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10 Best Corded Jigsaw in 2023 – Top Picks

Do you rank power higher than appearance? Are you looking for a reliable and heavy-duty tool to complete your house renovation or DIY projects? If yes, you need to get the best jigsaw corded for yourself.

A corded jigsaw is far more reliable than a cordless one. It has more power, and there is no time restriction while using it. When it comes to weight, no jigsaw weighs more than 3 kgs, whether corded or cordless.

The reasons why corded jigsaws are more useful for professional purposes are:

  • More powerful and strong
  • They do not have to be charged, nor do they run out of battery anytime so that you can work uninterrupted.
  • Are easily portable.
  • Corded jigsaws can make deeper, cleaner, and more versatile cuts due to their added power.

Considering these points, we have picked the 10 best-corded jigsaws in the market for you to surf through. This guide will help you find a jigsaw that best fits your needs. 

Corded Jigsaw

10 Best Corded Jigsaw Reviews – Latest Picks

  1. BLACK+DECKER (BDEJS600C & 1964758) Corded Jigsaw – Editor’s Choice
  2. Bosch JS572EK  Corded Jigsaw – Most Reliable Jigsaw
  3. Makita 4351FCT Corded Jigsaw– Best Barrel Grip Corded Jigsaw
  4. DeWalt DW331K  Corded Jigsaw Heavy Duty
  5. Avid Power Jigsaw – Best Corded Jigsaw to Cut Curves
  6. Meterk Jig Saw – Best DIY Jigsaw
  7. CRAFTSMAN CMAJ1SET13 Jigsaw – Best Budget Corded Jigsaw
  8. Bosch Top-Handle Jigsaw (JS470) – Heavy-duty Corded Jigsaw
  9. WEN 3602 Jigsaw – Powerful Corded jigsaw
  10. TACKLIFE Advanced Jigsaw (PJS02A) – Economic and Powerful

1: BLACK+DECKER (BDEJS600C & 1964758) Corded Jigsaw – Editor’s Choice

BLACK+DECKER (BDEJS600C & 1964758) Corded Jigsaw
BLACK+DECKER (BDEJS600C & 1964758) 
  • Battery Strength: 18V
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs.
  • Motor Strength: 5.0 amp
  • Cut depth on wood: 3/4″
  • Stroke rate: 0-3,000 RPM 
  • Bevel: 45 Degree
  • Orbital Setting: Available
  • Quick Grip Clamp
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With its 5.0-amp motor, BLACK+DECKER JigSaw with Irwin quick-grip clamps (BDEJS600C & 1964758) is the best-corded jigsaw in the market until now. The machine has a stroke rate of 3,000 strokes per minute. The cuts it makes are precise and perfect.

The jigsaw comes with an adjustable speed dial which allows the user to control the speed as per their capacity and need. BLACK+DECKER JigSaw with Irwin quick-grip clamps (BDEJS600C & 1964758) provides a cut depth of ¾ inches on wood. 

That is the best for precise cutting because it comes with a scale ruler that helps make precise cuts, especially while working on wood. You can also adjust the bevel levels from 0 degrees to 45 degrees.


  • Variable speed
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Excellent dust extractor and blower 
  • Toolless blade replacement
  • Wire guard helps to maintain accuracy


  • A bit on the heavier side
  • Complains about stability and imperfect straight cuts

2:  Bosch JS572EK Corded Jigsaw – Most Reliable Jigsaw

Bosch JS572EK  Corded Jigsaw
Bosch JS572EK Jigsaw
  • Weight: 5 lbs.
  • Motor Strength: 7.2 amp
  • Stroke rate: 800-3,000 RPM 
  • Bevel: 45 Degree
  • Weight: 5.15 lb.
  • Cut Depth: 5.5″
  • Orbital Setting: 4 Action
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Want power with quality and reliability? Then, Bosch JS572EK is the pick for you. It has an ultra-powerful motor, having a strength of 7.2 amp. In addition, the machine offers a 4-position blade; it can move up, down, and in both directions. 

The machine comes with a variable speed dial. Users can adjust the speed between 1 to 6 depending on what they are comfortable with and at which materials it works best.

The cut depth of this jigsaw is 9.1875 inches which is one of the best out there. You can also adjust the bevel range from 0 to 45 degrees. The machine offers a stroke rate ranging from 800 to 3,000 strokes per minute.

