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10 Mountain Bike Accessories to Buy In 2023

Are you also planning to rock on hills with the best mountain bike? If yes, do you have all the mountain bike accessories? Now, you might be thinking do even such accessories exist, and why do I need them? So, a lot of questions come to our minds regarding such accessories. But, in reality, just like smartphones etc. MTBs also have some cool little accessories. These best mountain bike accessories enhance your riding experience and offer a functional approach to a safer ride. 

So, with all these claims, one cannot deny the importance of accessories designed for the best mountain bikes for beginners. Even women can use these accessories with their best mountain bike for women. Anyhow, let us dive a bit deep and figure out which accessories your mountain bike needs. 

Why Should I Invest In Mountain Bike Accessories? 

As mentioned earlier, many people think that they don’t really need any accessories for the best mountain biker under $300. However, there are many benefits of buying one for yourself. Below we have shared some of these benefits. 

1: A Long-Term Investment 

Your mountain bike accessories can even last more than the actual life of your mountain bike. Yes, that’s because these accessories are made to last for some good time. Further, these mountain bike accessories are made from quality materials. So, once you buy them, you won’t have to worry about buying them again anytime soon. Further, the primary purpose of these accessories is to help you ride with safety and convenience. So, we think the safety aspect let alone justifies the prices of all these accessories here. 

Another factor that contributes to the longevity factor of these accessories is your riding routine and habit. If you are a casual mountain biker, forget about any issues further. On the other hand, if you ride your bike with care, then surely you can double the life of all these accessories. So, also keep these points in mind. 

2: Comes Handy In Case Of Emergencies 

The primary purpose of investing in the best mountain bike accessories is to be ready for any situation. When you are riding your mountain bike on hills, anything can go beyond your expectations. Obviously, a mountain bike has moving parts that can get damaged or faulty anytime. However, ideal care keeps them nice and clean, but you never know when they will leave you alone alongside a tough hilly track. 

So, emergencies can happen when you are riding your mountain bike. Therefore, it is best to be prepared for such a situation. All mountain bike accessories, especially extra tubes, repair kits, and extra pedals, help you survive in such tough conditions. These accessories make it possible for you to ride your bike when road or weather conditions aren’t ideal. 

That’s why you should consider these accessories important. Don’t just get disappointed by their pricing. They are made to last long, which justifies their price tag. 

3: Protects You 

Another great benefit of buying mountain bike accessories is the fact that they protect you. For example, any mountain bike helmet is designed to protect you in case of any emergency or accident. Head injuries have also become very common these days. So, one cannot ignore the importance of helmets designed for head protection. 

So, let us take the example of mountain bike helmets. They are designed to help you ride your mountain bike with ease. That’s because these helmets are made from quality materials for maximum protection. Moreover, there are other bike accessories too, which basically offer maximum protection. For example, gloves, knee pads, and safety goggles also help you confidently ride your mountain bike. 

So, all these bike accessories also offer the best possible protection. 

Important: Always wear the right protective gear before riding any mountain bike.  

4: Enhances the Ride Quality 

Mountain bikes are designed to offer you the best comfort while you ride them. However, their suspension, drivetrain, and wheels cannot offer comfort alone. Therefore, you also need the right mountain bike accessories. As mentioned earlier, these accessories enhance your biking experience by a great margin. For example, the extra pedals help you ride with ease. 

Quality pedals also enhance your comfort level. Therefore, one cannot deny the importance of these mountain bike accessories. So, if you want to ride without any hassle, it is best to invest in some of these accessories. 

Best Mountain Bike Accessories 2023 – Our Top Picks

1: Dedicated Shoes for Mountain Biking

  • Specialized S Works Recon
  • Five Ten Freerider Pro

2: Helmet 

  • Specialized Tactic 4 
  • 100% Altis 

3: Safety Goggles (For Eye Protection)

  • Bolle Shifter
  • Smith Wildcat

4: Extra Tire Tube 

  • Dynaplug Megapill 
  • Tubolito MTB Tube 

5: Hydration Packs 

  • Evoc FR Trail Blackline 20 
  • Bontrager Hydration Pack 

There are many types of mountain bike accessories available out there. From helmets to safety gloves, there are nearly all types of such accessories available. Therefore, it is not easy to choose the top mountain bike accessories. Anyhow, for your ease, we have received and listed some of the picks. So, let us take a look at them. 

