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6 Best Home Generators – 2023

You never know when your electricity connections get interrupted. In such a scenario, a generator can provide that much-needed backup. If you do not own one, it is good to look for the best home generators. Here are some of the benefits of buying the best generators for home:

✔️ They are quite portable

✔️ Offers adequate electric supply

✔️ Generators are safe and convenient to use

So, there are several benefits of getting the best portable home generators. If you are unsure which one to buy, here are our top picks.

Best Home Generators – Reviews and Ratings

  • Maximum Output:  15,000 Watts max.
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline or Propane
  • Tank Capacity: 6.6 Gallon 
  • Running Time: 16 Hours at 25% Load
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  • Maximum Output:  6,000 Watts max.
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline or Propane
  • Tank Capacity: 7.4 Gallon 
  • Running Time: 10, 5.5 Hours for Propane and Gasoline Respectively
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  • Maximum Output:  6,000 Watts
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Tank Capacity: 3.4 Gallon 
  • Running Time: 7.5 Hours
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  • Maximum Output:  20,000 Watts
  • Fuel Type: Natural & Liquid Petroleum
  • Tank Capacity: N/A
  • Running Time: N/A
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  • Maximum Output:  5000/6250 Watts max
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Tank Capacity: 4.2 Gallon
  • Running Time: 12.5 Hours
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Quick Links:

  1. Westinghouse WGen12000 Ultra Duty Generator – The Best Generator Overall
  2. Champion Power Equipment 100891 9375/7500-Watt Dual -Best Easy Start Generator
  3. WEN GN6000 6000-Watt RV-Ready Generator Best Generator for Small Houses
  4. Briggs & Stratton 40336 20,000 W Standby Generator– Best Generator for Larger Houses
  5. Champion Power Equipment 100519 6250-Watt – Best Quiet Generator
  6. Jackery Portable Solar Power Station Explorer– Best Mini Generator for Minor Power Needs

Buying Guide Below

1: Westinghouse WGen12000 Ultra Duty – Best Home Generator – Editor’s Choice

Westinghouse Outdoor Best Portable home Generator
Westinghouse WGen12000 Portable Generators
  • Weight: 352 lb.
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 6.6 Gallons
  • Starting Wattage: 15,000 Watts
  • Max Watts: 12,000 Watts
  • Engine Type: 4-Stroke
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The Westinghouse WGen12000 is on the top of the list of the best home generators. Do you know why? Well, it is no short of being claimed as a commercial generator. It packs a good-sized engine that delivers a maximum power output of up to 12000 Watts.

Wow, 12000 watts of electricity from a compact-sized generator are not common. It is a huge number. At first, its power output surprised us. But there is a lot more on the table. Let us discover different aspects of this beast.

Design Language

Design-wise, the Westinghouse WGen12000 looks just fine. There is a lot less to get inspired when we talk about its design language. However, the different black and red look is something to highlight.

Apart from the different colors, there is nothing special in the design aspect here. You get all its controllable options on one side, just like other models.

Power Output

Westinghouse WGen12000 Ultra Duty - Best Home Generator - Editor's Choice

The power output is the perfect aspect of this generator model. It is the only generator that can produce more than 10,000 watts of electric power on our list. Thanks to the special 713 ccs V-Twin engine it comes with.

This engine is the main highlighter here as it is 713cc which is pretty much equated to the engine size of a small hatchback. But, now, you got it. With 15000 watts of peak power output, you can run multiple household appliances on it.

Moreover, even a small workplace or a commercial property can be powered up on this generator. This generator can continuously offer 12000 watts on 10.5 gallons of fuel. Furthermore, it has a dual fueling option.

You can either run it on propane or gasoline. It is your choice. A fuel gauge is also included, which is tough to find in such generators. Thankfully, you get it here. It is tiny but very practical.

Safety and Convenience

After the power figures, the safety and convenience of the Westinghouse WGen12000 generator keep it on top of our list of the best whole house generator 2022. This particular generator can generate its maximum power for more than 10 hours.

