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Top 5 Best Jigsaw Brands in the Market

The market is full of many different best jigsaw brands having different price ranges and specifications. All these brands are good in their ways and make the best products. However, markets can never run if there is a single brand for everything.

These multiple brands create an air of competition and encourage others to step up the game. This competition proves to be helpful for the user as they get the best products and better prices. In other words, it is a healthy competition.

Like everything that ever existed, the jigsaw market is also full of many diversified brands. All these companies are unique in their way and are better in one way or another. It is up to you which brand you choose for your project.

So, to help you in your journey in finding the best jigsaw brands, explore this in-depth review of all the available brands in the market. Keep the following in mind:

  • Number of products
  • Price
  • Sales
  • Customer reviews
  • Ranking on online selling platforms

Let us start our review of the best jigsaw brands in the market today. Moreover, it will also be light in your pocket.

Best Jigsaw Brands

Best Jigsaw Brands ( Top Listed)

  1. Black and Decker Top-rated Brand in the UK
  2. Bosch Extensive Variety
  3. Makita Leading Brand for Corded and Cordless Jigsaws
  4. DeWalt Top Selling Brand in Asia
  5. Ryobi Allrounder Jigsaw Brand

1: Black and Decker – Top-rated Brand in the UK:

The Black and Decker brand was first established in 1910 and has ruled the market ever since. They are famous for manufacturing the best power tools. They are also the first ones to come up with compact, cordless jigsaws.

The reason for this company’s fame is evident. They provide top-quality products at affordable prices. Moreover, their work ethics and customer service are what make them stand out among many others. Their best products are:



That is the best jigsaw Black and Decker has to offer. BDEJ600C is a corded tool, thus is extremely powerful. In addition, it has a heavy-duty 5-amp motor which makes it the best jigsaw for metals and hardwood.

Black & Decker BDEJS4C Jigsaw:

Black & Decker BDEJS4C Jigsaw:

BDEJS4C jigsaw is an economical jigsaw that delivers more than what is paid for it. Its 4-amp powerful motor makes tasks more manageable. Furthermore, its well-designed frame and lower price make it the best fit for avid and new users alike.



With its 20 volts incredible battery, the BDCJS20C jigsaw is one of the best jigsaws by this brand. It conveys quality in a financial plan. Furthermore, the producers have done marvels with the structure and features.

It has a stroke rate range of 0 to 2,600 SPM, which may appear to be a bit less; however, it sure does the jobs needing to be done. Clients can likewise change the speed to what they like and what is OK for them.

The 4-position incline settings make it conceivable to make slices sideways as well as chopping all over. The slope changes up to 45° permits the client to make calculated cuts and complex plans. All that makes it the best fit for small DIY projects.

It is an adaptable jigsaw. It is compatible with both T-knife and U-knife edges. This characteristic further expands its useability and adequacy for various projects. Moreover, it is convenient for both large and small tasks.

This jigsaw is best for making itemized, exact, curved, and plunged cuts. Without much effort, anyone can use it conveniently. To put it differently, it is a complete bundle of unique features at a nominal price.

Black & Decker JS670V Jigsaw:

Black & Decker JS670V Jigsaw:

Black & Decker JS670V ranks third among many Black and Decker jigsaws with its state-of-the-art line finder technology. This new technology makes finding the cutline easier, as a result, increases the cut precision.

This tool has a motor strength of 6-amp and a stroke rate of 3,000 SPM. Therefore, it can easily cut through many surfaces. That is another reason why it is liked so much by users. Moreover, it also provides the following features:

2: Bosch- Extensive Variety:

Bosch was established in 1886 and had been creating history ever since. After the first year of its establishment, Bosch produced the first low voltage magneto for gas engines, gaining immense popularity.

The company produces one of the best and most powerful jigsaws available in the market. They give special attention to the precision and value of their machines. Moreover, Bosch produces jigsaws of every kind and at every price range. The best products of Bosch company are as follow:

Bosch JS470E Jigsaw:

Bosch JS470E Jigsaw:

Bosch JS470E is the most powerful jigsaw this company has to offer. It comes with a 7.0-amp battery and a 3000 SPM rate. Furthermore, the lock-on button and rubber-coated handle make it easier to cut precisely.

