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Top 3 LG Soundbar with Subwoofer: An Ultimate Guide 

Lg soundbar with subwoofer are a great way to add sound to your home theater setup. They can provide a richer, more immersive audio experience than traditional speakers. 

Further, these soundbars come in many different sizes and shapes and can be placed almost anywhere in the room for optimal sound quality. 

Brief overview of soundbars

Many soundbars also come with added features like wireless connectivity, multiple inputs, and surround sound capabilities which further enhance your viewing experience. Therefore, soundbars offer a simple and efficient way to bring crystal clear audio into your home theater setup without taking up too much 

Definition of subwoofers and their role in enhancing the overall audio experience 

Subwoofers are an important part of a home theater system. They help enhance the overall sound experience by adding low-frequency sounds, such as deep bass and rumbles that can’t be reproduced by other speakers. Subwoofers make you feel like you are watching a movie in the cinema. 

Subwoofers work by converting electrical signals into physical vibrations in the air. The vibrations generated create sound waves which travel through the room until they eventually reach your ears. This helps to make low-frequency sounds seem louder than they would if they were just coming from regular speakers. 

Importance of selecting a soundbar with a subwoofer 

Importance of selecting a soundbar with a subwoofer 

Selecting a soundbar with a subwoofer is important for getting better sound quality. The subwoofer helps to produce deep and powerful bass sounds, which add dimension and richness to the audio experience. 

Without a subwoofer, the sound from your soundbar would be flat and lackluster. So, for a home theater system, a subwoofer is a must have component. Always go with a quality soundbar (more on it later).   

What is a Soundbar with a Subwoofer? 

What is a Soundbar with a Subwoofer? 

Definition of a soundbar 

A subwoofer is a type of speaker specifically designed to reproduce low-frequency sound, such as the deep bass notes in movies and music. 

Subwoofers are usually larger than regular speakers and produce much louder sounds. They are often used in home theater systems to add a powerful impact to movies or other audio content. 

Explanation of a subwoofer and how it works 

Explanation of a subwoofer and how it works 

A subwoofer features an internal amplifier and a large sound driver (usually one) that create sound waves in response to electrical signals received from the amplifier. The longer size, larger magnets, and increased power handling capacity of these drivers allow them to move more air than traditional speakers, resulting in a much deeper sound. 

The enclosure of a subwoofer helps direct the sound towards the listener and can also dampen resonance for even better performance. This way subwoofers enhanced your overall music or movie watching experience. 

Combining sound bars and subwoofers for better sound quality 

Combining a sound bar (such as the Lg Soundbar) with woofers can be a great way to enhance your sound output. It helps create an immersive audio experience by providing deep, rich bass and clearer highs. 

The combination of the two can add a more powerful sound to any room. However, it is important to make sure that your soundbar and woofer will work together well before making any purchases. For this, ensure that your soundbar and woofers are compatible with each other. 

Comparison of lg soundbar with subwoofer vs. traditional home theatre systems 

Comparison of lg soundbar with subwoofer vs. traditional home theatre systems

Compared to traditional home theater systems, a sound bar offers more convenience since it takes up less space and requires fewer components. The addition of woofers made specifically for enhancing bass can also make the difference between an average-sounding system and one that produces superb sound quality. 

Anyhow, the main difference between a sound bar with added woofers and a traditional home theatre system is the number of speakers involved. A typical home theatre setup will include multiple speakers that are strategically placed around the room in order to create surround sound effect. 

That’s why sound bars with added woofers usually contain multiple speakers, but these are all located in one spot (the sound bar itself). This limits the range and volume of the audio output, as well as its ability to create surround sound. 

Benefits of lg soundbar with subwoofer

Benefits of lg soundbar with subwoofer

1: Improved sound quality 

A sound bar with woofers provides an enhanced audio experience by creating deep, powerful bass. Woofers are speakers designed to reproduce lower frequencies than other types of speakers. With their ability to produce low frequency sound waves, they create a fuller, richer sound that envelops the listener in the audio experience. 

This makes it ideal for watching movies, playing video games, and listening to music. Also, sound bars with woofers are typically smaller and more compact than other audio systems, making it easier to fit into a room without taking up too much space. 

2: Space-saving design 

Sound bars with woofers also ensure maximum space saving because of their unique design. Sound bars can easily be mounted on walls or placed on shelf. Further most of the sound bars come with built-in subwoofers, so you don’t need to purchase additional speakers to get good bass response. 

This is great if your living quarters are tight and there isn’t enough room for a traditional speaker setup. In short, sound bars with woofers provide an easy way to upgrade your audio without taking up too much extra space. 

3: Easy setup and integration with other devices 

Most of the soundbard with woofers are relatively easy to set up and integrate with other devices. Depending on the type of device you have, setting up a soundbar may involve plugging in the power cord, connecting it to your TV via HDMI or optical cable, and pairing it with any other audio equipment you have. 

