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7 Best Mountain Bike Grips to Get – 2023 Picks  

Choosing the best mountain bike grips Will give you the most control and comfort on technical trails. We tested grips and shared them with you. 

Mountain biking is a proper sport. So, therefore, to get the most out of it, you have to be very serious about it. Well, we think that it shouldn’t be a problem for you. That’s because there are a ton of mountain bike accessories available out there. 

For instance, mountain bike gloves offer much-needed protection on top of added comfort. Similarly, there are helmets available to help your ride with style, comfort and enhanced safety. So, there is almost every type of mountain bike accessory available out there. 

Like other accessories, you have the best mountain bike grips available. These grips enhance the comfort level of every rider by a great margin. However, they are often overlooked by many riders. Anyhow, here is our take on the best mountain bike grips to get in 2023. 

Best Mountain Bike Grips for 2023 – FridayRack Picks

1: PNW Loam Grips 

According to our review, the PNW loam grips are the best mountain bike grips. They are well built, and they also fit well. So, we think there is a lot to like about these grips. PNW or Pacific North West has some of the very best quality accessories available for e-bikes. 

The loam grips are no exception here. Their optimum grips and comfort level is because of the use of a quality compound commonly known as 25a Duro Happy Camper.  

They feel great in hand and offer the grip that you need when you are riding on tough terrains. Another exciting fact about these grips is that they are available in nine different colors.  

So, users can choose the one that matches their bike color. All in all, we’d say that the PNW loam grips are quality mountain bike grips for nearly any biker.  


  • Excellent Grip
  • Doesn’t Lose Grip Whether It’s Dry or Wet
  • Wide Range of Color Options
  • Value for Money


  • Can wear With Time

2: Gusset S2 Extra Soft Compound Grip 

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As the name says, the Gusset S2 is a soft compound grip. So, if you are looking for a soft compound grip for your mountain bike, this could be the best option. It is easy to get used to this grip. The overall look and feel here are also on par with some of the most expensive options. 

This particular grip won’t disappoint you in cold weather or in wet conditions. That’s because the brand has used a compound formerly known as VEXK3. This particular compound helps this grip offer excellent protection and comfort in all types of riding conditions. 

The inclusion of a diamond pattern is a welcome addition. But, in case you want some more stiffness, there is a standard version available too, which isn’t that soft. So, we think the Gusset S2 is definitely a very soft and comfortable mountain bike grip.  


  • Ideal Soft Compound Grip
  • Diamond Tread Pattern
  • Great Sticky Compound
  • Reasonable Color Options Available


  • Longevity Factor Isn’t Really There

3: ODI Bjorn Grips 

ODI Bjorn Grips

ODI is one brand that is quite popular in the mountain biking industry. Like some of the other top-rated brands, ODI hasn’t really compromised on the quality here. In fact, we really like the fact that the brand has used eco-friendly materials here. 

According to the manufacturer, they use 100% recyclable materials in the making of Bjorn grips. Well, this claim kind of reflects in the performance too. This particular accessory offers a soft, comfortable, and damped grip. 

So, the overall performance of these grips remains on par with other grips in this price range. We will recommend these bike grips to those who care about the environment and want a comfortable mountain bike grip.  


  • Made With Eco-Friendly Materials
  • Soft and Comfortable
  • Performs Great On a Variety of Terrains


  • Users Reported That Soft Rubber Wears Quickly

4: ODI Ruffian 

ODI Ruffian

So, again we have a quality grip here from a reputable brand name. However, the ODI ruffian has a class of its own. That’s because it’s so well made, colorful, and soft. According to many users, its performance remains great even when it’s wet or cold. 

It is basically a lock-on mountain bike grip. So, it fits perfectly and easily gets the job done. The good thing here is the brand offers the Ruffian with both soft and hard compounds.  

If you want a stiffer yet more durable grip, the hard compound one is the right option for you. Furthermore, the soft rubber compound grip would be perfect for a soft and comfy feel.  

Moreover, these particular grips also don’t require any break-in period. So, you can start using it right out of the box.  


  • Available In Soft and Hard Rubber Compounds
  • Great Design Language
  • No Break-In Required


  • None

5: Ergon GE1 Evo 

 Ergon GE1 Evo

The Ergon GE1 Evo is one top-quality mountain bike grip of 2023. That is because a well-known German brand is offering it. So, the quality of this mountain bike grip remains top-notch for the most part. 

Its design language is just perfect for an ideal mountain bike grip. It follows an ergonomic design which gives your hand more space while riding. Further, it is also a pretty comfortable grip for the most part. However, for beginners, it might get tough to adjust the angles right. 