It has remote start technology embedded within its electric starter, which adds to the overall convenience of the generator. Just press the button on the remote, and your generator will start.

Furthermore, a dedicated push button is placed on the generator itself. So, you have to use that for generating that raw power.

How good is that? According to some of the best home generators reviews, people commented that it seemed to them as if they were starting their car instead of a generator. Therefore, you will find it easier to turn on the generator.

In addition, it also has automatic voltage regulation, and automatic low oil shut down features to help you and your electrical connections stay on the safe side. You also get a smart idling feature that is fully automatic and helps you save fuel.

In short, this generator shares that plug and play connectivity. You just have to connect it with the main switch, and that is it.


  • Push-button start
  • Can run for up to 16 hours
  • Multiple fueling options
  • Loads of auto assisting features


  • Uses Extra Fuel
  • Costs a lot

What It Comes With?

A GeneratorUser ManualSome necessary wires

2: Champion Power Equipment 100891 9375 7500W- Easy Start Home Generator

Champion Power Equipment 100891 93757500-Watt Best easy start Portable home Generator
Champion Power 100891 9375 Generators
  • Weight: 129.7 lbs.
  • Noise Level at 23ft: 74 dBA
  • Dual Fuel Support: Yes
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 7.4 Gallons
  • Starting Wattage: 6,000 Watts
  • Max Watts: 5,000 Watts
  • Engine Type: 4-Stroke
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Champion power is one popular brand of the industry. This generator is an all-in-one option for houses and even small businesses. Because of its ample power, it is rated among the best home generators.

Design Language

The design language of this generator is something that you will like. It has all the designated controls on one end and all other controls on the other end. In addition, it has two power outlets that you have an option for.

Power Output

The power output here is also pretty compelling. You can power up various appliances with ease. For instance, you can power up your refrigerator. It generates a maximum of 7500 watts through gasoline fuel. On the other, running it on propane can generate up to 6750 watts of power.

With such a powerful figure, you can even power up a full same-sized house with this generator. Therefore, Champion 7500 Watts is rated as the best home standby generator. You do not have to worry about the main power supply.

Another interesting fact is that it has two power outlets rated at 30 Amps max. So anytime your electricity connections go down, this generator will keep on illuminating the lights in your house.

Safety and Convenience

It has an electric start ignition mechanism. Just use the key it comes with to start the generator. No need to deal with any pull cord. Further, the electric start also helps you safely start it.

Moreover, it comes with a 7.7 gallon of a fuel tank to help you keep it running for long. There is also a volt guard feature that keeps your appliances safe. So, there are also necessary safety and convenience features.


  • Dual power outlets
  • Cold start technology
  • Built-in battery
  • 7500 Watts of power


  • A bit heavy
  • Lacks fuel gauge

What It Comes With?

BatteryWire IncludedLPG HoseOil FunnelEngine Oil

3: WEN GN6000 6000-Watt RV-Ready – Best Home Generator for Small Houses

WEN GN6000 6000-Watt RV-Ready best home Generator for small homes
WEN GN6000 Generators
  • Weight: 129.7 lbs.
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 3.4 Gallons
  • Starting Wattage: 6,000 Watts
  • Max Watts: 5,000 Watts
  • Engine Type: 4-Stroke
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The EWEN Gn6000 is another best standby generator on our list. Thanks to its good power output, this model can offer up to 6000 watts of power. As it is a generator offered by a popular brand, you can rely on it for powering up your home.

Design Language

All WEN generators have pretty much the same design language. All these models have got some kind of specialty. The design language reflects that. In this regard, the company has not changed much.

You get a nondefinitional design here, and yes, there is a dedicated place for the battery and its controls, and necessary switches are located at one end. In addition, there is a firm handle.

Power Output

The WEN GN6000 is powered by a 4 stroke engine. This engine runs perfectly fine on gasoline. It is a 272-cc engine that can continually run for 7.5 hours. This generator can produce up to 6000 watts of power when turned on. However, once it gets started, it delivers a maximum of 5000 watts of power.

