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Top 6 Best Oil for Generator 2023 | Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

After buying a generator, the second best thing to do is to take care of it. You have to maintain it and also keep it the way you want. That is because the generator mainly has a 4-stroke engine that keeps it up and running. 

So, this 4-stroke engine requires proper maintenance to function properly. So, when the generator runs properly, it will deliver the right power output. Now, one primary thing that your generator will often need is engine oil. 

There are many engine oils available out there. However, the best engine oil is the one that perfectly matches your engine specifications. Anyhow, for your ease, we have reviewed the best engine oils for generators. 

What to Look For In the Best Oil for Generator? 

Like generators, their accessories like engine oils also have to be bought with the right care and attention. This is because there are so many types of generators available out there. Therefore. You should also follow some tips before buying the generator oil. 

1: The Type of Oil 

Mainly, there are two types of engine oils available, mineral and synthetic ones. Now, both these oils perform differently. As the name says, mineral oils are made from minerals. They may not have that many additives. 

On the other hand, synthetic oil has many additives present, which can improve the performance of any engine. Now, for generators, both oils can be used. However, synthetic engine oil is recommended. That’s because synthetic engine oil cleans the engine from the inside and improves its overall efficiency. Furthermore, synthetic engine oil can be a bit expensive compared to mineral oil. But it justifies its cost in the longer run. 

2: Read the User Manual of Your Generator 

The manufacturer of your generator knows the best about the generator specifications. Therefore, you should check out the user manual of your generator. Companies usually mention the recommended engine oil in the user manuals of their products. 

Reading the manual would help you understand which type, grade, and viscosity (more on later) would best suit the generator? 

Also, the drain interval and the actual quantity of the engine oil are mentioned in the user manuals. So, don’t forget to check it out for such important information. 

3: Choose the Right Packaging 

You might be wondering about this tip. Well, as mentioned earlier, you have to put the right capacity of oil in the generator, not some random quantity. Now, to find the ideal engine oil capacity, you simply have to check the user manual of your generator. You also view your generator’s user manual on the web. 

4: Go With the Branded Options Available 

As mentioned, there are many brands that offer engine oils for generators. However, one cannot trust every single brand. In this regard, it is recommended to go with some of the common brand names that are trusted by thousands. 

Best Oil for Generators – Reviews and Ratings 

  1. Castrol 5w30 Advanced Synthetic Motor oil
  2. Pennzoil Premium 5w20 Engine oil 
  3. Shell Rotella T5 5W-30
  4. Briggs & Stratton Small Engine Motor Oil, SAE 5W-30 
  5. Honda 08207-10W30 PK2 Motor Oil
  6. Generac Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30 SN

1: Castrol 5w30 Advanced Synthetic Motor oil  

When talking about “which generator oil is the best, we cannot forget about the Castrol brand name. They are one of the best out there and also have some quality engine oils available for generators. This particular oil is good for nearly all types of generators. Its flexible viscosity helps it perform well in winters as well as in summers. Being a synthetic oil, it also helps your engine perform great in all types of weather. 

Reducing the friction level helps the engine to stay in good condition. You would also hear no extra noises because it keeps the engine running run smoothly. Castrol has packed this engine oil with fluid titanium technology. It helps the engine run smoothly at high temperatures. In short, the Castrol 5w30 advanced synthetic motor oil is worth taking a look at. It works great in all temperature ratings. 

2: Pennzoil Premium 5w20 Engine oil 

The Pennzoil Premium 5w20 is another engine oil that you can use for your generator. It is synthetic engine oil and works great, especially in winters. Thanks to its 5w20 viscosity, you can use it even at -13 Fahrenheit. So, this could be the best pick for your generator if you live in a cold climate region. According to the company, this engine oil protects the engine from any unwanted damage. Further, it also enhances the lifespan of the engine oil. 

Last but not the least, the company claims that its engine oil is the very first line-up in the world that’s not made from crude oil. It’s made from natural gas. Now, that’s a huge claim. You can check out this engine oil by testing it on your generator. 

3: Shell Rotella T5 5W-30 

You would probably know the Shell brand name even before owning a generator. That’s because it’s a popular automot Oil ive engine oils supplier and manufacturer. They also have engine oils available for generators. For instance, their Rotella series of engine oils is known for its reliable performance. The engine of a generator is also a 4-stroke engine. So, wear and tear chances are always there. However, it performs better than 37% of the requirements set by the API CK-4 test. 

