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Is Trek 1000 A Good Bike? 2023 Updated Guide! 

Trek is a mountain bike brand that is known for its quality bike range. Out of all their bikes, it’s the Trek 1000 which really grabbed the attention of the majority. For its time, it had some unique features and an impressive specification sheet. 

This all made bike enthusiasts go excited, and they showed some great interest in this bike. So, is the trek 1000 a good bike in 2023? What makes it so special? That’s all we are going to find in this article. So, let us get into it! 

Yes, Trek 1000 is still one of the best bikes to get in 2023. That’s because it has a lightweight aluminum frame, a well-cushioned seat, and an all-around geometry. As a result, it is best suited to folks who want an all-in-one bike that performs great on a variety of terrains. 

Is Trek 1000 a Good Bike? What’s So Special about it? 

Why every rider seems so interested in this bike? To find this out, we have compared the different aspects of the Trek 1000. So let us explore them in detail. 

1: A High-Quality Bike That Backs Every Ride 

 A High-Quality Bike That Backs Every Ride 

A quality bike is what the majority wants. Back in the 20th century, there were fewer mountain bike brands that had some quality bikes to offer. Trek was one famous brand even in the 1990s. Today, this bike is no short of an introduction. 

Its high-quality backs every ride. That’s a fact. For example, the Alcoa 6061 T6 aluminum frame is the main highlight here. This frame is considered a very light aluminum frame for a mountain bike. It only weighs around 20 pounds. 

Users who preferred a lightweight commuter bike were a fan of the Trek 1000. Its super lightweight yet durable Alcoa 6061 T6 aluminum frame made it an even more popular bike. 

Nowadays, steel and carbon fiber frames are common. They are durable for sure, but they weigh around 30-40 pounds. On the other hand, the Alcoa 6061 T6 aluminum frame is still very lightweight compared to these modern-day frames. 

Besides the frame, the drivetrain, suspension system, and overall build quality also impress us. For a 1990 bike, such quality stuff is definitely impressive. 

2: Great Design Language 

 Great Design Language 

Back in the 90s, bike design wasn’t a big deal for the majority of buyers. But we think it packs in a great design language even for today. As we just highlighted, the lightweight aluminum frame is a big plus here. It perfectly complements the iconic design of this bike. 

If you prefer some iconic looks on top of great practicality, this bike is for you. You won’t be disappointed by its design language. 

3: Reliable Gear System 

The gear system of a bike says a lot about its performance. Thankfully, the brand hasn’t made any compromises in this regard. You get the Shimano drivetrain here. Now, there is something very special to like about this transmission. 

Here you are getting a Shimano 400 EX7 drivetrain. This 8-speed drivetrain is one feature that makes this bike stand out from the rest of the available options. 

The Shimano 400 EX7 drivetrain is ideal for riding the bike downhill. Its efficiency and smoothness are what we really like here. You won’t have any problems in shifting gears here. 

On the other hand, the positioning of the gear shifters of this bike got some users in trouble. Basically, its positioning is a bit different than the standard bikes. So, getting used to these gear shifters might take some time. 

4: Easy Maintenance 

Easy Maintenance

These days, finding a bike that is maintenance-free (or at least requires minimal maintenance) is quite tough. Luckily, Trek 1000 also ticks this box. This is one primary reason why it is still loved by so many riders, even in 2023. 

It is ideal for long rides. That is because its mechanical parts are designed to aid such long rides. Moreover, they are made of quality materials which helps them last for a long time. 

When it was launched, there was no any bike that could come even close to the Trek 1000 in terms of durability. Yet, today, it stands among some of the top-rated mountain bikes of 2023. 

5: A Perfect Bike for Long Runs   

A Perfect Bike for Long Runs   

As highlighted earlier, the Trek 1000 seems like a perfect option for long solo riders. A bike must have durable mechanical parts, a reliable gear system, and easy to maneuver light frame. Fortunately, this bike has all these features. 

For long travels, this bike is not going to disappoint you. Its drivetrain and aluminum frame are strong enough to support long journeys. 

What about Some Extra Features? 

Trek SL 1000 has pretty much all the good features you look for in a bike. For example, you get an aluminum frame here, a Shimano drivetrain, quality spoke wheels, and alloy handlebars. We think all these add-ons are great to claim this bike as the ideal bike for beginners. We have reviewed some other options too. You can find more about them here. 

Is Trek 1000 a Good Bike? Pros and Cons 


  • Entry-level components
  • Limited customization options
  • No disc brakes
  • Versatile


  • Limited gear range

Who Is it for? 

Given the features of this bike, we can recommend it to almost anyone. All these bikes are for a specific class of riders, so Trek 1000 is best suited to beginners. But, of course, there are other beginner-level mountain bikes too. 

But this one is the right option for anyone who wants to invest his hard-earned money in a durable bike. Again, the quality of its lightweight fame, reliable drivetrain, and durable shocks catches our attention. 

This bike won’t give any problems to a newbie. In fact, it is a perfect option for someone who really wants to jump into mountain biking sports. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

1: How Many Speeds is A Trek 1000? 

The Trek SL 1000 has an 8-speed gear system. You get the Shimano 400 EX7 drivetrain which is a durable drivetrain. You won’t have to worry about the durability aspect here. 

2: Is Trek a Chinese Brand? 

No, Trek isn’t a Chinese company. They are basically a US-based mountain bike manufacturer. Trek 1000 is their most popular bike. Even in 2023, many people opt for this bike model. It is known for its quality ride and impressive specifications. 

3: What Is Trek Lightest Bike? 

The Emonda series of bikes from Trek comprises of their lightest bike. These are quite agile and also doesn’t weigh that much. 

4: Is Trek a Good Bike Brand? 

Yes, in the mountain biking world. Unfortunately, there are very few brands that stand out from the competition. Trek is one of those brands. Their range of bikes is known for durability and decent performance. 

Wrap Up! 

Now you know the answer to the popular question, ‘Is Trek 1000 a good bike’. Yes, according to our review and testing, it is one of the best bikes to buy in 2023. It has a sturdy aluminum frame, solid design, decent brakes, and an ideal Shimano gear system.  

This bike is also a great option for beginners. Moreover, for long travelers, this bike has a lot to offer. Its durable materials and lightweight frame ensure a quality ride. 

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