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Best Chainsaws Review– Top Corded & Cordless Models

A chainsaw is the demand of every DIYer and professional. It exists in different types now, such as electric, gas-powered, cordless, and more. If you search for a powerful saw for felling, cutting, and other landscaping tasks, this best chainsaw review is for you.

The best chainsaw is one you can use to achieve your desired goal. The more power, weight or experience the prospective buyer has along with being within the budget.

It is a tough decision to make when you are looking for the best chainsaw. There is no single answer that will work with every person, but there are some things all potential buyers should consider before they buy one of these powerful tools.

When it comes to looking for the best chainsaw, you want something that will be durable and last long. The following best chainsaw reviews are some of our favorites because they provide good value in both price point as well as performance:

(Top 10 ) Best Chainsaw Reviews & Ratings in 2023

  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Engine Strength: 120V
  • Bar Length: 16 Inches
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  • Power Source: Gas Powered
  • Engine Strength: 3.4HP
  • Bar Length: 20 Inches
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  • Power Source: Battery
  • Engine Strength: 56V
  • Bar Length: 14 Inches
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  • Power Source: Gasoline Powered
  • Engine Strength: 40.2cc
  • Bar Length: 18 Inches
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  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Engine Strength: 14.5 amp
  • Bar Length: 16 Inches
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  • Power Source: Battery
  • Engine Strength: 40V
  • Bar Length: 16 Inches
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The list of the best chainsaws to consider buying is long and daunting. Therefore, we have brought the finest ones to the market for you:

1. Makita: UC4051A Chain Saw, Electric, 16 in. Bar – Top-Rated Chain Saw

2. Echo: 18-Inch Gas 2-Stroke Cycle Chainsaw – Runner Up

3. WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Electric Chainsaw – Best Value Chain Saw

4. HUYOSEN: 54.6CC Gas Powered Chainsaw – Best Gas-Powered Chain Saw

5. Greenworks: 24V 10-Inch Cordless Chainsaw – Best-rated Electric Chain Saw

6. EGO Power+ 14-Inch CS1401 – Best Cordless Chain Saw

7. Greenworks 40V 16″ Brushless Cordless Chainsaw

8. Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

9. Sun Joe SWJ803E-CMO Multi-Angle Pole Chain Saw

10. BLACK+DECKER: Electric Chainsaw CS1518

1: Makita: UC4051A, Electric, 16 in. Bar-best chainsaw review

Easy to Grip
Makita-UC4051A Chain Saw
Makita UC4051A Chain Saw
  • FPM: 2900
  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 24.2 x 10.5 inches
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Voltage: 110 V
  • Model Number: UC4051A
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The sturdy 16-inch bar of this corded electric tool is perfect for cutting through large woods, making it the best saw chain for hardwood. It features 2900 FPM chain speed, making it astonishingly powerful as compared to other similarly priced models without gas motors.

This tool is not only easy to use but it comes fully stocked with all the tools needed for quick repairs on site. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, and the rubberized exterior protects against accidents while giving you maximum power tool control.

UC4051A is an excellent choice for people who want to stay away from the hassle of dealing with gas engines. It has heaps of power, but it is also heavier than other similar saws. Furthermore, it comes with a year warranty as well as a 30-day satisfaction assurance.


  • A heavy-duty automatic chain oiler is promised continuous heavy working.
  • Its electric chain brake will allow you to work faster and more efficiently.
  • It does not require high maintenance while maintaining zero emissions.
  • The soft start in it will help to prevent a sudden jerk at the beginning of your work.
  • This model has a current limiter to keep it safe from heat damage


  • Its initial assembly is not easy as complained.

Final Verdict: The Makita’s UC4051A chainsaw has a heavy-duty body to withstand the demands of cutting through tough material. With easy operation, this chain saw will have your job done in no time.

2: Echo: 18-Inch Gas 2-Stroke Cycle-best chainsaw review

Runner Up
Echo Chain Saw, Gas
Echo CS-400-18 Chainsaw
  • FPM: 2900
  • Product Dimensions: 26 x 16 x 14 inches; 10.1 Pounds
  • Power Source Type: Gasoline-powered
  • Material: Metal
  • Engine: 40.2 cc
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This gas chainsaw with an 18-inch bar along with a 40.2 cc engine is the perfect tool for power users who want to go big or stay home. It quickly cuts through anything that gets in its way with confidence before trimming it into manageable parts of logs without hesitation or fear.

