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Best Welding Gloves – Top Picks of 2023

Welding is not a field; it’s an art. Nevertheless, many people are associated with the welding career. On top of it, even some homeowners plan to perform some DIY welding tasks for home improvement. Therefore, even they need the right protective gear. 

When we talk about protective gear for welding professionals and enthusiasts, there is just so much to talk about. Just like welding helmets, welding gloves are also available out there. As the name says, these gloves are meant to provide protection to your hands while you weld. 

On top of it, they also offer decent comfort and are in compliance with the latest safety standards. So, in this article, we will explore some of the best gloves for welding. Let us dive in. 

Best Welding Gloves – Reviews and Ratings

  1. Lincoln K2979 Electric Stick Welding Gloves 
  2. RAPICCA Welding Gloves (Leather Made) 
  3. Caiman 21-Inch American Deerskin
  4. DEWALT Premium Gloves for Welding
  5. YESWELDER Leather Welding Gloves
  6. Revco GM1611 Welding Gloves

1: Lincoln K2979 – Electric Stick Welding Gloves

Electric Stick Welding Gloves

The Lincoln K2979 is one of the best gloves for welding out there. They are made from cowhide leather which gives them a distinctive look and fee. On top of the leather, it also has thin cotton lines in between the materials. This addition of cotton absorbs the maximum moisture so that you can weld with peace of mind. It also aids in a better overall comfort level. Given the quality of its materials, it’s ideal for wearing all day long on the field. 

If we talk about its design, it’s a straight thumb design. The idea behind this design language is to provide maximum impact resistance. Moreover, the length of these gloves is also something to talk about. 

It can fit in the hands of most of professional welders. Many users reported that it easily fits in even large hands. Weighing at only 14.5 ounces, the Lincoln K2979 gloves are also quite lightweight. All in all, the Lincoln K2979 is one quality welding gloves. They are best suited for TIG welding. 


  • Offer good comfort
  • Quite lightweight as they weigh around 14.5 ounces
  • Made from quality leather
  • Additional cotton lining for moisture-absorbing


  • Requires break-in
  • Some users say it’s a bit stiff  

What Customer’s Say

“Their welding gloves. And they do welding glove stuff. I was able to put my hand into an open campfire for about 3 minutes before I felt anything. They do their job. Maybe a bad idea to try and do brain surgery with them? They aren’t advertised as being shockproof so standing on a hill trying to catch lightning bolts may be a bad idea as well.” 

2: RAPICCA – Welding Gloves (Leather Made)

RAPICCA Welding Gloves

When we talk about quality welding gloves, durability and optimum protection come in our mind. These are the aspects where the RAPICCA welding gloves shine. In addition, they offer exceptional heat protection. That’s why they are also recommended for BBQ lovers simply because of their excellent heat-resistant characteristics. 

On top of the leather construction, these gloves also have a cotton lining which basically does a great job absorbing the extra moisture. During welding, extra moisture can harm your workflow. However, with these gloves on, you don’t have to worry about any such thing. 

It also comes with a reinforced thumb design to ensure maximum heat protection. Furthermore, the leather material it is made from is puncture resistant, cut resistant, and also oil resistant. These characteristics make it an ideal gloves pair for welding. Furthermore, according to the manufacturer, these gloves can also be used for barbeque, oven cooking and other such tasks. So, in other words, we can say that these gloves are designed for multiple purposes. 


  • Excellent heat-resistant properties
  • It can be used for a wide range of other applications as well
  • Quality cowhide leather construction
  • Reliable Kevlar stitching


  • Gets Dirty Easily

What Customer’s Say  

“I use these with my brick oven. Done temperature can get as high as 1150 degrees Fahrenheit (air temperature probably around 800-900 degrees). These gloves are great. I handle the hot dishes coming out of the oven without hotspots. 
These gloves can make you forget how hot the oven is. When I reach my arms in beyond the gloves’ coverage, my arms are instantly scorched. Not that I recommend it, but I have even grabbed some burning wood and coals – just don’t hold on too long.” 

3: Caiman 21-Inch – American Deerskin

Caiman 21-Inch American Deerskin

So, next on the list, we have the Caiman 21-inch American Deerskin welding gloves. These welding gloves are also well-known for their reliability and optimum performance under extreme working conditions. That is one main reason why the majority of professional welders prefer it over other welding gloves. Anyhow, let’s talk about the main highlights of this welding glove. 