Some users find the absence of a laser light a significant inconvenience and a safety hazard when working in tight or ill-lit places. Other than that, this is one of the best-corded jigsaws out there.


  • Smooth motor function 
  • Easy maintenance 
  • LED light


  • Absence of laser guide

3:  Makita 4351FCT– Best Barrel Grip Corded Jigsaw

 Makita 4351FCT Corded Jigsaw
Makita 4351FCT  
  • Motor Strength: 720 watts 
  • Stroke rate: 800- 2,800 SPM
  • Weight:5.81 lbs
  • Bevel: 45°
  • Cut Depth: 5-5/16″
  • Orbital Setting: 3 Speed
  • 40% Less Tool Vibration
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This jigsaw is like a luxury car. It delivers quality while being elegant and economical. The machine takes a power input of 720 watts. Makita 4351FCT provides the best power at the best price.

The stroke rate of this jigsaw is 800 to 2,800 SPM which might not be the best, but it serves the purpose. The jigsaw also comes with a built-in job light which makes it safe to use in dim or dark places.

The maintenance of this machine is as easy as it is to use it. The blade changing process requires no tools. The base plate is adjustable and can be adjusted to make precise and accurate cuts. We have discussed complete Makita jigsaw range for you interest.


  • Lightweight 
  • Built-in LED light
  • Ergonomic design
  • Powerful motor


  • No accelerator triggers
  • No toolless bevel adjustment

4:  DeWalt DW331K Corded Jigsaw – Best Heavy Duty Jigsaw

DeWalt DW331K Corded Jigsaw
 DeWalt DW331K 
  • Motor Strength: 6.5 amp
  • Stroke rate: 500-3,100 SPM 
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs.
  • Bevel: 0°,15°,30°,45°
  • Stroke Length 1″
  • Orbital Setting: 4 Positions
  • Toolless Blade Change
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Looking for something sturdy and robust, DeWalt DW331K is what you need. It is durable and compelling, which makes it one of the best-corded jigsaws out there. In addition, the machine has a 6.5-amp motor, allowing it to cut effortlessly through hard materials like steel and aluminum.

The machine weighs about 6.5-lbs and offers a stroke rate of 500- 3,100 SPM. The cut depth of this jigsaw is 1 inch, not the best in the market, but it still works effectively.

DeWalt DW331K comes with a 4- position orbital, which allows it to move sideways and move up and down.

The DeWalt DW331K jigsaw comes with a kit box containing all the fixtures needed for the machine and the tools required for its maintenance. It weighs about 6.4 lbs., which is not much considering the power it provides.

The issues faced by customers using this jigsaw are that the smaller blades tend to fall out sometimes, which is a security hazard. The second issue is the absence of a LED light which makes it unsuitable for working in dim or dark places. Compare different Dewalt jigsaws.


  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Removable non-scratch pad to work on finished products
  • Can cut metal


  • Smaller sized blades might fall out, creating a security hazard 
  • No LED lights

5:  Avid Power AJS268 Jigsaw– Best Jigsaw to Cut Curves

Avid power AJS268 Jigsaw
Avid Power AJS268 Jigsaw 
  • Motor Strength: 5.0 amp
  • Stroke rate: 0-3,000
  • Weight:Weight: 5.84 lbs.
  • Bevel: 0° & 45°
  • Cut Depth: 2-1/2″
  • Orbital Setting: 4 Position
  • 6 Variable Speeds
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Avid Power Jigsaw is a sensible choice for someone new but passionate about woodwork and cutting metal. The machine has a 5- amp motor, which is not the most powerful, but it sure is the best you can get in this price range.

The stroke rate of this machine is between 0 to 3,000 SPM. The device can make straight, diagonal, and curved cuts in different kinds of materials like wood, steel, and aluminum. The cut depth which this jigsaw offer is ¼ inches for metals and 2-1/4 for wood.

It has a speed control option that gives the user more control over the machine and their work. You may adjust this speed according to what they can handle and what type of material they are using.

