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Best Contractor Table Saw – Top Picks for Professionals15 min read

November 23, 2021 10 min read
Best Contractor Table Saw
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Contractors have a ton of projects to deal with. From putting some new floors to home remodeling, your everyday projects demand high precision cutting. Not to forget the accuracy of the cuts; you want those cuts to be accurate as well.

Therefore, you need a much powerful and also durable power saw that can handle complex cutting tasks. If we consider a circular saw here, that would not suit your needs well simply because they are not designed for heavy-duty cutting.

Out of all the saws, you will be left with table saws. These power saws are mounted on a dedicated table and have a much powerful motor and a high-speed blade combination. Therefore, most of the contractors rely on the table saw.

If you want to buy with surety from professional table saw manufacturers, it is good to go through the best contractor table saw reviews. Such reviews can be helpful to get an idea about different table saws available out there. So, let us start this review.

Best Contractor Table Saw – Reviews and Ratings

  • Motor: 1.75 HP
  • Rip Capacity at Right Blade: 30 1/2″
  • Table Size: 20″ W x 27″ D
  • Blade Width: 10″
Latest Price
  • Motor: 1.75 HP
  • Rip Capacity: 50″
  • Table Size: N/A
  • Blade Width: 30″
Latest Price
  • Motor: 3 HP
  • Rip Capacity: 29-1/2″
  • Table Size: 27″ by 40-1/4″
  • Blade Length: 10″
Latest Price
  • Motor: 15 amp
  • Rip Capacity: 52″
  • Table Size: 20″ wide X 27″ deep
  • Blade Length: 10″
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Quick Links

1: SAWSTOP CNS175-TGP36 10-Inch – Fierce Cutting Contractor Saw

2: Powermatic 1791230K 64B – Quality Construction

3: Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch – Powerful Motor

4: Delta 36-5052 10-Inch Left Tilt– Cordless Contractor Saw

1: SAWSTOP 10-Inch – Best Fierce Cutting Contractor Saw

SAWSTOP 10-Inch Contractor Saw White Background image
SAWSTOP CNS175-TGP36 Contractor Saw
  • Cast Iron Table: 20″ W x 27″ D
  • Cabinet Footprint: 25 3/4″ W x 27″ D
  • Miter Slots T-Shaped: 3/4″ at top, 1″ at the bottom, 3/8″ deep
  • Motor (60Hz TEFC): 1.75 HP, 120v, 14 A
  • Dimensions (body only): 35″ W x 30″ D x 20″ H
  • Overall Weight: 345 lbs.
  • Blade Diameter: 10″
  • Remarkable Safety System
    As the name says, you get a 10 inches blade for cutting different kinds of materials.
  • 10 Inches Blade
    As the name says, you get a 10 inches blade for cutting different kinds of materials.
  • Aluminum Construction
    The use of Aluminium makes it one durable table saw.
  • Well Constructed
  • Durable Electric Motor
  • Excellent Safety Features
  • Lever’s functionality should have been improved

1: Design Language

There is a lot less to talk about the design aspect of this particular table saw. However, the professional fence system is a nice inclusion here. If we talk about its overall weight, it is there, and the moment you start using it, you feel the extra weight.

One good aspect of this heavyweight is that it helps you bring in any material for cutting. Here the extra weight adds to the stability of the table saw. Therefore, most of its users had no major issues with the weight of this tool.

SAWSTOP 10-Inch contractor saw is ideal for cutting different kinds of materials. For this size table saw, users usually expect some really good power figures. It packs in a 1-3/4 HP electric motor that has the ability to cut any material thrown at it.

Furthermore, you can add a wide range of additional accessories with it to make your life easier. Here, the diameter of the blade is 10 inches which are more than enough for your day-to-day cutting-related tasks.

2: Power Output

Let us not forget the additional 36-inch T-Glide fence system. It also gives you that flexibility and enhances your cutting experience.

3: Safety Features

Not every best table saw under $1000 has all the essential safety features to impress its consumers. Fortunately, this model has got plenty of them. Its set of safety features really forced us to list at the no 1 spot in this review.

If an electrical problem arises, the saw would not turn on no matter how you try. It would give an error to help you sort out the technical problem. Furthermore, the best feature here is the auto-stop motion of the blade when it detects any human body part.

You might be wondering how this all works? Well, it works every single time, and all this happens in a matter of milliseconds. There is an electronic brake attached to the blade with a sensor. Whenever a human finger or hand touches the blade, it immediately stops spinning.

Therefore, it is rated as one of the best table saw out there, in terms of safety. If safety is your top priority, you will love the functionality of this table saw.

