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10 Best Router Tables for Woodworking | 2023

The router table is the unsung hero in any woodshop. It is useful for creating an endless list of projects, but it often goes unnoticed because it can do much more than just cut bits. With one even sold on a benchtop or portable model, you will find yourself with hundreds of uses at your disposal.

A router table is a perfect addition to any workshop, and its small size means you can take it with you when moving into a new home or workshop. Not only will this tool save space in your shop by allowing for precision cutting, but they also come in handy during construction projects.

It is truly a versatile tool that will give years’ worth of use from every last penny spent. We shall now look at some best router table models to provide you with the best-in-class equipment.

10 Best Router Table Reviews – 2023

  1. Goplus FM31495 Electric Aluminum Router Table – Top Choice
  2. Ryobi: A25RT03 Universal Router Table – Versatile Equipment
  3. KREG: PRS1045 Precision Router Table System – Attachable Support
  4. Bosch: RA1181 Benchtop Router Table – Electric Machine
  5. SawStop RT-BT Assembly Benchtop Router Table – High Compatibility
  6. Grizzly Industrial G0528 Router Table – Sliding Tool
  7. SKIL RAS900 Router Table – Integrated Storage Bag
  8. Leegol: RT150 Electric Benchtop Router Table WoodWorking – Budget-Friendly
  9. Rockler: GRP40567 Benchtop Router Table – Convertible Design
  10. Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table Full-Featured Fence

1: Goplus FM31495 – Electric Aluminum Router Table

Editor’s Choice
White Goplus Electric Aluminum Router Table
Goplus FM31495 Router Table
  • Weight:11 lb.
  • Material Type: Aluminum
  • Frame Material: Wood
  • Extension Table: 200x335mm
  • Product’s Dimension:13 x 34 x 11.5 Inches
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The Goplus FM31495 is a router table that has great features for the price. It is stable and flat, making it perfect in any workshop where space may be limited. With two switch outlets onboard, this device becomes even more appealing with its affordability.

If you are looking for a budget tablet that is compatible with your router, then this could be the answer. The 8″ x 18″ surface will not give large projects their best performance. However, if it is compatible with the router and budget is something that interests you, then take notice.

Furthermore, make sure that if you do not use the preset screws and an adapter for your own hardware, it may not work. More importantly, those who put their routers through rigorous workouts with heavy weights attached ensure these parts can handle some heavy-duty applications.

Although this will not be as powerful or versatile, it is an excellent option for someone who has yet to progress into heavy-duty projects. In addition, this will give you even more freedom with your router.


  • Retractable guard 
  • Compatible with most router bits
  • Multifunctional fence 
  • Exact miter gauge
  • Quick installation 
  • Easy care & cleaning


  • Does not fit properly with some routers 
Electric Aluminum Router Table
Source: Goplus Sote Amazon
The Goplus FM31495 router table is a versatile and powerful item for every woodworker. It offers ample working space with accurate measures in both straight cuts. It is the best router table for the money in the market.

2: Ryobi: A25RT03 – Universal Router Table

Versatile Equipment
Ryobi Universal Router Table
Ryobi A25RT03 Router Table
  • Weight:28 lb.
  • Material Type: Composite
  • Length: 31 Inches
  • Extension Table: 200x335mm
  • Product’s Dimensions: 18.25 x 32 inches
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Ryobi is known for its premium-quality power tools, and its Universal Router Table is an example of it. It redefines the versatility in the industry. It is compatible with most of the big manufacturers so it is hassle-free for improvising the adapter.

Furthermore, its fence, as well as functional guard, makes it quite efficient to adjust and operate effortlessly. If you are a woodworker who is upgrading from a previous or inexpensive model, you will see extraordinary results in terms of increased workflow and maneuverability.

Moreover, this equipment has an integrated power station that provides space for an additional power machine. Its build will not disappoint you as it is pretty robust with a steady work surface. If you are looking for a sturdy and quality-build tool, you can buy it without any second thought.

You do not have to worry about running out of space for your dust collection. The vacuum port on the router table is perfect, as it will make cleanup a breeze. In addition, you get a 5-throat plate to provide you with a complete experience.


  • Built-in power plug
  • Adjustable fence 
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 5-throat plates 
  • Integrated vacuum port


  • The slide guide lacks standard width. 

