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7 Best Mountain Bikes for Heavy Riders – 2023 Updated! 

Mountain biking is a sport the majority of us like. It’s an ideal sport to maintain a healthy life. That’s because we all know that cycling is very good for human health. Further, mountain biking is all about riding on tracks around hills. So, you also get an opportunity to explore nature. So, these are some reasons why the majority of people like to buy the best mountain bikes under $1000. 

You’d be surprised to know that you can even buy mountain bikes for just under $299. Yes, these days’ mountain bikes are quite affordable. However, for heavyweight riders, things can be somewhat complicated. 

Therefore, it is best to invest in some quality mountain bikes. Fortunately, there are specific mountain bikes available for heavy riders. This article will cover all you need to know about the best mountain bikes for heavy riders. So, let us get started. 

Best Mountain Bikes for Heavy Riders 2023 – Reviews and Ratings 

  1. SavaDeck Deck 300
  2. Schwinn S29 
  3. Mongoose Dolomite Mountain Bike (Fat Tire) 
  4. Schwinn Bonafide 
  5. Diamondback Overdrive 
  6. Schwinn High-Timber 
  7. Salsa Mukluk 

1: SavaDeck Deck 300-best mountain bikes for heavy riders 

SavaDeck Deck 300-best mountain bikes for heavy riders

While reviewing the mountain bikes for heavy riders, we had to really dig in to find the quality models. According to our review and testing, the SavaDeck 300 is the best mountain bike for heavy riders out there. That’s because this bike has been made from durable material. For example, it has carbon fiber. Now, carbon fiber is one of the best material options for any bike’s frame. 

Therefore, this bike can bear the weight of heavy riders with ease. Further, it has an SR Suntour fork which does a great job of absorbing bumps. Thanks to the 100mm front shocks, this bike performs pretty well on downhill tracks. We really like the fact that the brand name hasn’t focused much on cutting corners. That’s why this bike performs so well. 

The SavaDeck 300 has a Shimano drivetrain for smooth gear shifts. It even has hydraulic disc brakes, which we really like. These brakes are a great addition to an entry-level bike of this category. Thanks to these quality disc brakes and 100mm front suspension, the bike climbs easily on various terrains. 

In short, the SavaDeck 300 is a very capable mountain bike. It’s a great pick for heavy riders. The carbon fiber frame and Shimano disc brakes won’t disappoint you no matter where you take them. 


  • Durable Frame
  • 100mm Suspension Travel
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • Affordable


  • No Dropper Post

2: Schwinn S29-best mountain bikes for heavy riders

Schwinn S29-best mountain bikes for heavy riders

Let’s talk about a full-suspension mountain bike that won’t break your bank. The Schwinn S29 is an ideal mountain bike to buy for heavy riders. It has a durable frame that can support the extra weight of a heavy rider. Further, it packs in a nice and comfy full suspension system. So we were really surprised to see that this bike comes with a full suspension system. 

So, the overall ride quality is great here. It doesn’t let you feel that you are riding on an uneven track. So, full marks to the front and back shock absorbers here. Their performance was above average during our testing. Usually, heavy riders may not be full-ready to invest in a durable bike with a full suspension system. But, in this case, you are getting that, so that’s an added bonus here. 

With all these good features, the Schwinn S29 doesn’t cost that much. It still costs under $500. So, for that price, you are getting a lot of value. A reliable frame, a durable suspension, Shimano drivetrain and whatnot. Therefore, it is one of the best bikes to buy in 2023. You can also consider this bike if you are a beginner. 


  • Shimano Drivetrain
  • Remarkable Full Suspension
  • Great-Quality Frame
  • Affordable Price Tag


  • None So Far

3: Mongoose Dolomite Mountain Bike (Fat Tire)-best mountain bikes for heavy riders 

Mongoose Dolomite Mountain Bike (Fat Tire)-best mountain bikes for heavy riders

A dedicated mountain bike for heavy riders must have a solid frame and fat tires. The fat tires may look a bit odd, but they offer a lot of value. They help the heavy rider in riding the bike with ease. These are some of the areas where the Mongoose Dolomite Mountain Bike with fat tires really shines. It is one of the dedicated mountain bikes for heavy riders that supports weights up to 370 Lbs. 

