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Top Best Propane Generators For Home 2023 | Expert Reviews & Buying Guide

Whether you are planning for a short road trip or just want a reliable backup power source, choosing a generator can be a good idea. Now, there are many types of generators available out there. From inverter generators to super quiet ones, you would find a ton of variety readily available.

You can also go with the best propane generators. These propane generators also produce a good power output. Given the benefits of such generators, there is no harm in buying them instead of other options. Let us explore some of the best gas and propane generators. 

Best Propane Generators for the Money  

1: DuroMax XP5500EH – Dual Fuel Portable Generator 

Dual Fuel Portable Generator 

The DuroMax XP5500EH is one ideal propane generator that also comes with a whole range of excellent features. For instance, it is a dual fuel generator which means you can run it on propane and gasoline.

So, let’s say you take this generator on a short trip. Basically, it’s the added freedom that this generator gives. Being able to run a portable generator on dual fuel is something to highlight here.

Propane Generator Power Capacity

You won’t have to face any power output issues as you can even run it on propane. Its starting watts are 5500 whereas the running watts are around 4500 watts. With this much power, you can run almost all types of electrical appliances on it.

For example, it can easily power up appliances such as refrigerators, fans, lights, and other such household electronics. Furthermore, you can even run air-conditioners on this propane generator. 

Dual Voltage Capability

Another exciting thing about this generator is the new Max 2 Technology. This technology lets this generate deliver both 120v and 240v. It’s up to you which voltage output you want to utilize.

For example, 120v is the perfect voltage output for using on Rv trips. Apart from the Max 2 Technology, the company also claims the generator to have 100% pure copper winded motors.

Let’s not forget the presence of a handy power panel. The power panel has a volt meter, too, which helps in determining the actual voltage output that the generator delivers. 


All in all, the DuroMax XP5500EH is definitely the best portable propane generator out there. You can even run-on gasoline, thanks to its dual fuel functionality.

Further, it is also quite portable, making it perfect for Rv trips. Also, its peak output power of 4500 is enough to help you run some commonly used household appliances. 


While the 4500-watt power output is enough for common use age. However, it is still a bit behind the competition. 

I only wrote this review because somebody else said “don’t buy it!” Well, I couldn’t disagree more. 
I’ve had my 4400E 3 years and it gets run for around 200 hours a year. Out here in the boonies trees are always “contacting their facilities” as the power company puts it. It has been 100% reliable and I just love key-operated starting. 
It has required next to no maintenance. Just the (as recommended) checking and replacing the oil. It doesn’t get coddled – it gets used and abused in all weathers. 
To the people who gave this one star because it arrived with shipping damage, I’m afraid I think that is absurd. Your reviews are supposed to be about the unit. You can mark down shipping problems elsewhere – that’s what seller ratings are for so your product review ratings are extremely unfair.” 

2: Champion Power Equipment 76533 4750/3800-Wat 

Champion Power Equipment

When discussing the propane generator reviews, we cannot forget this brand name. Champion Power Equipment doesn’t need any introduction. They have some capable propane generators out there. Their Champion 76533 carries the same significance. It is a lightweight, portable and reliable propane generator for homeowners

Portable Power Solution

With 3800 watts of running output, this particular generator offers decent enough power to help you run your common home appliance’s when there is a shortage of power. You can run television, refrigerators, fans, and lights on it without a hassle. 

It is also quite portable and comes with a set of wheels. Because of these wheels, you can take them with you on trips as well. Also, the wheels make it easy to move around the generator. 

Quiet and Efficient Performance

Now let us talk about its actual operation. With around 68 dB, it is pretty quiet for the most. Note that the noise level also depends on the load the generator undergoes at any particular moment. Furthermore, you can run this generator continuously for 10.5 hours on a full tank. Now, that’s some good running time for a propane generator. 

Though its power output is bid on the mid-side, but it will surely help you power up some basic home appliances in case of power failure. Basically, the company has designed this model for the user who wants to run light to medium electric appliances such as LED lights and fans. 

Reliable Home & Travel Companion

You can even run a refrigerator in case of power failure. So, 3800 watts of power isn’t that bad. It can surely help you run some of the basic home appliances. Despite the average power output, the Champion 76533 comes with a low oil sensor which is very convenient. This sensor alerts the owner in case of low oil. 

Also, the brand has done its best to help a wide range of audiences with this generator model. That’s because it also comes with an Rv ready power outlet. On top of this, it has two wheels and doesn’t weigh too much. 

So, all these characteristics make it ideal for taking it along on trips. On a single propane tank, you can expect the Champion 76533 to last around 10.5 hours. 


We like the fact that Champion Power Equipment has a generator model in their line-up which caters to the needs of an average homeowner. Plus, its lightweight design and Rv-ready power output make it good for taking long road trips. 


Some users reported that the power output isn’t enough for them. Though there are high-end generator models available but they are expensive. 

