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12 Best Mountain Bikes for Women 2023 – Most Affordable Models 

Mountain bikes are a lot of fun to ride. You can ride them on nearly any track. The real adventure of riding these bikes is on a rough and tough track. Like men, women also take part in a variety of sports. We all know that. hen it comes to riding, we choose best mountain bikes for women. Therefore, there are many best mountain bikes for women available out there. Though, women can even ride the standard o unisex mountain bikes. 

Due to some reasons and preferences of many women, there are top women’s mountain bikes also available. Now, what these mountain bikes are all about, and how do they differ? To find all such interesting information, stick with this article. 

This article will share some of the best mountain bikes for women. You will also get to know about different aspects of women’s bikes. So, let us get into it! 

Why Women Should Go with Dedicated Mountain Bikes Made for Them? 

Before we begin any further, let us find the answers to the top most common question popping in your mind. Well, women should go with dedicated mountain bikes made for them because it’s their right to take part in such adventurous yet fun sports. 

So, these mountain bikes allow them to ride to far-off places without any fear. The bike’s design, suspension and overall geometry are something that helps them and gives them much-needed confidence too. Here are a few solid reasons that explain why women should go with dedicated mountain bikes made for them. 

Women always prefer dedicated stuff for them. In general, it’s a good practice. But, women are also an integral part of our society. So, they do take part and, in fact, should take part in such physical and adventurous activities. Maybe that’s the reason you can find some good mountain bikes for women? Well, there are several other reasons as well. Here are a few of them. 

a) It’s Ideal for Them

It’s Ideal for Them

The number reason here is very simple and straightforward. These mountain bikes are specifically designed for women. So, they should ride them, isn’t it that simple? Well, it should be. Dedicated mountain bikes for women have the shape, design, and geometry that best matches the weight and overall physique of the majority of women. 

b) Supports Their Weight 

The weight is crucial; in fact, it’s an important factor that women should look at while buying their best mountain bike. So, the dedicated bikes for ladies have the frame and geometry that best matches their weight. 

Not just matches, the whole bike, its frame, and suspension are also tuned according to the weight and cycling needs of women. 

c) Available in Their Favorite Colors 

We won’t say that only women like to buy goods in their favorite colors. Almost all of us have some preferences, too, when it comes to choosing a product based on its colors. So, the same scenario is with women. 

Following these color preferences, the brands also offer various mountain bikes that come in pink, blue, and red colors. 

What’s So Different about the Best Mountain Bikes for Women? 

Like other women’s products, their mountain bikes are also different from men’s. Here are some factors which are different in women’s mountain bikes. 

1: The Overall Frame 

The overall frame of women’s bikes is quite different than those of men’s. That’s because women don’t weigh that much. So, the frame is designed accordingly in this case. In addition, the height of many women is also not that tall. 

So, the weight and height factors are something that force bike manufacturers to offer a different frame than those for men. Some brands like Juliana don’t even offer their bikes in Large or Extra Large sizes. 

2: The Difference between Suspension System 

The suspension system of mountain bikes for women is also very different. But, again, here the reasoning is the same. The weight of the majority of women is less compared to the majority of men. That is why their dedicated bikes have different suspension systems. 

Such a suspension system isn’t designed to support a heavy person’s weight. So, women who have standard weight can enjoy great rides on such bikes. 

3: The Color Range-best mountain bikes for women 

Lastly, we have a difference in colors. Now, the color choice of women is different than that of men. Almost everyone is aware of this fact. So, these bikes usually come in red, pink, and sky-blue colors. These colors are loved by most of the women out there. 

How to Buy the Best Mountain Bike for Women? (Buying Guide) 

Once you know the top mountain bikes for women, it shouldn’t be an issue for you to choose the right one for yourself. However, things aren’t that simple here. With a ton of manufacturers out there, it can become tough for you to choose the right one. 

Don’t worry; we understand the buying struggle. So, we have shared a brief buying guide for your reference. So, let us have a look at it. 

1: Look for the Brand Name 

We highly recommend anyone looking for any type of mountain bike to look for the brand name before purchasing it. Brands’ names, reputation, and reviews matter a lot. Unfortunately, for every product, you’ll see a ton of manufacturers claiming themselves to be the best. 

Are they really the best? That’s what you should ask them. We recommend checking out their user reviews. Find out what other people have to say about their mountain bike range. The manufacturers and brands we reviewed are worth checking out. 

