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Can You Cut Metal with a Circular Saw? | Ultimate Guide for Diyers

Can you cut metal with a circular saw? This is the most prevalent question that many contractors have in mind when buying a power tool. Circular saws are designed to cut wooden stock in angled and straight cuts. But there is more to this tool.

A circular saw is a great tool for cutting a variety of stocks, including metal, tile and plexiglass.

The durability makes it last longer than traditional stainless-steel blades. Which will wear out quickly compared to the stronger blade of a circular saw.

The circular saw blade can be utilized for piercing through hard and soft surfaces alike. The appropriate blade will let you go through anything without any kind of hassle. Precautions still need to be considered when using it with certain materials.

In this article, we have compiled a list of steps. That need you to take it successfully utilize a circular saw for cutting metal. Moreover, this guide will thoroughly answer whether a circular saw can cut metal or not.

The Kind of Blade You Should Use

If you want to use a circular saw for cutting through metal. The most critical thing you need to keep in mind is that the blade should be quite sharp and sturdy. Otherwise, the dull blade could lead to an injury or some hazard.

Get the job done fast and easily with carbide-tipped abrasive cutting discs. These will cut through most metals without breaking or getting stuck in your material of choice. Making it a safe way to work on all kinds.

However, you can also opt to work with a cordless circular saw. You will need to be very careful and experienced in doing so. Therefore, a more appropriate choice for cutting steel and aluminum. It would be a sturdy tool with maximum teeth explicitly designed to make smooth cuts.

Things You Need to Consider

Metal is tough to deal with, but it is not indestructible. Therefore, you must be careful when piercing aluminum with an electric circular saw. You need to take several safety precautions and be more careful than cutting through wood.

  • You should invest in the safety equipment while operating a circular saw for cutting metal.
  • The metal shavings are hazardous. And you should protect your body from serious injuries by investing in a proper outfit to prevent potential accidents.
  • When you use a power tool such as a circular saw for cutting metal. It gets heated quickly due to its high speed. So, to avoid burns, you must wear high-quality gloves.

Circular saws are very dangerous and should not be taken lightly. Your inexperience in handling a saw can lead to severe cuts on your hand or arm. So, if you are not an expert, do not indulge in this process.

The Best Metal Cutting Circular Saw

A metal cutting circular saw is a versatile tool. That can be used for many things other than just wood or steel. You need to carefully pick the saw to efficiently cut through metal and copper wires.

The circular saw is one of the most popular tools on today’s market. You can choose from a wide range. That is available with prominent brands like DE Walt, SKIL and Makita, to name just a few. These are some of the established brands that promise quality saws for your metal and wood cutting needs.

Cutting metal with a circular saw can be dicey. But there are three separate blades you need to make sure your arsenal has before tackling this task. The right combination of these are following some safety tips for one-handed handling. The operation ensure that any project or job gets done without a hitch.

These three blades are the carbide-tipped blade, a framing blade ,and a diamond cutting saw blade. These are efficient enough to cut through concrete, wood, and metal.

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Concerns to Keep an Eye on with Using Circular Saw

If you want to effortlessly pierce through metal, you need a circular saw that has a brushless motor. It is more efficient than the brushed one, as the former one causes less friction and wear and tear.

🔹 Metal cutting blades are typically around 5 inches in length. You will need to make sure your saw has the right blade size for metal. Which may be smaller than what you use on wood or other types of materials.

Cutting aluminum is a delicate process and requires special care. If you choose to use circular saws. It is best not to go with an ordinary blade. Because they will cause more damage trimming or shaving thin metal sheets.

🔹Instead, opt for a non-ferrous carbide-tipped blade with smoother teeth. he cut is cleaner and also there will be fewer sparks flying around in your workspace. Cutting metal can be harsh on blades, but using the right lubricant will extend its lifespan.

It would help if you used an appropriate lubricate for increasing the lifespan of a blade. It will also help prevent overheating. In addition, when looking for a blade, make sure that it has an edge. Straight teeth do not cut efficiently when it comes to piercing through metal.

Last but not the least, cutting aluminum with a circular saw is not for the faint of heart. It will create sparks and flying metal chips, so wear appropriate clothing and face protection.

You may find this video helpful.

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The Bottom Line:

By answering the concern for most of the users that “Can you cut metal with a circular saw” can be seen now in many ways. A circular saw is a versatile power tool that can be utilized to perform the various cutting task. However, many people are still concerned that if their saw can cut through metal or not.

We have thoroughly provided you with detailed information to answer the question that you can cut metal with a circular saw. Moreover, we have covered safety measures that you need to take in order to safely operate this power device.

You can easily use a circular saw to cut through aluminum, copper wires, and metal if you are experienced enough and have the right kind of blade. So, make sure that you have enough knowledge and the appropriate equipment before jumping to operate the circular saw for metal.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1: Can you use your circular saw to cut metal?

Ans: A circular saw is a versatile tool for cutting through stocks. It can be used to cut rebar with ease. With an effective blade that works on all types of steel. It has the potential to pierce through metal like butter.

2: What type of circular saw blade do you need to cut metal?

It is recommended that you use an abrasive, carbide-tipped framing and diamond cutting blade for cutting metal. All of these are sharp enough to give you accurate and smooth cuts on any kind of metal.

3: Can you turn a circular saw blade backward to cut metal?

No, you cannot mount the blade backward to cut metal. It will be a mistake if you do so, and it will not be able to cut through the stock.

4: Can you put a grinder blade on a circular saw?

Grinder blades are great for cutting stone, metal, and concrete. However, manufacture still warns against using it on circular saw

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