The process can be straightforward and usually only takes a few minutes. Most soundbars also come with their own remotes for controlling volume and settings from afar; some may also be able to download apps that let you control them even more easily from your phone or tablet. 

4: Cost-effective alternative to traditional home theatre systems 

Sound bars with woofers are considered as a cost-effective alternative to traditional home theatre systems. However, it’s important to consider what you’re getting for the money before making a decision. 

Sound bars may provide good sound quality but lack features such as multi-channel audio, surround sound and room calibration that are available with more expensive home theatre systems. 

Further, even though the upfront costs of sound bars may be lower than their bigger counterparts, they tend to require regular replacements due to their shorter life spans. So, whether or not sound bar with woofers is a cost effective alternative depends on how much value you place on these additional factors. Anyhow, if you are short on budget, there is nothing harm in going with soundbars. 

1: LG SN4 2.1- lg soundbar with subwoofer

LG Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer S90QY
  • Subwoofer Type    Subwoofer + Sound bar   
  • Power Output  : 300W Max  
  • Connectivity Type:Wireless  
  • Speaker Drivers :2.1   
  • Mobile App Compatibility  : Supported  
  • Weight:5.3 kg . 
View on Aamzon


The LG SN4 2.1 offers plenty of exciting features that are designed to enhance your home entertainment experience. The active subwoofer delivers clear mid-range sound while the high-quality tweeters provide crisp, detailed audio. 

Further, the wireless Bluetooth streaming option allows you to easily stream music from compatible devices directly to your speakers without the need for wires or cables. 

LG SN4 2.1- lg soundbar with subwoofer

The soundbar also includes HDMI connection ports so you can connect it with other compatible devices such as televisions, projectors and gaming consoles. 

Furthermore, you can enjoy multiroom listening with Chromecast built-in technology which allows you to synchronize multiple LG speakers together for an immersive surround sound experience in any room. 

Lastly but not the least, it also has voice control compatibility with Google assistant. With these features, the LG SN4 2.1 is a powerful sound bar that will enhance your home entertainment experience. 


  • Solid Build quality
  • Plenty of connectivity options  
  • Great feature set 
  • Affordable for its category 


  • Not ideal for large living rooms 
  • Average Bass 

2: LG Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer S90QY-lg soundbar with subwoofer 

LG Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer S90QY
  • Subwoofer Type    Subwoofer + Sound bar   
  • Power Output  : 570W Max  
  • Connectivity Type:Wireless  
  • Speaker Drivers :5.1   
  • Mobile App Compatibility  : Supported  
  • Weight:5.3 kg . 
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The LG Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer S90QY is another exciting soundbar with a subwoofer from LG. The sound bar features Meridian Technology for advanced audio technology. It has an AI Sound Pro feature that can automatically detect what you’re watching or listening to and adjust the sound accordingly. 

 LG Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer S90QY-lg soundbar with subwoofer

Further, it comes with a wireless subwoofer and multiple sound modes, all of which offer a customized listening experience in lg soundbar with subwoofer. 

It also has a modern design which adds a touch of style to any room. So, whether you are enjoying your favorite show or streaming music, the LG Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer S90QY will bring your entertainment to life. 

In short, the LG Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer S90QY is a great choice for those looking to upgrade their home entertainment system. 


  • East to set up 
  • Loaded with various audio enhancement features 
  • Good overall audio output 
  • Decent build quality 


  • Average surround sound experience 
  • Limited HDMI compatibility 

3: Bestisan Sound Bar Wireless and Wired Audio Bluetooth-lg soundbar with subwoofer 

Bestisan Sound Bar Wireless and Wired Audio Bluetooth
  • Subwoofer Type    Subwoofer + Sound bar   
  • Power Output  : 100W Max  
  • Connectivity Type:Wireless  
  • Speaker Drivers :5.1   
  • Mobile App Compatibility  : Supported  
  • Weight:3.71 kg . 
View on Amazon

Bestisan has some quality good sound bars to offer. Here we will take a look at their 40 Inch 100 Watt Sound Bar model. So, let us take a look at its features. 


The Bestisan 40 inches 100 watts soundbar is a game changer in the audio industry. It comes with DSP (digital signal processing) technology. This technology allows for an unparalleled sound experience. With its uniquely designed and powerful speakers, it delivers amazing clarity, depth and punch to whatever you’re listening to.  

Further, the soundbar has wireless Bluetooth connectivity. Therefore, you can easily connect it to your phone, tablet or laptop and stream your music directly to the speaker. 

Bestisan Sound Bar Wireless and Wired Audio Bluetooth-lg soundbar with subwoofer

It also allows you to control the playback from your device so you can adjust the volume or pause/play without having to leave the comfort of your seat. 