Users get to choose from the four gear options the machine provides. These options are as follows according to:

0 Gear – while working on wood or making straight cuts

1 Gear – dealing with hardwood, aluminum small and curved cuts

2 Gear – seamless middle curved cuts in aluminum and steel

3 Gear – best for speed cutting and significant curved areas.


  • Speed control 
  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Easy and fast blade replacement
  • Easy to maintain and use


  • Thin stamped out metal base 
  • May spark on higher speed settings

6: Meterk E6577 Jig Saw – Best DIY Jigsaw

The Best Jigsaw in Africa
Meterk Jig Saw E6577
Meterk E6577 Jig Saw 
  • Motor Strength: 6.7 amp
  • Stroke rate: 0-3,000
  • Weight: 4.19 lbs.
  • Bevel: 45°
  • Cut Depth: 3.93″
  • Orbital Setting: 4 Position
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With a 6.7-amp motor, this jigsaw works wonders. Users can use it to a stroke rate of 3000 SPM without putting any extra load on it. There are six-speed levels from which the user may select.

One can easily adjust the speed considering the comfort level of the user and the material at hand. For example, more rigid materials require higher rates; similarly, less experienced people find it more comfortable to work at low speeds.

The construction design of this machine is intricate. A blowing fan is embedded into its design which filters the heat. That is a very suitable jigsaw for working long at a stretch due to its lock-on button and ergonomically designed non-slip handle.

The Meterk jigsaw offers four orbital options and a bevel adjustment from -45 degrees to +45 degrees. It is also suitable for working in dark or dim spaces due to its built-in LED light.

Craftsman jigsaw is the best for precise cutting because it comes with a scale ruler that helps make precise cuts, especially while working on wood.


  • Laser marker to assist in cutting
  • Bevel adjustment
  • Variable speed 
  • Powerful motor
  • Intricate design


  • It can be a bit loud 
  • No wire guards

7: CRAFTSMAN CMAJ1SET13 – Finest Choice Under Budget

The Most Efficient Jigsaw
  • Motor Strength: 7.2 amp
  • Voltage: 18V
  • Stroke rate: 2,500 
  • Weight: 5.05 lb.
  • Bevel: 45°
  • Orbital Setting: 4 Positions
  • Durable Body
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Want something to be swift in the cuts while being perfect and precise? If yes, CRAFTSMAN Jigsaw is what you need. The main feature it provides is its 13-piece T-shank blade, which is swift, smooth, and precise in its cuts.

The machine has a 5.0- amp motor and a  stroke rate  of 0 to 5500 SPM, which is one of the best in the market. In addition, it provides four orbital settings, which means the blade can move sideways, upwards, and downwards.

You can use a T-shank or a U-shank blade with this jigsaw, which allows variety and versatility. In addition, the machine comes with a storage box which is convenient not only for storage but also for transportation.


  • Extended warranty 
  • 13 pc T-shank blade 
  • Variable speed and multiple orbital options 
  • Accepts different types of blades


  • Some of its essential fixtures are sold separately
  • Poor production

8: Bosch Top-Handle(JS470) – Best Heavy Duty Corded Jigsaw

Bosch Top-Handle Jigsaw (JS470E)
Bosch Top-Handle Jigsaw (JS470) 
  • Motor Strength: 7.0 amp
  • Stroke rate: 0-3,1000 SPM 
  • Weight: 7.36 lbs.
  • Bevel: 45° Max.
  • Cut Depth: 5-7/8″
  • Orbital Setting: 4 Position
  • Footplate for Stable Cuts
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Want to have an easy grip and an excellent performance? Bosch Top-Handle Jigsaw comes with a 7.0 -amp motor that provides the best results for intricate and sophisticated cuts. 

The machine provides a stroke rate of a minimum of 0 to a maximum of 3100 SPMs.

In addition, a variable speed dial is embedded into the design, which allows the user to have greater control over the jigsaw.

The orbital action has three settings; it can move up, down, and in both directions. That allows the user to determine how much power they need to make the cuts they want.

It also has a lock-on button which allows the users to use it for longer times without feeling numbness, fatigue, or pain. In addition, security is not a concern for Bosch Top-Handle Jigsaw because it has blade clamps, providing additional grip to the blades.


  • High power battery 
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Variable speed and orbital options


  • Compatible with T-shank blade only
  • Expensive

9:  WEN 3602 – Powerful Corded Jigsaw

WEN 3602 Orbital Jigsaw
WEN 3602 jigsaw
  • Motor Strength: 6.0 amp
  • Stroke rate: 800-3,000 SPM 
  • Weight: 5.1 lbs.
  • Bevel: Upto 45°
  • Cut Depth: 4″
  • Orbital Setting: 4 Options
  • Tool Free Quick Chuck Release
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WEN 3602 jigsaw is one of the best-corded jigsaws for performance, durability, and price. With a 6.0-amp motor, this machine provides exceptional results and can make perfect intricate cuts.

