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10 Best Folding Mountain Bikes to Buy Right Now

Mountain bikes have come a long way. Now, you can buy a quality best folding mountain bike within your range. Also, these bikes are now available with so many variations. For example, you can easily buy a featured-pack mountain bike. 

Also, these mountain bikes can be used for riding on paved tracks. In addition, some people also use these best folding mountain bike for their daily commute. So, we can clearly see that these mountain bikes have evolved a lot.  

Furthermore, the feature set and specifications of these bikes have also seen many phases. Initially, they were offered with simple and straightforward designs and features. But now, add-ons like hydraulic disc brakes and full suspension systems have become very common. 

Also, you can buy the best foldable mountain bikes. Yes, you can even fold a mountain bike and take it along with you on trips. 

The wide availability of foldable mountain bikes has opened new ways for riders to have fun with them. Therefore, these newly launched foldable mountain bikes have a lot to like. This article will cover the ten best foldable mountain bikes that are worth the money.  

Best Folding Mountain Bike 2023 – Reviews and Ratings  

  1. Cyrusher Fr100 
  2. Stowabike V2 
  3. Montauge Paratrooper 
  4. Xspec 26 Inches Folding Mountain Bike 
  5. EuroBike TSM G7 
  6. Kingttu KTG6 
  7. Montague Urban Folding 
  8. Camp 21-Speed Folding Bike 
  10. Max4out Folding 

1: Cyrusher Fr100-best folding mountain bike

Cyrusher Fr100-best folding mountain bike

When we talk about foldable mountain bikes, the competition is quite tough. However, there are many brands out there that offer quality bikes. The Cyrusher is one such brand name. It focuses on almost all major aspects that a consumer looks for in a mountain bike. 

For example, it has a quick release button to help you instantly unfold the bike. Now, that is a feature we really like. Also, note that the bike already comes 90% assembled. So, you don’t really have to worry about assembling its major components.  

Moving forward, there is a reliable mechanical disc brakes setup. These brakes have enough power to help you stop the bike just in time. Usually, most of folding mountain bikes for beginners come with a traditional brake setup. So, we really like the feature set of this particular bike.  

Overall the design and frame of this bike are excellent. We really recommend this mountain bike model for beginners. That’s because it comes 90% pre-assembled. Also, it has a lightweight frame, making it easier to carry around. 


  • Lightweight and Easy To Transport
  • Disc Brakes
  • Quick Release Button


  • Not Ideal for Extreme Off-Roading

2: Stowabike V2

Stowabike V2

If you have some experience and want a robust folding mountain bike, the Stowabike V2 is something that we can recommend. That’s because it has a robust frame, solid looks, and a quality full suspension system to help your ride with ease. For instance, you can ride this mountain bike on even some of the toughest tracks out there. In addition, it comes with 26-inch wheels. These wheels perform fine when it comes to using them on all types of terrains. 

We feel like wider and taller wheels, e.g., 29-inches, would have double the fun. But as most of these folding mountain bikes come with average size wheels, so we are okay with these 26-inches wheels here. Furthermore, there is an 18-speed gear system to help you speed up quickly whenever it’s needed. Moreover, this bike also has a cushioned saddle, making its ride comfortable. You’ll be surprised to know that many other aspects also improve the quality of its ride. 

For example, the addition of rubberized handle grips is a welcome addition here. Moreover, the addition of these rubberized grips also enhances the comfort level. So, with a full-suspension system, reliable V-Brakes, and an 18-speed gear system, the Stowabike V2 looks like a promising folding mountain bike of 2023.  


  • Rubberized Handle Grips
  • Full Suspension System
  • Solid Frame


  • Folding Mechanism Is A Bit Hard

3: Montauge Paratrooper

Montauge Paratrooper

The Montague Paratrooper is a good quality mountain bike. Like some other models we reviewed, it is also portable. Let us first talk a bit about this brand name. The Montauge is a renowned manufacturer of bikes and its accessories. 

So, whether you are a newbie or an experienced rider, you would probably know about this brand name. They started manufacturing mountain bikes a while ago. Now, they are one of the best mountain bike manufacturers out there. 

