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7 Affordable Electric Mountain Bikes Under $2000 – Best Value for Money

If you want to ride a mountain bike with added convenience, e-bikes or best electric mountain bike under $2000. Sure, there are mountain bikes available under $99. But, not everyone wants to spend a thousand bucks on an MTB. Find out affordable MTBs under $300 here.  

Anyhow, the convenience of e-bikes cannot be overlooked. There are so easy to ride. Therefore, they are ideal for beginners. They even outperform the beginner mountain bikes of 2023. All you need is a decent budget to buy one of these. Let us take a look at some of the best electric mountain bikes under $2000. So, let us get into it! 

Best Electric Mountain Bikes Under $2000 – FridayRack Picks

  1. Ride1UP 700 Series 
  2. Lectric XP 2.0 Step-thru 
  3. Wing Bikes Freedom Fatty 
  4. Ride1UP LMT’D 
  5. Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus 
  6. Buzz Cerana 
  7. Ancheer Electric Bike (350W) 

1: Ride1UP 700 Series-best electric mountain bike under $2000

Ride1UP 700 Series

To start things off, we have the Ride1UP 700 Series e-bike. According to our review and testing, the Ride1UP 700 Series is the best electric mountain bike under $2000. There is a lot to like about this particular mountain bike model. For example, the 672 Wh (14 Ah) battery is one aspect to highlight here. 

Its capacity is ideal for a starter mountain bike. This 14 Ah battery powers the 750w electric motor of this bike. This motor helps the bike to achieve a respectable top speed of around 45 KMH. Note that it’s a class-3 pedal-assisted e-bike.  

So, that is an added bonus. You can achieve its top speed with some pedal assistance. The traveling range of its battery is around 80 kilometers on a single charge which is a very good range for an e-bike. Moreover, you can also charge the battery easily as the battery is also removable.  

We think its top speed of 45 KMH is definitely something to brag about. That’s because you have an 8-speed gear system here to spice up the things. With this drivetrain, you can easily control the speed of your e-bike on various tracks. 

If you are an off-road enthusiast, you will appreciate the addition of 100mm shocks. With the help of these shocks, the 60nm raw power, and pedal assistance, you can enjoy every ride without any hassle.  

Therefore, we think it is the best e-bike to get under the $2000 price range. It has a quality motor, a high-capacity removable battery and an 8-speed gear system. 


  • Removable Battery
  • 45 KMH Top-Speed
  • Peak Power Output of 60 Nm
  • Durable Brakes and Suspension
  • Comes With a Color Display


  • The Frame Material Could Have Been a Bit Better

2. Lectric XP 2.0 Step-thru-best electric mountain bike under $2000 

Lectric XP 2.0 Step-thru

Next up, we have the Lectric XP 2.0 Step-Thru e-bike. Now, this e-bike under $2000 also has a lot of cool add-ons to impress any rider. For instance, its design and shape is something which we really like. Therefore, we recommend this bike to those people who prefer attractive electric mountain bikes.  

This particular step-thru e-bike under $2000 has a 500 watts of electric motor. Now, this may seem a bit low to some users. However, we think this much Power is enough for its price and category. Furthermore, you get a 450 Wh battery that powers things up. 

So, the top speed of this bike is around 28 MPH. Well, we think it’s not a bad speed limit for a 500w step-thru electric mountain bike. Another good aspect of this e-bike is its fat tires. Though they may look a bit bulky, but they offer enhanced traction. 

Other than that, there are 50mm shocks here for off-roading enthusiasts. The performance of this bike on tough terrains may not be ideal. That’s because it is more of a commuter e-bike. Using this bike for commuting or picking up friends on weekends is better. 


Decent Power from a 500W Motor

28 MPH Top-Speed

Fat Tires for Added Traction


Lacks Some Characteristics of Hardcore Mountain Bike

3. Wing Bikes Freedom Fatty-best electric mountain bike under $2000 

Wing Bikes Freedom Fatty 

Wing Bikes aren’t famous for manufacturing fat tire e-bikes that fall under $2000. However, they have one offering that grabbed our attention. For instance, the Wing Bikes Freedom Fatty is probably the only fat tire e-bike (Till Now) from the brand name. 

As the name says, the bike comes with fat tires. However, the quality, tread pattern, and overall traction felt nice on paved roads. These tires should also support a quality ride on some tough terrains. Anyhow, this is a relatively inexpensive bike from this brand. 