WEN GN6000 6000-Watt RV-Ready - Best Home Generator for Small Houses

You can easily power up your commonly used home appliances and lights with this much power. In addition, it can continuously power up your house or commercial property for up to 7.5 hours. Therefore, even if it is a major electric failure, you will be all covered.

As it is a gasoline generator, you will have to change its engine oil after regular intervals. However, that is the only maintenance cost you will have to bear.

Safety and Convenience

From the convenience point of view, there is less to complain about. This generator supports a plug-and-play kind of connectivity. You can connect it with your main electricity connection, and boom, you are good to go.

Moreover, it has an electric start mechanism and does not require extra effort. According to many standby generator reviews, this model is one safe generator option.


  • Exceptional power output
  • Electric start features
  • 3.4 gallons fuel tank


  • Fuel guzzler
  • Runs for 7.5 hours only on half load

What It Comes With?

User manualsElectric wiring

4: Briggs & Stratton 20,000 W Generator- Best Home Generator for Large Houses

Briggs & Stratton 40336 20kW best Standby Generator for large homes
Briggs & Stratton 20,000 W Generator
  • Weight: 580 lbs.
  • Fuel Tank Type: Natural & Liquid Petroleum
  • Starting Wattage: 20,000 Watts
  • Max Watts: 20,000 Watts
  • Engine Type: 4-Stroke
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If you do not know about Briggs & Station, let us help you find out what it is all about. It is one reliable option for those homeowners who want great power output in emergencies.

Despite all its power figures, this particular model is top-rated for many reasons. It is quite well-built and has some truly reliable features. Let us find out about different aspects of this model.

Design Language

The design language of this generator model is pretty interesting as it is a heavy-duty generator model. However, you do get an overall all-metal-made casing with it. Therefore, it can be placed in almost any corner of a house or a commercial property.

The whole generator is packed in a dedicated housing or casing. So, all of its connections and controls are located at one end. So, you do not have to dig in too much to access and control.

Power Output

The power output is an aspect that is tough to overlook when you are buying a home generator that is also portable. In this regard, this generator is an excellent pick. Its power output is maximum at 20 kilowatts.

Now, 20,000 watts is some serious raw power from a generator designed for home usage. You can easily power your refrigerator, TV, microwave oven, and even washing machine. If you want to run an air conditioner, even that is possible.

The power output of 20 KW gives you the flexibility to power up different appliances. So, with this generator, you should not have such issues.

Credits: Dan Marr Customs Youtube

Safety and Convenience

According to the manufacturer, this generator is 50% less noisy than other options. Now, that is a big claim. But, as it is all covered in a shell, the noise levels are considerably low. Thanks to the all-new and improved airflow technology.

This generator also has an automatic start-up feature which means, you do not have to start it manually each time. In case of an emergency backup, it will automatically start.

Moreover, it also has international fire standard safety certification, so installing it in houses and tight places will be a good idea. All in all, this model packs some really good specifications.


  • 20 KiloWatts power output
  • Soundproof housing
  • Fire safety tested


  • Takes a lot of space
  • Not ideal for small residential properties

What It Comes With?

User ManualElectric Wiring

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5: Champion Power Equipment 100519 6250WBest Quiet Home Generator

Champion Power Equipment 100519 6250-Watt Open Frame Inverter- Best quiet generators
Champion Power Equipment 100519 Generator
  • Weight: 22 lbs.
  • Noise Level: 69 dBA
  • Fuel Type: Gas+ Electric Start
  • Starting Wattage: 1000 Watts
  • Max Watts: 1000 Watts
  • Run Time: 12 Hours runtime on gasoline
  • Engine Type: 4-Stroke
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At last, we again have Champion 100519 6250-Watt generator, which is one good option, no doubt about it. This quiet generator not only has good power output but is also pretty portable. Therefore, it is in our list of the best whole house generator 2022. So, let us explore its different features.

