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Best Powerful Hypoid Saws of 2023

Beginners, DIYers, and even professionals want a reliable and powerful circular saw. Now, there are a ton of such models available on the web. So, it might get difficult to choose the best one. But, do not worry, we have got you covered.

One common type of power saw is a hypoid circular saw. If you are an expert user, simply get a
hypoid circular saw. These saws are excellent for users who want to cut rigid materials on a regular basis.

Here are some of the benefits of getting such a circular saw:

🔹 Excellent raw power

🔹 No material is too thick for Hypoid Saws

🔹 They are durable and last fairly long

Wow! The icing on the cake here is the flawless cutting capability. Enough now. Let us find out the best hypoid circular saws.

What is a Hypoid Saw?

Great question. Before digging deep, one should know what exactly is a hypoid saw. Take it easy. It is not that tough to understand. Hypoid saws basically rely on a unique gear mechanism that is known as hypoid.

In simple words, we can say that a worm-drive circular saw that works with hypoid drive gears are known as a hypoid saw.

Now, this gear mechanism brings a lot to the table. We’ll go through such positives in the middle of the review.

Best Hypoid Saws of 2023 – Reviews And Ratings

To help you out on this, we have compiled the best hypoid saw review.

1: Wesco Mini 500W Circular Saw

wesco hypoid saw white background
Wesco Mini 500 Circular Saw
  • Blade Length: 0-27mm
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Measurement System: Metric
  • Material: Metal
  • Voltage Rating: 240V (AC)
  • Number of Teeth: 24
  • Speed: 5100 RPM
  • Package Dimensions: 44.2 x 15.9 x 11.7 cm
  • Cutting Angle: Up to 90 Degrees


  • Ample Torque
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • It comes with 2x Blades
  • Good for Bevel Cuts


  • Poor Safety Features

You may not have heard much about Wesco, but they have got a quality range of power tools. For instance, the Wesco Mini 500w is one of their reliable offerings.

1: Power Output

Wesco Mini 500W Circular Saw - Best Hypoid circular saw- powerful output

As the title says, it comes with a super-refined 100% copper motor that operates at 500W. The RMP ratings here are 5100. So, no matter the type of material, you will be in control for sure. That is why we have included it at the top of our list.

It also comes with two blades allowing your more room to cut different materials with better
accuracy. Moreover, it vibrates a lot less compared to some other models.

2: Ease of Use

There is a lot to say about the Wesco Mini 500W in this regard. The company has designed it for people who prefer safety over anything else. Therefore, you get a double safety switch which helps you avoid unnecessary start-ups.

Further, the design is also quite refreshing. Being a hypoid saw, the motor is placed at the back of the blade. This also ensures fewer vibrations.

3: Durability Aspect

Wesco Mini 500W Circular Saw - durability

The durability aspect here is also all covered, thanks to the durable construction of this particular model. The base plate is an all-metal one. Further, the pure copper winding motor is a big plus. It not only produces excellent torque but also lasts long. So, even from the durability point of view, things are pretty good here.

4: Ideal for Experts

Often experts look for worm-drive power saws with hypoid gear mechanisms. Therefore, they will like the feature set of this model. However, the icing on the cake is the additional free blades you get. They are 1x 24TTCT and 1x 44T HSS, respectively.

Both these blades help in cutting different materials with high accuracy.

5: Key Features

Wesco Mini 500W Circular Saw - Best Hypoid circular saw- key features

🔹 Safety Add-ons

The convenient positioning of the motor, metal blade guards and dual lock-on switch ensures that
you cut all materials safely and soundly.

🔹 Ergonomic Handle

The ergonomic handle helps focus on the accuracy of the cuts rather than the grip. It is located
behind the motor and has a nice texture on it for a convenient grip.

🔹 Pure Copper Motor

Powering things up is a 100% pure copper motor that runs smoothly and delivers exceptional

7: Box Contents:

🔹 Wesco Power Saw🔹 Vacuum Adapter
🔹 1x 24TTCT🔹 1x 44T HSS
🔹 User Manual

2: Evolution R185CCS Circular Saw

hypoid evolution circular saw with white background
Evolution R185CCS Circular Saw
  • Blade Length: 185 Millimetres
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Measurement System: Metric
  • Material: Metal
  • Voltage Rating: 110V (AC)
  • Wattage: 1600 W
  • Speed: 3900 RPM
  • Package Dimensions: 27.8 x 21.8 x 37 cm
  • Cutting Angle: Up to 60 Degrees


  • Excellent Versatility
  • 1600 Watts of Power
  • Dust Port Adaptor
  • Organized Air Flow System


  • Bit Heavy

Evolution is also among the best brands of a circular saw. The R185CCS is one professional hypoid circular saw. The main highlights of this particular tool are its 1600 W copper motor and its ability to cut any material.

It is commonly known as Evolution multi material circular saw. So let us dig a bit deep and find out more about this model.

1: Design Language

Evolution R185CCS- Best Hypoid Circular Saw

Even some professionals are concerned with the design language of a power tool. Anyhow, the
Evolution R185CCS has a cool-looking design. There is no fancy add-on. This indicates that it is only
meant for some serious raw power.

2: Power Output

It comes with a 1600 W electric motor. Now 1600 W is a huge figure for any power tool. Imagine the
torque it will produce? That’s amazing. You can cut all types of heavy-duty materials without a
hassle. Moreover, you can use different blades for even better results.

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3: Ease of Use

Features like electric brake, lock-on switch, and parallel edge guide make it an easy-to-use tool.
Unfortunately, a lot fewer power saws offer such functionalities along with extreme level
performance. Luckily, the Evolution R185CCS is one of them.

For instance, the electric brake can come in really handy to stop the blade rotation within a couple of seconds. In short, there is no any complex feature here.

4: Durability Aspect

Don’t be surprised by its ergonomics. It is one durable power saw for sure. Here is how. First. The metal construction makes it stand out. Second, it’s one powerful copper winding motor. Last but not least, the multipurpose blade set it comes with.

All these additions make it one durable circular saw.

5: Ideal for Pros

Evolution R185CCS- Best Hypoid Circular Saw

Is there any beginner who wants such advanced features? Obviously no. Therefore, the R185CCS is perfect for professionals who wish to have a reliable circular saw for the next few years.

6: Box Content:

🔹 Evolution Power Saw🔹 2x Blades
🔹 User Manual🔹 Warranty Card


So, now you should find it easy to choose the best hypoid saw. Of course, both the abovereviewed models have their own pros and cons. However, you can classify the best according to your
preference. Get yours today!

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