  • An Excellent German Mountain Bike Grip
  • Made From Quality Rubber
  • Ergonomic Shape Makes It Easier To Grip


  • None 

6: ESI Chunky 

ESI Chunky

The ESI Chunky is another quality mountain bike grip to get this year. However, this one is quite different from the other grips we have reviewed. That’s because it is a silicone mountain bike grip. Therefore, it performs great. 

We think its grips and overall comfort level are better than rubber-made ones. Further, ESI manufactures various types and qualities of silicone mountain bike grips. However, all of them will offer better comfort because of the silicone material.  


  • The First Brand to Offer Silicone Mountain Bike Grips
  • Pretty Comfortable
  • Looks Quite Unique


  • Can Take Time for Beginners to Get Used To It

7: Lizard Skins Oury Lock-On  

Lizard Skins Oury Lock-On 

The Lizard Skins Oury is the ideal lock-on mountain bike grip for riders with large hands. The wide diameter and bigger look and feel of these grips make them an ideal option for riders with big hands. But, on the other hand, riders with small hands may not like it. 

They are also made of soft compounds. So, for the most part, it works like a charm. However, they may cause hand fatigue if you go on a long journey. So, that’s a downside here. 

On the plus side, these grips are highly customizable. You can customize the color and styling. Riders can even engrave a message into their favorite color. 


  • Several Customization Options
  • The thick diameter, which is great for the user with large hands
  • Decent Comfort


  • Not a Perfect Option for Small-Handed People

How to Buy the Best Mountain Bike Grips? 

So, mountain bike grips are not that easy to buy. It can be difficult for most of users to buy them. Therefore, we have crafted a detailed buying guide for the ease of our readers. So, let us get into it. 

1: Understanding Different Types of Grips 

Before we begin any further, it is essential to understand the different types of mountain bike grips available out there. 

As the name says, these are the traditional-looking mountain bike grips. They just get the job done. Unfortunately, there are not so many color options. Further, you also cannot customize these mountain bike grips. Finally, these grips are also not ideal for wet or cold weather conditions. 

Foam Mountain Bike Grips  

The foam mountain bike grips look pretty similar to the traditional grips. The only difference is that they have foam induced in them. This makes them quite soft, and they also absorb good vibrations. However, durability has always been a concern here. 

-Lock-on Grips 

Lastly, we have the lock-on mountain bike grips. Now, these grips are the strongest among all. That’s because they have a locking mechanism. You can lock them with the supplied screw. There are two types of lock-on grips available.  

Double lock-on grips are more common these days. Anyhow, both lock-on grip types offer a secure connection. However, they can be a bit heavy at times. Also, they are relatively expensive.  

2: Know Your Preferences  

Apart from the material of mountain bike grips, you should also pay attention to your personal preferences. Now, these grips are made of different types of compounds. For instance, there are silicon grips available. 

Similarly, you can get the traditional rubber ones if you prefer simple yet modest looks. Furthermore, there are also eco-friendly mountain bike grips available. So, depending on your riding style and preferences, you can easily choose the best mountain bike grip for yourself. 

3: Size of Grips  

Mountain bike grips come in various sizes. For example, 27mm, and 35mm grips are quite common. The figures we share above basically highlight the diameter of the mountain bike grips. Now, you should buy these on the basis of your hand size. 

For example, if you have small hands, go with the compact mountain bike grips and vice versa. So, that’s why you should also consider the size of a mountain bike grip before buying it. 


So, these are the 7 best mountain grips of 2023. All these mountain bike grips have something special to offer. Our review shows the PNW loam grips are the best mountain bike grips. They are well built, and they also fit well. You also have other quality options here. Our buying would also help you in buying the best mountain bike grips. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

1: What Are the Best Mountain Bike Grips? 

There are many types of mountain bike grips available out there. However, not all of them offer the same performance. However, we found that these are the best mountain grips of 2023: 

1: PNW Loam Grips 

2: Gusset S2 Extra Soft Compound Grip 

3: ODI Bjorn Grips 

4: ODI Ruffian 

5: Ergon GE1 Evo 

6: ESI Chunky 

7: Lizard Skins Oury Lock-On  

2: How Long Do Mountain Bike Grips Last? 

We can’t really quote a certain lifespan here. A top-quality mountain bike grip should last for a long. Factors like how you use it and take care of it also matter a lot here. 

3: Are MTB Grips Universal? 

Well, they are pretty much ideal for all types of mountain bikes. The typical diameter of these grips is 22mm. Moreover, they are valuable in so many types. So, every rider buys them according to his personal preferences. 

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