Bosch JS470EB Jigsaw:

Bosch JS470EB Jigsaw:

Are you looking for a barrel-grip jigsaw? If yes, Bosch JS470EB is your go-to jigsaw. This corded tool comes with a powerful 7.0- amp motor, thus can easily cut metals like aluminum and steel.

It is known for its ergonomic design, sharp blades, and precision control. Professionals like it due to its high level of productivity and precise cut.

It has a 7-amp powerful motor that can cut hard metals and wood. The stroke rate it provides is also exceptional and cannot be matched by another jigsaw brand.

Bosch JS365 Jigsaw:

Bosch JS365 Jigsaw:

Bosch JS365 is the third-best jigsaw from this brand. Moreover, it is the most economical jigsaw, costing under $100. Furthermore, this machine comes with a powerful 6.5-amp motor; for this reason, it is the best, and the most economical jigsaw this company has to offer.

3: Makita – Leading Brand for Corded and Cordless:

Being a well-known Japanese brand, Makita produces one of the best jigsaws in the market. This brand is acknowledged for its excellent corded and cordless jigsaws. In addition, the brand speaks for the quality it provides and the prices it claims.

The top three jigsaws by Makita are as follows:

Makita 4350FCT Jigsaw:

Makita 4350FCT Jigsaw:

Makita 4350FCT has a well-designed d-shaped top handle which makes it easy to hold while working for more extended periods. In addition, it has a LED light and a dust blower embedded into it, making it suitable for precise cuts.

Moreover, it has a 720 watts powerful motor and a stroke rate range of 800- 2,800 SPM. Although this is a corded jigsaw, its long cord allows users to move around and work freely.

Makita XVJ03Z Jigsaw:

Makita XVJ03Z Jigsaw:

There is no better option than Makita XVJ03Z in the market if cordless best jigsaw brands are what you like. This tool comes with a highly compatible lithium-ion battery that retains power for a long time and charges faster.

It has a battery strength of 18 volts and a stroke rate range of 0- 2,600 SPM. Moreover, its large and heavy frame increases the precision and accuracy of cuts. As a result, it works best at a 90° angle while cutting aluminum and other such metals.

Makita JV0600K Jigsaw:

Makita JV0600K Jigsaw:

If you are a new user and do not have a firm hand on your jigsaws, Makita JV0600K is the best option for you out there. Its low-speed range makes it useable for a newbie and a pro alike. This versatility makes it a hot selling item.

This corded jigsaw has a motor strength of 650 watts which is enough to work on metals and hardwood. The stroke rate range for Makita JV0600K is 500-3,100 SPM and has a cut depth of 10 mm on wood. In addition, it provides a cut depth of 23 mm on aluminum and steel.

4: Dewalt– Top Selling Brand in Asia:

DeWalt jigsaws are considered the best jigsaws for home use. Their compact design, well-built structure, and reasonable prices make them accessible to the general public. That is the reason these are extensively used in Asia.

The best features of this company is the wide range of products and extensive services they offer. That is the main reason behind their success in the biggest continent of the world. Moreover, one thing they never compromise on is their work ethic and customer satisfaction.

Following are the top three jigsaws that DeWalt has to offer:

DEWALT DCS331B Jigsaw:

DEWALT DCS331B Jigsaw:

This jigsaw is one of a kind considering its motor quality and impressive handle design. Due to its sharp blades and powerful motor, DEWALT DCS331B is an excellent jigsaw to cut metals. That is why it is best used for heavy-duty operations.

In addition to that, this jigsaw’s compact and ergonomic design makes complex and angled cuts more accessible—the variable speed and orbital setting act as a cherry on top of this overall fantastic product.

It has a motor strength of 20V. The stroke rate range of this best jigsaw brands is 0-3,000 and it has Stroke length of 1 inch on wood.

DEWALT DCS334B Jigsaw:

DEWALT DCS334B Jigsaw:

With its brushless motor and compact design, it ranks 2nd among all the jigsaws DeWalt has to offer. This jigsaw comes with efficient speed controls, thus making it best to work on a wide range of materials.

The manufacturers have given special attention to the safety of the user in this jigsaw. As a result, the design of the frame, embedded LED, and dust blower ensure that the user is safe at all times.

This jigsaw has a 20V powerful motor and a cut depth of 1 inch. It also provides a stroke rate of 0-3,200 SPM.

