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Is Trek 800 a Good Bike? The 2023 Updated Review! 

Even today, many users think, “Is Trek 800 a good bike?” Well, it is a decent mountain bike. Let us find out what’s so special about the Trek 800 mountain bikes. 

Are you looking for a quality mountain bike? If yes, you might have come across Trek 800 mountain bike series. Because of its popularity, many users think, “Is Trek 800 a good bike?” Well, it is a decent mountain bike. 

Actually, Trek has a wide range of top-quality bikes available. For instance, their 1000 series seems like the ideal fit for beginners. 

The Trek 800 series of mountain bikes are also no short of an introduction. They are well-built, durable, and lightweight mountain bikes. Let us find out what’s so special about the Trek 800 mountain bikes. 

While we are reviewing the Trek 100 bike, you might be wondering where I can buy it. Well, it is an old school bike, so you can’t buy a brand-new one. But don’t worry, you can find a used one for yourself. 

What Does the User Say? 

Before we begin, we should highlight the user’s review. According to most of Trek 800’s users, the bike is as durable as any other mountain bike of 2023. 

Some said it had served them well for more than 10 years. While some had a few cons to share, we think those cons are nothing, given the popularity of this bike. 

Trek 800 Mountain Bike – Some Pros and Cons  


  • Solid build
  • Excellent Steel Frame 
  • Stainless Spoke Wheels
  • Decent V-Brakes (For Its Time)
  • Requires No Special Maintenance
  • Pannier Racks That Add to The Storage Capacity 
  • A Durable Bike 


  • Lacks a Suspensions System 
  • A Bit Heavy 

Is Trek 800 a Good Bike? – An In-Depth Review 

Is Trek 800 a Good Bike? – An In-Depth Review 

To claim the Trek 800 series is the best of the lot, we bought one and tested it. This helped us in crafting this in-depth review. Here is what we found about this bike. 

a) An Excellent Durable Bike 

People want to spend on mountain bikes that are durable. There isn’t any doubt about this fact. This is the box that Treks 800 ticks very well. That’s because the bike consists of various components which are made to last for a decade (and they did in most cases). 

The first and foremost aspect of looking at a bike is its frame. The Trek 800 surprises us here as it has a steel frame. Now, surprisingly it is quite a lightweight frame. In reality, steel frames are considered heavy and bulky because of their additional strength. 

The brand has done some hard work keeping the bike’s overall weight low. In addition, the steel frame here is pretty durable. Back in the 90s, steel frames were even more solid than they are today. That’s why you see a lot of Trek 800s on the road these days. 

Moreover, the fork you get here is also made of steel. This all-steel build is one primary reason why this bike is still so popular. These days, it is very tough to find such high-quality steel-frame bikes. 

We also like the inclusion of aluminium brake levers. They help you stop the bike just in time, as there aren’t any disc brakes here. 

Overall, the durability factor of this bike impressed us a lot. The frame, fork, and other materials (like seats, levers, etc.) are all made of quality materials. 

b) High-Quality Stainless-Steel Spokes 

The inclusion of stainless-steel spokes was also a welcome addition here. They are durable and can last for decades to come (if kept well). We think these steel spokes are also one reason why this bike is in demand even today. 

These steel spokes don’t rust quickly and also require less maintenance. In addition, according to many user reviews, the steel spokes performed exceptionally well. 

c) A 21-Speed Gear for Maximum Fun 

The gear system of any mountain bike also matters a lot when it comes to some serious performance. Usually, budget-friendly bikes have pretty average gear systems. Here, you get a 21-speed gear system. 

Instead of a 10 or 12-speed gear, the 21-speed gear system gives you that freedom to ride with confidence. You can ride on downhills easily. In short, a wide gear range lets you get the most out of your bike. 

Luckily, the 21-speed gear system does a great job here. It gives you freedom and ensures a quality ride. 

d) An All-Rounder Commuter 

With a lightweight steel frame, decent brakes, and top-notch build quality, the Trek 800 is definitely a good mountain bike. Moreover, we think it’s a great all-around commuter bike. A typical mountain bike buyer wants a durable frame, comfortable seat, and top-notch build quality. 

In all these aspects, the Trek 800 really shines since it has a steel frame, so this bike’s durability gives every buyer peace of mind. 

However, for true off-roading, it may not be the right option. The absence of any suspension system makes it a not-so-perfect bike for off-roading. Other than that, it serves the need of almost every type of rider. 

e) Great Storage Space 

Very few mountain bikes actually offer decent storage space. In fact, these days, even some of the best beginner-level mountain bikes don’t have that much storage space. Luckily, you get plenty of storage space here. 

You can store various items in the pannier racks of this bike. So, if you like to go to the grocery store on a bike, Trek 800 is for you. 

Is Trek 800 a Good Bike? Some Cons 

As we mentioned, Trek 800 is worth bike spending on. But it has a few cons too. Let us take a look at them. 

i): Absence of any Suspension System 

Unfortunately, the Trek 800 doesn’t come with any suspension system. When you ride this bike on off-road terrains, you may feel the need for a dedicated shock absorber. We think this bike is more suited for casual riding and basic commuting. 

For that purpose, the lacks of a suspension system make sense. However, if you expect this bike to offer a smooth ride on bumpy tracks, it may not provide that. 

ii): A bit heavy 

The steel frame isn’t that heavy here. But the steel fork and other components make the bike feel heavy. So, the extra weight may be a downside for some users. Well, we think that shouldn’t be a problem. 

That’s because the components of this bike are made from quality materials. So the additional weight is not a bad compromise here. 

Meet with the Trek 800 Bike Family 

Meet with the Trek 800 Bike Family 

The Trek 800 series contain some quality bikes. We have covered the best of the lot here. Let us find out what’s so special about these bikes. 

i) Trek Mountain Track 800 

Trek Mountain Track 800 

The Trek Mountain track 800 is known as Trek 800 mountain bike. It is an entry-level model here. However, given its specifications, we think it’s a perfect option for those who want to invest in a reliable commuting bike.  

The frame here is nice and sturdy, and the brakes are decent too. Note that this bike isn’t ideal for riding on tough terrains.  

ii) Trek 800 Sports 

Trek 800 Sports 

The Trek 800 sports is the best bike from the 800 series. It is well-made, has good components, and weighs 29 pounds. It was introduced in 1995 and was in production till 2002.  

We like the fact that this bike was designed for both men and women. It was available in various sizes. For casual riding and even some adventurous rides, the Trek 800 sports is a solid option.  

iii) Trek Antelope 800 

Trek Antelope 800

The Trek Antelope 800 is not a beginner-level bike, nor is it for experienced riders. It rather sits somewhere in the middle. The 15-speed gear system aims to provide good riding expedience to both beginner and experienced level riders. All in all, it is one versatile bike that can be taken on nearly any terrain. 


So, “Is Trek 800 a good bike” well, you have got the answer now. At least, now you can decide whether or not to for it. We think it is one of the best mountain bikes to buy, even these days. 

The overall durability of its components really impressed us. From its stainless spoke wheels to the steel frame, every component seems to be well-finished. If you can find a used one within your budget, we’d say you should go with it.  

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