We did our research and listed the above-mentioned brands and their bicycles. So, if you are in a hurry, you can consider these above-mentioned models. 

2: Choose the Right Type 

Mountain bikes come in different types. Each type or, in simple words, the category is designed for some type of rider. For instance, many mountain bikes are dual-purpose bikes. These bikes can be used on paved roads as well as off-road tracks. 

If you are starting out, this particular type of mountain bike will suit you. But, on the other hand, mountain bikes have a quality suspension system designed to help you enjoy some adventurous rides on bumpy and uneven off-road tracks. 

So, for some serious mountain biking pleasure, these bikes are great. So, you got the point. Always choose any mountain bike based on your use age. 

3: Suspension System 

Like cars and motorbikes, mountain bikes also have a suspension system. The job of this suspension system is to help the rider enjoy the ride without worrying about uneven and bumpy tracks. Now, not all mountain bikes have a full suspension system. 

The presence of shock absorbers on both the front and back is referred to as a full suspension system. So, only those mountain bikes which are sourly designed for off-roading have a full suspension system. Usually, women’s top mountain bikes have a front or back suspension system. 

It’s not that bad, to be honest. You’ll enjoy your ride. However, the point here is to let you the importance of a suspension system for a mountain bike. So, never overlook this aspect as well. 

4: Your Budget 

Last but not the least, it’s the budget factor. Now, mountain biking is a lot more than just a sport. Therefore, the best mountain bikes can cost a bit high. However, don’t be sad as there are some other models available as well that are not that costly. 

In this regard, you should have a defined budget. For instance, maybe you’ll be looking for a mountain bike for under $300. Or maybe you have a budget of $1000 bucks. So, you see, the price varies here. 

Anyhow, if you want the real best value, you will have to spend some bucks. However, if you are on a budget, you do have some quality options available as well. For example, the Cannondale Trail 5 is an excellent option for those who want a quality mountain bike under $1000.  

Best Mountain Bikes for Women – Our Top Picks             

Best Mountain Bikes for Women – Our Top Picks
  1. Cannondale Trail 5 
  2. Juliana Roubion 
  3. Marin Wildcat Trail 3 WFG 
  4. Diamondback Lux 1 
  5. Cannondale Habit 4 
  6. Liv Bliss 
  7. Scott Contessa 930 
  8. Trek Slash 9.9 XX1
  9. Juliana Furtado 
  10. Canyon Spectral 6 WMN 
  11. Liv Intrigue 29 1
  12. Liv Tempt 3 

1: Cannondale Trail 5-best mountain bikes for women 

Cannondale Trail 5-best mountain bikes for women

The Cannondale Trail 5 and it’s arguably the best mountain bike for women. It was very tough to pick the ideal mountain bike for the number one spot. Anyhow, there are many features of the Cannondale Trail 5 which are tough to find elsewhere. 

First of all, it is the appearance of this mountain bike that impressed us. It has a clean and modest look. Women who want a clean-looking bicycle should consider this model. They won’t be disappointed. The geometry of the bike is also the perfect lady to ride it.  

Secondly, it is the price tag of this particular bike which is great. We mean, it is not easy to find such a capable mountain bike for under $1000. Of course, for some, it may be a bit high, but again you have to consider the fact that it is a dedicated bike for women. 

So, eventually, you will have to pay some price for it. In addition, the alloy frame here is also something important to highlight. The quality of the frame is reasonably good for the price. Moreover, you also get the hydraulic brakes for good toping power. 

The 29 inches wheels are also quite durable. In addition, they offer good traction for the most part. So, all in all, we think that the Cannondale Trail 5 is one excellent mountain bike for women.  


  • Quality Allow Frame
  • Great Geometry
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • Ideal for Women


  • None 

2: Juliana Roubion-best mountain bikes for women 

Juliana Roubion-best mountain bikes for women

The Juliana Roubion is another great mountain bike for women. It packs in some exciting features and comes in different sizes as well. Usually, its medium size should suit well to the majority of women. In addition, the frame of the bike looks pretty attractive. 

Most of the time, people assume that a fancy frame is all about some looks. Therefore, it won’t last that long. Well, in the case of this particular brand name. The scenario is different. The bike not just looks good but also performs great.  

