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Top Hercules Table Saw Review: Best Pick for Professionals

A table saw is a versatile machine that has the potential to make diverse cuts. It can pierce through any tough stock and can give you a smooth working experience. It is undoubtedly a centerpiece of modern tool stores.

The power table saw can cut in straight lines with accuracy, and it is the best tool to have in your arsenal. Its versatility allows you to meet your expectations and can cater to any of your work requirements.

The world of power tools is quite diverse. And if you are an amateur, it can be a daunting task to find the suitable one. For your ease, in this article, we are going to present a Hercules Table Saw Review.

It is a renowned brand that manufactures excellent quality table saws. They can cut through the challenging and demanding woods. Moreover, they come at market-competitive prices and are a great innovation for all your cutting tasks.

Let us explore some more about this brand and delve into the specifications and technical details of one of its best models.

A Detailed Hercules Table Saw Review

Hercules Table Saw white background
15 Amp. Jobsite Hercules Table Saw
  • Blade size: 10 inches
  • Motor speed: 4500 RPM
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Tool Weight: 54 pounds
  • Maximum cutting capacity: 90° at 3 1/8 in. and 45° at 2 1/4 in.
  • Motor horsepower: 1.8
  • Arbor size: 5/8 inches
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The 15 Amp Compact Job Site Table Saw from Hercules is a powerful tool for any cutting job. It features 4800 RPMs and can tackle any kind of stock. With its 3-1/8″ depth of cut and 24-inch rip capacity, this saw will be able to do all that you need it to.

The telescoping rail system makes fence adjustments easy with clearly marked increments, so there is never an issue when making quick blade changes while working on your tasks. Hence, making this powerful and accurate saw perfect for any professional work.

In addition, the extra-wide metal table provides an excellent surface to cut on, while the carbide tip will give your impeccable project precision every time. The Hercules Professional Carbide Blade has unmatched sharpness and comes with a 30-day testing time.

Positive Facts

  • It comes equipped with anti-kickback pawls and a transparent blade guard 
  • Inculcated with a dust port.
  • Wide aluminum table for cutting with precision. 
  • Highly sturdy and durable 
  • Storage capacity for blade guard assembly, blade wrench, and push stick 
  • Adjustable rear feet to easily level the saw on rough surfaces 
  • Modifiable rip fence 
  • Bevel adjustment capacity up to 40 degrees. 
  • Metal roll cage 

The Hercules Table Saw has the potential to tackle all the tough and challenging job site conditions. It can cut precisely and is packed with enough power to pierce through any sort of stock.

Moreover, its lightweight makes it an ideal table saw for all your rigorous tasks. Its swift and accurate fence adjustment will give you a seamless work experience, and you will not face any difficulty while operating this power tool.

This professional power saw can be your best bet for all your upcoming tasks. You can totally rely on a 15-amp motor to make your pesky projects feel like a breeze.

Safety Tips for Excellent Crafting with Hercules Table Saw

We have compiled a list of safety tips that any woodworker and craftsman should keep in mind before operating a Hercules table saw. Take a look below:

i): Safety Equipment

Safety Equipment table saw

When you intend to use a power tool, you should always consider being well-equipped with the safety measures. For example, you should be wearing gloves, safety glasses and a hearing protection aid.

Moreover, you should avoid wearing any kind of jewelry and lose clothing to evade the chances of hazardous accidents.

ii): Keep Away the Obstructions

Keep Away the Obstructions table saw

Nothing should come in the way of your work. The debris, sawdust, and cutoffs on the table are the major impediments which you should get rid of to seamlessly work on your project. Any of the loose pieces can come in contact with the table saw blade, and it can cause major obstruction.

So, keep your working area clean and clear to smoothly finish up your project.

iii): Keep in Line the Safety Features

Keep in Line the Safety Features table saw

The blade guard,anti-kickback pawls, and riving knife are the safety measures that a table saw comes equipped with. These are designed for you to safely work on your project. So, before you start working, make sure these are properly functioning.

Moreover, you should make sure that they are adjusted correctly to save yourself from any potential hazards.

iv): Make Use of Outfeed Tables

When you want to cut the large pieces of stock, then it is recommended that you use the outfeed table or stand. By doing so, the material will be supported properly, and you will be able to make cuts accurately.

v): The Rule of Changing Blade

You should always turn the power off before adjusting or replacing the blade. Moreover, you should also disconnect the power when you intend to make any other adjustment to the table saw.

vi): Free Your Stock from Foreign Objects

Free Your Stock from Foreign Objects table saw

You should ascertain the fact that the stock you want to cut is free from metal nails and screws. If the nail comes in contact with the blade, then it can be pretty hazardous. This becomes more evident when you are working with recycled material.

To avoid any misfortune, you can also use the metal detector to check in for the hidden nails inside the stock.

vii): Make Sure the Blade is Free to Move

Before starting to operate the table saw, ensure that the blade is moving freely. It should be clear from any kind of dust. Also, let the blade reach its full potential before starting to cut through the stock.


Q1: What is the main use of a Hercules table saw?

Ans: A Hercules table saw is used to pierce through the stock accurately. The table saw has the potential to make three types of cuts, such as cross-cut, dado cut, and ripping cut.

Q2: What is a primary hazard of using a Hercules table saw?

Ans: The major hazard that can be caused by a table saw is that the blade can cut fingers when it is not used safely. Moreover, it can emit dust spray, which can come in the way of your working and cause an accident.

Q3: Can you cut a 4×4 with a Hercules table saw?

Ans: The standard table saw does not have the capacity to cut through 4×4. But if you opt for a high-end table saw, then it can pierce through the stock in one go.

Final Word

A table saw is an essential tool to have in your arsenal. It can make your cutting project an enjoyable task to do. It can accurately cut in a straight line and can minimize your efforts efficiently.

In this guide, we have presented you with a Hercules table saw review. It is one of the best tables saw available in the market. Its top-notch quality will not leave you disappointed, and it can perfectly match your work requirements.

So, walk through all the aspects of this amazing table saw and do not hesitate to buy the Hercules power table saw for your next cutting task.

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