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Ryobi One Plus Jigsaw Review – Is It the Best?

While discussing Ryobi one plus jigsaw review, several things come to our mind. For instance, its power, durability, and most importantly, the price. So, it becomes a tough task for an individual to choose the perfect one. 

For your ease, we have reviewed the Ryobi one plus jigsaw. Of all the offerings by this particular brand, the one plus is an ideal jigsaw. You get extensive features along with the signature design language. 

So, let’s explore what special do we get with this particular jigsaw model.  

 Ryobi One Plus Jigsaw Reviewed 

 Ryobi One Plus Jigsaw white background
Ryobi One Plus Jigsaw
  • Power Source:: Cordless
  • Voltage Rating:  18 V
  • Motor Type: Brushless
  • SPM: 3500 (Max)
  • Stroke Length: 1 inch
  • Orbital Action: 4- Way
  • Weight:  4.4 lbs.
  • Bevel Cut: 45°
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  • Convenient Set of Features 
  • LED Guided Light  
  • Brushless Motor 
  • Cordless Functionality Is a True Add-On
  • Toolless Blade Change 


  • Not perfect for professional woodcutters

1: Design of Ryobi one plus jigsaw review

Design of Ryobi one plus jigsaw review

Just like all other aspects, the design language here is quite impressive. You get a solid build along with well-finished corners. The placement of its D-shaped handle is convenient. So, one-handed usage is easy. 

Apart from the unique shaped handle, you get pretty much the same design as some of its competitors. However, the primary components of its outer casing are made from plastic. So, use it with care. 

2: Power Output of Design of Ryobi one plus jigsaw review

Power Output

Don’t be worried; these modern-day jigsaws have ample power for your routine tasks. Therefore, you can rely on them. In this case, an 18v motor provides power to its blade to cut through various materials. 

The ampere rating is 6 Ah (ampere-hour), so even if it’s a thick metal sheet, it’ll easily cut through. Further, there are four orbital settings (0 to 3).

When set to 3, it cuts wood like an enemy assassinates its target. 

We liked the brushless motor here that ensures smooth cutting. Being brushless, it doesn’t require any extra maintenance. In addition, the SPM ranges from 800 – 3500. Now, such promising figures are not offered by every manufacturer. 

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3: Ease of Use

Ease of Use

With so many features on the board, how can it be challenging to use? Therefore, the one plus jigsaw by Ryobi shines here. It is easy to use with a convenient D-shaped handle and tool-less blade change functionality. 

Also, it is powered by a brushless motor for better efficiency. Further, the one press starts and stops functionality is a breeze to use. 

In addition, the variable speed switch is a welcome addition. However, note that it’s not the conventional speed trigger. So, you can control things in your way. 

Moreover, the lock button here means convenience. You don’t have to keep the button pressed as long as the blade is on. Instead, lock it once, and keep your focus on the cutting process. 

That said, for the ease-of-use factor, you don’t want to skip this model. On the contrary, it is worth taking a look at. 

 4: Durability of Ryobi one plus jigsaw review

Durability of Ryobi one plus jigsaw review

When we highlighted the brushless motor this jigsaw comes with, its Durability should have been judged then. All the features provided are of good value. Let’s not forget the toolless blade changing mechanism. 

It not only saves time but is also a straightforward process. All in all, Ryobi one plus jigsaw is one durable power tool. 

5: Ideal for . . . . 

Ideal for . . . . 

One plus jigsaw is ideal for weekend “warriors”. Now, you might be surprised why is it so? Are not the feature set up to the mark? Well, it is, but not perfect for professional contractors and woodcutters. 

Such professionals do not want that fancy LED light in their power saw, instead, they want rough and tough construction and adequate raw power. Therefore, one plus is recommended to DIY folks who want to experiment with their crafting skills the coming weekend. 

By no means, it is a bad pick. However, it would help if you understood the fact that every offering has its target users. In this case, it’s amateurs. 

6: Key Features of Ryobi one plus jigsaw review

Key Features

Cordless Functionality

The cordless functionality is itself an excellent add-on. You get the power of a corded model with the convenience of a cordless model.  

LED Guided Cutting 

A LED is always a welcome addition for jigsaws. Here you get a bright LED light that you can turn on in situations you do not have sufficient light at the work place. 

Ample Power 

The 6-ampere hour motor is sufficient enough to help you cut through different materials without a hassle. 

Quality Construction  

Apart from the control switches, the whole body is well constructed. So, taking it out for some rigid construction is not a thing to worry about. Ryobi one plus jigsaw review are as below.

How to Buy One Perfect Jigsaw? 

Getting a brand-new jigsaw is always an exciting experience. However, if you don’t consider some essential aspects, you can waste your time and money. So, do not stress out; here is our brief guide. 

1: Define a specific budget 

Many folks would advise you to focus on specific aspects. But don’t get into fancy stuff. Instead, define your price range first. Once you have a defined budget range, it becomes easier for you to pick the best model

In this regard, most people start searching for an X model for Y purposes. Don’t be like them. You never know the model you are searching for is out of your budget. Choose between the affordable options with enough power to serve your need.

2: It’s Better to Go for Cordless Offerings 

No matter what preferences you have defined, convenience is one factor that should never overlook. The cordless models are way too convenient. You don’t have to carry the extra weight of a cord. 

3: Don’t Overlook Durability 

The durability factor cannot be overlooked. It is essential. So, go with the well-constructed model that has a sturdy handle with a rubberized finish. Though, these aren’t the only durability factors to consider. But they will surely help you judge the durability of any jigsaw.  


Our Ryobi one plus jigsaw review covered all the aspects of this particular model. To sum up, you get a decent quality brushless motor, the cordless functionality is excellent, and the battery life is also good. In short, a worth-looking jigsaw with an impressive specs sheet. 

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