The WEN 3602 jigsaw provides a stroke rate ranging from 800 to 3000 SPM, a pretty good range. The machine also offers 4-position orbital action, which increases its effectiveness and workability.

You can also adjust the bevel level up to 45 degrees on either the left or right side. The WEN 3602 jigsaw is lightweight, well-structured, high-powered, and efficient, all the quality you need in a jigsaw.

There were some issues with the plastic body of the jigsaw, but so far, no customers have complained about the body breaking down or causing any problems.


  • Lightweight 
  • Easy to maintain 
  • Convenient storage system 
  • Angle and speed adjustment 


  • Plastic body

10: TACKLIFE (PJS02A) Jigsaw – Economical Yet Powerful

Tacklife PJS02A
TACKLIFE Advanced Jigsaw (PJS02A) 
  • Motor Strength: Motor: 6.7 amp
  • Stroke rate: 0-3,000 RPM 
  • Weight: 7.52 lbs.
  • Bevel: 45°
  • Front Air Outlet to Blow Dirt while Cutting
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TACKLIFE jigsaw is a monster when it comes to power and efficiency. With a motor power of 6.7 lbs., this is a heavy-duty jigsaw that can take on heavier materials like aluminum and steel.

This jigsaw provides a stroke per rate ratio of 0-3000 SPM and a variable speed adjustment option. This speed dial allows you to change and adjust speed as per your liking and the type of material.

TACKLIFE Advanced Jigsaw (PJS02A) offers a 4-position orbital option and bevel adjustment up to 45 degrees. It also has a laser pointer for precise cutting and a LED light to work in dark or dim spaces. 


  • Embedded dust blower
  • Heavy-duty motor 
  • Lock-on option 
  • Speed and slope adjustment option


  • Heavier 
  • Speed control works with two hands


Q1: Are corded jigsaws more powerful?

Ans: Yes, corded jigsaws are more powerful than cordless ones because they use AC instead of DC, which is easier to convert into energy. They are also more powerful because they do not need to reserve any batteries.

Q2: Which is the best-corded jigsaw?

Ans: According to our review, BLACK+DECKER Jigsaw with Irwin quick-grip clamps (BDEJS600C & 1964758) because of its heavy-duty motor, ergonomically design, and variable bevel settings.

Q3: How to use a corded jigsaw?

Ans: To use a corded jigsaw, you need a power source to plug in the machine. Other than that, using it is just like using a manual saw.

Q4: What are the essential things to consider while looking for a corded jigsaw?

Ans: While looking for a corded jigsaw, these are few things to consider:

  • Motor power 
  • Weight 
  • Cord length 
  • Variable speed option
  • Maintenance options

Q5: Do you push or pull a jigsaw?

Ans: You do not need to push or pull the jigsaw because of its orbital options. It moves upwards, downwards, and sideways on its own.

Q6: How to maintain a jigsaw for optimal results?

Follow these steps the best care of a jigsaw and get top-notch results from it:

  • Cleaning: Make sure to clean your tool regularly and poorly. Sawing is a messy task, and the one thing that gets messed up the most is the saw itself. So, if you want your jigsaw to give the best results possible, make sure all its parts are clean.
  • Lubricating: Sawing is all about friction, and friction means wear and tear. To avoid the loss of a part or blade of the machine, lubricate it thoroughly and ensure it is done correctly.

Q7: What are the things not to do with a jigsaw?

Make sure you do not do these things while using a jigsaw:

  • Do not put yourself in front or in the way of the blade.
  • Beware of the wire in case of a corded jigsaw. Do not trip over the wire.
  • Never lose grip on the machine, and always be prepared for a kickback.
  • Do not take this machine for granted. If you do not care for it, it won’t take care of you.
  • For corded jigsaws, make sure the voltage is enough. Low voltages may cause the circuit to burn.
  • Beware of the fact that it is just a machine and it has no mind of its own. You are the one directing it to do the task. It is up to make sure everything gets done safely.


So, these were our top picks for corded jigsaw in the market. Now it is up to you to select which of these machines works best for you. Whatever device you decide to go with, ensure that it fits your experience level and works for the material at hand.

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