The Ryobi A25RT03 router table is not the cheapest model in its class, but what you get for your money makes it an excellent buy. It is one of the best router tables we have seen lately.

3: KREG: PRS1045 – Precision Router Table System

Attachable Support
KREG Precision Router Table System
KREG PRS1045 Router Table System
  • Weight:69.9 lb.
  • Material Type: Metal
  • Table : 36 Inches
  • T-square Fence: 36 Inches
  • Stand Adjustments: 31-39″ in height
  • Product’s Dimensions: 37.48 x 25.51 x 36.5 inches
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What does anyone want in a router table? Stability, flatness, and easy adjustability? Kreg PRS1045 is a dream come true for any woodworker. It is stable, easily adjustable and wide enough to handle whatever you throw at it.

The MDF tabletop makes working so much easier with all of these options available in one place. Moreover, the fence on this machine is adjustable and will allow you to drill your own holes. With it, there is no need for juggling or vibrations because the precision remains true throughout.

In addition, the slot channels in this table make it extremely easy to attach accessories. The quality and durability will ensure that your projects are completed quickly. The fence comes in two pieces, with an aluminum extrusion that provides zero-clearance support for your tools.

Furthermore, the multipurpose powder-coated steel stand resists corrosion and ensures durability. The features of this product are unbeatable. The 24″ x 32″ model includes an insert plate with three molded level-loc reducing rings to ensure precision and customization.


  • Multipurpose & self-squaring fence system
  • Easily adjustable table 
  • Reduced vibration & noise
  • The full-length dust collection port 
  • Easy to assemble


  • Flimsy micro-adjuster 
  • Poorly detailed manual

The PRS1045 router table is an excellent addition to your workshop. Its easy assembly and a host of extra features provide more than enough power for all woodworking projects. It featured in many best router table 2023 lists.

4: Bosch: RA1181Benchtop – Router Table Electric Machine

Electric Machine
White Bosch Benchtop Router Table
Bosch RA1181 Table System
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Weight:30 lb.
  • Material Type: Aluminum
  • Dust Collection Port: 2-1/2 Inches
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The Bosch RA1181 router table provides the perfect size for any project. It ensures enough space to make working on it easy and comfortable. With faceplates that adjust in seconds, you can find what you are looking for, whether it is more precision or comfort.

This router table has everything you need to create a professional finish on your project, no matter how big or small.

The aluminum mounting plate is pre-drilled, so it will fit many models of routers. Furthermore, the dust collection port makes cleaning easy without hassle.

Not only that, but this metal top offers more durability. In addition, the two outlets will give you plenty of space to run your router and dust extractor while also giving easy access for repairs or servicing.

There is no need to worry about the complexity of assembling the machine, as long as you take care in selecting your parts. Get ready for maximum efficiency by sorting out those pesky little parts beforehand.

Tool Review Zone reviews the product as:


  • Easy-to-use adjustable feather boards
  • Dust collection port
  • Extra tall aluminum fence
  • Large aluminum top
  • For extended work area, durability, and precision.


  • Lacks standard size for insert plate 

The Bosch RA1181 benchtop router table is a versatile and essential piece of equipment for any woodworking shop. This device can perform both routing and maintain precision with its large work surface. It is also the best router table for DeWalt routers (various models).

5: SawStop RT-BT Assembly – Benchtop Router Table High Compatibility

High Compatability
SawStop RT-BT Assembly Benchtop Router Table 
SawStop RT-BT Assembly Table Router
  • Measurement System: Metric
  • Max Fence Travel: 5 1/2 Inches
  • Product’s Dimensions:16 x 32 x 21.25 inches
  • Weight:92 lb.
  • Dust Collection Port: 2.25 Inches
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The SawStop RT-BT Assembly is a premium benchtop router table. The quality of this product has been laudable throughout the industry as it shares similar features with other high-end models. However, it comes at an affordable price for any user looking to invest in future woodworking projects.

In addition, this 27 inch by 16-inch cast iron table will last quite long. It is compatible with a broad range of routers and accessories. However, you need to know that not all the items are included in the package.

The SawStop router lift will set you back nearly double. The table is compatible with standard JessEm router lifts, which means you can save some money if that is the route you are interested in taking. However, be aware of an additional cost when purchasing these parts.

What is more interesting is that if you have a SawStop table saw or cabinet, the company has an accessory for it. This extension is compatible with other types of tables too.