The lg soundbar with subwoofer has two built-in subwoofers plus dual full-range stereo speakers. This makes it perfect for watching movies or listening to music as you get all the clarity and depth that is usually found in home theater systems.  

The Bestisan 100 watts sound bar also comes with a variety of connection options. You can connect it to your TV using HDMI or optical cables, as well as via an analog audio cable. The soundbar even has a USB port so you can listen to music directly from your memory stick.  

In addition, the Bestisan sound bar has a built-in FM radio that allows you to tune in to all your favorite radio stations for free. It also has voice control compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant and other virtual assistant devices. 


  • Plenty of Connectivity options (Bluetooth, USB etc.) 
  • Voice control compatibility 
  • Two built-in subwoofers 
  • Decent audio output  


  • Only 100 watts peak output 
  • The design language may not attract many  

Features to Consider when Buying lg soundbar with subwoofer

Here are some features that you should look into a soundar with subwoofer. Let us take a look at these features: 

1: Compatibility with TV and other devices 

When deciding on a soundbar with a subwoofer, it’s important to consider compatibility. The Lg soundbar with subwoofer come with various inputs and outputs, so you’ll want to make sure the soundbar is compatible with other devices in your home entertainment setup. 

For example, if you are connecting a TV or gaming console, you’ll need to make sure the soundbar has the right type of input or output for that device. HDMI and optical cables are two common types of connectors used today. 

Similarly, Bluetooth connectivity allows wireless audio transmission between many devices such as computers and smartphones. 

Even if your lg soundbar with subwoofer doesn’t have all the connectors you need, there might still be options available to get it connected. 

Some soundbars come with adapters for various types of inputs and outputs, so you can easily connect other devices. It’s also important to make sure the soundbar is compatible with your TV’s audio system. 

So, keep all these connectivity options in mind while buying a soundbar with subwoofer.  

2: Audio specifications (e.g. frequency response, power output) 

When you are shopping for a soundbar with a subwoofer, it is also important to consider the audio specifications. For instance, frequency response and power output are two crucial aspects to look at when evaluating a soundbar’s performance. 

That’s because the frequency response determines how accurately the soundbar can reproduce different sounds within its frequency range, while power output indicates how loud the sound can get. 

Higher power output may not always be necessary, but a good frequency response is essential for quality sound reproduction. 

Also, it’s worth looking out for additional features such as wireless connectivity and the number of audio inputs the soundbar has. In short, reviewing audio specifications and other features can help you make an informed decision when choosing a soundbar with a subwoofer. 

3: Wireless connectivity options (e.g. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) 

You don’t want your soundbar to have all the major connectivity options. Therefore, it is also essential to look for wireless connectivity options in a lg soundbar with subwoofer. 

The two most popular wireless connection options are Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. By having these features built in your soundbar, it can make it easier to stream music from phones or tablets without any cables or wires. 

For example, with Bluetooth, you’ll be able to connect your phone or tablet to the soundbar quickly and easily. 

Having wireless connectivity options built into your soundbar is a great way to simplify your home audio setup while still  


So, now you know all about the best LG soundbars with subwoofers. We highlighted the top rated soundbars from LG. though, both these soundbars are ideal but you can also buy alternative soundbars. 

For example, the Bestisan 40 inches 100 watts soundbar promises quality sound output. With its DSP (digital signal processing) technology, it aims to change the dynamics of the audio industry. This technology allows for an unparalleled sound experience. 

Anyhow, you should look for pretty much all the connectivity options in a soundbar. Also, your budget could be a major deciding factor here. We recommend the LG SN4 2.1 for its lightweight design and decent audio output. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is the difference between a soundbar and a soundbar with a subwoofer? 

The main difference between a soundbar and a soundbar with a subwoofer is the presence of bass. A sound bar alone produces mid-range and treble sounds, while a sound bar with a subwoofer adds low-frequency bass to your audio experience. 

2: How does a subwoofer enhance the sound quality of a soundbar? 

A subwoofer is a special type of speaker that produces low-frequency sound. It helps to create a more immersive sound experience, giving you the feeling of being in an actual theater.

3: Are soundbars with subwoofers better than traditional home theater systems? 

Yes, for the most part sound bar’s with subwoofers are ideal for any home theater system. Simply because, Soundbars provide a convenient and simple solution for those who want to improve their audio experience but don’t have much space in their living area. 

4: What features should I look for when buying a soundbar with a subwoofer? 

  • Here are some features that you should look for when buying a soundbar with a subwoofer: 
  • Overall design language 
  • Sound quality (depth of bass, treble levels etc.) 
  • Compatibility 
  • Additional features 
  • Price  

5: What is the best soundbar with a subwoofer in the market?  

Currently, Lg Soundbars with subwoofers are trending in the market. You can consider LG SN4 2.1 or LG Sound Bar and Wireless Subwoofer S90QY soundbars.  


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