We recommend this mountain bike to those women who want to enjoy the adventurous ride and are new to this sport. This particular mountain bike also has a good suspension system. Moreover, the weight of the bike is also not that on the higher side. So, riding it on even long routes should not be a problem.  

On top of all these features, you also get a good set of brakes. The braking system here is also a reliable one. If you are new to mountain biking sports, you can’t compromise on the brakes of your chosen mountain bike. 

Thankfully, the Juliana Roubion mountain bike also ticks this box. So, with all such advanced features, styling and practicality, there is so much to like here. That’s why we have placed Juliana Roubion in the number two spot.  


  • Good Suspension System
  • Quality Frames
  • Excellent Frame


  • Pricing Could Have Been A Bit Better

3: Marin Wildcat Trail 3 WFG-best mountain bikes for women 

Marin Wildcat Trail 3 WFG-best mountain bikes for women 

The Marin Wildcat Trail 3 WFG mountain bike is an excellent mountain bike for women. It’s a bike that we can recommend to any woman, eyes closed. The reason is that it is not that expensive, yet it fulfills the needs of a wide range of women riders out there.  

Its every aspect is designed sourly for women. So, no matter what’s your height or weight, you will surely love to ride this bike. For instance, take the example of brake levers. They are placed at a short distance so that women can easily grab them when needed. A neat little addition. Note that these little add-ons are what really make a women’s mountain bike great.  

Now, let us talk about the suspension system. As expected, it is quite reliable. In addition, the suspension fork is around 120 mm, which is good for women.  

It has an aluminum frame which is lightweight yet durable. The wheel size here is 27.5 inches. Not too big nor too small. If you are a lady who wants to improve her skill in riding such bikes, the Marin Wildcat Trail 3 WFG is the mountain bike we can easily recommend.  

With all those specifications and key features, it doesn’t cost that much. So, it won’t break your bank.


  • Great Pricing
  • 120 Mm Suspension Travel
  • Durable Aluminum frames
  • Disc Brakes
  • Ideal for Teens


  • No Lifetime Warranty

4: Diamondback Lux 1-best mountain bikes for women 

Diamondback Lux 1-best mountain bikes for women 

Whether you want to have fun on twisty tracks or want to go downhill with confidence, the Diamondback Lux 1 won’t disappoint you with its performance. The Diamondback Lux 1 is a lightweight mountain designed for women. 

Its sleek design and comfortable geometry make it a good pick for women who are new to mountain biking. Also, despite the under $1000 price tag, you get mechanical disc brakes here, which really help in stopping the bike with confidence. 

The design, frame, and brakes of Diamondback Lux 1 give confidence to women that they can take it on nearly any track. Even short heightened women can easily ride this particular mountain bike.  

The drive train and suspension are designed to support the rider’s journey on all types of tracks. In addition, its wide alloy pedal is quite convenient. You can ride with any type of shoes on as these pedals are pretty large too.  

Though this bike is perfect for women, we think even men would have a lot of fun riding this mountain bike. It easily gets through some of the toughest tracks. All in all, the Diamondback Lux 1 is a great mountain bike for all types of users.  


  • Great Styling
  • Wide-Enough Pedals
  • Quality Drive Train
  • 80mm Suspension Travel


  • Slightly Heave For Its Class

5: Cannondale Habit 4-best mountain bikes for women 

Cannondale Habit 4-best mountain bikes for women 

The Cannondale Habit 4 is one top-quality mountain bike for women. It has everything that the top mountain bike for women should have. Note that Cannondale is ranked among the best mountain bike brands. 

So, we can expect some top-level performance here. First of all, let us talk about its design. The new design and color combination are quite exciting. Women would surely love its styling too. The bike looks elegant and modern yet packs some great practical features.  

 The most interesting aspect of the mountain bike is its suspension system. The Cannondale Habit 4 supports a full suspension system. Now, a full suspension system means some really good performance. So, yes, expect some high-level performance from this bike. 

Because of the full suspension system, women can also ride this bike on the toughest tracks. Also, it is an excellent commuting bike. The frame, suspension, brakes, and styling all play an important role in near to perfect performance of this mountain bike.  

Furthermore, you get a 12-speed quality gear system and 29-inch tires. So, probably you got the point. With such a quality drive train and adequate tire size, only the sky would be the limit for you when it comes to some off-road adventuring.  

So, what stops you? Simply buy the Cannondale Habit 4 and start having the time of your life.  


