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Ryobi Brushless Jigsaw Vs Brushed – What Is the Difference?

Ryobi has an extensive range of quality jigsaws. Their orbital one was the most popular tool until they tossed a new device in their collection. They have recently upgraded their previous model and added the brushless jigsaw.  

So, what’s really the difference between brushed and brushless jigsaw? What is so extraordinary about this new invention? Do they really differ from each other, or is it just another marketing tactic to lure customers? 

Let’s dig into the functionalities of both these two motors and read on to find more about Ryobi brushless jigsaw vs brushed.  

Brushless Vs Brushed Motors- Major Difference

Brushless motors are a legitimate technology that offers several distinct advantages over the ‘brushed’ type. The reason they are so popular is that manufacturers can cut down on size and weight to maximize power output. This means more performance, and it will be worth your every penny.  

The Mechanism of Two Power Motors 

In a brushless motor, magnets are responsible for spinning the shaft. What happens when you have two N- Magnets close together and try to push them away from each other? They create an opposing force that pushes them back toward one another. 

The same thing goes with electric motors. They work with the same mechanism as the magnet. However, with brushed motors, the power supply for the brush motor runs through two brushes, one on each side.  

Each structure is made up of small carbon filaments that are opposed to one another by magnets in order to create an electric charge when contacted with steel wool or other conductive materials – allowing it all to come together as one unit.  

When you turn on your motor, the commutator comes into contact with brushes that are physically touching it. This transfer of electric current turns them from carbon dust and creates power for the device.  

This motor runs on an electromagnetic force. When the copper coils become charged electromagnetically from being spun quickly by the appliance like an electric drill, for example, the armature starts spinning fervently. 

The benefits of brushless motors include their ability to be more powerful overall. Since the copper windings are on the outside, there is room for them in size and power output. This means they can provide efficient use without compromising on any factor. 

Moreover, brushless motors cannot produce friction, and as a result, there is no voltage drop during the operating process. The case is not the same with the brush motors, and there is a continuous problem of voltage dropping when it comes to their operations. 

Difference Between Durability and Power Output  

It’s not just the power that makes brushless motors more effective than general motors. The ability to last longer and their durability in tough conditions is what really sets them apart. Ryobi brushless jigsaw is a high-quality tool that offers longevity and sturdiness in working.  

The general motor, on the other hand, will only last for a short period of time. It increases the weight of the device and does not have the capacity to perform like the brushless motor.  

Why Ryobi Brushless Jigsaw is Preferable on Brushed One: 

Brushless motors are a major player in the modern DIY industry, and for a good reason.
Brushless technology has been around since the 1990s, but it is only recently that they have become popular due to their efficiency as compared with standard electric motors.  

1: Efficiency

With brushless motors, there is no possibility of wear and tear. This makes them more efficient than their brushed counterparts because they do not lose energy due to friction or create heat which could lead to damage to batteries.  

Modern-day electric motors are much more powerful than their predecessors. This becomes possible with the elimination of brushes that produce considerable amounts of friction. Ryobi brushless jigsaw lasts much longer, and it performs way better than brushed one on a single battery charge.  

2: Optimize Power Consumption

If you’re looking for a motor that can do it all, look no further. Brushless motors have the ability to adjust their power depending on what task they are performing, and this allows them to be more efficient than brushed motors with less heat build-up.   

Let’s say, if you are working on a low resistance surface, the sensors of your brushless motor detect that there is not much resistance against them. The sensors send a signal telling the circuit board that the current will be reduced for those operations (this helps conserve power). 

This sensor is a great way to make sure your blade stays spinning at top speed. It will detect if the motor has trouble with ¼” steel and send more power from its circuit board so that it does not get slowed during the operation. 

The Ryobi brushless jigsaw is a powerful tool that requires less power than its counterpart.

In comparison, the motor in a brushed design would need at least three times as much energy just to perform one job. 

We can deduce from the above-mentioned information that brushless jigsaws are way much better than brushed ones. They perform efficiently and provides you with seamless and smooth working.   

The only downside to brushless motor technology is its cost. Brushless electric tools may seem costlier due to their complexity. However, these costly additions will soon pay off over time through reduced downtime and their efficiency of working. 

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The Final Verdict  

In this article, we have thoroughly discussed Ryobi Brushless jigsaw vs brushed, their specifications, pros and cons, and their mode of working. The brushless jigsaw has more efficiency than the brushed one in every aspect.  

We can say conveniently that the investment in

In this article, we have thoroughly discussed Ryobi Brushless jigsaw vs brushed, their specifications, pros and cons, and their mode of working. The brushless jigsaw has more efficiency than the brushed one in every aspect.  

is totally worth it. It will make your tasks seem easy, and you won’t be having any technical issues while working with brushless motors. 

Brushed jigsaw, though it is an older invention, the revised and upgraded devices are totally worth buying. Make your work seamless and get the most out of the new yet effective development. 


Q1: What are the uses of a jigsaw? 

Ans: The jigsaw is used for intricate and complex cutting tasks. It has the ability to work on rough-textured surfaces and can also make curve and circular cuts.  

Q2: Do brushless jigsaws last longer? 

Ans: The biggest advantage of using a brushless jigsaw is that it does produce friction like the brushed one. So, as a result, there is no heat production or the chance of wear and tear. Moreover, it consumes less electricity and works quite efficiently.  

Q3: Is Ryobi brushless jigsaw worth the money? 

Ryobi brushless jigsaw will provide you with swift working and higher power. It requires less maintenance as compared to the brushed jigsaw. So, brushless motors are totally worth the money for any kind of cutting task. 

Q4: Which motor lasts long, brushed or brushless? 

The brushless motors have the ability to live longer and are more durable as compared to the brushed ones. The efficiency of brushless motor has really set it apart from its counterpart. 

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