5: Ryobi – Allrounder Jigsaw Brand:

Ryobi jigsaws are the fastest and one of the most efficient jigsaws in the market to date. Their high-speed, heavy-duty motors make them compatible with cutting hardwood and metals. Moreover, these are among the best user-friendly jigsaws available.

These jigsaws, because of their simple design and functionalities, are very easy to use and master. Ryobi jigsaws are the best in terms of cut precision, accuracy, structure, and safety. A brief introduction to the best Ryobi jigsaws is as follows:

Ryobi ZRJS481LG Jigsaw:

Ryobi ZRJS481LG Jigsaw:

The Ryobi ZRJS481LG has a 4.8-amp engine and a stroke rate going from 0 SPM to 2,600 SPM. This force of motor and SPM makes it useable for materials like steel and aluminum. This feature adds to its utility for various sorts of tasks.

The jigsaw has a top D-shape handle which is ergonomically intended to guarantee the solace of the client. In addition, the handle has an elastic covering, making it simpler to grasp and lessens exhaustion in the event of long working hours.

It has an implanted LED light that permits it to be utilized in regions with helpless lighting. Moreover, the machine weighs just 4.8 pounds. Its low weight and very much planned design make it profoundly compact and productive.

One of the complaints clients had with it is that its casing is made of plastic. Unfortunately, this helpless utilization of material makes it somewhat less solid and henceforth a bit less dependable.

Ryobi JS481LG Jigsaw:

Ryobi JS481LG Jigsaw:

If you figure you can’t get something extraordinary at inexpensive rates, be ready to be astonished. Ryobi JS481LG is under this 30$ and gives outstanding results. Its features and performance are astonishing considering the value range it falls in.

It has a 4.8-amp excellent engine, making it valuable for hard materials like steel and aluminum. However, the stroke pace of this jigsaw lies in the scope of 600-3,00, which is incredibly impressive at this cost range of best jigsaw brands.

Clients can change the speed utilizing the variable speed dial, put it at a genuinely open position. The speed decision might rely upon the simplicity of the client and the prerequisites of the material.

Its ergonomic plan makes it exceptionally simple to utilize. In addition, it has an elastic covering making it feasible for clients to use it for extended periods and not feel pain.

Ryobi JS481LG gives movable slope level choice. Clients can pick between 0 to 45 degrees according to as they would prefer and material prerequisite. It likewise offers an instrument less sharp edge evolving choices, making upkeep simpler and quicker.

Relevant Information:

What to look for while buying a jigsaw from any brand?

Following are the things to look for wile buying a jigsaw from any brand:

Price: No matter how good the brand is, do not buy a jigsaw that is way too expensive and does not fulfil your needs. Jigsaw brands may cost a lot but you should buy the one that suits your needs the best.

Quality of Cuts: The main concern with jigsaws is the quality of cuts. Make sure that your jigsaw makes good quality cuts and delivers the precision and accuracy you need.

Build Quality: Consider what build quality suits you the best. Some brands can slack off on the quality and may produce low quality frames even irrespective of their reputation.

Maintenance: Always keep in mind that the jigsaw you buy should be easy to maintain. Look for options like tool-less blade change and brushless motors .

Motor Strength: Look for the jigsaw that has the motor strength that suits you the best.

Blade Quality: Always buy a jigsaw with sharp and sturdy blades.


If you are curious about the common questions people ask me, here is a list of my most frequently answered ones.

1: Which is the best brand to buy a jigsaw?

According to our review, the best jigsaw brand in the market is Black and Decker. Usually, the choice depends upon your use and the specifications you need most.

2: What is the warranty scheme of a jigsaw?

Different jigsaws have different warranties. The warranty depends on the manufacturer or the seller. The minimum deposit can be one year, and some jigsaws may also have an unlimited warranty.

3: What are the new features of a jigsaw?

Some new features added into the jigsaws are:

  • Variable speed control
  • Adjustable bevel level
  • Lock-on buttons
  • Tool-less blade change

4: What is the best speed for a cordless jigsaw?

The jigsaw speed may vary from one tool to another, depending upon the stroke rate. For example, the maximum speed a cordless jigsaw has is 3,800 SPM.

5: What are the uses of a fixed-speed jigsaw?

Fixed speed jigsaws are the older version of the modern variable jigsaws, performing almost similar tasks. Different materials require different speeds. While working with these, cutting on a wide range of materials might be difficult.

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