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Ryobi Jigsaw Review (P523)-Top Pick for Enthusiasts

With so many jigsaws available out there, it’s not easy, especially for amateurs, to grab the best deal. Therefore, you have to choose the jigsaw that can outperform its competitors. Now, several brands offer quality jigsaws.  We give you a pride of best ryobi jigsaw review.

Out of all these brands, Ryobi is the top-rated one. Here are some of the benefits of getting a reliable jigsaw: 

🔹 Jigsaws are one compact saw that is easy to carry

🔹 The cordless models are super lightweight and easy to use 

🔹 It doesn’t require frequent maintenance

Therefore, we have made this Ryobi jigsaw review for your ease. By the end of this review, you’ll be able to pick the best of the lot. So, let’s dive in. 

Best Ryobi Jigsaw Reviews & Ratings in 2023 

1: Power Output 

The Ryobi Jigsaw is one cordless jigsaw that means its power source is only the battery it comes with. So isn’t it a con? Well, no, because it comes with an 18v battery that lasts for some good time. Moreover, the charger it comes with isn’t that slow.  

So, this combination makes it a good pick for almost any type of crafting or cutting-related task. It’s a capable cordless powered saw that can impress you with its precise straight cuts. 

2: Design 

The Ryobi P523 is a jigsaw that packs some severe features. No matter the cutting task, this jigsaw isn’t going to disappoint you. Its design is something that needs to be praised. Starting from its handle to all the way battery compartment, every aspect packs some goodness. 

Let’s be honest it’s a lightweight saw. So, that means carrying it around isn’t going to be a problem.  

Also, being light in weight helps you focus better on making some nice-looking cuts. So, from a designer’s point of view, it’s all perfect. 

3: Durability 

The durability of your jigsaw is something that you should consider before owning it. Ryobi being a famous brand, fulfills this requirement as well. Their P523 model has got durable build with fine quality switches. 

The overall fit and finish of the whole jigsaw are also quite impressive. So, it is one durable jigsaw that will last you for a long.  

4: Ease of Use 

This is the area where the Ryobi P523 shines. It’s easy and convenient to use. Thanks to its idly placed switches that help you operate it with ease. Also, you have to make sure that you are getting the best quality products. 

Therefore, using this particular model is relatively easy and doesn’t require prior experience. 

5: Ideal for 

Unlike some other brands, the Ryobi P523 isn’t designed for a particular working class. Instead, it is ideal for those folks who want the best performance with added convenience. Moreover, its cordless Functionality and variable speed control function make it a top pick.  

Further, given all the impressive specifications, it’s pretty affordable.  

Key Features 

  • Ergonomic Design 
  • Cordless Functionality for added convenience
  • Speed match feature that matches the speed of the blade depending on the material you cut
  • Tool-free blade changing mechanism 
  • Variable speed control 
  • Trigger lock for enhanced output 
  • 18v battery for adequate power output 
  • Built-in LED


 Ryobi Jigsaw White Background
Ryobi P523 One+ Jigsaw
  • Bevel Angle:45
  • Battery Capacity: 18 V 
  • Shank Compatibility of the Blade: Universal and T shank
  • Stroke length : 1 Inch


  • Great budget performer
  • Toolless Blade changing is a plus
  • Lock-on switches
  • LED light for illumination in the dark
  • Decent Battey back up


  • None

How to Choose a Suitable Jigsaw? (Buying Guide) 

Look for Cordless Ones 

The cordless jigsaws, like one we’ve reviewed, is the one to get for your next project. This is because cordless models are not only lightweight but also convenient to carry around. 

Moreover, newer models also come with high-capacity batteries that last long. So, there is no reason to skip these modern saws that come with a host of features. 

Variable Speed Function Is a Must 

The variable-speed function makes the whole cutting process a breeze. However, because you’ll be cutting various materials, such as ceramic tile and wooden sheets, you might not be able to cut all materials with a constant blade speed. 

Therefore, you have to make sure that you get the model that offers a variable speed function. 

Are the Blade Easier to Replace? 

Yes, that’s essential. Go with the offering that comes with a toolless blade operation. Now, toolless operation means you won’t need a fancy tool to replace the blade. This feature is super convenient. If you aren’t that expert guy, don’t overlook this feature. 

The Budget 

With so many features to look at, one often forgets his price range. So, ensure that you have a defined budget range. With this approach, you can quickly grab the right deal without breaking your bank. 

Wrap Up 

So, the Ryobi jigsaw review concludes that it’s ideal for both professional woodcutters and amateurs. It is cordless, meaning no hassle to carry the lengthy cord. Further, it requires no tool for changing the blades. 

All in all, the Ryobi P523 has got all the bells and whistles to impress any professional. Naturally, therefore, it’s recommended for those who want a reliable and convenient jigsaw. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: Are Ryobi Jigsaws Any Good? 

 Ans: Yes, Ryobi manufactures some of the best-quality jigsaws for professionals and amateurs. Therefore, all their models are excellent. 

Q2: Is Ryobi a Good Cordless Brand? 

Ans: You can count on the Ryobi brand for getting a durable jigsaw. For instance, the P523 model is one quality cordless offering. 

Q3: What Kind of Blade Does Ryobi Jigsaw Take? 

Ans: It can be used with a variety of blades. However, you should choose the blade that matches the type of material you want to cut.  

Q4: How Do You Set Up a Ryobi Jigsaw? 

It’s effortless. Unbox it. Insert battery set the blade, and you are ready for a creative crafting task. There is no such hassle in this regard. 

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