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Tips and Tricks on How to Change a Jigsaw Blade

How to change jigsaw blade is not an easy task. This machine requires a lot of maintenance and looking after, and the parts have to be appropriately oiled and polished to ensure it works the best. Also, being an electronic machine, keeping it in the best condition is a must.

Blades are an essential part of any jigsaw. But, sometimes, you may feel like your blade needs changing. Although changing a jigsaw blade may seem like a standard task, but it is very intricate and may also cause security hazards if not done correctly.

Why and When to Change the Jigsaw Blade?

Here are some reasons why you may need to change your jigsaw blade:

1: Wear and Tear

Jigsaw blades experience a lot of friction. This extensive amount of friction may cause the blade to go blunt. If this happens, you should change your jigsaw blade immediately because it won’t cut properly and will be an issue for everyone.

2: Broken or Bent

One shall change broken or bent blades immediately to avoid bad quality cuts and safety issues.

3: Working on Different Materials:

Different materials work well with different materials. So, if you are working on any different type of material, you may need to change the blade.

Steps for changing the jigsaw blade:

Following are some steps you need to follow while changing a jigsaw blade:

1: Identify the essential components of the jigsaw

Identify the essential components of the jigsaw

Jigsaws are complex machines. It will be a massive issue if you touch a part that was not meant to be touched. So, before changing the blade. Make sure you have a little bit of knowledge of the components of the jigsaw you are using.

2: Remove the jigsaw blade guard

Remove the jigsaw blade guard

Blades are efficiently secured with guards and shields. So, the first step is to remove these bars and guards to make the removal easy.

3: Remove and secure the old blade

Remove and secure the old blade

Now that all the guards are removed take out the old blade and dispose of it off properly so that it causes no safety issues.

4: Tighten the screws and bolts

Tighten the screws and bolts

The blades are very sharp and cut hard sturdy materials. So, to ensure that blade remains in its place, secure it correctly with the screws, bolts, and guards.

5: Switch the jigsaw on

Now, turn the jigsaw ON. This will lock the blade in place and will make the machine very safe to use.

Switch the jigsaw on

How to ensure safety while using a jigsaw?

To make sure you are safe while using a jigsaw, consider the following:

Make sure to use a mask while cutting wood, primarily due to the large amount of dirt and debris produced.

While using a corded jigsaw, be mindful of the cord. It should not be in the way of the cut line and should be long enough to let you move around quickly. Cordless jigsaws provide convenience in this aspect.

Beware of the blade. If it can cut metals, it can cut you too.

Make sure the blade is sharp enough. Old blades can go brittle and snap during the process.

How to choose your jigsaw blade?

There are several blades to choose from when it comes to a jigsaw. Different blades serve different purposes, so be mindful of what you choose depending on the task. Some things to consider before selecting a blade are:

  • Shank type: Check what kind of blade will fit in the jigsaw. The jigsaw might have a T-shank blade or a U-shank blade.
  • The number of teeth: Greater the number of teeth, better the cuts.
  • Width of the blades: Choose whether to go with a narrow or a wide blade as per the task’s requirement.
  • Application: Some blades are reserved for specific tasks and should just be used for them.


So, these were our tips and tricks on how to change a jigsaw blade like a pro. In addition to that, we also included some information that may help you while changing a jigsaw blade.

We hope that you liked the review, and now changing a jigsaw blade will be a piece of cake for you.

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