1: Dedicated Shoes for Mountain Biking 

Dedicated Shoes for Mountain Biking

Mountain bike shoes may sound a bit odd to some people. But one cannot deny the importance of having a good pair of shoes. Your shoes or boots (whatever you wear) must be comfortable. The comfort level basically helps your ride your mountain bike with ease. And that’s what you want. Also the shoes also help you get more grip over the pedal. Therefore, one should go with a quality pair of shoes. In this regard, there are many options available. We have reviewed a couple of the best mountain bike shoes for you.   

i) Specialized S Works Recon-best mountain bike accessories

Specialized S Works Recon-best mountain bike accessories

Specialized is the brand name we all know about. They have some of the best beginner mountain bikes available out there. All of their bikes and even mountain bike accessories speak of unique quality. That’s why we decided to begin with this brand name. The S Works Recon is a quality mountain bike shoe pair. It is quite comfortable to wear. 

Further, it also has a very strong tread pattern, enhancing the traction level. Therefore, you can wear it while you are out for riding on hills. Also, the outer lining of these shoes is made of great quality. That’s why we highly recommend these shoes for any mountain biker out there.   


  • Pretty Lightweight
  • Looks Great
  • Great Quality Soles


  • Quite Expensive

ii) Five Ten Freerider Pro 

Five Ten Freerider Pro 

If you want stylish yet durable shoes for mountain biking, the Five Ten Freerider Pro should be your pick. These boots are made from quality materials which we really like. It is not easy to find shoes. The insoles of these shoes are great. They are soft and offer great comfort. Usually, it’s the great comfort level that the majority looks for in such shoes. Therefore, we were really liked the comfort level of this shoe. 

Moving forward, the outsoles of these shoes are also quite great. It has a thick outsole that offers the best protection. On top of this outsole, the breathability factor here is also great. So, in short, the Five Ten Freerider Pro is one comfortable, breathable, and protective shoe money can buy. 


  • Excellent Comfort level
  • Breathable


  • Rubber Soles Can Worn Out Faster

2: Helmet 


Now comes the turn of helmets. Basically, helmets are the first accessory that comes to our mind when we discuss the best mountain bike accessories. That’s because it’s a must-have mountain bike accessory. Also, the protection these helmets offer is something invaluable. Therefore, we highly suggest every mountain biker (whether beginner or experienced) to invest in a quality safety helmet. The helmet protects your head and also makes it easier and safer for you to ride your mountain bike. 

Also, note that mountain bike terrains are quite challenging. Mostly there are rocks etc., around the terrains. In case of an accident, you can get seriously injured. So, to protect your head, you should always buy the best mountain bike helmet.

i) Specialized Tactic 4-best mountain bike accessories 

Specialized Tactic 4-best mountain bike accessories

As mentioned, helmets are an important bike accessory, so we decided to include some of the best picks. So, again we have the Specialized brand here to start with. The Specialized Tactic 4 is a perfect safety helmet for mountain biking enthusiasts. These are made with strong materials. In other words, we can say that this helmet is designed to offer maximum protection to the head. Also, the overall dimensions of this helmet are great. 

In addition, it comes in different sizes and also in various color options. So, if you want a colorful yet durable helmet, this one should be your pick. You can easily match it to your current mountain bike’s theme. So, it’s great to see such high-quality mountain bike helmets that do not compromise on looks and safety aspects. All in all, we recommend this particular mountain bike helmet. 


  • Excellent Fit and Finish
  • Quite Durable
  • Available In Various Colors


  • None

ii) 100% Altis 

100% Altis

The 100% Altis is like our 100% pure, high-quality helmet for mountain bikers. This helmet also offers solid protection on top of some great looks. Therefore, we can easily recommend this helmet to nearly anyone out there. This particular helmet is made from durable materials. 