What Customers Love 

“If this has 10 stars we would give it 11. Hurricane knocked out our power and this generator ads life bearable. In three days we used two tanks of propane. We used it to keep two refrigerators running, ceiling fans operating and lights on. Ran approximately 14/15 hours a day. Did not run at night. Neighbors are planning to buy, and one repairman even took a picture because he wants one. Had an electrician install the reliance transfer switch. Also bought the extension cord to run the generator outside the garage. Just bought this in early August. One of the smartest moves we ever made.” 

3: Westinghouse WGen9500DF – Propane Generator

Propane Generator

If you want a propane generator that produces lots of power, this particular model is what you should consider. The West Point WGen9500 DF is one quality dual fuel generator. Nowadays, it’s not tough to find dual fuel generators. However, it’s the power output that makes or breaks the deal. 

High-Power Portable Generator

In this case, the power output figures are quite impressive. For instance, the WGen9500 DF has 9500 running watts and a 12500 peak output rating. When you use propane to run this generator, it can deliver around 8500 watts of power. So, it is a portable generator that produces solid power output on both gasoline and propane. 

With around 8500 watts of power, you can run air-conditioners, microwave ovens, refrigerators, and several lights and fans. The high power output of this generator gives you the freedom to utilize it the way you want. It’s the 457 cc 4-stroke engine of this generator that helps it generate this much power. 

Versatile and Convenient Generator

The engine isn’t that loud on optimal load. However, it can get loud when it is under maximum load. The generator also has several connectivity options. For instance, its two 120V power outlets. Also, there is an Rv-ready receptacle available. 

So, you can take it on Rv trips as well and use it as a power source. The West Point WGen9500 DF also has many convenient features. For example, it comes with a remote start functionality. So, you can start the generator with just a press of a button. Note that the range of the remote is around 260 feet. Also, there is a push start button on the generator that lets you turn it on without any hassle. 

So, all in all, the West Point WGen9500 DF is definitely one reliable propane generator. Its peak power output on both gasoline and propane is something to brag about. It also has multiple connectivity options, allowing you more room to get the best output. 

People who bought this generator were satisfied with its overall performance. Again, we can find through customer reviews that it’s the maximum power output of the generator that most people love about it. Also, the remote start functionality made it easy for them to start it without any hassle. 


If you want a versatile propane generator, you should buy the West Point WGen9500 DF generator. It can even run on gasoline while delivering a power output of around 9500 watts. The manufacturer also offers 3 years of warranty, and it comes with several receptacles for easy connectivity. 


According to customers: 

“It would be nice if the manual specified a measured amount of oil to put into the crankcase.” 
“The manual should have an illustration of the dip stick showing the correct oil level.” 

What Customers Say 

“I bought the WGen9500 originally in preparation for the 2020 hurricane season along the texas coast (Houston area). Thankfully, I did not have to use it for the 2020 Hurricane season; however, as I write this review, the generator is powering a good portion of our 3500 sqft home after the Texas power grid failed in February 2021 during an unprecedented series of winter storms. 
The unit has been sitting with a full tank with fuel stabilizer in our garage since June 2020. It have a small fuss starting up in the 14 degree temp, but spraying a small amount of startedI have this generator tied into our home circuit box, backfeeding power to the house via the 30 amp outlet.

With this setup, we have been able to power a 5ton gas furnace to keep the house heated at 70 degrees (when it is 14 degrees outside), 65 inch tv, cable/internet equipment, 1 main fridge and 2 mini fridges, along with sporadic use of a microwave and coffee maker. Under this load, it has been giving me 7 to 10 hours of run time per tank. It is required to change the oil at 25 hours, so I did that and that is the only 15 min break it has had in 48 hours of continuous operation. 

The unit is fantastic. It’s heavy but easy to move, easy to refill, and has been very reliable under what I consider to be a demanding circumstance. Look no further, this is a quality generator.” 

4: DuroStar Ds10000EHPropane Generator

DuroStar Propane Generator

DuroStar also has a decent range of propane generators in their line-up. Their Ds10000EH is no exception in this regard. This particular generator model also runs on both gasoline and propane. Now, the figures aren’t that bad if we talk about its power output. Thanks to it its 439cc 4-stroke air-cooled engine, it delivers around 8000 watts of power. In addition, the 4-stroke engine produces around 18 Hp, which helps the generator produce the adequate power output. 

Powerful and Versatile Propane Generator

The inclusion of a 4-stroke engine here is also a good thing for homeowners who don’t want to compromise on the power output. Further, the generator has plenty of receptacles. Like some other propane generators, you can also take it on an Rv trip. 

That’s because it can run for almost 9 hours on propane. So, with multiple receptacles and 9 hours of constant running time, the DuroStar Ds10000EH is one worth considering propane generator. 


If you want a generator that can run on both gasoline and propane along with good running time, you can go with the Ds10000EH by DuroStar. It has a reliable 439cc 4-stroke air-cooled engine which guarantees 8000 watts of power. All in all, it’s a good choice for people who want a dual-fuel home generator. 


With 80 Db of noise level, the Ds10000EH by DuroStar can get a bit loud. This noise level can be a deal-breaker for some buyers. The build quality also could have been a bit better. 

What Customers Love 

According to online reviews, customers were quite satisfied with the performance of this generator. Only a few had to complain regarding its noise levels. 

