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Bosch Circular Saw Review: Top Choice for Pesky Cutting Tasks

The bosch circular saw review are the power tools that should be in every professional woodcutter and contractor’s arsenal. However, with a variety of models available, it can become difficult to choose which one will work best for your requirements.

Bosch is a reliable brand in the booming industry of power tools.

Bosch’s circular saws are known for their accuracy in making cuts, plus they are reliable and provide an excellent level of performance. The company has been manufacturing power tools for more than 50 years.

They manufacture their products with high quality and durability in mind. This makes them the best choice among professionals.

In this comprehensive Bosch circular jigsaw review, we will highlight various distinctive features of one of its models so that you can make an informed decision about buying the efficient circular saw.

A Thorough Bosch Circular Saw Review

Portable Hands-On Grip of Bosch Jigsaw

Bosch is a world-class brand that has been providing professionals with the tools they need to get their job done for decades. With their tools at hand, you will be able to work confidently with sheer precision and accuracy.

Bosch power tools such as circular saws are just what you need to make your next cutting project seamless. Whether you are a contractor or a home mechanic, Bosch has every piece of equipment to cater to your work requirements.

Top Features

We have narrowed down some of the features of the Bosch circular saw. Take a look below:

Distinctive Cutting Features

The Bosch 18V Circular Saw CCS180 has many features that make it stand out from other models. Unlike other competitors, the blade guard is made of metal and can hold up against wear-and-tear in your work environment.

It has the potential to cut at a 90° angle with deep tracks. This allows you to go much deeper than 1 inch at both 45 degrees and 50 degrees.

The Blade Visibility of bosch circular saw

This circular saw has excellent blade visibility. The large outboard lobe of the guard allows for a very close, smooth shave. In addition, the clarity and transparency of the blade make you able to pierce through the stock with sheer accuracy and precision.

The Comfortable Hands-On Grip

The Bosch circular saw is equipped with an easy-to-grip handle. The handle is made of lightweight material. It has an efficient ergonomic design and fits comfortably in your hand, making it easy to control the pressure without risking injury from repetitive motion over time.

Moreover, its super ergonomic design ensures that you have an easy time working, and its slide on/off button makes it convenient to operate when in use.

Exhaust Port

The Bosch 18V comes with a dust blower and an exhaust port. Therefore, it does not distract you with the debris and helps you keep working without any obstructions. However, the downside of this saw is that it does not have an LED work light which can cause you some problems during cutting operations.

The tool’s weight is 8 pounds with batteries included, and there is also one year on their warranty.

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Specifications bosch circular saw review:

These specifications and features combine to make this circular saw a favorable tool among woodworkers and craftsmen. This specific model will make your project an easy task to do, and its powerful motor will enable you to work with efficiency and precision.

Bosch Circular Saw with white background
18V Circular Saw CCS180
  • Battery Voltage: 18V
  • Blade Size: 6-1/2
  • Weight: 8.37 pounds
  • Length: 13.4 inches
  • Width: 8.9 inches
  • Bevel adjustment up to 50 degree
  • Electronic Motor Brakes
  • Includes a dust blower
  • Brushless Motor
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Technical Details

🔹 Spindle Lock

🔹 Foot and the upper guard made of aluminum

🔹 Electronic Brakes

🔹 RPM: 3900

🔹 Maximum Cutting Capacity: 2 inched at 90 degree

Things to Keep in Mind to Safely Work with a Bosch Circular Saw

✔️ The retracting lower blade guard and always checked it to make sure it is working freely. It needs the teeth of your saw fully enclosed and covers unused portions when cutting with a sword-like motion.

✔️ Check the retracting lower blade guard is in position before laying down the saw.

✔️ Always remember to keep your saw blade guard clean and free of debris because it can get in the way when working.

✔️ It would be best if you always disconnect the power supply before replacing or adjusting the blade.

✔️ Give your saw time to reach its potential before you start cutting entirely.

✔️ Keep motor dust-free.

✔️ Choose the blade that is not worn and make sure it is sharp to cut through the stock.

✔️ It is wise to use both hands to perform the cutting tasks. For swift and efficient performance, one hand should be on the front knob handle and the other on the trigger switch.

In a Nutshell

Choosing a suitable power tool is often intimidating when determining what features one should look for. In addition, finding a perfect match can be quite challenging with so many different models and brands on the market.

However, we have done all that work for you by providing a Bosch circular saw review with some insight into how it might best fit your needs. Bosch CCS180 tool is one of the best on the market because it has an incredible reputation for quality.

This means that you can rely on its durability in tough cutting areas. It has a smooth and powerful performance. Its super ergonomics and compact design make it an excellent option among the sea of power tools.

If you search for a circular saw that does not demand a significant setback to your cash while staying true to their performance. Then Bosch circular saw your best bet.


1: Do you need gloves for a circular saw?

It has highly recommended that wear gloves and protective glasses while using the circular saw. They will keep you secure from any hazards and make you able to work efficiently.

2: Is a circular saw safe?

It has recommended that only trained and qualified craftsmen operate circular saws. If you are not trained enough to use a saw, it can even lead to fatal injuries and hazardous accidents.

3: How do you maintain a circular saw?

You need to properly clean your circular saw’s blade on a daily basis. Check the dust port and empty it before you start the project. Make sure to inspect your entire tool while working with it.

4: How do you stop a circular saw kickback?

You need to follow a set of precautions to prevent kickback, such as keeping your blades clean and using a sharp blade; also, you have to make sure that the blade you are using has a good set of teeth.

5: Should a circular saw blade touch the guard?

The circular saw blade should not touch the lower guard. Only when the saw is accidentally dropped then, it might bend the guard.

With saws, it is crucial to be cautious and safe. When lowering your guard, make sure that they are in a secure position. This will help avoid any accidental drops when working on the job site.

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