In addition, the folding mechanism of this bike is very smooth. Thanks to its durable frame, you can easily fold and unfold this bike. Moving forward, you get a 24-speed gear system. This gear system allows you to easily ride this bike uphill and downhill. 

Further, the gears provide decent enough power to ride on uneven tracks. So, we liked this 24-speed gear system. Also, there is a disc brake set up. So, you get adequate stopping power too. Though these brakes are mechanical, their stopping power is adequate for their class.  

This bike comes with a front fork suspension system. The performance of these shocks is good. So, we think this particular mountain bike ticks almost all boxes. However, the quality of its pedals could be improved. 


  • Great Frame
  • Durable Folding and Unfolding Mechanism
  • Disc Brakes Setup
  • Front Fork Suspension Works Good


  • Average Quality Pedals

4: Xspec 26 Inches-best folding mountain bike

Xspec 26 Inches-best folding mountain bike

So far, all the mountain bikes we have reviewed from the Xspec haven’t disappointed us. Their mountain bikes are durable and also pretty affordable for the most part. The same can be said about the Xspec 26 inches folding mountain bike. It is a surprisingly affordable folding mountain bike. Note that folding mountain bikes aren’t that inexpensive. However, some quality brands like Xspec won’t disappoint you. 

Anyhow, let us talk about this mountain bike in detail. Despite the affordable price tag, it comes with a steel frame. Usually, we see mountain bikes made from the aluminum frame. Though aluminum isn’t a bad material but the durability of steel is matchless. The addition of a steel frame may make this mountain bike a bit heavier. So, you have to keep this aspect in mind as well. 

Moving forward, you get a decent braking system here. So, stopping this bike won’t be an issue. In addition, there is a full suspension system too to help you ride with ease. Thanks to this durable suspension system, you can easily ride it on uneven tracks. 

On top of it, you also get a 21-speed gear system. So, speeding up the bike won’t also be an issue. Note that this bike doesn’t come pre-assembled. Some of its major components require assembling. However, that should not take too long. In short, the Xspec 26 inches folding mountain bike is a reliable choice in this regard.


  • 21-Speed Gear System
  • Comfortable Suspension
  • Durable Frame


  • A Bit on the Heavier Side

5: EuroBike TSM G7

EuroBike TSM G7

Now comes the EuroBike TSM G7 to impress the majority. This particular mountain bike comes with aluminum rims. Now, that’s something we rarely see, especially among the best folding mountain bikes. So, we instantly got happy because of this addition. In addition, the aluminum rims have a unique look to them. So, with either 26 or 27-inches, these rims look great on all types of terrain. Further, it’s the pricing of this mountain bike that is something to highlight here.  

The pricing is pretty reasonable as it comes with 26 or 27-inches of wheels and aluminum wheels. Its 21-speed gear system allows for smoother and quick shifts. Moreover, the durable frame won’t break or dent that easily. You can easily fold and unfold the EuroBike TSM G7 mountain bike. It even has a full suspension system to absorb all unwanted shocks etc. last, but not least, it also has a mechanical disc brakes setup that works flawlessly.  

So, with all these features and an affordable price tag, we think that there is a lot to like about the EuroBike TSM G7. It has wide tires and aluminum wheels. Also, a mechanical disc brake setup is there to help you stop the bike instantly. So, yes, it’s a good quality mountain bike for the price.  


  • Affordable Price Considering Features
  • Solid Frame
  • Easy To Assemble


  • Looks A Bit Bulky

6: Kingttu KTG6best folding mountain bike  

Kingttu KTG6-best folding mountain bike 

The Kingttu KTG6 is another mountain bike that is very easy to assemble. Further, it comes 85% pre-assembled, which is something we really like about it. The rest of the parts are also easy to install. The supplied user manual should help you in assembling the rest of the bike with ease. The Kingttu KTG6 is among the few bikes that come with a padded saddle. Further, the cushioning quality of this saddle is great. 