4: Durability Aspect

SAWSTOP 10-Inch contractor saw is actually so well constructed that it is hard to name it as unreliable. It has some of the best safety features available onboard. Furthermore, its stand, blade quality, and electric motor output seem pretty fine for the most part.

We even went through some of the amazon reviews to find out how the majority found it. Surprisingly, most of the reviews were positive.

5: Box Contents:

🔹 1.75HP Contractor Saw🔹 Steel Extension Wings (2)
🔹 Aluminum 30″ Fence Assembly🔹 Owner’s Manual
🔹 Microblade Guard🔹 Miter Gauge
🔹 Blade Wrenches (2)🔹 Push Stick
🔹 Standard Brake Cartridge🔹 10″ Blade
🔹 Riving Knife

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2: Powermatic 1791230K 64B Table Saw – Quality Manufacturing

Powermatic 1791230K 64B Table Saw White Background image
Powermatic 1791230K 64B Table Saw
  • Blade Length: 10 inches
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Measurement System: Metric
  • Material: Metal
  • Voltage: 230V
  • No of Teeth: 24
  • Horsepower: 1.75
  • Package Dimesnions: 70 x 32 x 34 inches
  • Cutting Angle: Up to 90 Degrees: Up to 90 Degrees

Key Features:

  • Quick Release Riving Knife
    With the help of a quick-release knife, you can easily avoid the chance of kickback.
  • Expanded Work Area
    You get more room to work with your precise cuts.
  • 1.75 Horsepower Motor
    1.75 Horsepower motor is powerful enough to handle all types of cutting-related tasks.
  • Offers more room to work with various materials
  • Relatively easy to use
  • Metal construction
  • The legs on the extension are too short to reach the floor
  • Takes enormous time in assembling

Powermatic also has some interesting table saws designed dedicatedly for contractors. Their 1791230K 64B Table Saw has impressed many professionals. Let us discover its various aspects.

1: Design Language

There is so much to like about Powermatic 1791230K 64B Table Saw. It offers a wide space to work on. There is a dedicated portion where all the controls are placed. The whole idea of placing all the controls in one place is to help you focus more on what matters.

Compared to some of the best contractor table saws, we found it to be ahead of them when it comes to the design aspect.

2: Power Output

Before discussing the power output, it is essential to know that 1791230K 64B Table Saw is designed specifically for woodcutters. However, because of its enhanced functionality, it is equally suitable for contractors.

A 1.75 Horsepower motor is running the show here. On paper, it may seem a bit less. But in reality, it is enough for a variety of cutting-related tasks. This motor, when coupled with its quick-release Kniving system, cuts different materials with precision.

3: Ease of Use

Regarding the convenient add-ons, table saws have many. Here, you get enough space to put in plywood and metal without any compromises. The primary lever has enough functions linked to it that you do not have to face any hassle.

All in all, 1791230K 64B Table Saw packs in some impressive convenient add-ons for your ease.

4: Durability Aspect

If we look closer at its blade, we will come to know that it is so well finished and has sharp edges. The same is the case with a motor. It is made from 100% pure tanned copper. Further, the overall frame is made from metal.

Such use of quality materials indicates that it will last for a long time. Therefore, from the durability point of view, you won’t have any issues.

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3: Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch – Contractor Table Saw with Powerful Motor

Shop Fox W1819 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw
Shop Fox W1819 3 HP Table Saw
  • Blade Length: 29-1/2 inches
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Measurement System: Metric
  • Material: Metal
  • Voltage: 220V
  • Horsepower: 3
  • Package Dimesnions: 70 x 32 x 34 inches
  • Cutting Angle: Up to 90 Degrees: Up to 45 Degrees
  • Adjustable Miter Gauge 
  • Magnetic Switch 
  • Riving Knife With Quick Release Action 
  • The iron table is not flat

1: Design Language

Even from the outside, the Shop Fox W1819 gives a glimpse of that premium feel. It has an impressive design language and uses quality materials for its finishing. Its white and steel color combination also adds to its look.

Though it has been made specifically for contractors, still packs in an eye-catching design. It is also one good aspect of this particular model.

2: Power Output

A 3 Horsepower motor powers the Shop Fox w1819. Moreover, the motor is copper winded for enhanced performance. Coupled with a sharp circular blade, nothing can stop you from cutting metal and wood with high precision.

3: Ease of Use

Do not be among those who think that expensive table saws are tough to operate. Here, things are nice and convenient for the most part. You get a riving knife and a magnetic switch. Such features enhance the user experience here.