There is proper space for ventilation. Also, the shape of this helmet is quite aerodynamic. So, considering all these facts and stats. We can easily say that 100% Altis is one practical, durable, and quality helmet. We think that for beginners, this helmet would be an ideal pick. So, if you are a person who wants a nice-looking yet reliable helmet, this one should be your pick. 

3: Safety Goggles (For Eye Protection) 

Safety Goggles (For Eye Protection)

Just like the human head, human eyes are also prone to minor or, in some cases, major injuries. Therefore, eye protection is also as necessary as head protection. In addition, dirt, dust particles, and even flying insects can cause a severe infection in your eyes. Anyhow, there are some excellent quality eye protective accessories available out there. For example, a set of premium goggles is what you need for the most part. These safety goggles protect your eyes. 

Note that safety goggles also enhance your eye vision. You can see things and objects ahead of you clearly. So, there are definitely many benefits of going with safety goggles. In addition, they are available in a variety of colors, designs, and styles. So, you also have enough room to pick an eye-catchy one. 

i) Smith Wildcat 

Smith Wildcat

The Smith Wildcat is an excellent safety goggle. Their appearance and design language impressed us a lot. Here we should mention one thing regarding all these accessories. The fact that all these accessories are so colorful, and you can buy them in so many variations. Their color scenes, designs and overall look and feel is something that is coherent. Anyhow, let’s come back to the Smith Wildcat goggles. 

They are great and offer maximum eye protection. Unfortunately, because of their design, we can’t really claim that they are the best goggles out there. However, we can say that their performance is quite good despite their unique design. Other than that, you can buy these goggles in various color options. 


  • Very Stable View
  • Pretty Lightweight
  • A Premium Goggles for Mountain Bikers


  • High-Price Tag

ii) Bolle Shifter-best mountain bike accessories 

Bolle Shifter-best mountain bike accessories

The Bolle Shifter is another great quality goggle for mountain bikers. These particular goggles have multiple lenses too. So, you can wear them anytime you want. The quality of its lens is pretty good. They perform great in both day and night conditions. We also like the retro styling of these goggles. That’s because they look very different compared to some other glasses. So, if you want lightweight and retro-looking goggles for yourself, the Bolle Shifter is what you need. 


  • Multiple Lenses Option
  • Offer Clear View
  • Unique Retro Styling


  • None

4: Extra Tire Tube-best mountain bike accessories 

 Extra Tire Tube-best mountain bike accessories

Your mountain bike can leave you alone on tough and challenging terrain. Therefore, it is best to think ahead of time and buy some quality accessories in time. Tires, tubes, and drivetrain are those moving parts of your bike that needs special care. Also, you should clean them and maintain them on a regular basis to avoid any inconvenience. Anyhow, there are accessories available out there that help you keep all such movable parts of your bike in good condition. 

Many bikers opt for tubeless tires. However, they can also get damaged. Therefore, it is best to stay prepared. Below mentioned are some of the best options available for mountain bikers. 

i) Dynaplug Megapill-best mountain bike accessories 

Dynaplug Megapill-best mountain bike accessories

The Dynaplug Megapill is an excellent tubeless tire repair tool kit. As we mentioned that tubeless tires have become quite common these days. However, they can still get damaged. Therefore, it is best to carry such portable Dynaplug Megapill kit with you. This particular kit is so portable that you can easily take it along with you on short and long trips.  

The design here is also pretty good and portable. We really like how small yet practical this tire repair kit is. It comes with various tubes. You just have to insert one of them into the affected area of the tire and you are good to go. The performance of this tubeless tire kit is really great. It can easily repair minor to even some major holes.  

On the other hand, some user complain that it is quite expensive. Well, it is expensive. But we think given its performance the price seems justified. So if you want a reliable and practical tire repair kit, the Dynaplug Megapill is the kit to get.  