Design Language

To be honest, the design language here is quite interesting. At first, it looks just like any other generator available out there. But in reality, it is unique. The black and yellow color combination look great.

Moreover, its tires are also high-quality rubber for a minimum fraction. Finally, unlike some other models, all the connections are placed at the backside of the generator. Now, it depends on your personal preferences whether you are convenient with this placement or not.

Power Output

The power output of this generator model is highlighted by its name. It produces 6250-Watts of electricity on start-up and 5000 Watts of electricity on half load. Therefore, you do not have anything to worry about in this regard.

This particular generator can power up washing machines, refrigerators, ovens and coffee blenders with ease.

Safety and Convenience

This generator has one of the best convenient features to offer. It has a foldable handle which is lightweight and very easy to get in touch with. In addition, you can simply drag the generator wherever you want.

Furthermore, it is equipped with noise reduction technology, which helps this generator to work noiselessly even at full load. So, this model is perfect for residential users as it does not disturb your family members or even neighbors.

Moreover, for safety purposes, this generator has fully covered outlets. So, even from a safety and convenience point of view, this generator lacks none of the essential features.


  • Top class safety features
  • Good power output
  • Unique design and build


  • A bit expensive
  • Heavy weight

What It Comes With?

User ManualElectric Wiring

6: Jackery Portable Solar Power Station Explorer – Best Mini Home Generator

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 1000, 1002Wh Solar Generator- Best mini home generator
Jackery Portable Solar Powered Generator
  • Weight: 121 lbs.
  • Power Source: Li-ion Battery
  • Starting Wattage: 6250 Watts
  • Max Watts: 6250 Watts
  • AC Output: 3*110V, 1000W (2000W peak)
  • Engine Type: 4-Stroke
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A group of engineers initiated the Jackey brand to simplify the electricity usage for several businesses. Their lineup of generators shares one common thing: they are powered by solar panels.

Let us find out what the company offers in this portable solar power station.

Design Language

Finally, we have a generator on our list that has a compelling design language. At first, it does not look like a generator. It looks more like a portable gadget. In reality, it is a portable generator. It has a convenient grab handle.

From the outside, it looks so cool; there are no unnecessary cuts and empty spaces. Overall, it is good-looking and also a practical generator.

Power Output

Some users may think that being a portable generator, they may not get that output power from this generator. Therefore, you can power up even some power-hungry home appliances such as a coffee maker or an iron.

A portable generator offers various functionalities to improve the end user’s overall experience. It has 3 AC outputs connected with your property’s electrical connection. It can power up lights, fans, and some casual kitchen appliances.

Safety and Convenience

Portable home generators offer a lot of nice little convenient features. Let us talk about this particular model.

It has loads of safety features, including overcharge protection, over-voltage protection, and short current protection.

Furthermore, it is very convenient to carry around. Due to its compact size and lightweight, you can take it anywhere you like. This little powerhouse is excellent for camping, road tours, and outdoor fishing.

Moreover, it also has dedicated USB ports for charging your mobile devices. A fast-charging USB port also offers up to 3.1 A of current. So, you are pretty much covered here from convenience and safety point of view.


  • Multiple USB ports
  • Portable and lightweight
  • It can be used for camping


  • Additional solar panels must be bought
  • Can get a bit noisier

What It Comes With?

User ManualElectric Wiring

How to Determine the Best Home Generators for Your Needs? (Buying Guide)

i): Power Demands

Before purchasing the best home generators, you must organize your house’s power demands and your most important large electrical devices. For example, refrigerators, cooling systems, water pumps, clinical tools, and electric water heaters will likely have the highest possible power draw and be most crucial throughout power failures.

Several generator manufacturers have online electrical power calculators to assist you in identifying how big generator will suit all your residential needs. You can additionally determine this number on your own by discovering the power level ranking tag on each of your crucial home appliances.

Numerous devices will certainly be identified with “Starting Watts” and “Running Watts.” The previous is the power-draw when the device first turns on, while the last one is the draw once it is running.