CS-400-18 is a professional-grade tool that is quite powerful for any homeowner. It comes with a plethora of features, such as:

  • Side-access chain tensioner
  • Auto oiler
  • Reduced-effort starting system
  • Digital ignition
  • Air filter
  • Air pre-cleaner
  • High static contrast ratio of 3,000:1

The gas-powered chainsaw is easy to start and balance during use. It can cut through almost any material with its powerful motor, making it an excellent choice for heavy-duty tasks. The fuel tank holds 14 ounces so that you will have plenty of power on hand for tree felling.

This product also has a 5-year warranty that includes non-commercial uses as well. It feels light in your hand with about 10 pounds, excluding fuel and power pack. Echo is one of the best chainsaw brands in the market currently.


  • This tool promises a very powerful performance.
  • It is a lightweight model compared to other models.
  • It is pretty easy to start with, and without any prior experience, anyone can be successful.
  • This one is also frustration-free certified for complete satisfaction.


  • Gas chainsaws are not allowed in some cities because of the risk they pose to neighboring homes.
  • It is a powerful but noisy chainsaw which no one wants to hear.

Final Verdict: You will find the features of this lightweight but powerful saw to be more than adequate for all your toughest chores. The adjustable chain and removable air filter make its maintenance easy, so you can focus on what really matters.

3: WORX WG303.1 16-Inch Electric-best chainsaw review

Powerful Engine
WORX Electric Chainsaw
WORX WG303 Electric Chainsaw
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Size: 16″ Bar Length
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Motor: 14.5 AMP
  • Oiling System: Automatic
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The WORX WG303.1 is the best budget electric chainsaw for most people, but it is not perfect. Experts praise its power and speed as well as handling ability. However, some say that this 16.5-inch bar tool with a 14.5-AMP engine can be tough on your arm if you are inexperienced.

Ergonomic handle

This is a solid and well-built machine, but the absence of vibration isolation makes it less ideal for those with not-so-tight grip and sensitive ears. This best corded electric chain saw also comes with a 3-year satisfaction warranty.


  • Its patented system has been developed with input from professional mechanics and experts in the field to avoid excessive tightening, enhancing the overall efficiency.
  • Protects the chain from wear and speeds up the operation of your bar’s 32 ft/s.
  • It comes with an oil-level indicator that tells you when to refill.
  • Its over-mold grip and padded handle give you the ability to work with a saw for hours on end without getting tired.


  • It is easy to accidentally turn the adjusting knob because of its size and cause damage.

Final Verdict: This is the best corded chainsaw that ensures performance that will never let you down. The auto-tensioning and -lubrication systems keep it in peak operating condition, no matter what happens at home or on the job site..

4: HUYOSEN: 54.6CC 2-Strokebest chainsaw review

Powerful Engine
HUYOSEN 54.6CC 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chainsaw
HUYOSEN 54.6CC Chainsaw
  • Package Dimensions: 20.5 x 12 x 11 inches
  • Power Source: Gas Powered
  • Size: 54.6 CC
  • Item Weight: 17.16 pounds
  • Output Power: 3.4 HP/ 8500 RPM
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The HUYOSEN 54.6 cc 18-inch gas chainsaw is perfect for weekend lumberjacks looking to get the job done without breaking their budget! This reliable and powerful tool is efficient and powerful enough to bring your simple household tasks to the end effortlessly.

If you do not have an extra-large tree that needs cutting down but still needs something sturdy, this 18-inch blade tool should be your preferred choice.

Automatic oiler

This chain saw is a great investment for any homeowner. Not only does it have an easy-to-start button, but it also provides tons of power and durability with its sprocket-tipper 18-inches bar long that will cut through almost anything you can throw at them.

The automatic oiler makes sure your machine stays in top working condition even after many jobs are finished successfully by making sure all parts are kept greased up like never before. That is why it is regarded as the best chain saw 2023 everywhere.


  • This tool combines the best of both worlds by providing an excellent electronic ignition system with a low-kickback function.
  • The chainsaw’s air filter has been specially designed to reduce fuel consumption and lengthen its lifespan.
  • It is tough and wear-resistant, with sharp edges for cutting through hard surfaces that will never jam when you need to free up your blade quickly.
  • It has an auto oil supply feature that will fill itself for smooth operation.


  • It is relatively heavy.
  • There are a few cities with gas-powered chainsaws banned.

Final Verdict: The HUYOSEN 54.6 CC is the only cutting machine you need to tackle any job smoothly, seamlessly and quickly. You can also call it the best home chain saw for easy and smooth felling.