Moving forward, the suspension system of the mountain bike is also on-par. So, you won’t have issues while riding on bumpy tracks. Even when it’s unfolded, the bike looks very smart. Thanks to its reliable frame, the bike is very easy to assemble. The cushioned saddle and soft touch handlebars are something we really like. These additions make the bike so much fun to ride. So overall, we’d say that Kingttu KTG6 is a quality folding mountain bike for those who want an easy-to-assemble and fun to ride a mountain bike. 


  • Solid Built and Frame
  • Easy Shifting
  • Reliable Shocks


  • Not That Easy To Carry

7: Montague Urban Folding-best folding mountain bike  

Montague Urban Folding-best folding mountain bike

Montague urban folding is a lot more than just a mountain bike. It is basically a hybrid bike, so you can even ride it within the city. The idea behind launching this mountain bike was to provide an all-in-one two-wheeler that can also be used on paved tracks of the city. Further, this bike is also foldable, so you are getting a hybrid bike that is easy to fold and unfold.  

The bike comes in three frame options. So that users can buy the one that best matches their requirements. We like the steel frame of this mountain bike. The steel gives an added advantage here in terms of strength. So, you can confidently ride this bike on various terrains.  

Furthermore, the tires of this particular mountain bike are also semi-knobbed to help you ride on some challenging terrains. Such little additions are always great. A 21-speed gear system backs the performance aspect here. The gears are nice and smooth to shift. Overall, this urban folding hybrid bike is an excellent choice for those who are new to this mountain biking industry. 


  • Strong Steel Frame
  • Perfect Hybrid Bike for Entry Level Men and Women
  • Easy to fold


  • A Bit Heavy
  • Quite Costly

8: Camp 21-Speed-best folding mountain bike  

Camp 21-Speed-best folding mountain bike

A solid folding mountain bike from a reputable brand name, the Camp 21-speed folding mountain, is something to talk about. This mountain bike has quality Shimano gears and shifters. Now, we all know that Shimano gears and shifters are known for their durability and smoothness. Therefore, its 21-speed gear system works flawlessly. 

Furthermore, you get reliable mechanical disc brakes which work great. They are responsive and help you stop the bike with ease. The saddle is also padded, which adds to this bike’s comfort level. Furthermore, the handlebar is also compact and gets the job done. So, we also felt that this mountain bike is quite comfortable to ride for the most part.  

Moreover, the tires of this mountain bike are also knobbed. So, you can ride on some tough terrains with ease. So, all these neat features make this mountain bike a great option for almost all types of users. Therefore, it is a good folding mountain bike for entry-level users.  


  • Shimano Gears
  • Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Comfortable Saddle and Handlebars


  • The Quality of The Pedals Isn’t Great

9: HIKING BK -best folding mountain bike

HIKING BK -best folding mountain bike

The HIKING BK comes with v-shaped brakes and a durable aluminum frame. We like the quality of its aluminum frame. However, it is lightweight but does not compromise on the durability factor. However, the V-brakes it comes with aren’t that reliable. They might require replacement after a few hundred kilometers. Further, we think that you should look for mountain bikes with disc brakes setup for better braking power and responsiveness.  

Anyhow, there are positive aspects of this mountain bike too. For instance, it comes with a quality dual suspension system. So, you can ride this bike on bumpy roads and uneven tracks. The comfortable saddle, aka seat, also enhances your comfort level while riding the bike. In addition, the 21-speed gear system lets you ride it on both uphill and downhill tracks. 

So, with all these features and a few downsides, we think that HIKING BK isn’t a bad option here. It’s only V-brakes, and the pedal’s quality was a concern for us. But, rest, there isn’t anything really to worry about here. 


  • Lightweight Yet Durable Frame
  • Smooth Gear Shifts
  • Supports A Comfy Ride


  • V-Brakes Aren’t That Responsive

10: Max4out Folding –best folding mountain bike 

Max4out Folding -best folding mountain bike

The Max4out Folding sits at the number ten spot in our list of the best folding mountain bikes. This bike didn’t disappoint us with its full suspension system. It absorbs maximum bumps on tough terrains with ease. Further, the bike has mechanical disc brakes, which we really appreciate. Compared to V-Brakes, the mechanical disc brakes perform great.  

