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10 Best Mountain Bikes Under 300$ – Best Bang for Buck 

With the rise in fuel prices all across the globe, more and more people are moving towards bicycles and mountain bikes. Well, that’s not the only reason why the majority opt for bicycles. It’s also the health benefits of cycling which has made people move to buying and riding bicycles. 

When we talk about bicycles, it’s the best mountain bikes under $300 that comes to our mind. That’s because $300 is the sweet price spot for the majority. In this budget, users can expect a mountain bike with decent specs sheet and some reliable performance. 

Anyhow, let us explore some of the top picks in this regard. We will review the best mountain bikes under 300$ that are bang for your buck. Let us get into it!

Mountain Bikes – Why Majority Opts for Them? 

Cycling is something that’s always appreciated because of its great health benefits. However, it’s the mountain bike that the majority prefer. Now, why is that so? Well, a mountain bike is a lot more than just a two-wheeler. 

It lets you go through some of the toughest terrains. Further, it’s fun to ride it. That’s because it is not just meant to ride on clean roads. You can take it on off-road tracks and along the riverside as well. It’s the flexibility that makes these bikes the best option for roadside and also for off-track riding. 

Mountain bikes are built stronger to withstand some tough challenges. Their frame is made from quality material such as steel. On top of the frame, they have a quality suspension system to ensure a smooth and less bumpy ride. Last but not the least, they also come with an enhanced braking system (Disc Brakes), which gives additional confidence to the rider. 

So, such features and top-notch riding experience make mountain bikes the favorite option of the majority. So, get yourself a mountain bike if you also want to invest your hard-earned cash for an exceptional two-wheel riding experience. Don’t know which one to get? No worries, our detailed guide will help you easily find the right pick. 

Some Benefits of Mountain Biking

Before we dive into more depth, let us explore some benefits of mountain biking. In reality, mountain biking benefits are nearly the same as of cycling. However, to help you get an idea about the importance of these bikes for health, we are sharing some benefits here:

1: Reduces Stress and Improves Mood

Physical exercise are meant to keep your body in good shape. But what about mental problems? Well, riding a bicycle such as a mountain bike is one easy way to get rid of stress levels. That’s because cycling lets you go a bit closer to nature.  

You can drive around the river or maybe a forest. it gives you that inner peace which is tough to find nowadays. This all improves your Mood and helps you body release those stress hormones.  

2: Excellent Exercise for Improving Heat Health

Heart health is very important for a good a, healthy lifestyle. Therefore, you should never overlook it. You can buy any mountain bike to improve your heart health in a natural way. That’s because riding such bikes improves the blood flow in your body. 

This doesn’t cause high blood pressure, which is beneficial for heart health.  

3: Helps Improve Body Stamina

Body stamina is something that every young and even old individual wants to build. Well, don’t worry. All you need is a quality mountain bike. When you ride such a bike, your body releases bad hormones. 

Moreover, it also improves the function of your lungs, which aids in better and easier breathing. So, in a way, it also helps improve body stamina.  

Best Mountain Bikes Under 300$ – Our Top Picks

  1. Xspec Folding Mountain Bike 
  2. Mongoose Mech MTB (24-26 Inches) 
  3. Merax Hardtail Mountain Bike  
  4. Carerra Valour  
  5. Huffy Mountain Bike 
  6. Roadmaster Granite Mountain Bike  
  7. Yeogned Mountain Bike  
  8. Titan Pathfinder Elite  
  9. Royce Union RMT Mountain Bike  
  10. HY Mountain Bike 7-Speed 

1: Xspec Folding Mountain Bike

You might not be expecting a mountain bike that’s foldable too at this price point. However, there are some options in this regard. For instance, take a look at the Xspec Folding Mountain Bike. Its folding mechanism really attracted us. At $300, it’s probably the best mountain bike that is also foldable. 

Things don’t end here. There is a lot more to like about this particular mountain bike. From its quality frame to its quality braking system, there is hardly anything not to like about it. In addition, its frame is made from carbon steel materials. So, you don’t really have to worry about any unwanted dents. 

The carbon steel is one perfect material for a foldable bike. It is durable, lasts longer, and doesn’t weigh much. In addition, unlike some other budget mountain bikes, it has a complete front and back suspension system. Therefore, riding on uneven racks won’t be that much of a problem. 