  • Full Suspension System
  • High-Quality Tires
  • Great Performance on All Terrains


  • An Expensive Mountain Bike

6: Liv Bliss-best mountain bikes for women 

Liv Bliss-best mountain bikes for women 

Call it a women’s recreation bike or a near-perfect bike for every woman; Liv Bliss is the mountain bike from a brand name that purely focuses on empowering women through different means. Their goal is to empower women and help them get out of the fear of riding mountain bikes on tough terrains.  

So, we couldn’t stop ourselves from appreciating the brand name for this good cause. Further, they also have a quality mountain bike available for women. So, how could we forget them here? 

Anyhow, the Liv Bliss is a simple, elegant yet modern mountain bike. Another great fact is that women purely make this bike. 

So, we can say it’s made from women for women; how good does that sound? This bike offers quality =, features, and durability for women bikers. This all comes at a pretty reasonable price point. So, you won’t have to break the bank by buying this mountain bike.  

This bike has a good quality frame, suspension system with 75mm travel, and a decent pair of breaks. All in all, we highly recommend the Liv Bliss to any woman out there who wants a decent mountain bike without breaking her bank. 


  • A Mountain Bike from A Brand That Really Cares For Women Riders
  • Good Set of Features
  • All Comes At a Decent Price Tag


  • A Good Mix Match of Feature but No Any Exceptional Feature Offered

7: Scott Contessa 930-best mountain bikes for women 

Scott Contessa 930-best mountain bikes for women 

Want a bike that’s ready to perform right after you assemble it? If yes, the Scott Contessa 930 

Is the mountain for women to consider? It is so well made and has almost every little add-on that you’ll expect from a top-rated mountain bike brand. 

The bike is ideal for those women who are into mountain bikes and want to upgrade from a beginner-level bike. Also, those women who have good skills can also opt for this mountain. It comes with a full suspension system with 100mm travel at both the front and back. 

Thanks to this quality suspension system, you can take this bike on any tough terrain. In addition, the suspension system will help you easily control the bike. Moving forward, you get a 12-speed drive train system and 29-inch wheels to take things to the next level. 

Now, given these numbers and specifications, one can clearly see that this mountain bike can outperform some of the best bikes available out there. So, with this much potential, we can easily recommend this bike to women who are passionate about mountain biking.


  • 12-Speed Drive Train
  • Full Suspension System with 100mm
  • Durable Frame


  • None

8: Trek Slash 9.9 XX1-best mountain bikes for women 

Trek Slash 9.9 XX1-best mountain bikes for women

The Trek Slash 9.9 XX1 is one fully loaded mountain bike for women who want to go above and beyond in this industry. That’s because Trek Slash 9.9 XX1 offers perfect features and a durable frame to ensure you ride it easily. 

The frame of this bike is made from 100% pure carbon. Now, carbon-made frames are built to last. They are extremely durable and offer great support. So, from a durability and reliability point of view, there is nothing to worry about here.  

Further, you get all advanced and industry-leading features that are perfect for any woman who is a die-hard fan of mountain biking.  

The suspension system of this bike is on par with the top offerings out there. Its suspension system comes with 160mm travel which is great for its class. Rest, the brakes, overall geometry and quality of this mountain bike are simply top-notch.  


  • 160 Mm Suspension Travel
  • Marvelous Ride Quality
  • 100% Pure Carbon Frame


  • Very Expensive

9: Juliana Furtado-best mountain bikes for women 

Juliana Furtado-best mountain bikes for women

Julianna is another famous brand name that mainly focuses on providing quality mountain bikes for women. All bike models from Juliana are great and are specifically designed for women. They are lightweight, agile, and perfect for any lady enthusiast. 

The same is the case with Furtado here. It offers a stable ride and has a good suspension system. Moreover, it is available in various sizes so that even women with taller and shorter women can ride it with ease. In addition, there is an option to choose from an aluminium or carbon fibre frame. 

If you are starting out, we recommend you choose the aluminium frame. It is pretty lightweight and reliable too. The carbon frame is rock solid, but it may cost high. Tin addition, the braking system of the Juliana Furtado is also pretty balanced. 

Talking about the size, you can get multiple sizes. But, all in all, the Juliana Furtado is a good mountain bike for women. It is lightweight and easy to ride on various terrains. 