  • Flawless lift system
  • Compatible with many routing accessories
  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Cast iron build for minimal vibration
  • Adjustable scales


  • Comparatively heavy

The SawStop RT-BT Assembly features a durable cast iron construction with an impressive list of specifications. If compatibility is what you are looking for, this is the best router table.

6: Grizzly Industrial G0528 – Router Table

Sliding Tool
Grizzly Industrial G0528 - Sliding Router Table
Grizzly Industrial G0528 Table Router
  • Power Source: AC
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight:102 lb.
  • Product’s Dimension: 30 3/4″ x 12 1/4″
  • Dust Collection Port: 2 1/2″
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The Grizzly G0528 is a professional-grade router table that features high-quality materials and construction. This equipment is for both pros and hobbyists, as it has all of the right features to meet the needs of either type of work environment.

This sliding table router is perfect for those with a large router and lots of bits but who want to work with safer methods. Moreover, it makes material processing much easier as well as more secure when making raised panels or shaping short sides.

Its fence is easy to adjust and ensures full support on your workpiece’s both sides. Moreover, it includes a 2-1/2 inches dust hood, a tilt-up table for convenient router access, a universal mounting cup that fits any standard-sized router and a robust stand.

Detailed product description:

In addition, the large safety paddle switch in the frame allows you to turn this router on and off without bending over, so it is pretty convenient.


  • Increased stability 
  • Zero clearance fence with a split fence
  • Storage shelf
  • Compatible with the portable router from 3/4 HP to 5 HP
  • Front-mounted switch
  • Sliding table for smooth operation


  • Large footprint 

Are you looking for a big router table with various router bits? The Grizzly G0528 is a durable and robust sliding table router to give the additional features of stationary sharper.

7: SKIL RAS900 -Router Table

Integrated Storage Bag
White SKIL RAS900 Router Table
SKIL RAS900 Router Table
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Material: Blend
  • Weight:31.3 lb.
  • Transparent Gravity Guard
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The SKIL RAS900 will make your life easier when you need to store both the table and all those bits that clutter up our homes. The two storage containers are perfect for keeping everything in order without having too many small items scattered around at random intervals.

This all-inclusive router comes preassembled and includes an integrated accessory storage bag, which can hold anything you need to work on-site securely. Furthermore, there is a laminated MDF top, so nothing gets scratched or damaged while in use either.

The RAS900 has all of the tools you need to complete a variety of projects. This tool includes accessories such as guards, feather boards and miter gauge bits. Also, it includes tall fences made from laminated MDF faces along with dual feather-boards that make setup easy.

Router Table

The RAS900 is the perfect tool for any professional who needs a quick fix of their most important router. It attaches and detaches in seconds, so you will always be ready when the work calls.

Here’s what a user says about it.


  • Accessory storage bag 
  • Quick-clamp system
  • Laminated MDF core
  • 2 feather-boards for accuracy
  • Preassembled 
  • Portable 


  • Unstable legs
  • Bits inserts of poor quality 

This router table is the perfect addition to your home workshop with a sleek and simple design. With stability as its top priority, along with convenience in mind for storage purposes when not being used, you will find no better option.

8: Leegol: RT150 – Electric Benchtop Router Table

Budget Friendly
Leegol Electric Benchtop Router Table Wood Working Craftsman Tool 
Leegol RT150 Router Table
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Miter Gauge Adjustment: 0-90°
  • Diameter Base Plate: 6 lb.
  • Product Width: 13-1/3 Inches
  • Product Height: 15 Inches
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The latest router table to hit the market – RT150 – is designed with lightweight aluminum, folding wings and tall legs. It measures 13 inches L x 34 W x 15 H, so it is not too big or heavy for most woodworkers.

A router table is a versatile tool for any woodworker who needs access to large surfaces. The extension tables have an extra-large surface size of 8-inch by 18-inch, along with sliding ability.

In addition, the fence comes with a removable gate that allows you to keep your work area clean and uncluttered. This transparent gate can be attached easily without affecting how well this router table works for whatever material or task at hand.

This model is designed for both home and commercial use. Built of durable, lightweight aluminum with a hinged steel stand that increases stability, this powerful tool will be your go-to option when it comes time to create intricate cuts or depths on projects around the house.