Furthermore, to help you ride it easily on various terrains, the company has also included a 21-speed gear system. You can adjust the speed the way you want for a smooth riding experience. Lastly, let us talk a bit about the brakes. Here things are covered quite nicely as you get dual disc brakes. 

So, we really liked the fact that users can now get a reliable folding mountain bike that also has a good braking system and comes with a 21-speed gear system. As a result, you can ride on nearly any type of terrain. 

2: Mongoose Mech MTB (24-26 Inches)

If you are into mountain biking, you won’t be unfamiliar with this brand name. The all-new Mech MTB mountain bike by Mongoose is also a great mountain bike. However, its features are kind of more tilted toward teens and kids. After all, teenagers also need a reliable mountain bike. 

So, we also included the Mech MTB mountain bike in our list. From its looks, it doesn’t seem that the bike would miss out on any feature that a modern-day mountain bike should have. Anyhow, this bike has a quality frame that’s also not too heavy. 

So, you can easily transport it. On top of it, the gear system is quite refined. It’s smooth and shifts properly without any hassle. We really like the tread pattern and excellent traction during our testing. Coupled with a decent breaking system, the Mech MTB mountain bike gives us a glimpse of a reliable and expensive mountain bike. 

3: Merax Hardtail Suspension Mountain Bike

During our testing process, we picked mountain bikes under $300 with a mixed set of add-ons. The purpose was to review quality models that are designed for all types of enthusiasts and tracks. We picked the Merax mountain bike because of its durable frame and excellent front suspension system. 

The hardtail suspension system makes it ideal for riding on rough terrains. The suspension absorbs bumps so well that you don’t feel you are riding the bike on an uneven track. Further, it comes with a 24-speed gear system that helps you get the most out of your mountain bike. 

The variable gears come in handy on challenging terrains such as during off-roading. They are easy and smooth to shift up and down on the go. The frame of this bike is made from aluminum which is quite lightweight compared to the competition. 

Though this bike isn’t foldable but due to its lightweight, you can transport it with convenience. Anyhow, let us talk about the braking system. The disc brake setup is there to help you stop the bike just in time. So, even from the breaking point of view, there isn’t anything to worry about. 

In short, the Merax is one good option for users who are jumping into mountain biking. Its quality suspension and lightweight frame will help you experience mountain biking with a new zeal. 

4: Carerra Valour

Carerra is another brand not to overlook when it comes to searching for an affordable mountain bike. We like the fact that their mountain bikes are lightweight yet durable. The same is the scenario with Carerra Valour, it’s a good-looking bike with a good set of features. 

From its frame to its tire treads, there is nothing really to dislike about it. The best part about this particular mountain bike is that it comes in four different sizes. Even more interesting is the fact that there is also a dedicated version for women. 

Usually, women-specific mountain bikes are tough to find around. However, Carerra doesn’t disappoint us even here. Let us highlight some of its common features. You get a lightweight handle and frame. As mentioned, tires have a good tread pattern for good traction. 

However, the braking system isn’t the best in its class. You get v-pad-shaped breaks that stop the bike by stopping the rim. Compared to the disc brake system, it isn’t the best. Anyhow, it gets the job done. 

If you are short on budget and want to invest on a mountain bike from a reputable brand name, the Carerra Valour is the one to consider. 

5: Huffy Mountain Bike

This particular mountain bike from Huffy is an excellent little two-wheeler that you can ride on some challenging terrains. The good aspect here is that it gives you a perfect balance between a fun and challenging riding experience. 

The stand-out feature of this mountain bike is its hard tail suspension system. Therefore, riding this bike on off-road tracks won’t be an issue. In fact, it’s going to be fun, challenging, and exciting to ride this bike on a variety of terrains. 

Its tires are also quite wide, which helps the biker maintain balance while riding it. Because of its tire’s wide depth and quality tread pattern, you can ride it on wet tracks without worrying about anything. 

There is a 21-speed gear system that backs this mountain bike. Gears are nice and smooth to deal with while going uphill or downhill. Unfortunately, here you don’t get the usual disc brakes. However, the presence of rim brakes does a good job of stopping the bike. 