If the Starting Watts is not provided, you can typically increase the Running Watts by 3. Accumulate the Starting Watts for each home appliance and increase the overall by 1.5 to produce a margin of safety and security. A tiny tool dimension U.S.

Family standards a minimum of 5,000 to 7,500 Watts, numerous generators are marketed with 7,500-to-10,000-Watt results. Keep in mind: Some generators are provided by Watt (W) and some by kilowatt (KW). A Kilowatt is 1000 watts.

ii): Noise Levels

There are essential factors to consider when you have found out your power requirements. are the physical impact of the generator and the quantity of sound it makes. Whether you have a tiny lawn or lots of acres of land, you’ll desire the generator close to your house so the dimension and also audio issue.

The bigger generators included on our checklist are about 30 inches x 30 inches x 48 inches, while smaller generators are better to 24 inches x 24 inches x 36 inches. In addition, the National Fire Defense Organization (NFPA) code needs generators to be 5 feet or even more far from openings such as windows and doors.

Smaller-sized residence generators are enabled as close as a minimum of 18 inches from an outside wall surface, though you must constantly inspect neighborhood codes as they might vary from the NFPA’s requirements.

With the generator put quickly beyond your house, you ought to likewise consider the sound degree, gauged in decibels (dB). The majority of generators on our checklist are ordinary 60 to 70 dB. For referral, a hoover is about 70 to 80 dB.

iii): Type of Gas

A range of various gas kinds can run house generators. However, all the ones on our checklist usage either fluid gas (LP), gas (NG) or both. Those that can use both gas kinds are conveniently transformed, without devices, to be all set to melt whichever gas is required.

The benefits of gas are its price which it sheds “tidy,” implying it leaves little to no contamination. In addition, some homes have a long-term lp storage tank. However, gas is additionally offered in smaller-sized containers at food stores, wood shops, and gasoline stations.

Generators that work on gas can be directly connected to the residence’s gas line, permitting almost unlimited gas without bothering with going out. The negative aspects of gas are that it’s much less energy-efficient than lp and will certainly, for that reason, create much less power, which a house owner is still depending on the gas grid for backup power.

Buying Guide for the best home generators. Things to consider while buying generator for home

Features To Look For In The Best Home Generators

i): Electric Start

Unlike mobile generators, residence generators prepare the minute your powerheads out and also most will certainly also begin themselves instantly when they notice the draw of power from your residence’s electric panel.

Even if they do not begin immediately, house generators typically have a remote beginning which is substantially less complicated than a pull-cord that you could locate on a mobile generator.

ii): Automatic Transfer Switch

All house generators with over 5,000-watt outcomes are called for to have an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS).

The ATS immediately changes your residence’s electric panel from its link to the grid to your generator when it spots a loss of power (this is additionally what can cause some generators to immediately begin).

The ATS shields the city’s electric grid from being backed power by your generator. House generators with less than a 5,000-watt outcome (unusual) and mobile generators typically have a hand-operated transfer button that is a lot less hassle-free.

iii): Power Output Should Matter

House generators have the biggest power capability of any kind of non-industrial generator and normally give power to a whole house. While mobile generators commonly balance between 3,500 and 10,000 watts, residence generators generally have an ability of 10,000 to 50,000 watts, or perhaps a lot more.

With the ordinary U.S. house requiring a minimum of 5,000 to 7,500 watts for crucial devices, the enhanced power ability of a house generator provides you comfort when the power heads out that you can maintain every little thing you require running. In so

me extreme cases, you might also have the ability to aid supply power to next-door neighbors.

iv): Easy Installation

house, and also, with attributes like automated transfer buttons as well as electrical beginnings, you might not need to go outside when the power heads out to instantly obtain backup power.

You need to wheel a mobile generator out of the garage, run expansion wires to, and draw a cable to begin it up.