So, if you weigh over 300lbs, this bike is for you. The bike has a seven-speed gear system which should help you ride it with ease. The Mongoose is a brand name in the mountain biking industry that has a good reputation. For 40 years, Mongoose has served a lot to the biking industry. So, we’d say that investing in a quality mountain bike brand is always worthwhile. Check out more top-rated mountain bike brands of 2023 here. So, with all these exciting features, we think that you shouldn’t hesitate to invest in this mountain bike. It won’t disappoint you for sure. 


  • Fat Tires Offer Good Grip and Comfort
  • 7-Speed Smooth Great System
  • Up To 37lbs Weight Support


  • Braking Could Be a Tad Bit Better

4: Schwinn Bonafide-best mountain bikes for heavy riders

 Schwinn Bonafide-best mountain bikes for heavy riders

So, we are back with another Schwinn mountain bike. Actually, this brand has some great options when it comes to the best mountain bikes for heavy riders. For instance, take a look at the Schwinn Bonafide. It’s so well-made and has a durable frame and iconic geometry. 

First of all, the 29-inch wide wheels definitely need some praise. They are quite wide but pretty lightweight as well. So, there is nothing to compromise here. We were stunned by the price tag of this two-wheeler. For around $350 (the actual price may vary a bit), you are getting a perfect mountain bike to start things off. You will really appreciate the features and specifications of this bike if you are a beginner. 

You get a mechanical disc brake here, but that works flawlessly, so nothing to complain about even here. Rest, the drivetrain is pretty smooth for the most part. Further, the unique addition of orange color also attracted many. 

All in all, for an attractive price tag, this bike offers a lot more attractive feature. Its solid frame and wide wheels are just enough for any heavyweight person. Further, the addition of a disc brake and front suspension makes it a good option for those who are on a budget. 

So, we can say that the Schwinn Bonafide kind of targets various types of users. It is equally good for entry-level users and ideal for heavy riders. Further, it is also a good option for those who have a tight budget. 


  • Best Bang for Buck for Heavy Riders
  • Equally Suitable for Beginners
  • Smooth Gears and Quality Shocks


  • No Hydraulic Brakes

5: Diamondback Overdrive 

The Diamondback overdrive is another great mountain bike for heavy riders. That’s because it is made with quality materials. That’s because, all the required elements that a dedicated mountain for heavy rider’s need are here. Let us start with the wheels of the bike. Here, you get 27.5-inch wheels which help you ride the bike with ease.  

Further, you have the lightweight aluminum frame. Now, on paper it seems like this aluminum frame may not perform that great. However, the reality is opposite. That’s because, it performed fairly well in our testing. Furthermore, you get quality disc brakes from Tektro Aries. So, the performance of these disc brakes is also on par.  

On paper it seems like, the Diamondback overdrive may fall short in terms of features compared to some other bike. But in reality, it performs quite decent on the majority of off-road tracks. So, we recommend this bike for heavy riders. 


  • Lightweight Yet Durable Frame
  • Dual Disc Brakes
  • Smooth Gear Shifts


  • The Aluminum Frame May Not Perform Great in The Longer Run.

6: Schwinn High-Timber-best mountain bikes for heavy riders 

Schwinn High-Timber-best mountain bikes for heavy riders

We cannot forget Schwinn here as their range of bikes kept on impressing us. Here, we will talk about the Schwinn High-Timber Mountain bike. Now, this mountain bike has a lot to offer here. For instance, you get twist shifters with this bike. These twist shifters make it a lot easier and more convenient to shift the gears. 

The whole gear-changing process becomes a lot smoother. This feature will really help beginners. However, it is equally suitable for pro-level riders. It has fairly wide tires for its class. On top of these wheels, the alloys are also of good quality. The quality and finishing of the alloys also impressed us. 

The lightweight frame is also a bonus here. It has strength but isn’t that heavy-weight. So, whether you are a heavy rider or a beginner, you would surely enjoy riding this bike. So, with these small tweaks here and there, the Schwinn High-Timber is here to impress the majority.  