5: Greenworks: 24V 10-Inch Cordless-best chainsaw review

Best for DIY Tasks
Greenworks 24V 10-Inch Cordless Chainsaw
Greenworks 24V 10-Inch Cordless Chainsaw
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Voltage: 24 volts
  • Size:10″ Chainsaw
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Product Dimensions: 24.8 x 8.07 x 12 inches
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Greenworks is the ideal best chainsaw review for those who only need light-duty use. It features a commendable rechargeable battery and a 10-inch bar to make sure you are always in range. Its 24 V lithium-ion battery makes this tool convenient and easy to carry around.

This is a great tool for those homeowners who want to tackle their own projects. It includes features such as an ergonomic handle design, automatic chain oiler function, and easy-to-use tension adjustment. The battery life on this particular model will provide you with 35 cuts per charge.

When you need a saw that is lightweight and easy for any person to handle, this one should do the trick. It weighs just 8 pounds, so even those with dexterity or not enough strength can control it well enough.


  • This compact construction machine handles small jobs around the yard well.
  • It is one of the easiest chainsaws to start and use.
  • The 20362-model chain saw is light enough to maneuver easily.
  • This tool is equipped with a 4-year warranty, and the batteries have additional 2-year warranty protection.


  • You can’t cut large tree limbs with this saw.

Final Verdict: Greenworks’ line of tools is designed to be versatile, and this chainsaw is an example of that. It is effective for a wide range from outdoor and indoor-use for all your projects.

6: EGO Power+ 14-Inch CS1401-best chainsaw review

The Longest Warranty
EGO Power Cordless Chain Saw
EGO CS1401 Chain Saw
  • Voltage: 56 volts
  • Size: 14-Inch
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Item Weight: 11.40 lbs
  • Item Dimensions: 30 x 9.7 x 9.5 inches
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The EGO Power+ CS1401 is a battery-powered tool that has been designed with light-duty use in mind. It can handle anything from small projects around the house to larger tasks up close and personal, making it perfect for any professional contractor or DIY enthusiast.

With an impressive 4-year warranty backing up every inch of its performance as well, there is not anything standing between yourself and this best chainsaw review machine for some great DIY projects around your house right now.

It features a 56 V Lithium-ion battery, 6300 RPM Motor and 14 inches bar length. So, no matter what kind of work you need to be done, this thing will get right down low enough, so not even your arm gets tired out while still providing plenty of power per minute.


The CS1401 is a perfect choice for anyone who needs to cut through limbs up to 1 foot in thickness. It features an efficient and powerful brushless motor and a low-kickback design. In addition, this model comes with a chain brake that allows you more control over your cuts.

Furthermore, its tension adjustment ensures the blade stays sharp no matter what task awaits ahead of time. The tool also recharges quickly thanks to its high-power rating.

The 12-pound weight of the saw makes it a little more difficult to handle, but this chainsaw packs an impressive punch with its three-year battery and five-year frame warranty.


  • Powering up to the highest setting, this powerful chain saw ensures fast and efficient cutting.
  • This chainsaw is lightweight and easy to use.
  • The best chainsaw for the job is one that can stand up to any condition with its weather-resistant construction.
  • This chainsaw comes with built-in protection.


  • Some customers have complained about battery problems.

Final Verdict: The EGO Power+ brings this cordless saw which is a great companion for your powerful best chainsaw review. The brushless motor will extend both this tool’s life and run time, making it one of the best professional chain saws.

7: Greenworks 40 V 16″ Brushless Cordlessbest chainsaw review

Premimum Quality Product
Greenworks 40V 16 Brushless Cordless Chainsaw
Greenworks 40 V 16″ Brushless Cordless Chainsaw
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Voltage: 40
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion battery
  • Item Dimensions: 31 x 9 x 8.5 inches
  • Size: 16″ chainsaw
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A cordless best chainsaw review is a way to go when you need power. The Greenworks machine offers more torque and wider cutting for faster, easier cuts through tough material like logs or thick brush with minimal fatigue on your arms.


It provides an extended period between battery recharges. The Machine cuts thick pieces with the brushless motor, promising a significant 30% more torque than other saws. Making it easy to cut any tree down safely no matter how large or tall you need it chopped into sawdust with minimum wear and tear.

It comes with an auto oiler, which improves the lifespan of your chain and blade. It also runs for longer than other cordless tools available currently. With up to 70% less vibration than its counterparts, this big handheld offers reduced fatigue during work.


  • This chainsaw has a brushless motor that will provide you with a longer run time.
  • With the greatest cutting performance, this chainsaw delivers up to 30% torque.
  • This most powerful and reliable machine has a superior sound design for maximum comfort in every situation.
  • Its new brushless motor design ensures up to 70% reduced vibration for comfort.


