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Best Hyper Tough Jigsaw Review (3.5A Model) – Top Pick for DIYers

Well, our Hyper Tough jigsaw review is here to help you out on this. First, let’s discuss some benefits of getting a new jigsaw:

  1. Jigsaws help cut several materials, including ceramic tiles and plastic 
  2. Jigsaws are convenient to carry around
  3. They pack some impressive specifications 
Hyper Tough jigsaw White Background
Hyper Tough 3.5A Jig Saw
  • Brand: Hyper Tough
  • Model: ‎045240
  • Amperes: 3.5
  • Power Source: Corded electric
  • Weight: 3.6 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 3 x 8.1 inches
  • Color:Red
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  • Compatible with U and T shank blades
  • Variable speed control
  • Reasonable SPM numbers
  • Portable
  • Comes with a vacuum adaptor
  • 2 years warranty


  • Short cord length

The above benefits sound great. So, why not get one such tool for yourself? If you don’t know which model would suit your needs, this review is for you. So, let’s get to know more about them. 

Hyper Tough Jigsaw Review

1: Design

The Hyper Tough jigsaw looks quite serious from the outside. It has a simple, cleaner, and defined look. Just what an ideal jigsaw should look like. Its charming red color makes a good impact at first sight.

In short, the aesthetics are good for the price. You’ll definitely like the design aspect here. Its minimalistic and straightforward approach indicates that it has got some serious power under the casing. 

2: Power Output-Hyper Tough Jigsaw Review

Power Output-Hyper Tough Jigsaw Review

If we talk about the power output, it’s evident by the model number. It comes with a motor with a 3.5-ampere rating. Now, the number might seem a bit on the low side, but the cutting performance is pretty fine here.

In this regard, one has to take some facts into account. This jigsaw hasn’t been designed for the professional woodcutter. It’s suitable for more of a casual user. If you keep these facts in mind, you won’t be disappointed with the power output here.

3: Ease of Use

Yes, we wanted to review this aspect. Because this jigsaw packs in some nice features that really come in handy. You get a lock-on button for added convenience. Now, you don’t have to press the power button as long as it takes to make a cut.

Simply turn it on, lock it, and focus on cutting the material. Moreover, the bevel angle here ranges from 0° to 45°, which is again convenient.

The onboard wrench storage is one cool addition. On paper, it’s tough to justify the convenience it adds. You can store some tools in this storage box. 

With an additional adapter, you can connect a vacuum to clean the work area once you are done with crafting. So, such features are absolutely worth the price and also enhance the user experience.   

4: Durability

Its not easy to comment on the duality aspect of a jigsaw. According to the user reviews, the Hyper Tough jigsaw runs fine for most tasks. The fine construction and the use of a copper winded motor ensures that the tool will last long.

However, your usage and work requirements also play a part here. Again, you have to keep in mind that it’s a budget-rated jigsaw. So, don’t expect a sky-high level of durability. On the other hand, it is durable enough for routine crafting.  

5: Ideal for……

Ideal for……

The essential aspect, where all the pros and cons come into action. Now, you’ll understand why we highlighted some keen areas of this jigsaw. That’s because this jigsaw is ideal for amateurs and DIY gurus.

It’s aimed toward these users, not hard-core professionals. So, once we keep these targeted customers in mind, we’ll get to know why it has a 3.5-amp motor? Well, simply because, for homeowners, such output is more than enough. 

Therefore, for such users, its specs sheet has got some decent numbers. However, if you are also one homeowner or an enthusiast, you can consider this offering. 

6: Key Features of Hyper Tough Jigsaw Review

Source: Hyper Tough Amazon
  • Variable Speed Control Motor
    With multiple speed control options, you can cut materials at various depths. Also, it enhances the overall crafting experience.
  • Bevel Angle Support
    With 0° to 45° bevel angle support, you know cutting materials at different angles is going to be a breeze.
  • Lock-On Button
    Press it, and just focus on the real action. It helps you work with peace of mind.
  • 3.5 Amperage
    The 3.5 amperes rated motor is good enough for cutting plastic, metal, and ceramic tiles. 
  • On-Board Wrench Storage
    A unique add-on, lets you store some of your tools while crafting. A super cool addition for enthusiasts.

How to Buy Quality Jigsaw for Yourself? 

Here are some essential aspects that you have to look at in a Jigsaw. Let’s explore them!

1: The Power Aspect 

You want to get a jigsaw for yourself because it helps you cut different materials. Now, the power of jigsaws is determined by their ampere ratings. Usually, the ampere rating ranges from 5-7 amperes.

So, try to get the jigsaw that has at least 5 amperes to offer. Note that these ratings are for the corded models. For the cordless jigsaws, the power is determined by the number of volts. 

2: The Weight Factor

Many folks often overlook the weight aspect of the jigsaw. In contrast, it’s an essential factor to considered before getting one for yourself. In the case of corded jigsaws, weight remains the same that is mentioned on its packaging. 

However, in case of cordless models, the weight increases once you put in the battery. Therefore, for such jigsaws, you should consider the weight with the battery placed in. Just the raw weight of cordless models can surprise you.

Even with the batter placed in, there are many jigsaws out there that are pretty light in weight. So, you won’t have to brainstorm that much in this regard.  

3: Variable Speed Function is a Must 

The motor that power things up in the jigsaw packs good torque ratios. But, to get the best out of an electric motor of a jigsaw, you need a variable speed control function. So, get the powered saw that offers a variable speed function. 

With such add-ons, you can control the speed of the built-in electric motor. Moreover, you have to adjust the speed to maximum for efficient results for cutting wood and metal. 

4: Convenient Add-ons 

The convenient add-ons should also matter. Basically, these are the features that help you save time while crafting any particular material. For instance, the addition of a dust blower is a convenient feature. 

It helps you get rid of dust particles with ease. Furthermore, toolless blade change is another super convenient feature. You don’t have to rely on any tool for changing the blades. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1: Which Brand of Jigsaw Is Best?

No particular brand is the best. However, Hyper Tough can be classified as one reliable brand. 

2: What Kind of Blade Does A Hyper Tough Jigsaw Take?

It can take a variety of blades. U and T shank blades are the common ones. 

3: Who makes Hyper Tough tools?

Test Rite Tools manufactures Hyper Tough tools. It’s basically a Taiwan-based company. 

4: Is Jigsaw Worth Buying?

Ans: Yes, it is a reliable tool for making some nice curves and even some straight ones. Therefore, they are sold in huge numbers. 


Time to sum up this Hyper Tough Jigsaw review. We found it to be a pretty good option for various crafting tasks. Its additional features, such as a vacuum adaptor and lock-on switch, enhance the crafting experience.

However, its short cord length and average raw power make it a tough ask for professionals. In the end, it depends on your list of preferences. If you want a compact and affordable power tool, you can go with this model.

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