For a sub $2000 price tag, you are getting a 500W motor here. This motor helps the bike achieve a reasonable top speed. Further, you have the option to use a couple of different battery capacities. So, you can extend its range by opting for a beefy battery. 

Well, that totally depends on your preference. Moving forward, you get mechanical disc brakes here. Despite the affordable price tag, this bike is pretty stylish and performs decently. We recommend this bike to anyone who wants a flexible e-bike on a budget.  


  • Mechanical Disc Brakes
  • Fat Tires for Enhanced Road-Grip
  • Easy Handling
  • Cheap but Well-Built


  • None

4. Ride1UP LMT’D-best electric mountain bike under $2000 


Ride1UP manufactures some of the best electric mountain bikes under $2000.. Moreover, it’s a brand name that you can trust and rely on. Find out more about the best brands of mountain bikes for 2023 here. Anyhow, the LMT’D from Ride1Up is a quality electric mountain bike to buy this year, i.e., 2023. 

We had no idea that this bike would outperform some top-rated electric mountain bikes. That’s because it has the potential to be claimed as the best e-bike under $2000 for 2023. You get a massive 750W of electric motor. 

Wow! That’s some serious power. You get around 100Nm of torque out of this motor. So, that’s some serious raw power to experiment on various terrains. We don’t think that you would even need some pedal assistance when that much Power is already available to rock on.  

Usually, high-speed electric mountain bikes have some weight to them. But, here, the brand has kept the weight low. This bike weighs around 24kg. That’s because it has an alloy frame. So, that’s another positive aspect of this mountain bike.  

You get a 14 Ah (48v) battery. On a single charge, it should last around 50 miles. Furthermore, the top speed maxes out around 45 KMH. Are you still not convinced? Well, at around 45 KMH, this bike would feel more like a motorbike rather than an e-bike.  

All in all, we think that LMT’D from Ride1Up is a fabulous electric mountain bike under $2000. It is an absolute must-have e-bike in 2023.  


  • Excellent Power Output
  • 750w Electric Motor
  • Impressive Top-Speed
  • Lightweight Frame
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes


  • None 

5. Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus-best electric mountain bike under $2000 

Rad Power Bikes RadRover 6 Plus

Do you like a mountain bike with fat tires? If yes, the RadRover 6 Plus is for you. This mountain bike is known for its classy fat tires and reliable suspension system. Now, with the almost 4-inch wide tire, you can take this bike nearly everywhere. 

It will help you enjoy a comfortable ride on even snowy tracks. Take it alongside the beach or mountain; it won’t disappoint you with its performance. We really like the fact that this mountain bike also has a 750W of the electric hub motor. 

This one is a copper-winded high-quality brushless motor. Therefore, its efficiency and torque are great. You get around 80 nm of torque out of this motor. However, the top speed of this fat-tire mountain bike is around 20 KMH. This might be a bit low top-speed for some users. Well, we think this bike has pretty fat tires, so this much speed should be enough.   

Moreover, you have pretty much the same battery here. A 14 Ah (Ampere Hour) battery powers this e-bike. You can ride it around 70-75 Kilometers on a single charge.  

A colorful LCD display also displays all the important information about the e-bike. So, with an aluminum frame, colored display, beefy motor, and best-in-class fat tires, there is nothing really to compliant.  


  • 4-4.5 Inch fat Tires
  • Ideal for Snowy Tracks
  • Very Good Torque Figures
  • Dedicated LCD Display


  • None

6. Buzz Cerana-best electric mountain bike under $2000 

Buzz Cerana

The Buzz Cerena e-bike is also one good option for those who want an affordable yet durable electric mountain bike. We would recommend this bike, especially to entry-level users. Let’s start the actual review. This e-bike doesn’t have the best-in-class electric hub motor. 

Let’s be honest about it. But we don’t think that should be a deal-breaking aspect. That’s because this bike still manages to perform quite well. It can run around 45 miles on a single charge. Further, you can even ride it on off-road terrains. 

There is a 7-speed gear system to assist you on a variety of tracks. Moreover, the upright geometry of this bike is very interesting. It also contributes to a quality ride. All in all, it is a reasonably good e-bike under $2000. Therefore, we can say that it is one of the best affordable electric mountain bikes under $2000. 