  • Lightweight and Agile
  • Good Traction
  • Durable Frame


  • Braking Could Have Been a Bit Better

10: Canyon Spectral 6 WMN-best mountain bikes for women  

Canyon Spectral 6 WMN-best mountain bikes for women  

The Canyon Spectral 6 WMN is a bit down on our list, but it is still one capable women’s mountain bike. As the name says, it’s a mountain bike designed for women. It has a quality suspension system too. You will enjoy riding this mountain bike on a variety of surfaces. However, this may not be an ideal pick for some challenging tracks. 

Basically, Canyon Spectral 6 WMN is a premium mountain bike for women. It has a premium build and finishing. But, of course, there is a price to pay for this premium quality. Therefore, one cannot really claim it the best mountain bike for all types of terrains. On the other hand, though, it won’t disappoint you with some terrains. So, we recommend the Canyon Spectral 6 WMN for women who are starting out mountain biking. 

Also, if you have a budget and want a premium quality mountain bike, this is the best option.  


  • A Lightweight Mountain Bike 
  • Easy To Ride 
  • Great Build and Finishing 


  • Expensive 
  • Not Perfect for Tough Terrains 

11: Liv Intrigue 29 1-best mountain bikes for women 

Liv Intrigue 29 1-best mountain bikes for women 

The Liv Intrigue 29 1 brings in some really interesting features for its class. For instance, look at its bike’s adjustable geometry feature. Yes, women can adjust its geometry. How does that sound? Well, we’d say it’s a very good addition to the women’s list of top mountain bikes. So, in case you want to ride it on tough terrain, you can change its geometry. 

Similarly, you can adjust the geometry for descending or riding on normal terrain. So, we think this feature alone makes this mountain book an excellent option for women. On top of this feature, it also has a reliable frame. Overall, the design, frame, geometry, brakes, and quality finishing make it an ideal women’s mountain bike.  


  • Adjustable Geometry
  • Lightweight Frame
  • Quality Wheels 


  • Not Great When It Comes to Speeding 

12: Liv Tempt 3-best mountain bikes for women  

Liv Tempt 3-best mountain bikes for women

We really liked the Liv Tempt 3 mountain bike during our testing. That’s because it’s a simple offering from a reputable brand name. The company here has Offred a near-perfect entry-level bike for women. It has an aluminium frame, and the design and geometry are perfectly designed for women. In addition, it is quite agile and lightweight. 

So, it is quite easy to ride it. Furthermore, you get 100mm suspension travel. Moreover, there are two-wheel options here. You can either get it in 27.5-inch wheels or 29-inch wheels. So, women who want to take full advantage of this bike should go with 29-inch wheels. It is available in a wide variety of sizes for added flexibility.  


  • Comes In Two Wheel Sizes
  • Goo Suspension System
  • Lightweight 


  • Not All Sizes Are That Flexible 

Frequently Asked Questions  

1: What Is the Best Bike for Ladies? 

The Cannondale Trail 5 and it’s arguably the best mountain bike for women. It was very tough to pick the ideal mountain bike for the number one spot. Anyhow, many features of the Cannondale Trail 5 are tough to find elsewhere. 

2: What Height Does A 26-Inch Bike Fit? 

A 26-inch bike is perfect for women and all individuals above 5 inches of height. So, if you are above this height level, you can easily ride a 26-inch mountain bike. 

3: What’s A Good Starter Mountain Bike for a Women? 

There are many types of mountain bikes available for women. However, we find the Cannondale Trail 5, and it’s arguably the best mountain bike for women. It is packed with features and has a lightweight design. 

4: Do Women Need Specific Mountain Bikes? 

Yes, women need specific mountain bikes. The number reason here is straightforward. First, these mountain bikes are specifically designed for women. So, they should ride them. Second, it supports their weight and physique. Lastly, these dedicated bikes are quite lightweight too.  

Final Thoughts! 

So, that was all you needed to know about the best mountain bikes for women. Next, we included the top 12 picks, which we reviewed and tested. All of these bike models are unique in their own way. We found the Cannondale Trail 5 to be the best mountain bike for women. It was very tough to pick the ideal mountain bike for the number one spot. Anyhow, many features of the Cannondale Trail 5 are tough to find elsewhere. 

Moreover, a buying guide is included, helping you easily buy any of these top women’s mountain bikes. So, in the end, you have to choose the best women’s bike that suits your needs. 

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