If we talk about its material and construction, it’s made with Deerskin material which adds to its overall strength. In addition, the deerskin lining gives it a different look and also helps the glove absorb maximum moisture while offering good heat protection. 

The best aspect of the Caiman welding gloves is quite evident by their name, and that’s their 21-inch size. With this size, the glove easily covers your full hand to elbow. So, it gives you more room and confidence to weld under tougher conditions. 

So, the Kevlar stitched American Deerskin welding gloves offer great value. They are comfortable and also made with quality materials. Last but not least, they offer good protection, which is something not to overlook in any welding glove. 


  • Great quality construction
  • Full support for plenty of finger movement
  • Easy to wear


  • Quite costly

What Customer’s Say 

“The padding on the forearm is great when welding pipe and using your non dominant arm to rest on the pipe. The gloves themselves are decent. I’m not a fan of the extra padding inside of the gloves as it makes it harder to grip, you’re working against the glove. I was buying the left hand only as I use another brand on my dominant hand. The leather on these does well in areas not subjected to heat. I am bad about getting my pinky within inches of the arc on some passes which causes the left pinky to curl hard left. So much that it is difficult to get your pinky in the glove.” 

4: DEWALT Premium – Gloves for Welding

Gloves for Welding

If you are into power tools and equipment, you would surely know about the brand name “DEWALT .” However, this particular brand name also has to offer some quality gloves for welding. For example, their premium quality welding gloves are something to talk about in this regard. These gloves are known as premium welding gloves because they are made from a dual layer of buffalo leather. 

This gives it a unique appearance and enhances its performance. It performs great under extreme heat and tough working conditions. Furthermore, the brand also claims that extra insulation is there on areas of the glove that are vulnerable to heat. That’s another reason why we have included this gloves pair from DEWALT in our list of the best welding gloves. 

Moreover, the gloves pair is surprisingly very flexible despite the fact that it comes with dense insulation for optimum heat protection. Because of its flexibility, you won’t have any issues wearing it all day long. Moreover, it is also available in a wide range of sizes. 

All in all, the premium quality welding gloves by DEWALT are one solid option for welding enthusiasts as well as for professionals. We like how well-made they are. Further, their size and fitting are also quite impressive. 

What Customer’s Say 

“A bit pricey for a single layer glove. Bought to use for MIG and Stick as suggested but I think these will be used for TIG. I can feel things very well because of the thin leather, but, while I haven’t put them to heavy use yet, it doesn’t seem like they will hold up doing large steel frame construction on a daily basis. I’ll update if they turn out to be super durable. They aren’t exactly what I was expecting given the price and description.” 

5:YESWELDER – Leather Welding Gloves

Leather Welding Gloves

YESWELDER leather wearing gloves are another type of welding gloves that are perfect for professionals. According to the manufacturer, these gloves are best suited for working in extreme temperatures. It’s rated to be used at around 900 Fahrenheit. 

Now, that’s some impressive temperature range for a welding glove. But, on top of this temperature rating, the quality finishing of the gloves is also something that backs it. This particular glove model has been the talk of the town because of its excellent heat resistance and overall build quality. 

Though they come in one size, but are well made and have the ability to provide great protection and maximum comfort in tough working conditions. 


  • Remarkable Heat Resistance
  • Well-made
  • Dual layer palms for added protection


  • The 16-inch size may be too large for some

What Customer’s Say 

“Bought these to weld and they are comfortable but the padding on the fingertips is sown with either a thread that melts or not well enough. Lost the padding off most fingers in the first few days of use”. 

6: Revco GM1611 – Welding Gloves

The Revco GM1611 welding gloves are equally suited for TIG as well as MIG welding applications. So, unlike some other types of welding gloves, it’s not just meant for one particular welding application. These gloves support good finger movement and are made from leather material. 

Usually, we don’t find a perfect combo of good material quality and comfort in a pair of welding gloves. However, this particular gloves are somewhat exceptional. They have decent enough space that gives adequate room for finger movement. 

The leather construction on top adds to the durability of these gloves. Last but not the least, the optimum heat protection ability of these gloves is always there to ensure professionals can focus more on work. In short, these are one comfortable and durable welding gloves. 