“This is a very well-made product. We had some issues with delivery because of Fed Ex, not the shipper, but after a phone call, they handled everything, and our product was received on time. The generator is a heavy-duty no issues running a 32 ft camper all night without having to fill the tank during the night.” 

How We Choose All These Models? 

How We Choose All These Models?

At Friday Rack, our utmost priority is to present those propane generators that are tried and tested. That’s why we only consider brands that are top-rated. All our generator models have some unique salient features. 

Each generator we shortlist, and review has to go under various tests to be considered as the best propane generator. We evaluate them on behalf of factors such as output power, run time, fuel gauge sensitivity, low oil sensor, and other such value-added features. So, you can rely on our reviews and buy the ones we recommend with confidence. 

How to Choose the Best Propane Generators? 

How to Choose the Best Propane Generators

Like we mentioned in the start, each generator model has its own pros and cons. Furthermore, on paper, all models look similar. So, it can become difficult for people to choose the perfect one. Don’t worry; here is our detailed buying guide.   

i): Power Output 

Power Output 

You want to buy a generator to help you survive in case of power failures. So, the power output is the number one factor that you have to take into count before buying any propane generator. Now, you will find a ton of generator models available out there. 

Each of them claims a different power rating. Don’t get confused with those power ratings. Here is what you need to know about them. There are basically two types of power output ratings. One is the starting wattage, and the other one is the running wattage. 

The difference between these two terms is pretty much self-explanatory. The starting watts refer to the starting wattage appliances need, like a refrigerator or a circular saw. On the other hand, the running wattage is the actual running watts that various appliances need. 

So, generators usually support a bit higher starting watts so that you can easily power up all types of home appliances. Usually, propane generators have two types of wattage power rating numbers. The starting watts are always higher. 

Next time, when you see such power figures. Don’t get confused with them. Always go with the generator that offers good power output. 

ii): Fuel Type 

You also have to look for the fuel type on which the generator runs. For example, most of the generators available out there run on gasoline. Some of them even run propane. No matter which type of fuel they run on, you should check it before buying. 

iii): Dual Fuel Option 

Dual Fuel Option 

Nowadays, it is easy to find generators that support dual fuel functionality. For instance, the models we reviewed could run on both propane and gasoline. Such generators add great value as you can run them on both fuel types. 

If one type of fuel is not available, you can always run it on the second type of fuel. But, if you ask experts, it is nice to have a backup fuel option too. This comes really in handy on Rv trips. So, you can go with generators that run on more than one type of fuel. 

iv): Safety Requirements 

Before opting for any type of generator, you should know some basic safety requirements. For instance, any type of generator should never be used in an enclosed space. This is because generators do have an exhaust that emits carbon mono oxide. This gas is odorless and colorless. However, it can get deadly if it spreads around quickly. 

That’s why you should always use your generator in an open space. 

v): The Portability Factor 

The Portability Factor 

As we mentioned that, many generators emit harmful gases. Therefore, they should always be used in an open area. To move your generator to an open space, you want it to be portable so that you can easily move it around. 

That’s one reason why you should also consider the portability factor before buying any type of generator. Now, look for wheels in a generator. These wheels will help you move it anywhere with ease. Also, the weight of the generator plays an important role here. 

Usually, portable propane generators weigh anywhere from 100 pounds to 300 pounds. Though below 100 pounds generators are also available but their power output may not be that impressive. So here you have to consider your power requirements as well. This would help you buy a generator that’s portable and also has decent power output. 

vi): Noise Level 

Noise Level

Let’s not forget the importance of noise levels before purchasing any generator. Most portable generators rely on an air-cooled engine. This type of engine produces a noise when put under some heavy loads. So, one thing is for sure that to get some good power output and you will have to bear with some noise levels. 

There is good news too. Not all such generators are that noisy. There are some models which produce less noise. Basically, here you have to see the noise levels to determine the actual noise levels when they operate. You can portable inverter generator with noise levels as low as 50 Db. In this regard, it is recommended to go through the detailed specifications of your chosen generator model. 


Q1: Are propane generators any good? 

Ans: Yes, propane generators are perfect for residential use age. These propane generators also produce an excellent power output. Given the benefits of such generators, there is no harm in buying them instead of other options. 

Q2: What is the most fuel-efficient propane generator? 

Ans: According to our review, we found DuroMax XP5500EH to be the most fuel-efficient propane generator. It also has decent power output and can run all small to medium home appliances. 

Q3: How long will a 20 lb propane tank run a generator? 

Ans: In ideal conditions, a 20 lb propane tank would take around 4-5 hours to run a generator 

Q4: How long can a propane generator run continuously? 

Ans: Though, they can run for as long as 3000 hours. However, it is recommended to use them for around 500 hours continuously. 

Final Thoughts 

So, now you know the best propane generators for 2022. All these are top picks for 2023, which we reviewed and found them to be the best in the business. Most of the portable propane generators we reviewed can also run on gasoline. So, the users will have some freedom. Also, these generators come with unique features such as low oil warning, push start functionality and lightweight design. So, which propane generator are you planning to buy? 

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