  • Extra-large extension table
  • Retractable guard
  • Multifunctional fence & exact miter gauge
  • Satisfaction guaranteed
  • Affordable 


  • Flimsy
  • Inadequate dust port clogs up easily

The Legal RT150 makes a superior choice for all your woodworking needs. It is at the best price and works better than other tablets in its class, making it an excellent option if you are looking to buy one today.

9: Rockler: GRP40567 – Benchtop Router Table

Convertible Design
White Rockler Convertible Benchtop Router Table
Rockler GRP40567 Router Table
  • Base Material: Steel
  • Convertible Metal Base
  • Weight: 15 lb.
  • Dust Port Diameter: 2-1/2 Inches
  • Compatible Router: Compact & mid-sized
  • Bench Top Dimension: 18-1/2”W x 18-3/4”D x 19”H
View on Amazon

Rockler understands the demands of modern life. They know that everyone is always on the on-the-go, and therefore, their GRP40657 convertible benchtop router table smoothens your woodworking. You can reconfigure this tool for wall mounting or collapse it down to take up less room for portability.

In addition, the tabletop is small enough to fit under most desks, but it does not have feather-boards which are an essential accessory for precision. Moreover, the legs are clampable or attachable and provide stability when working on your own at home as well.

Benchtop Router Table

There are many ways to make your own custom mounting plate for compact routers. You can buy or fabricate one from scratch, but this may not be the most cost-effective option if you have no experience with metalworking equipment.

Furthermore, these plates will fit most brands of drill, including Makita and Bosch. If you need a different size or type for your compact router, head to their website for versatile options.


  • 4-in-1 modes: wall-mount, freehand, benchtop & storage 
  • Ergonomic fence knobs for fast adjustments 
  • Accepts most standard miter gauges
  • Convertible benchtop router 
  • Portable & compact 


  • Not easily available 

If you are looking for the best portable router table, we recommend picking up this Rockler model. It functions as both a lightweight and capable benchtop unit. Its convertibility makes it one of the best router tables in the market.

10: Kreg PRS2100 – Bench Top Router Table

Full Featured Fence
Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table 
Kreg PRS2100 Router Table
  • Mounting Type: Table Top
  • Product’s Dimensions: 19.25 x 30 x 4.75 Inches
  • MSF Top Size: 16×24″
  • Router Insert Plate: 9 1/4 x 3/8 Inches
  • Weight: 28.4 lb.
View on Amazon

So, do you want to get serious about your router? The Kreg PRS2100 Bench Top Router Table is another premium option on our list. With this model, you can make your life much easier. You will be able to enjoy the woodworking without sacrificing stability or comfort.

If you are looking for a stable, precision-driven router table to use on top of your existing workbench, this model from Kreg will make an excellent choice. It has dimensions 16″ x 24″, which will allow it to fit seamlessly into most environments without needing much space at all.

In addition, the MDF tabletop is an expensive but long-lasting option that will see you through many projects. Its adjustable face and dust collection system make it easy to use while ensuring your workspace stays clean, making this particular model worth its price tag.

Furthermore, the sturdy steel frame, rubber feet and open design of this fence will help keep you safe from noise or vibration. The cam lock lever clamps allow quick installation with an extra layer to ensure maximum security.


  • Anodized-aluminium fence with independent sliding faces
  • Vibration-dampening rubber feet
  • Vacuum shroud for a clean workplace
  • Precise insert plates
  • Full-featured fence with quarter-turn locking levers


  • Level-Loc ring sizes are sold separately 
The PRS2100 is the perfect router table for beginners or those with limited space. It is a more cost-effective alternative to 1045 and will serve you well as your first, occasional use of any woodshop setup.

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Detailed Buying Guide Before Choosing the Right Router Table

We will now take an in-depth look at what they are. We will also provide some tips for how to find the best ones, so your cutters stay sharp longer:

i): Size

It is vital to consider the size of your workshop and how you plan on using it before buying a router table. For example, if smaller workshops are all that is needed in terms of space, you may have to give up on their size. Similarly, you may require a portable and lightweight one for moving it around.

The larger the table, the more space you have for work. The different sizes vary from 22″ long by 16″ wide to 36 x 24″. However, if you are a beginner and working on smaller applications or budgets, getting an inexpensive starter kit is best before going into debt with your new hobby.

ii): The Build

If you want to maximize your router table’s lifespan, make sure the top is at least 1 inch thick and made from a material like MDF. However, consider other options for more resilience against wear and tear over time.

