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Mac Allister Circular Saw Review – Pros, Cons, and Expert Analysis

There are a lot of things that you need to consider before making a purchase decision of Mac Allister circular saw review. You should keep in mind certain aspects such as price, quality, and choosing the right retailer before going for any of the different types of circular saw.

Moreover, whichever circular saw you choose should be considered in line with your work requirements. In our article, we are going to present Mac Allister Circular Saw Review thoroughly.

Mac Allister is a renowned brand that has been dedicated to manufacturing quality power tools. It is a highly reliable company that provides cost-effective circular saws that you should have in your arsenal.

Let’s dive into the review of Mac Allister’s two best saw’s specifications and features of two of the best model of circular saw. Give it a read and make an informed decision of buying a tool for your upcoming cutting projects.

Mac Allister 1200W Corded Circular Saw Review

Mac Allister 1200W 220-240V 165mm Corded Soft Grip Spindle Lock Circular Saw
Mac Allister 1200W Corded Circular Saw Review
  • Blade Diameter 165 mm
  • Power Type: Cordless
  • Power Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Lock off trigger switch
  • Speed: 5000 rpm
  • 24 Tooth TCT Blade
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This is a robust and sturdy power tool that provides accurate deeper cuts. It features a laser cutting guide which is essential for the precise and powerful piercing through stocks. Moreover, it comes with a spindle lock which ensures easy blade replacement.

This power saw can be your best bet for all your rigorous cutting tasks. With this tool at hand, you will be able to work with sheer accuracy and precision. It will cater to your work requirements efficiently, and its lightweight would not let you get fatigued.

Distinctive Features

🔹 Equipped with a spindle lock 🔹 Lock-off safety button
🔹 Bevel adjustment of 0-45 degrees 🔹 Packed with an exhaust port
🔹 Blade cutting capacity is 55 m 🔹 Rubber padded handle for ease and comfort grip
🔹 Easy to operate  

If you looking for a power tool for your pesky cutting tasks,this Mac Allister circular saw will live up to your expectations and will make your working experience smooth and swift. 

Mac Allister 500W Mini Circular Saw MSMS500T Review

Mac Allister MSMS500T Circular Saw
Mac Allister MSMS500T Circular Saw Review
    • Blade Diameter 76 mm
    • Power Type: Cordless
    • Number of Blade Teeth: 24
    • Speed: 7600 rpm
    • Power Output: 500 W
    • Power Voltage: 220-240 V
    • Cable Length: 2.5 m
  • Disc Bore Size: 10 mm
  • Fence Type: Parallel Fence
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This mini circular saw from Mac Allister is highly economical and performs quite efficiently. It is a great tool to have for those who want power performance while sticking to their set budget.

But still, the powered mini saw is ideal for cutting steel, wood, aluminum, and plastic. It is equipped with a laser guide that helps you to get accurate cuts without any kind of hassle.

Moreover, its efficient dust extraction port keeps your area debris-free, and it lets you work without obstructions.

Dynamic Features

🔹 Compact, handy and powerful saw 🔹 Dust extraction port
🔹 Steel base and aluminum and plastic guard 🔹 Maximum cutting capacity: 20 mm
🔹Spindle lock for hassle-free blade replacement 🔹 Lock-off switch

This Mac Allister Mini Circular Saw is a highly versatile and handy tool. It is designed to make your work easy and provides you with accurate cuts. It can pierce through anything like plasterboard, plastic, tiles and many more. 

How to Use a Mac Allister Circular Saw Safely?

A circular saw is an important tool that has the potential to make your manual work easy and smooth. It is a must-have for professional craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts alike. But, if it is not used properly, then it can be quite disastrous. We have collated some tips to help you get enabled to correctly use a saw and make your work smooth and seamless.

  • Keep your working area clean from any debris. Moreover, it is recommended that you put leads and cable away from the cutting path.
  • Always keep your eyes on the board while cutting. A little distraction can cost you your fingers.
  • Make sure you always wear safety glasses, gloves, and a dust mask while working with a circular saw.
  • Make way for the excess wood to fall freely. This way, your working space will be free from any kind of hurdles and obstructions.
  • Check your saw’s blade before working. Make sure it is sharp enough to swiftly perform the cutting task.
  • It is suggested that you use your right hand to operate a circular saw. However, if you are a lefty, then you need to be extra careful and vigilant against sawdust and chips.
  • Circular saws are prone to have kickbacks. So, you need to stay to one side of the tool to avoid any kind of injury.
  • Your workspace should be supported properly, either with a workbench or an extension table.
  • It is recommended that you do not set the blade depth too deep. When the blade is too exposed, there is a higher risk of your saw kicking back.
  • Make sure that whatever stock you intend to cut does not have the nails inside it. The nails or anything in the metal can damage your saw, and it can also cause a stronger kickback.

The Bottom Line

A powered circular saw is everything you need to make your pesky cutting task feel like a breeze. It is ideal for piercing through the larger stocks and making your work seamless and hassle-free.

In this Mac Allister circular saw review, we have comprehensively guided you on the specifications and features of two of its best models. You can totally rely on them for all your upcoming cutting tasks.

Moreover, the company offers its tools at cost-effective prices, which makes it a reliable and favorable option in the sea of competitors.


Q: What do you need to know about Mac Allister circular saw?

A Circular saw is one of the power tools that is used to cut through wood and various other construction stocks. It has a sharp blade that rotates in a circular motion and creates crosscuts and rip cuts.

Q: What to do before using a circular saw?

You should always wear safety glasses, gloves, and a dust mask while operating a circular saw. In this way, you will be sav from various possible injuries.

Q: Is it safe to use a circular saw with one hand?

If you are a novice, then you cannot handle a saw with one hand. Also, for the safe operation of a saw, you should use both your hands to avoid any disaster.

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