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Jigsaw Vs Circular Saw – Which One to Choose? 

With so many types of saws available out there, it often becomes challenging to choose the best of the lot. If we dig a bit deep, it’s the jigsaw vs circular saw that are commonly use for various cutting and crafting-related tasks.

So, jigsaw vs circular saw, how do they differ? Well, there are several differences as well as similarities between these two machines. So, let’s take a closer look and find out how both these saws are different from each other.

What is a Jigsaw?

A jigsaw is a typical saw but with a fancy horizontal housing that is power by an electric motor. Sounds difficult? It shouldn’t be because a jigsaw is a compact saw consisting of a vertically oriented blade that is use to cut different materials.

Also known as a scroll saw, the jigsaw cuts wood or any such material with a vertical blade powered by an electric motor. In cordless jigsaws, this motor is power by a battery that further makes it compact.

In short, jigsaws are the modern form of compact electric-power saws that are ideal for precise cutting and crafting. These saws have removable blades that help in cutting various materials in multiple directions.

What Makes a Jigsaw Different Compared to A Circular Saw?

The following strengths and weaknesses of the jigsaw will help you understand the differences between the two. Let’s explore them.

👍 Added Convenience

A standard jigsaw is a lightweight and easy-to-carry machine that can be used for a variety of applications. There is no hefty weight to deal with, just power it up, and you are good to make cuts no matter the surface. 

👍 Cordless jigsaws do exist 

With a convenient design that already exists, the cordless functionality of a jigsaw is the real icing on the cake. Yes, cordless jigsaws are available and are very easy to use. 

No matter where you go, you can use them for some creative crafting. How good is that? Definitely, an add-on that is hard to resist. 

👍 Can Make Bevel Cuts 

No need to bring in a fancy circular saw for making some nice and sharp bevel cuts. Just put in the right blade in your jigsaw, and you are good to go. Therefore, for such advanced and precision demanding cutting, the use of jigsaw is definitely commendable. 

👍 Perfect for Cutting Curves

Cutting some sharp round curves is essential for fancy woodwork. Therefore, woodworkers look for an all-in-one tool that is perfect for making curve cuts. The jigsaw being compact tool, comes in really handy in this regard. 

You can make some precise round cuts using the right blades, couple with a jigsaw. So, you might want to have one of these in your tools list. 

👍 Kid-Friendly Tool

Want to train your little kids how to make some nice cuts? If yes, you are going to love the functionality of the jigsaw. This is because, when used under adult supervision, kids can use a jigsaw for learning some creative crafting. 

Moreover, the sharp ends of the blades are fully covered; therefore, chances of any injury can be minimized. Also, you can use lightweight and less intensive blades when letting your kids use the jigsaw. 

What Is a Circular Saw?

Circular Saw for Metal Cutting

As evident by the name, a circular saw consists of a round blade and is used for cutting some large-scale wood boards. A Circular saw has always been the favorite tool of woodcutter for its flawless cutting power.

Such saws might be a bit expensive for some. However, their enhanced output, sharper blades, and adequate raw power make them an ideal saw for commercial use.

What Makes a Circular Saw Different Compared To A Jigsaw?

Here are some strengths and weaknesses of the circular saw that makes it different from the Jigsaw.

👍 Ideal for Precise Cuts

A Circular saw consists of sharper blades backed by a powerful electric motor. This combination ensures high precision while cutting wood or any such material. Therefore, circular saws are rated as ideal for making precise cuts.

👍 Straight Cutting Made Easy

No doubt, Jigsaws can also help you draw some straight cuts, but what about their accuracy? That’s the main thing to consider. The circular saw helps craft some serious straight cuts that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.

Therefore, woodcutters and other such professionals prefer circular saws for demanding tasks.

👍 Has a Healthy Lifespan

There is no doubt about the hefty prices of today’s circular saws, but it’s their precision and quality blade set that makes them superior to their siblings. It not only consists of a more powerful electric motor but also comes with a reliable blade set.

Comparing Jigsaw vs Circular saw, the circular saw justifies its hefty price in the long run. Its blades don’t break that soon. So, you don’t have to replace them that earlier. Hence, you end saving the extra maintenance cost in the long run.

When to Go With a Jigsaw

Powerful Performance of Milkwaukee Jigsaw

1: If You Want a Handy Saw

There is no doubt about the convenience and the ease of use that this handy saw offer. You can do make some nice-looking cuts for your next crafting project without spending too much time. This is one of the main reasons for choosing Jigsaw.

2: Short on Budget

For a few hundred bucks, you can get a great good combo. You’ll also get a couple of extra blades when you buy a jigsaw combo pack. So, see, it doesn’t hurt your budget. In the end, you get a pretty capable tool that even your kids can use.

Therefore, going with this cheaper saw has been successful for many. You can be the next one.

3: Well Familiar with The Nature of The Job

It’s essential, this aspect can’t be ignored. Simply because if you don’t know the kind of task you are supposed to get done using a saw, there is no point to discuss, Jigsaw vs Circular saw. So, in the case of Jigsaw, if you are familiar with the nature of the job, it’s an excellent pick.

When to Go With a Circular Saw

Cordless Circular Saw

1: Precise Cuts That People Pay For

Professional woodcutters earn a living through these modern cutting machines. They cannot risk their profession for the sake of some convenience. Therefore, they need a tool that best suits their skill set. This is where circular saw helps them a lot.

As it is an ideal tool for making some precise cuts, professionals are able to earn a good livelihood. So, if you are one such professional, a circular saw should be your pick.

2: Want to Invest One Time

The pricier aspect of the circular saw has been highlighted so many times that it shouldn’t be a new thing now. So, a lot fewer people are ready to get them for that price. But professionals who make a living out of cutting woods and other such materials want a tool that doesn’t require a frequent upgrade.

So, if you want to invest one time on a saw that matches your kind of cutting requirements, simply go with any affordable circular saw in the market.

3: Size and Weight Isn’t a Problem for You

Okay, fine, portable saws are quite common now, and it is good to have one of them, but isn’t that a fancy addition if you already own a professional saw? Anyhow, for the right professionals, the size and weight of a tool don’t matter that much.

It’s the end result they are more interested in. Therefore, if only precision and accuracy are what you want, a circular saw is your best friend.


Still, confused about Jigsaw vs Circular saw? Well, you shouldn’t be because all the differences and similarities among these two tools have been elaborated. To sum things up, both these tools are excellent in several aspects.

If you are familiar with your work requirements, you can easily choose the ideal pick. So, what’s your pick?

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