  • Available in different sizes
  • Good space for hand movement
  • Durable construction
  • Offer solid heat protection


  • Shorter Cuff

What Customer’s Say  

“I got these gloves in summer of 2021 and used them for atleast 4 hours a day, every single day, including weekends, for only welding at first and then eventually welding, grinding, drilling, tapping, handling sharp jagged steel and even cleaning between tack welds. These gloves put up with IMMENSE abuse from me, and although a couple of the finger tips split open, that was only after 6 months of crazy abuse and admittedly accidentally cutting in to them with a grinder on more than one occasion (and they saved my fingers). It was still another 4 months before I needed a new pair.” 

Why Not Go With Ordinary Gloves for Welding? 

It’s quite evident by the name. The ordinary gloves are ordinary and offer no to minimum protection. They are made from ordinary materials which don’t last for long. So let’s get straight to the point. It’s the protection that a welding glove must offer. 

If we talk about ordinary gloves, they simply cannot protect the hands of professional welders. So, that’s the main reason why professionals and even enthusiasts shouldn’t go with ordinary gloves for welding. 

What to Look For In the Best Gloves for Welding? 

Now gloves specifically designed for welders come with a wide range of features and a detailed specification list. Unfortunately, newbies can often get confused while searching for their favorite welding gloves. That’s why we have made this brief guide to help you choose the right welding gloves. 

i): Go With Quality Leather Material 

 Quality Leather Material 

So, it’s the material option that you have to consider at first. Now, when we talk about a material option, several types of materials would come to your mind. However, leather is the best material to go with. That’s because leather is considered as one premium quality material for gloves. 

There are different types of leather used for such gloves. Some of them are elk skin, goatskin, cowhide, deerskin, and pigskin. 

These all leather types are good for certain welding types. So, depending on your welding project’s intensity, you can choose between these leather types. 

ii): Fitting and Finishing 

Fitting and Finishing 

The fitting and finishing are another aspect to look for. You should buy welding gloves that fit well in your hands. In this regard, it is suggested to go with a bulkier glove. Ensure that there is enough space for your hand to move. 

iii): Welding Gloves Sorted By Welding Types 

You should know that no single glove is ideal for all types of welding-related tasks. Therefore, you will find welding gloves sorted by the welding type. For example, TIG welding gloves etc. That’s why it’s important for which welding type you need to buy these gloves. 

iv): Weight Factor 

You also have to make sure you invest in a pair of gloves that are lightweight and easy to wear. We cannot forget the weight factor when we talk about welding-related accessories. That’s because, during welding, you don’t want to bear any extra weight that could ruin your work day. Easy to wear and lightweight gloves are what you need. So, before you make a purchase, don’t forget to consider the weight factor. 


Q1: What’s the difference in welding gloves?

Ans: The ordinary gloves are ordinary and offer no to minimum protection. They are made from ordinary materials which don’t last for long. So, let’s get straight to the point. It’s the protection that a welding glove must offer. If we talk about ordinary gloves, they simply cannot protect the hands of professional welders. So, that’s the main reason why professionals and even enthusiasts shouldn’t go with ordinary gloves for welding. 

Q2: What type of gloves are recommended for welding and cutting?

Ans: There are many types of welding gloves available. You should know that no single glove is ideal for all types of welding-related tasks. Therefore, you will find welding gloves sorted by the welding type. Let’s take the example of TIG welding applications. For such types of welding, TIG welding gloves are recommended. So, in short, the type of welding application would determine the type of glove required. 

Q3: What type of gloves are best suited when performing mig welding?

Ans: It is recommended to go with MIG welding gloves. For instance, the Revco GM1611 welding gloves are also suitable for MIG welding applications. It has a comfortable grip and also offers strong heat resistance. 

Q4: What to wear for welding?

Ans: Well, welding is a task that requires extreme care. You have to protect your whole body from welding arches. There are different types of protective gear available. One such protective gear is welding gloves. You can wear them to protect yourself from high temperatures and welding arches. 

Q5: Are carharrt good for welding?

Ans: Yes, Carharrt is good for welding. However, note that Carharrt is a brand name. They also have their welding gloves available, which are specifically designed to provide extreme protection to professional and enthusiastic welders. 

Final Thoughts 

So, now you know all about the best welding gloves. As the name says, these are dedicated gloves for welding. They offer extreme protection, especially from heat. The good thing is that you can even use these gloves for a wide range of other applications such as grilling and cooking. Anyhow, you should consider factors like weight, the type of your welding tasks before buying. Happy Buying! 

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