6: Roadmaster Granite Mountain Bike

After reviewing the top 5 picks, we had to choose the rest of the affordable mountain bike options for our readers. So, the competition was quite tough as some great options were available. Anyhow, let’s jump to the review. So, we choose the Roadmaster Granite Mountain Bike as the sixth most affordable mountain bike under $300. 

The main highlighting feature of the Roadmaster Granite is its smooth gear system. Unlike some other mountain bikes of this range, it lets you up-shift or down-shift on the go with ease. 

The hardtail suspension ensures a comfortable ride on uneven terrains. This suspension system is known for its excellent shock absorbance capabilities. Because of this feature, is also known as hardtail suspension bike. We also like the large and clear tread pattern of the tires. So you can expect it to perform great on even muddy tracks. 

Unfortunately, there isn’t a popular disc brake system coupled here. Anyhow, the rim brakes aren’t that bad. The good part is that you can replace their pads later on, which doesn’t cost much. In short, it is a good addition to the range of affordable and reliable mountain bikes. 

7: Yeogned Mountain Bike

Enough of the usual features of mountain bikes. Now, let us review budget-oriented mountain bikes that also offer good comfort. For instance, we have the Yeogned Mountain Bike to discuss in this regard. During our review, we found it to be reasonably good at providing that much-needed comfort. 

We found that there were a lot less users who actually wanted a comfortable mountain bike with good feature set. Instead, most of the users go with fancy design and modern-day features like disc brakes etc. Anyhow, let’s come back to the review. 

It’s the soft padded seat of the Yeogned Mountain Bike that makes it super comfortable. On top of it, the hard tail suspensions double the comfort level by absorbing all unwanted bumps. So, forget any bumpy ride if you have this bike. 

Furthermore, the grip handle also has a soft touch to it. These all additions make this mountain bike a great comfortable option for the majority. 

8: Titan Pathfinder Elite

If you want a good quality, comfortable bike, look no further than Titan Pathfinder Elite. It’s an excellent mountain bike that ticks almost every box part from a few. It’s easy to ride, has a good quality frame and a decent enough braking system. 

The 26” wheels are nice and large to help you ride it on a variety of tracks. Furthermore, the front and back suspension systems work flawlessly to provide good comfort. We really liked the front and back suspension system. It makes your more comfortable and also gives you additional confidence to ride it on almost all types of terrains. 

Moreover, there is also the 21-speed gear system that helps the rider in going up hills and down hills. All in all, the Titan Pathfinder Elite is a quality mountain bike. You can also ride within city or for a daily commute. Its solid suspension system and quality tires steal the show. 

9: Royce Union RMT Mountain Bike

Now, let’s discuss some options that are ideal for entry-level folks. If you are just starting mountain biking, you need a lightweight and durable bike. These are areas where we found Titan Pathfinder Elite performing very well. 

Its design is quite catchy to grab everyone’s attention. The frame, wheels, and even pedals are made from aluminum. This is all that makes this bike a lightweight option. 

Also, it helps you accelerate easier because of the lightweight pedal. The 21-speed gear system is always there to help you easily ride your mountain bike. Furthermore, you even get a disc brake setup for quick and effective braking. 

So, given the affordable price tag, these features are quite impressive. You’ll be surprised to know that even its seat is padded for extra comfort. So, it’s definitely a good option for those who want an affordable two-wheeler. 

In fact, we recommend that you can even use the Royce Union RMT for daily commuting needs. So, the affordable pricing, reliable frame, and soft padded seat of Royce Union RMT make it an ideal option for entry-level enthusiasts. 

10: HY Mountain Bike 7-Speed

Another ready-to-assemble mountain bike by a brand name that’s trusted by the majority. The all-new HY 7-speed mountain bike has a lot to like about. It comes with a carbon steel frame that doesn’t weigh too much. 

As it’s a type of steel, it enhances the bike’s overall strength. Further, you get a 7-speed gear system that’s easy to use. This mountain bike is more tilted towards teenagers who want o experience mountain biking. 

That’s why its weight has been kept on the lower side. Moreover, there are V-shaped brakes to help you stop the bike just in time. 

This 7-speed mountain bike is a good fit for new bikers and amateur riders. It is well-made, easy to ride and has a good quality frame.  

How to Buy the Best Mountain Bike Under 300$?