  • Excellent Design
  • Portable Yet Effective
  • Gets The Job Done with Ease


  • Not Budget Friendly

ii) Tubolito MTB Tube-best mountain bike accessories 

Tubolito MTB Tube-best mountain bike accessories 

Now, let’s talk about some extra tubes that you should carry. Some of the best mountain bikes for women may not have tubeless tires. Therefore, riders using these bikes should invest in quality tubes. Now, there are various types of tubes available out there. However, we find that the Tubolito MTB Tube is the one that you should get. 

It is made of quality rubber and is easy to install. Some users reported that its valve doesn’t suit their particular bike mode. So, some exceptions are there where it didn’t perform that well. All in all, it is not at all a bad tire tube.  


  • Made Of Quality Materials
  • Easy To Install


  • Its Valve May Not Suit Some Bike Models

5: Hydration Packs-best mountain bike accessories 

Hydration Packs-best mountain bike accessories 

Staying hydrated is very important for all humans. This holds true for physical activities such as cycling. For example, you can get dehydrated when you constantly work out or ride a mountain bike. So, to avoid such scenarios, you can take water bottles along with you. However, note that not all mountain bikes have space for a water bottle. 

Though, there are quality water bottles available out there. Anyhow, if your bike doesn’t have a dedicated space for a water bottle, you can simply go with a hydration pack.  

i) Evoc FR Trail Blackline 20-best mountain bike accessories 

The Evoc FR Trail Blackline 20 is an excellent hydra pack. You can easily take it along with you on both long and short trips. The space, size, quality, and overall finishing of this bag pack are amazing. As evident by the name, it has 20 liters capacity for water bottles. We think this much capacity won’t bother to even some professional riders. In addition, it has multiple pockets where you can store various items with ease. 

Further, there is also enough space for holding some extras. The interesting part is that the Evoc FR Trail Blackline 20 is well made. It never felt cheap or a substandard product. So, if you want a durable yet quality hydra pack, this particular model is the best option. 

ii) Bontrager Hydration Pack-best mountain bike accessories 

The Bontrager Hydration Pack is also a quality hydration pack for the mountain biker, as we highlighted if your cheap mountain bike doesn’t have the space to accommodate a bottle. This bag pack has some decent space. The materials also seemed fine to us. However, we’d say that its overall quality and finishing could have been better. Compared to the hydration pack we reviewed earlier, its quality felt a bit below par. 

Still, we think it’s not a that bad to deal with. You also have to consider the price of this bag pack as well. The brand has cut some corners to make it affordable. So, that makes sense. If you are short on budget and want an affordable bag pack, the Bontrager Hydration Pack is for you. 

Frequently Asked Question  

1: What Mountain Bike Accessories Do I Need? 

It totally depends on your needs. Ideally, you should have a helmet, safety gloves, safety goggles, and some knee protection. However, you can always buy some additional accessories for your safety and comfort. In this regard, you should always invest in quality bike accessories. 

2: How Can I Make My Mountain Bike Look Cool? 

There are a ton of ways to make your mountain bike look cool. You can buy custom skin for it. Further, you can also buy extra pedals, new wheels, or maybe a new padded seat for extra comfort. So, all these aspects can help you make your mountain bike look cool. But, in the end, it all comes down to your personal preferences. 

3: What Should I Upgrade First On A Mountain Bike? 

The upgrades of your mountain bike totally depend on you. For the most part, you should upgrade the essential aspects like tires, pedals, and seat cushions. However, you should also invest some money in stuff like tire repair kits, bike bag packs, and hydration packs. These accessories really come in handy when you are riding on tough terrain. Also, they enhance your riding experience by a great margin. 

4: How Do You Pimp A Mountain Bike? 

You can pimp a mountain bike in several ways. Basically, pimping a mountain bike is a process. In the end, it depends on your personal preferences. For instance, do you want your bike to look colorful, modern, and appealing? If yes, you can go with colorful mountain bike accessories.  

Final Thoughts! 

So, these are the best mountain bike accessories. We have reviewed some of the best picks in this regard. Usually, it’s the safety gear that you should pay attention to. For example, safety goggles and helmets are necessary for every mountain biker. Therefore, one cannot really deny the importance of these accessories. 

So, if you are also an experienced or beginner-level mountain biker, you should consider investing some bucks in these accessories. 

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