  • A little pricey

Final Verdict: The new Greenworks 16-Inch chainsaw is designed with innovative brushless technology, which provides more power and torque than ever before without noise or polluting emissions. This company has the best chainsaw chains available for strength and precision

8: Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas-best chainsaw review

Longest Bar
Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw
Husqvarna 965030298 Rancher Gas Chainsaw
  • Size: 20″ Bar Length
  • Power Source: Gas Powered
  • Engine Type: 2-stroke
  • Style: 20 in.
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With its powerful engine, wide cutting path and unparalleled reliability for power, Husqvarna 455 Rancher will give you everything that any homeowner could need. Experts hail it as a must-get on today’s market.

The Husqvarna chainsaw model # 965030298 is a workhorse. It has an impressive engine that can rev up to 9000 RPM, and it is easy for every user. In addition, its 20-inch bar along with a two-stroke, the 55.5-cc engine makes it worth buying.


This model is designed to be fuel-efficient and ensures low vibration. It has an X-torque engine, which helps with the spiral air-cleaning system for a longer life span and has a side-mounted chain tensioner with a smart ignition system that can save time when starting up.

Moreover, this 13-pound saw is powerful enough to cut through large logs and limbs smoothly. The 2-year warranty supports it, making this chainsaw an exceptional purchase for your home workshop.


  • With its 55.5 cc engine and 20-inch chain, a new gas chainsaw is a powerful tool for any job.
  • Its 2-cycle engine with an intertie-activated chain brake is safe and avoids accidental cuts.
  • It has an automatic chain oiler which is the perfect way for keeping the saw in top condition.
  • With the quick-release air filter, you can easily clean out any dirt or debris that might find its way into your chain saw.


  • The sound of the chainsaw is loud and penetrating, which might not be good for you.
  • It is a somewhat heavy tool.

Final Verdict: The new Rancher 455 is here to change the game. It is an ideal saw for those who want more power, coupled with responsiveness and ergonomics like no other..

9: Sun Joe SWJ803E-CMO Multi-Angle Pole best chainsaw review

Sun Joe SWJ803E Chain Saw
Sun Joe SWJ803E-CMO Chain Saw
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Weight: 7.9 pounds
  • Telescoping Pole: 5.8 ft – 8.8 ft
  • Oil Tank Capacity: 2 Fl oz
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A powerful 8-AMP motor means the most efficient cuts. This pole saw offers an extendable arm that can reach up to 14 feet high for tough or tall branches, including blade guards.

SWJ803E-CMO has an ergonomic handle, and its comfy foam grip makes it one of the best pole chain saws. Its extension pole makes it quite easy to operate. Its safety switch prevents accidental start-up, ensuring safe operation for both you and your project site.

Ergonomic Handle

Sun Joe brings the perfect tool for trimming overgrown trees. With its sturdy telescoping pole, you can easily go from 5 to 8 feet of overhead reach without ever having to step off solid ground. This lightweight tool becomes the best chain saw for women too.

Additionally, it is an efficient mechanical saw for cutting large trees. It can easily cut up to 9 1/2-inch branches with ease. This electric pole chainsaw has a full two-year warranty to protect your purchase. The safety switch averts accidental starting, so you know it is safe and ready for use.


  • This chainsaw features an easy-to-adjust multi-angle head that will do wonders for you.
  • The automatic lubrication of this chainsaw makes it easier to upkeep.
  • The destructive power of this saw is unmatched by other models. It can cut branches up to 9 1/2-inches thick, making it perfect for tough jobs in tight spaces.
  • The multi-angle head of this tool can be adjusted from 0° all way up to 30 degrees without any obstruction.


  • It has some oil leakage issues during storage which would require proper drainage with extra care.

Final Verdict: It is simple to maintain your trees with the Sun Joe SWJ803E electric pole chain saw. Simply adjust its telescoping pole and trim away from ground level or higher up, so you do not have to worry about falling branches.

10: BLACK+DECKER:best Electric chainsaw review

Tool-Free Chain Tensioning
BLACK+DECKER Electric Chainsaw
BLACK+DECKER CS1518 Electric Chainsaw
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Oiling System: Automatic
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Motor: 15-AMP
  • Product Weight: 12 pounds
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This Black & Decker chainsaw is perfect for cutting through wood with ease. The 18-inch bar means you do not have to worry about getting tired, and its lightweight design makes it easy on your back.

The power and performance of this chainsaw are impressive. You can handle large projects with ease, thanks to its 15-AMP motor that works well with an 18-inch low-kickback bar and chain for more efficient cutting results when working on your next big job site project.


The oil level window on this saw lets you know when to refill the chain bar and motor. It also has an auto-oiling system that keeps everything well lubricated, so your work will go smoother.