So, that’s an area where the Shell Rotella T5 5W-30 really shines. It has several quality additives present, which can enhance the performance of nearly any engine. Further, it has improved cold cranking performance. So, if you want to start your generator in cold conditions, this oil will help kick start the engine in no time. Shell also claims to have good oil breakdown protection. 

4: Briggs & Stratton Small Engine Motor Oil, SAE 5W-30 

Enough of some engine oils from brands we all know about. Now let’s talk about one not-so-common generator engine oil. The Briggs & Stratton has some of the best oil for generators available out there. The company has designed this oil to improve the performance of your generator’s engine and also improve its wear and tear handling capacity. 

In case your generator’s engine takes too much load, by using this oil it will perform better when it comes to handling wear and tear. Also, there are good chances it can improve your generator’s mileage. The quality formula of this engine oil helps generators work for long hours without any engine wear and tear. So, if you own a generator that isn’t performing the best, you can simply go with this generator model. 

5: Honda 08207-10W30 PK2 Motor Oil 

To keep your generator up and running, you have to maintain it well. Also, you have to ensure that the engine runs smoothly and is fully maintained. That’s where you have to rely on reliable engine oil for the generator. The Honda 08207-10W30 PK2 motor oil is perfect for keeping your generator in good running condition. It’s a conventional engine oil, meaning it’s not synthetic or semi-synthetic. However, this doesn’t mean that it won’t perform better. 

It protects your engine and helps you take the best output from your generator. So, in short, we can say that it’s a good go-to engine oil option for homeowners. 

6: Generac Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30 SN 

Full synthetic engine oil is always recommended for the pro long life of the engine. That’s because a fully synthetic engine oil has the right additives that keep it in perfect running condition.  

You can consider going with the Generac Full Synthetic Motor Oil 5W-30 SN if you want a quality, fully synthetic engine oil. That’s because it’s formulated with quality additives that increase the life of the engine. 

Also, the presence of such additives improves the engine’s overall efficiency. Now, how can we forget about wear and tear protection? This engine oil also offers excellent wear and tear protection to the generator’s engine. So, you can expect it to both improve performance and pro long the life of your generator’s engine. 

How do we Review it? 

At Friday Rack, our mission is to share true, and authentic opinions on wide range of products that we post on. Our methodology has always been to test the products before posting anything relevant to them. Maybe, that’s one reason why we are so beloved by our readers. Also, we listen to other customer’s feedback who’ve had recently bought those products. This helps us tally our findings; hence we share them in the form of reviews and how-to guides. 

Furthermore, we read and find valuable information from different sources too. The idea behind this in-depth testing and findings is to help our readers purchase the best products relevant to their interests. 

Final Thoughts 

So, now you know the best oil for the generator. No doubt, there are many options in this regard. However, not all options may work in your case. According to our findings, the Castrol 5w30 advanced synthetic motor oil is the best oil to use in a generator. 

No matter which engine oil for the generator you buy, ensures that it is in compliance with the requirements shared by your generator’s manufacturer. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1: What Is The Best Oil To Use In A Generator? 

Ans: Though there are many types of engine oils available out there. Most of them could work for your generator’s engine as well. However, in our testing, we found Castrol 5w30 advanced synthetic motor oil to be the best oil to use in a generator. 

Its flexible viscosity helps it perform well in winters as well as in summers. Being synthetic oil, it also helps your engine perform great in all types of weather. 

Reducing the friction level helps the engine stay in good condition. You would also hear no extra noises because it keeps the engine running run smoothly. 

2: Which Engine Oil Is Used In Generator? 

Ans: There are a variety of engine oils available out there. You can use any generator oil in your generator that meets the certain engine oil requirements mentioned in the user manual of your manufacturer. It is suggested to always use the engine oil which the manufacturer of your generator recommends in the user manual. 

3: Is Synthetic Oil Good For Generators? 

Ans: For any engine, synthetic engine oil could do wonders. So, yes, any synthetic engine oil can also work for your generator. Just make sure to buy the one that is in compliance with the 

4: Can I Use 5W-30 Instead Of 10W30 In My Generator? 

Ans: Before using any engine oil, it’s essential to know the difference between engine oil’s viscosity. The figures for 5W30 and 10W30 represent the viscosity level of the engine oil. Now, 5w30 would certainly perform better than the 10w30 engine oil. That’s because its low viscosity will help the engine perform equally well in all types of conditions. Also, low viscosity engine oil helps the engine stay in good condition. 

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