From a safety point of view, the Shop Fox W1819 also offers plenty of features. You also get that blade guard for enhanced protection.

4: Durability Aspect

The durability aspect is something that matters to a lot of people. Fortunately, for this model, you do not have to worry about the durability aspect. The all-metal construction and the copper winding motor will last for a long period.

When the components here are so well-made, one should not get worried about tiny parts.

6: Box Contents:

🔹 3.0 HP Contractor Saw🔹 Owner’s Manual
🔹 Microblade Guard🔹 Miter Gauge

4: Delta 36-5052 10-Inch Left Tilt – Best Cordless Contractor Saw

Delta 36-5052 10-Inch Left Tilt Contractor Saw
Delta 36-5052 Contractor Saw
  • Blade Length: 10 inches
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Measurement System: Metric
  • Material: All Metal
  • Voltage: 120V and 220V
  • Ampere Rating: 15 amp
  • Package Dimesnions: 33 x 83 x 44 inches
  • Cutting Angle: Up to 90 Degrees: Up to 45 Degrees
Click Here
  • Battery Powered
    One quality battery-powered table saw that can cut any material within seconds.
  • Tubular Stands
    Heavy-duty Tubular Stands enhance its durability.
  • Ample Power
    A dual voltage-powered 15 amp motor makes sure you cut any materials with good precision.
  • Quality-Construction 
  • 15 amp motor
  • Dual Voltage Powered 
  • A slight bump in the middle of extension table may annoy some user
  • No Dust Portal

1: Design Language

You may find the design language of Delta 36-5052 a bit less attractive as it is meant for some industrial-level cutting performances. Basically, it has a dedicated tubular stand for extra stability. Apart from this unique addition, the design aspect is pretty clean.

2: Power Output

All table saws are meant for some high-level cutting performance. However, some exceptions are there. It has a 15-amp motor with a 10-inch blade to help you meet the requirements of your clients. Furthermore, the additional tubular stands expand the working space by a great margin.

So, coupled with a reliable copper motor, you will enjoy cutting wide metal and wood sheets using this particular table saw.

3: Ease of Use

Quick blade change, wider working area, rail system, and cordless functionality of Delta 36-5052 are its real highlights. These features are not easy to find in most of the best contractor table saw 2022 available on the web.

The most exciting feature here is the cordless functionality of this table saw. You get a robust cutting machine that does not require any direct (Ac) power.

4: Durability Aspect

It has a pure metal construction all inside out. Furthermore, it is dual voltage powered. Such features enhance its life span. Even for the most top-rated table saws, the durability is generally good.

5: Perfect for Contractors

Given such an impressive specifications sheet, contractors and even woodcutters will love the functionality of this table saw. Delta as a brand has been serving the power tools industry for years. Professionals are also aware of this fact.

Moreover, the battery-powered power tools of this scale are very rare. Therefore, it is top-rated for so many good reasons.

6: Box Contents:

🔹 Saw🔹 Table board🔹 Blade bold
🔹 Push stick🔹 Blade🔹 Guard
🔹 Wings🔹 Fence🔹 Wrench

How to Buy the Best Contractor Table Saw? (Buying Guide)

Several power saws are available on the web. Here is what you need to know before you buy one of the best table saw.

1: Build Quality

Build quality is one essential factor before you buy a table saw for your needs. As these tools cost thousands, you want a reliable one. If the build is not strong, it is of no use. Therefore, go with the cast iron ones.

Furthermore, you also get materials options such as stainless steel, but it is less durable than iron. The choice is yours.

2: Weight

If we talk about table saws, their weight ranges from 200 to 500 pounds. Now, it sourly depends on your needs which one suits you the most. Here, you have to identify the kind of conditions you work in. Moreover, the type of materials you want to cut also matters here.

So, once you have listed down these things, you can easily make a purchase without worrying about anything. In general, preference should be given to the lightweight table saws.

3: Horsepower

In the case of table saws, the power is determined by the number of horses. Generally, the power output of such a tool ranges from 1.5 to 5 Hp. Again, no figure is perfect nor that bad. You should know your type of working requirements.

If you ask experts, they recommend choosing a table saw that at least has 1.75 horsepower or more. Talking about the cordless models, their output power is determined by amperes. So, with battery powered ones you should consider the highest ampere rating.

Final Words

Now you know all bout the Best contractor table saw of 2022. The models we have reviewed are the top-rated ones for a lot of good and bad reasons. Each one has its own set of pros and cons. If you have defined your list of needs, you won’t find it tough to choose the ideal one.

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