Also, the frame of this bike seems durable. There aren’t any noises that come from the frame. Moreover, the tires of this mountain bike are quite good too. Their tread pattern and quality are something we really like. Therefore, you can easily ride it on challenging tracks. So, with mechanical disc brakes, a full suspension system, and a reliable frame, the Max4out Folding isn’t a foldable mountain bike to miss. Why to Choose the Best Folding Mountain Bike? 


  • Modern Styling
  • Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Full Suspension System


  • The Steel Free May Increase the Weight

Why Go with The Best Folding Mountain Bike? 

A lot of people ask, why should we invest in folding mountain bike? Well, the questions seems pretty valid. Especially, when you have the best affordable mountain bikes already available.  

1: The Portability Factor 

People want to reach to some challenging hilly areas to ride their mountain bikes. Therefore, they often have to carry their mountain bikes. Now, standard mountain bikes aren’t portable at all. Either you have to place them on your truck or ride them to any challenging terrain where you have to have some fun. So, it becomes a hassle for the majority to take these bikes along with them. 

Now, with affordable mountain bikes, you don’t really have to bother with any such issue. These bikes can be folded and unfolded without any hassle. Therefore, you can easily take them anywhere. Further, most of these bikes also come with a quick release button, which lets you unfold the bike instantly.  

2: Fun to Ride 

Who doesn’t want an easy yet fun-to-ride mountain bike? Well, almost all enthusiasts want it. So, the best folding mountain bikes are lightweight and have smooth gears and padded seats. All these aspects of these mountain bikes make them comfortable and easy to ride. The enhanced comfort also makes the bike a lot more fun to ride.  

3: No Compromise on the Feature Set  

All of the best folding mountain bikes we have shared have something unique to offer. A lot of these even have some distinctive features. For example, many of these bikes come with a full suspension system and mechanical disc brakes.  

Usually, we see these features in the best mountain bikes out there. So, it is great to see that now users don’t really have to compromise a lot for the sake of portability. So, the portability, ease of use-age and quality feature set of these bikes are something to brag about.  

4: Added Security  

A portable mountain bike can be taken anywhere. So, the risk theft factor is also not present here. You don’t really have to bother too much about the security factor here. So, that’s an added advantage here.  

5: Good Resale Value  

Almost every enthusiastic rider wants to invest in a folding mountain bike with all these benefits. But, now, some folding mountain bikes can get expensive. Therefore, those who cannot buy new ones often look for the old ones. So, the overall resale value of folding mountain bikes remains on the higher side.  

6: Great for Beginners 

Going with any folding mountain bike with full suspension can be an excellent idea if you are a beginner. That’s because these bikes are portable, and you don’t really have to miss out on any major features here. Therefore, you can also buy folding mountain bikes, especially if you are a beginner.   

Frequently Asked Questions  

1: Are Folding Mountain Bikes Any Good? 

Yes, mountain bikes are quite good. Basically, you can fold them and take them anywhere. So, they are easy to transport. These bikes are also quite lightweight.  

2: Are Foldable Mountain Bikes Worth It? 

Yes, mountain bikes are worth it. They are easy to carry and lightweight. Moreover, they also offer some quality features which are worth their asking price. 

3: Which Is The Best Foldable Cycle? 

There are many top-rated folding cycles out there. However, we recommend going with the Cyrusher Fr 100. It has the perfect balance of features and safety elements. 

4: Which Folding Mountain Bike Is Best? 

Almost every folding mountain bike offers a unique feature set. Further, there are many brands out there that offer quality bikes. The Cyrusher is one such brand name. It focuses on almost all major aspects that a consumer looks for in a mountain bike. Their Fr 100 is an excellent choice here.  

Final Thoughts! 

So, that was our best folding mountain bike review. We tried to cover all aspects of these bikes to help you buy any of these bikes with confidence. All of the best folding mountain bikes we have shared have something unique to offer. A lot of these even have some distinctive features. For example, many of these bikes come with a full suspension system and mechanical disc brakes.  

Usually, we see these features in the best mountain bikes out there. So, it is great to see that now users don’t really have to compromise a lot for the sake of portability. So, the portability, ease of use-age and quality feature set of these bikes are something to brag about. 

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