With a tool-free chain tensioning, you can be sure of your safety while working with this saw, thanks to the brake chain in case anything goes wrong.


  • Its sound insulation is designed to reduce noise and vibrations.
  • The transparent window on this oil gauge lets you easily monitor the level of your motor’s fluids.
  • This chainsaw has a safety feature that prevents the engine from spinning when it is not operating, giving an extra layer of protection.
  • The auto oil-lubrication system is a great way to keep your bar and chain well-lubed.
  • The self-tightening blades ensure that you get the most out of your chainsaw.


  • This model does not feature a cord cage.

Final Verdict: You can’t go wrong with this beast of a saw. It handles all your wood-cutting projects without question and is safe too. All the features of this saw make it worth buying, from its power-driven blade to safety precautions.

What Is the Best Chain Saw? Thorough Buyer’s Guide

Let’s look at a few of the main aspects you need to keep in mind when purchasing a new chainsaw:

🔹 Saw Motor:

Firstly, you need to know that chainsaws are available in three styles:

  • Electric: Such motors are graded in AMPs. It is important to know that light-duty models have a low range of 8 to 15 AMPs, but more powerful chainsaws may start at 12 or even 17 AMPs with the most common cutting tasks to complete for those looking into getting one that will handle their logs better than ever before.
  • Gas: Modern gas-powered chainsaws are more powerful than they were decades ago, with some models capable of cutting through even hardwood. You will find CC ratings that range anywhere between 25 and 80.
  • Battery-powered: The battery-powered chainsaws are a perfect addition to your toolkit. They are lightweight, portable and can be used anywhere with an outlet.

🔹 Bar Length:

 Bar Length of chainsaw

When it comes to cutting your next piece of wood, the chainsaw bar is an essential component. The blade serves as a guide for sawing and acting like teeth on one side that grip whatever material you are trying to cut through efficiently without pulling or pushing too hard.

The range in sizes varies significantly across brands, but beginners typically use 8-inch bars, while people who have been working with them longer generally go down towards 30 inches long.

The shorter the bar length, the easier it is to handle the chainsaw — but this will also reduce how effective you can cut the wood into pieces with your saw. The ideal measurement for a circular saw in order not to have any kickback when cutting various materials should be 1-2 inches longer.

A longer bar length on a chainsaw is great for cutting larger pieces of wood and materials. However, it would be best to take extra care when using this heavier duty equipment because it requires more motor power.

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🔹 Auto-Oiling Mechanism:

 Auto-Oiling Mechanism:

When your chainsaw is at peak performance, you need to oil the blades regularly. This will help prevent them from becoming dull quickly due to friction heat that can occur when not properly maintained with an appropriate blade lube.

The oiler on your chain saw will make a world of difference. With an automatic oiling system, you can spend less time worrying about how much to put in and keep the motor running smoothly while ensuring optimal performance for all types of cutting conditions with different woods.

No matter which type of automatic oiler you choose, become familiar with the size and contents of your fuel reservoir. Pay close attention to how much oil is left in there so that it does not run out at a crucial time. Many models have an easy-to-stick window for watching over this vital resource.

The Final Take on the Best Chain Saw

Whether one of the best best chainsaw review are a seasoned pro or just getting started. There is an appropriate chainsaw for your needs. The power of the chainsaw is undeniable. It can be used for all sorts of things, from cutting down trees to shaping wood in your workshop.

It is important to take the time and consider your needs when purchasing a chainsaw. No one chain saw can be best for everyone because they all have their own unique qualities.

There are many chainsaw brands on the market, but if you are looking for a quality and durable tool with long-lasting performance, look no further than Husqvarna, ECHO, and Black+Decker. You will find the best chainsaw from these brands without breaking your bank.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How to use a chainsaw safely?

It is very powerful yet dangerous equipment and you must wear snug-fit clothes with protective gear. Read through the manual before you start using it.

Q: What are the most sought chainsaw types in the market?

There are many different kinds of chainsaws, but the most sought are gas-powered, corded-electric, battery-powered, and loppers. Buy one that suits your needs.

Q: What type of oil should I use for chain lubrication?

It is important to keep your machine lubricated for smooth working. You must use a clean bar and chain oil for this purpose and avoid motor or used oil.

Q: Will chainsaws accept a longer bar?

Do not assume your bar will be able to increase in size. Some chainsaws have been designed for specific lengths, and some may not operate with any other type of cutter head than what came installed on it at the factory.

Q: How can I tell if my chain needs sharpening?

If you notice your chain no longer pulling itself or creating a lot of sawdust, it might need some TLC.

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