Furthermore, the majority of residence generators operate on propane or gas, both of which can be completely connected to your generator, so you never require to fret about hosting likely to the shop as well as acquiring gas.

v): The Pricing Factor

We’ve selected to concentrate on mobile generators as an economical strategy for emergency power. However, a standby generator might be a much better healthy lengthy-term if you have a big house with substantial power required or you experience constant blackouts.

Listen to some surprise costs that aren’t included with the generator, like wheels. Yes, you check out that right; some mobile versions do not feature wheels, so you need to acquire them individually. It pays to review the small print.

Among the most effective points, you can do to reduce expenses is to intend in advance. Regularly, people purchase generators when an emergency happens, so need increases costs.

Investing in a device in the off-period can conserve you a package and supply the protection of recognizing you will not need to equip battle for one at your regional equipment shop throughout an emergency.

How To Place Your Generator At The Right Spot?

Whether you have a mobile or a standby generator, you’ll intend to think about having an expert mount a transfer button. These buttons enable the generator to link straight to your house’s electric circuit card throughout a power blackout. Do not, nonetheless, try a DIY method on this.

i): Follow Safety Guidelines

It’s something you require a specialist to mount not just for your safety and security but likewise for the health of close-by energy employees that could unintentionally obtain zapped. See Honda’s site for an extra comprehensive overview on just how to appropriately link your generator.

If you choose not to expertly mount a transfer button, you’ll require to attach your mobile generator straight to your devices through a sturdy expansion cable. Stockpile on expansion cables and convenient to deal with the power level and go the distance.

ii): Do Not Place Inside Your Home

One last, really crucial note regarding utilizing your generator: Portables work on gas, and gas releases carbon monoxide gas fumes that can be deadly. Never utilize your mobile generator inside your home.

You require to run the system at the very least 15 feet from your residence, far from doors and windows, as well as outdoors, where it can be effectively aerated. For more details concerning securely utilizing your generator, see the Red Cross’s overview of running a generator in an emergency.

iii): Install A Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector

We would certainly likewise advise setting up a carbon monoxide gas detector no matter, however, specifically if you prepare to run a generator. Safety and security as well as upkeep for mobile generators.

To maintain your mobile operating shipshape and all set to power up throughout the following interruption, comply with the standard upkeep and security ideas listed below.

As well as constantly speak with the producer’s thorough directions and safety and security cautions before linking and running your generator.

✔️ There should be enough supply of gas

✔️ Adjustment oil every 100 hrs of use is recommended

✔️ Use gas stabilizer if needed

✔️ Run the lines completely dry seasonally

✔️ Utilize it at least once a month for twenty mins

✔️ Try to clean it on regular bases

✔️ Clean its air filter and replace it every 2nd month

✔️ Never utilize a generator inside your home

iv): Place It at The Right Position

Never start or run your generator inside your home. Not also in your garage. Place its position at 15 feet far from your residence and free from any home windows or doors before powering up.

Typically, you do not find that you require a generator up until it’s currently far too late. So strategy in advance and spend currently in a design that’ll give all the safety and security and convenience of a useful house throughout the following emergency or power blackout.


If you are curious about the common questions people ask me, here is a list of my most frequently answered ones.

Q1: What is the top-rated home generator for 2023?

Ans: The top-rated home generator for 2023 is the Westinghouse WGen12000 Ultra Duty.

Q2: What is the power output of the champion power equipment 100891 9375 7500W generator?

Ans: The Champion Power Equipment 100891 9375 7500W generator has a power output of 9375 watts.

Q3: Is the Wen GN6000 6000-watt generator suitable for RV use?

Ans: Yes, the WEN GN6000 6000-Watt generator is RV-ready and suitable for use with RVs.

Q4: How much power does the Briggs & Stratton 20,000 w generator provide?

Ans: The Briggs & Stratton 20,000 W generator provides a power output of 20,000 watts.

Final Words

Now, you know all about the best home generators. All of such generators are not only affordable but also have that power. Therefore, it is recommended that you get one of these generators for your home. They included buying guide will also help you find the right pick. Get yours today!

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