  • Durable Frame
  • Lightweights For its class
  • Twist Shifters


  • None 

7: Salsa Mukluk-best mountain bikes for heavy riders

 Salsa Mukluk-best mountain bikes for heavy riders

The Salsa Mukluk is a fat tire mountain bike. Its wide and big tires provide the much-needed support and traction. The frame is also very well built and is connected perfectly with the different elements of the bike. Now, there are various variants available under the same umbrella. However, we recommend that you should go with the carbon fiber variant.  

It also has hydraulic brakes, which was a surprise to us. The performance of these brakes really impressed us. You can stop the bike almost at any instant. The handlebars are also raised, which improves the quality of the ride. Further, the performance of its drivetrain is also great. Overall, the quality and build maternal of this bike are pretty great.  


  • Affordable Price Tag
  • Well-Built
  • Impressive Brakes


  • None

What special does Mountain Bike for Heavy Riders Have? 

What special does Mountain Bike for Heavy Riders Have?

1: Fat Tires 

Fat Tires

Many people prefer fat or wide tires. Even those riders who aren’t that heavy-weighted prefer mountain bikes with wide wheels. Ideally, you should buy a bike with fat tires as this will help you ride it with convenience. 

 Further, fat tires’ traction and overall road grip are also great. Now, usually, manufacturers offer fat tires with tubes. Some of the brands also have tubeless tires bikes to offer. However, those bikes can be expensive. On the other hand, they are reliable and last for a fairly long time. 

In short, fat tires are a must for every mountain bike designed for heavy riders. So, you should also prefer a fat tire mountain bike. 

2: Overall Quality of Materials 

Overall Quality of Materials

The quality of materials is another aspect that differentiates the mountain bikes for heavy riders. As we mentioned that, these bikes have solid frames. Usually, carbon fiber and steel-made frames are used. Both of these are basically high-quality MATERIALS. the difference of material quality simply doesn’t end here. 

You also get Much better-quality brakes here. For example, most of these bikes have hydraulic brakes instead of manual ones. Further, you also get better quality drivetrain and fat tires to accommodate the heavy weight of the rider. So, these are some areas where the brand don’t compromise on the quality of materials. On the other hand, some cheap mountain bikes brands compromise on the quality of parts to keep the prices low.  

3: Frame & Geometry 

Frame & Geometry

The frame of your mountain bike has to be of excellent quality. That’s because it supports the mountain bike’s and the rider’s overall weight. In this regard, it is recommended to go with a quality material option. You have metal frames such as steel ones and alloy ones. 

Moreover, you can also go with carbon fiber. It is a durable material but lightweight at the same time. An aluminum frame is also an option, but they aren’t as durable as carbon fiber or steel. 

So, ideally, you should go with an alloy or steel frame. The carbon fiber material is also a great option if you prefer lightweight frames. Lastly, you can go with the aluminum frame as well. Usually, affordable mountain bikes for women have aluminum frames. 

4: Optimized for Heavyweight Riders 

Optimized for Heavyweight Riders

The dedicated mountain for heavy riders is specially optimized to bear the extra weight of the person. They usually have a steel or carbon fiber frame, long travel front suspension system and wide wheels (Ideally 29-inch). 

Also, most of these bikes have disc brakes instead of traditional V-Brakes. So, their braking performance is also pretty reasonable. So, you can see that most of these bikes have features and specifications that help the heavy-riders extract the best out of them. 

Note that many of such bikes can also be used by other riders. For example, we have reviewed some models that are super-affordable. So, any person who doesn’t have thousands of bucks can invest in a mountain bike that costs under $1000. Further, these bikes are also ideal for beginners since they have optimized features os that will help them a lot. 

5: The Cost Difference 

The Cost Difference

We had to mention this point because many people believe in it. Well, it is true to some extent. However, not every mountain bike for heavy riders would break your bank. That’s because most of these bikes are multipurpose bikes. Meaning that beginners, intermediate riders and those who are just starting out can also ride these mountain bikes. 

Therefore, the brand has room to target the same bike for a wide variety of users. This helps them keep the price low compared to some other models. So, even today, a full-fledged mountain bike for heavy riders could save thousands. However, you can still buy within your budget. 


So, these are some of the best mountain bikes for heavy riders to get in 2023. These bikes have a lot of special features to offer. For example, they have a superior-quality frame and also durable suspension. So, it is best to go with such a bike if you really want to get the best out of it. There is also a dedicated buying guide included. So, it will surely help you buy with ease.

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