So, we have reviewed some top-rated and affordable mountain bike under $300. Given the fact that there are so many brands out there, a newbie may get confused while choosing the reliable mountain bike with disc brakes. So, for the ease of the majority, we have shared a detailed buying guide.  

1: Choosing the Right Gears

You can see in our reviews that we have mentioned several bikes with some number of gears system. Basically, gear systems on these bikes help the rider in riding the bike with confidence. Usually, you get anywhere from single-speed to 30-speed gears systems. 

However, you have to choose the gear number that matches your riding style. For example, go with at least a 10-speed gear system if you ride on challenging tracks. 

Contrary to it, if you like to ride more within the city on paved roads, even a 7-speed mountain bike would do the job.  

2: Go With the Appropriate MT Frame

The MTB frame of your mountain bike is an essential aspect to look at before buying it. The frame is the component that holds all the moving and non-moving parts of your bike. It is basically a kind of chassis of your two-wheeler. 

Go with a steel frame if you want the best durability and added strength. However, if the weight factor concerns you, you can go with an aluminum frame. They are lightweight yet durable. Other options include alloy frames (a mixture of two metals) and carbon steel frames.  

3: Understanding The Different Categories of Mountain Bikes

A Mountain bike is a lot more than just about some adventures. There are different categories of mountain bikes. Most of the brands sell their mountain bikes as per the set range. If you are an experienced biker, you would probably be familiar with these terms. For beginners, here are some common categories of mountain bikes.  

  • Trail Bikes 
  • Par Bikes 
  • All around Bikes 
  • The Fat ones 

Each of these types of mountain bike comes with unique features. For instance, the fat ones come with durable frames and fat tires for those users who are least bothered with weight and want a fat bike that they can take anywhere. 

So, you see, first, you have to be clear about the type of usage for which you want to buy the best affordable mountain bike.  

4: Choosing The Ideal Braking System

The braking system of any mountain bike is something you cannot ignore. Usually, these bikes come with disc brakes. These brakes are perfect for stopping the bike in time. However, budget models may not come with a disc brake mechanism. 

They have V-shaped brakes, which are easy to replace and maintain. In addition, V-shaped brakes are less powerful compared to disc brakes. 

So, again the choice depends on how you want to use your mountain bike. The disc brakes are a must if it’s sourly for adventurous rides.  

5: The Suspension System

Now even mountain bikes come with a reliable suspension system to ensure a smooth ride. Here are some common types of the bike suspension system to know about. 

  • Hard Tail Suspension Mountain Bike

These bikes have a front suspension that is quite powerful. It can absorb high-impact shocks with ease. Usually, train mountain bikes have this suspension system.  

  • Full Suspension System 

As the name says, this suspension system has both front and rear shocks. This suspension system aims to ensure a comfortable and smooth ride. However, bikes with a full suspension system can get expensive.  

Bottom Line!

So, now you know the best mountain bikes under $300. We have reviewed almost every category of these bikes for your convenience. All of these bike models have some unique features. For example, they come with disc brakes, full suspension systems and 21-speed gears. 

On the other hand, some budget-friendly options have a lightweight frame. In the end, you have to filter out the most appropriate mountain bike for yourself based on your requirements.   

Frequently Asked Questions

1: What is the best mountain bike under $300?

According to our reviews, the Xspec Folding Mountain Bike is the best mountain bike under$300. Its folding mechanism really attracted us. At $300, it’s probably the best mountain bike that is also foldable. 

Things don’t end here. There is a lot more to like about this particular mountain bike. From its quality frame to its quality braking system, there is hardly anything not to like about it. 

2: Which entry-level mountain bike is best?

Though there are many options available but we recommend that you can even use the Royce Union RMT for daily commuting needs. So, the affordable pricing, reliable frame, and soft padded seat of Royce Union RMT make it an ideal option for entry-level enthusiasts. 

3: Is a 26-inch bike good for what height?

Ideally, the 21-inch bike is perfect for anyone who is 5′ or above. However, forse who are around 6′ tall may have to opt for 27 inches models.  

4: How much do decent mountain bikes cost?

A decent mountain bike can cost as high as $999. However, there are some good budget options too. For instance, we have reviewed the top 10 mountain bikes under $300. You can check out this guide to find some best yet most affordable mountain bikes.  

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