Furthermore, if you want to invest your money in something that will last for years, metal tops are what you need. They are less prone than other materials and can withstand more. In addition, they might be expensive but manage their exterior well over time without showing any scars or scratches.

iii): The Router Compliance

One of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing a router is whether or not it will fit your table. Moreover, we all know that there are tables out on the market with universal features.

you will have some problems if one specifically does not work for you. The more bases a table has, the easier it will be to support all different kinds of equipment.

iv): The Working Surface

No matter the size of your project, a quality router table will help you complete it with ease. Moreover, an uneven surface can cause vibration, which throws off accuracy and precision. So, make sure to invest in one that has a flat working surface.

Credits: Timbecon Youtube

v): The Fence

A perfect table is a balancing act. For some, it is all about style and class, while others are looking for something more practical like durability or ease of customization between uses. So, it means different things to different people.

The two options are the split fence and a single-piece fence. The latter is best suited for beginners, while more advanced builders might want something with complex splitting. So, if you need to work with panels with a lot of shape and detail, the split fence will be your best bet.

vi): The Mounting Plate

Mounting the router is critical to a successful project. The mounting plate or base must support it through an open hole in your work surface and keep everything perfectly stable otherwise, safety becomes an utmost concern.

In addition, the router table is an excellent investment for any DIYer, especially if you want to use it on its own or in combination with other power tools. Moreover, it has a nice flat top that can also be used as your work surface when needed.

vii): Miter Gauge

A router table is a great tool for helping you cut your wood at any angle. The fence on this device will do most of the work, but sometimes miter gauges need to be used in order to hold pieces correctly while cutting them into perfect shapes.

These are the things you need to consider to buy the best router table for all your cutting needs.

The Types of Router Tables

The router table is a tremendously useful tool for carpentry, but it is not without its drawbacks. So, if you are looking to get started with the basics, there are two major types of these devices.

1: Tabletop


The tabletop is perfect for beginners who have started dabbling. These workbenches offer the perfect balance of affordability and portability. In addition, their lightweight makes them easy to move around your workshop or basement, while their rugged construction will last long.

2: Standalone

Standalone router table

If you are an experienced woodworker who wants a table to last, these are the ones for your home shop. They typically come with height adjustments and can handle large-scale projects without any problems.

Furthermore, the heavier gauge of steel means that they are more durable than most tables on today’s market. In addition, they also make transportation not easy because of the heavyweight.

Comparison of Different Router Table Models

Bench TopPortableFree Standing
Best for small/medium workshopsBest for small workshops onlyBest for medium & large workshops
Several Option AvailableEasily foldable for portabilityExcellent next to the best wood shapers
Build to sit on another surfaceNot much sturdyLarge surface area
Small surface area

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions lurking around this tool, so let’s take a look at the most common ones and address them thoroughly:

Q1: Do all routers fit all router tables?

Ans: No, it is a common misconception that router tables are universal, but it turns out this is not true. Most router tables comply with specific models. However, manufacturers try to ensure that their model covers all the bases. You should always check if a particular table fits your particular needs.

Q2: Can we use a router table as a jointer?

Ans: Yes. In some cases, like for small stock or trim work, a router table can be every bit as convenient and accurate to use in place of dedicated jointers.

Q3: Do I need a router lift for my router table?

Ans: You do not necessarily need a router lift, but it’s an excellent upgrade to any table. A router lift is a great way to add more stability and peace of mind when working with your wood.

Q4: Can you cut a dado with a router?

Ans: It is possible to cut stopped dadoes with a router. In fact, this tool may be all you need for this task, and it will likely serve as your main or only means of cutting these types of joints.

Q5: What material is used in manufacturing a router tabletop?

Ans: The best router tables are made of one of these materials:

Machined metalsPhenolic ResinPlasticsLaminated MDF

If you want a lightweight, portable router table that is easy to store, plastic or MDF tables are what you are looking for. However, they lack durability so if this is something important in the long run, consider getting one with an aluminium top.

To Wrap Up

A router table is not a part of every worker’s workshop, but one opens the door to success. You need to purchase the appropriate size as it is vital to include various accessories to make it further versatile.

You have already seen the best router tables in our review, and you know that the Goplus FM31495 Electric Aluminium Router Table is the choice you need to make, as per the expert’s opinion. Get yourself a new one and start doing wonders with this useful equipment.

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