  • Up Right Geometry
  • Smooth Gear Shifts
  • Affordable yet Reliable


  • Limited Range

7: Ancheer Electric Bike (350W)-best electric mountain bike under $2000 

Ancheer Electric Bike (350W)

Now, we have another top-quality mountain bike that falls under $2000 As we mentioned earlier, our plan was to include maximum affordable electric bikes. So, here is another one. This particular bike comes with a 350W electric motor. Now, that’s enough power for a mountain bike. Therefore, the off-road performance of this bike is great. 

You can expect this bike to travel around 40 miles on a single charge. Furthermore, the bike has a very convenient LED display that showcases plenty of information. So, while you are riding the bike, you can keep an eye on its battery level or the left range with ease. If we talk about the suspension system here, that also works really on most of the terrains. 

Moreover, we really like the fact that the battery of this mountain bike is removable. So, you can easily charge it off the bike. It also doesn’t take too long to charge. All these features make the Ancheer 350W electric bike an affordable yet quality option for the majority. 


  • Great Power
  • Battery Can Be Charged Off the Bike
  • Good Off-Road Performance
  • Smooth Gear Shifts


  • A Bit Small for Rider Over 6 Feet in Height

Best Electric Mountain Bikes Under $2000 – Cost Comparison  

Best Electric Mountain Bikes Under $2000 – Cost Comparison 

There are various types of electric mountain bikes available. Some of them are step-through electric bikes. Whereas some of them are hybrid-e-bikes. However, all of these bikes come at different prices. So, for the ease of our readers, we have split various electric mountain bikes under some common price tags.  

  • Electric Mountain Bikes – Up To $1000 

First of all, you have the entry-level price range which maxes out at $1000. Now, for around $1000, users expect a fairly low-quality bike. However, that’s not always true. These days, we have some of the top-rated mountain bike brands which do not compromise on the quality of their products. 

So, you can get a quality mountain bike under $1000. However, note that a $1000 e-bike may not tick every box. For example, it may not have hydraulic disc brakes. But it will surely get the job done.  

  • Electric Mountain Bike – From $1000 to $2000 

No, let’s talk about the $1000 to $2000 price range. In this price range, you can get a quality electric bike. If you are lucky, you may even find a Class 3 pedal-assisted mountain bike. E-bikes that fall under $1500 are more than enough for an average rider. 

You can these bikes on short trips. Simply use them for going to a grocery store or picking up a friend. The choice is all yours. In addition, these bikes have decent raw power to help you enjoy every ride. Find our take on the best mountain bikes under $1500 here.  

  • Electric Mountain Bikes – $2000 and Above  

Some people think that $2000 is the limit and they should get a premium-quality electric or hybrid-e-bike under $2000. Well, you can get a quality electric mountain bike under$2000. However, it doesn’t really have to a premium one. That’s because, there are even more expensive e-bikes available out there. 

Anyhow, expect a $2000 mountain bike to outperform any $1000 e-bike. It will offer much better power and torque to help you ride it on off-road tracks. These bikes also have relatively large size batteries. 


So, that was our take on the best electric mountain bikes under $2000. All these electric bikes are great on their own. For instance, you can ride most of these bikes with pedal assistance. In addition, we have also compared the costs of various e-bikes this year. In case you are short on budget, check out our take on mountain bikes under $300. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

1: What Is the Most Powerful Electric Mountain Bike? 

Many bikes claim to be the fastest and most powerful electric mountain bikes. However, during our testing, we found the LMT’D from Ride1Up to be the most powerful electric mountain bike. That’s because, at around 45 KMH, this bike feels more like a motorbike rather than an e-bike. 

2: How Fast Is A 1000w E-Bike? 

A 1000W E-bike would be a lot fast. But we’d say that you should buy an e-bike within your budget that offers near to 50KMh top-speed. For example, you can choose the LMT’D from Ride1Up. It is one fast and efficient e-bike. It also costs under $2000 as of now.  

3: How Fast Does A 2000w Electric Bike Go? 

A 2000W motor can go as fast as 70-750 KMH. So, thats a lot of speed for an e-bike. Therefore, it is advised to ride these bikes with special care.  

4: What Is the Top Speed of An Electric Mountain Bike? 

Well, every mountain has its own top speed. For instance, some bikes max out at 20 KMP. But, at the same time, some bikes can go as fast as 50 KMH. So, depending on the Power of the electric hub motor, any e-bike will have a different top speed. 

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