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Ultimate Milwaukee Jigsaw – Review 2023

There are various funny-sounding terminologies in the world of power tools. Sometimes a person gets dazzled by the fancy buzzwords and does not know how to choose the best. There are a number of brands out there that offer quality jigsaws, but at the same time, some companies also sell sub-par devices. 

Milwaukee is a professional jigsaw brand that designs its power tools with sheer precision. It is one of the dedicated brands that cater to the work requirements of professional woodcutters and contactors with efficiency. 

Take a look below at some of the benefits of this amazing cutting tool: 

  • They are well-built  
  • Their blades are interchangeable  
  • They cut the surface with accuracy  

These jigsaws are reliable, and can be trusted for your laborious tasks. Let’s dig into more of the features and benefits of using these devices in our Milwaukee Jigsaw Review

Review of Best Milwaukee Jigsaw 

Milwaukee M12 Jigsaw Banner

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Jig Saw outshines among all other types that this company offers. It is packed with standout features and makes your rigorous tasks simple. Its cutting capacity would not leave you disappointed, and its easy carry feature makes it favorable. 

It has a seamless design and helps you cut the surface without any hassle. Its usage is a sure way to get cuts with precision, and it pierces through the textures efficiently. Let’s dive into the pros, cons, and distinctive features of this amazing Milwaukee Jigsaw Review.  

Milwaukee Jigsaw
Milwaukee Jigsaw
  • Weight:6.49 pounds
  • Warranty5 years warranty
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Cutting Capacity:  almost 0.38 inch
  • Battery Ampere-Hour: 5.0 Ah
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  • Ability to cut fast.
  • Powerful brushless motor. 
  • Easy Blade changing (does not require tool)  
  • Bevel adjustment without a tool.
  • Dust port attachment
  • A switch to cutline blower off on the device. 
  • LED light
  • Three orbital modes 
  • Durable


  • Un-availability of variable speed dial 
  • No lock-on button 

Besides having these negative aspects, Milwaukee jigsaw is seamless in working. The numerous positive features of this power tool make it a perfect pick for any sort of crafting and cutting task.  

Features That Makes Milwaukee Jigsaw Standout  

Milwaukee Jigsaw

We have compiled a list of extraordinary features that this jigsaw curtails. The following characteristics make it stand out in the sea of competitors. 

i): Hassle-Free Blade Release  

A tool-free blade release is a great innovation. It is one of the most popular features at both professional and consumer levels. It is identical to the models of Ridgid and DeWalt, which use an intuitive level lock that releases your saw’s blades as per your requirement. 

ii): The Inculcation of Dust Port  

Inculcation of Dust Port Jigsaw

In less than a decade, Milwaukee has been able to create its own niche in the world of power tools. One feature that sets them apart from other brands is the dust collection feature with an attachment of a vacuum.  

They also include some cutline blower options. This will allow you to easily make cuts without worrying about the fine particles of wood flying everywhere.  

iii): Enticing Built 

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Jig Saw is an excellent tool for making precise cuts. Its handle has a comfortable design and grip, with the trigger being located at a good distance from your hand. This feature makes it quite easy to control. 

Moreover, an extra over mold in the design invites you to try different hand positions while cutting, as well. The only downside to its design is not having the convenience of a lock button on the device. This creates a little difficulty while making longer cuts. 

iv): The Dynamic Performance 

Dynamic Performance jigsaw

Milwaukee Tool has produced some of the most powerful tools. And their latest Fuel Jig Saw is no exception. This saw features an exclusive trifecta with a Power state brushless motor with a red lithium battery and intelligent RedLink Plus technology for ultimate performance. 

Moreover, the cutline blower is a great addition to this jigsaw. It has enough power, but what sets it apart from other models on the market are its dust collection abilities. Furthermore, its suction power has set it apart from the competition. 

Now, you do not have to worry about the debris that the blades spit during cutting. 

How to Buy a Suitable Jigsaw?  

How to Buy a Suitable Jigsaw

✔️ Go for the Cordless Ones  

If you want to make your next project go as smoothly and efficiently as possible, then the cordless jigsaw will be perfect for you. Not only are these new models lightweight, but they also come with high-capacity batteries that last long enough even with larger jobs.  

The cordless jigsaws have features like an adjustable blade and depth control system. So, there won’t be the need for adapters or other accessories again when working on projects.  

✔️ Keep Your Budget in Consideration 

Fix a budget for yourself and buy the jigsaw that best suits your needs. Milwaukee jigsaw is comparatively less expensive and does not demand a major setback to your cash. 

✔️ Make Sure the Blades are Replaceable 

The convenience of not needing tools while changing the blades does a better jigsaw. The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Jig Saw provides you with the leverage of changing blades without having to use any tool.  


Q1: Are milwaukee jigsaws good for your projects? 

Ans: Milwaukee is a reliable brand, and it manufactures top-quality jigsaws. They are suitable for both professional woodcutters and as well as amateurs. 

Q2: Which feature makes milwaukee jigsaws distinguish from others? 

Ans: The Milwaukee jigsaws come with the dust port. They collect all the debris and make your cutting clean and smooth. This particular feature makes it stand out in the saturated market. 

Q3: What is the weight of the milwaukee M18 fuel jigsaw? 

Ans: Its weight is approximately 6.49 pounds, but it is easy to carry, and performs its functions seamlessly. 

Q4: Are milwaukee jigsaws models cordless? 

Ans: Yes, Milwaukee manufactures cordless jigsaws. They offer quality devices that are easy to handle and work with efficiently. 

The Final Verdict  

The Milwaukee M18 fuel jigsaw is one of the considerable devices if you want excellence. It’s a great tool to have for your upcoming projects or DIY tasks. It is quite suitable for both professional craftsmen and amateurs. 

 If you want a reliable tool out of this Milwaukee Jigsaw Review that lets you work with ease and convenience, then Milwaukee jigsaw should be your must-buy. 

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