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Jigsaw vs Scroll Saw; Which Tool the best?  A Detail Guide

While selecting the particular tool, one must focus on the functions of different devices. For example, the basic working principle of jigsaw vs. scroll saw is the same, but they differ in their performance. As a result, customers become confused while selecting which one is better between jigsaw and scroll saw. 

Therefore, to save time and money, you should know about your working requirements. This article will explain differences between Jigsaw vs scroll saw, the differences and similarities between these two types of equipment. 

What is Jigsaw? 

What is jigsaw? its uses

Jigsaw is the essential tool of every craftsman’s kit. It is important for a person who are doing a job of wood works. The jigsaw’s tiny blade is attached to the top at one end, and the motor moves. The motor rotated its blades in a maximum 1 day it up and down as it cuts the surface. 

Jigsaw is made to design curved and straight cuts into different materials such as wood, metal, and ceramic tile. It is use for the surface to cut it in a unique way. The Jigsaw quickly move its narrow blade up and down. 

Advantages of Jigsaw: 

  • Cut: For a relatively deeper cut, try to go with jigsaw rather than scroll saw.  
  • Surface:  When the surface is cut by Jigsaw then it takes only 10 min to cut tree off. Surfaces can be cut by jigsaw.  
  • Versatile Nature: The jigsaw blade is versatile in nature, and its thin blade gives good results.  
  • Powerful Motor: Powerful motor is a vital part of the jigsaw that helps you work efficiently.  
  • Swift Working: Swift working is the advantage of this machine as its it can produce some serious power.  
  • Less Capacity: Jigsaw requires less area for storage than jigsaws. 
  • Easy to Handle: Jigsaw is an easy-to-use tool to handle for users as it is portable.  
  • Mobile Tool: Jigsaw is a mobile tool, and it is available in both cordless and corded forms.  
  • Cut Different Surfaces: Jigsaw is generally used to cut different material like wood, metal.  

What is a Scroll Saw? 

Scroll saw and its benifits

A  scroll saw uses a reciprocating saw blade, similar to the blade that a jigsaw uses. It is not a handheld power tool, but it is a stationary tool that you use. 

The variable speed scroll saw makes highly specialized cuts, usually involving intricate designs and tight curves. Scroll saw is named on the base of scrollwork. A scroll saw is made in the way that one can create wood templates and decorated pieces from wood.  

Benefits of Scroll Saw:   

There are many advantages of the scroll saw, which are as follows:  

  • Powerful Tool: Scroll saw is a powerful apparatus as it gives satisfactory results.  
  • Creating Curves Along Edges: The best aspect of scroll saw is that it creates delicate curves along surface edges.  
  • Particular Blade Cut: Having a particular blade cut in the scroll saw enables fine wood cutting.  
  • Precise Results: Scroll saw blade is used to make tight, weaving turns in intricate cuts and precise woodworking.  
  • Variable Speed: These saws have variable speed function  

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How to Select the Required Saw?  

There are some points to remember while selecting the particular saw, which is checking of  

  • Durability 
  • Capability 
  • Motor power 

Similarities Between Scroll Saw and Jigsaw 

Some points are similar between a scroll saw and a jigsaw. They are discussed below:  

🔹 Use in Modern Technology: 

Both jigsaw and scroll saw are powerful cutting tools. They both are elements of modern-day power tools and are used to cut different materials. 

🔹 Use of Reciprocation Blades: 

Jigsaw and scroll both use reciprocation blades. Reciprocation blades can move back and forth while cutting. It helps to create fine-cut edges. The reciprocation blade is only attached at one side that giving the blade a variable cut feature.  

The blade can easily remove or insert into the saw system. 

🔹 Working Principle:   

The general working principle of all saws is the same. It means that the working mechanism of the jigsaw and scroll saw is also the same.  

Differences Between Scroll Saw Vs Jigsaw 

Jigsaw Vs. Scroll Saw

There are relatively more differences in the jigsaw vs scroll saw than similarities between them:  

🔸 Safe to Use:  

Both tools are safer to use than other tools like a table saw or circular saws. But the scroll saw is safer to use than jigsaw as it is mount and permits one to move the material in the blade.  

🔸 Inconvertible: 

Different functions are perform by scroll saw and jigsaw. Hence, they cannot replace each other. 

🔸 Mobility: 

The jigsaw is mobile equipment. Therefore, one can take it where it is need. In contrast, the scroll saw is cord and is not portable.  

🔸 Variability: 

The jigsaw is use in different situations as it has variable operations. While the scroll saw is a specializ power tool used for some heavy-duty projects.  

🔸 Depth of Cut: 

The jigsaw cuts a thicker layer than a scroll saw because of the particular design of its blade. That is the best quality of jigsaw. 

🔸 Curved Cuts: 

Both these tools can make different cuts, i.e., tight, curved, plunge and pierce. However, what type of curved cut or plunge cuts you want to make dictates which power tool is the best option.  

🔸 Blade Design: 

Prominent differences are present in the design of both blades that saw uses. A blade that is secure at both ends is use in the scroll saw. A variety of intricate cuts is make by using this blade. 

Jigsaw Vs Scroll Saw Uses 

The operation pattern of the scroll saw, and the jigsaw is the same. However, the design outcome of both saws is different from each other.  

Uses of Scroll Saw: 

Scroll tool is use to cut designs into material that is a maximum of two inches thick. The effective use of this tool is to create different curves, waves, and angles. The generalized use of this tool is marquetry, inlay, fretwork, intarsia, and fretwork.  

Jigsaw Uses: 

One has a broad range of options while using the jigsaw to cut deeper into the surface. To merely cut straight lines, the jigsaw is perfect. However, it is common for the jigsaw to be use for different cutting tasks.  

We Prefer a Jigsaw Over a Scroll Saw? When to Prefer a Scroll Saw Over a Jigsaw?  
✔️ For general cutting projects, for example, cutting 2×4’s down to size    ✔️ For curved cuts, where saw must make the curves in a small place 
✔️ The cutting requires a notch, such as a curved cut on the wood surface.  ✔️ For exact right angle cut on a surface  
✔️ The cutting of something in a fixed area, for example, a hole in the wall.    ✔️ Cuts where accuracy is essential  

Final Take 

Jigsaw has a versatile nature and easy-to-use. Hence, it is use in multiple tasks. At the same time, the scroll saw is cord and gives precise results. The selection of needed equipment in both scrolls saw, and jigsaw depends upon the operational requirement and particular surface. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Q: In which condition one must prefer a scroll saw over a jigsaw?  

Ans: When one wants to cut with precision, then one must prefer a scroll saw over a jigsaw.  

Q: In what situations you must prefer a jigsaw over a scroll saw?  

Ans: It would help if you preferred a jigsaw over a scroll saw to do different tasks. 

Q: Which points are not while selecting saw?  

Ans: There are some points to remember while selecting saw. These are checking of durability, material capability, and motor power. 

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