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Hyper Tough Circular Saw Review (AQ8001G) – DIYer’s Pick

There are so many options when it comes to buying a reliable circular saw. This is because multiple brands are out there offering cheap and dependable power tools. Therefore, it can be confusing for others to find out the best option.

However, if you know what your requirements are, you can buy one with ease. Anyhow, for your convenience, we have compiled a detailed hyper tough circular saw review. In this post, the Hyper Tough 20V Lithium-ion 6-1/2 inch is discussed.

On paper, there is a lot to like about this particular model. Whereas, in reality, things are a bit different. So, let’s take an in-depth look at the pros and cons of this hyper tough circular saw.

Best Hyper Tough Circular Saw Review
Hyper Tough AQ8001G Circular Saw
  • Blade Length: 6-1/2 inch
  • Power Source: Battery
  • Voltage Rating: 60V
  • No of Teeth: 24
  • Speed: 4000 RPM 24
  • Cutting Angle: Up to 90 Degrees


  • Parallel Guide System
  • Well-Built
  • Easy To Use
  • Comes With Battery And Charger


  • Small Battery Life

1: Design Language

Hyper Tough Circular Saw Review - Design

What can one expect from a circular saw when it comes to its design? Anyhow, the design here is pretty much what you get with most of the other options available out there. The round blade covers most of the area.

The electric motor occupies other left space. Finally, there is just a small room where you get all the basic controls. For example, the power button is located at the top side. The good thing here is the placement of the grab handle.

Carrying it around or using it all day won’t make you tired. Further, the addition of safety guards around the blade is also excellent for better safety. So, you won’t find it tough to operate it no matter the work conditions.

2: Power Output

Hyper Tough Circular Saw Review - Power Output

Just like most of the Hyper tough models, the 20V Lithium-ion 6-1/2 inch is also a cordless power tool. It lets you work at almost every worksite. As there is no cord required, you can even use it at places where there is no AC power available.

Now, let’s come to some figures. First, the no-load speed maxes out at 4000 RPMS. Moreover, the battery here is copper winded for maximum efficiency. That is why the battery also lasts for some good hours.

For an enhanced cutting experience, the base of the saw is adjustable. You can adjust it up to 2-1/8 inches. So, you also get that flexibility here.

3: Ease of Use

Hyper Tough Circular Saw Review - EASE of Use

Don’t worry; it is not tough to operate the hyper tough circular saw. As we highlighted earlier, the handle is placed at a convenient spot. Moreover, you also get that power button placed on top with lock-on functionality.

Therefore, it would become easier for you to use it for cutting plastic or wood. But, unfortunately, not many power saws come with a parallel guide for the ease of users. Fortunately, the Hyper Tough Cordless model comes with parallel guides to help you make straight cuts without a hassle.

Last but not least, the battery-powered functionality is the most convenient add-on here. Because you can take this power saw anywhere. There is no need to rely on AC power. Further, it comes with a battery and also a charger which is a big plus.

4: Durability Aspect

Hyper Tough Circular Saw Review- Durability

Most of the users assume that battery-powered tools are less durable compared to traditional ones. But, in reality, there is no such thing unless you get a dirt-cheap power tool from one not-so-popular brand.

Here, you get a metal base that keeps all the things nice and tidy for the most part. Further, you get decent finishing all around. So, the overall build and finishing quality makes it a durable option.

Note that your type of usage and care also prolongs the life of any power tool. So, make sure that you use it with care.

5: Ideal for

HyperTough 20V Lithium-ion 6-1/2 is ideal for homeowners and DIYers who are looking for an affordable battery-powered saw. As it is a cordless model, so you can use it with peace of mind. Though, experts may also like some of its other features.

But, again, the limited battery life can disappoint them. That’s why you will find most of the harbor freight circular saw reviews written by homeowners. The majority of reviews are positive. So, beginners will find it easy to use.

6: Key Features

Hyper Tough Circular Saw Review- Key features

🔹 Electric Motor With a Speed Up To 4000 Rpm

Now you can cut PVC plastic or wood in multiple directions. The all-new and refined electric motor with 4000 RPM speed has got your back.

🔹 2-1/8 Inches Of Depth Control

Adjustable depth controls give you more freedom and control over different cuts. So utilize it for maximum efficiency.

🔹 Battery Powered

No AC power is required, just insert the battery and cut any materials with ease. The cordless feature is one main highlight here.

7: Box Contents:

🔹 Circular Saw🔹 Blade set
🔹 User Manual🔹 Warranty Booklet

What is a Circualr Saw?

A circular saw is basically one power saw but has a circular-shaped blade. Therefore, it is commonly referred to as a circular saw. However, materials like wood, plastic, and ceramic tiles quickly tore into pieces with better precision. That’s the real power of such tools.

Because of their ample power, they can cut a variety of materials within no time. So, if you have some budget, do consider getting one for your needs. You will surely love the functionality of this power tool.

What Benefits Do One Get For Buying Circular Saw?

Why You Should Buy A Circular Saw

There are several benefits you enjoy after getting a circular saw. Some of them are listed below to help you out.

1: Saves Time

Yes, a power tool, just like a circular saw, helps you make various cuts in a short time. That is why you do not have to rely on any other fancy tool. Moreover, with cordless function, you can take it almost everywhere with you. So, you do end up saving some extra time.

2: Pretty Affordable

Nowadays, you can quickly get a circular saw that can be used in various ways. You do not necessarily have to spend thousands of dollars here. Simply spend some bucks and buy a reliable circular saw just like the one we reviewed above.

Even a cheaper model will impress you with its unique add-ons. So, now you can buy a circular saw at affordable prices.


At the end of Hyper Tough Circular Saw Review, there is a lot less to say. All the significant aspects, including battery life, power output, and durability, were discussed earlier. For beginners and people who are starting out crafting, this circular saw would suit the best.

Also, DIYers would appreciate the tiny add-ons here and there. Such additions enhance the cutting experience.

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