority. Moreover, they also have hardtail bikes available. 

Are Raleigh Road Bikes any Good? 

The road bikes from Raleigh are also no short of any features. Their road bikes have durable frames, comfortable saddles, and ideal geometry. 

Also, the tires, wheel size, and suspension system of these bikes are also on par with some of the top-rated road bikes. 

Are Raleigh Urban Bikes Any Good? 

You may be surprised, but Raleigh also has a ton of quality urban bikes in its lineup. These bikes have a laidback geometry that helps the rider ride the bike in an upright position. 

Note that urban bikes are not meant for speeding. They are more of a commuter bike designed to help you reach from point A to point B. 

Raleigh bikes have a decent suspension system and a durable frame. This makes their urban bikes one of the best options for any type of commuting. 

Are Raleigh Women’s Bikes Any Good? 

Raleigh also has dedicated bikes available for women. The brand offers these bikes with a geometry that is perfect for women. 

Further, these bikes also have that unique styling element to attract the attention of women. So, for those who want to buy the best mountain bikes for women, Raleigh is the brand to consider. 

Are Raleigh Kid’s Bikes Any Good? 

Raleigh is the brand name that also takes care of kids’ needs when it comes to cycling. This brand has colorful, unique-looking, and durable bikes for kids. 

Parents who want their kids to learn and improve their cycling skills can consider Raleigh’s kid’s bikes. 

Are Raleigh Recreational Bikes Any Good? 

Recreational bikes are for those folks who enjoy riding a bike around the beach. You can also have a good time riding a recreational bike with your family. 

Raleigh has done a good job here too. Their recreational bikes are designed for families. These bikes may not have a rock-solid frame, but they definitely come with decent enough features. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1: Did Raleigh Stop Making Road Bikes? 

No, even today, Raleigh manufactures various types of bikes. But, seems like the brand is focusing more on manufacturing electric and hybrid bikes. Seems like they want to stay ahead of the competition by doing so. 

2: Which Is The Best Brand For Road Bikes? 

Raleigh is hands-down one of the brands of road bikes. They basically have all types of bikes available. Further, they also have dedicated bikes available for women and kids. 

3: Who Makes Raleigh Bikes Now? 

Today Accell Group has acquired the Raleigh Bikes brand. They are one of the most well-known bike manufacturers in Europe. 

4: Where Are Raleigh Bike Frames Made? 

Raleigh Bikes currently offers almost all types of mountain bikes. For example, they have aluminum frame bikes, alloy frame bikes, and also steel frame bikes in their line-up. 

Final Thoughts! 

Now you know, “Are Raleigh Bikes any Good?” we have explored this query in detail for your ease. We also reviewed some of their road bikes, electric bikes, and even recreational bikes. 

Raleigh brand focuses on offering quality bikes to all types of riders. We think that’s one reason why they are ranked among the top-rated mountain bike brands. 

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