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Top 10 Best Jigsaws Review of 2023 ( Latest )

Do you have a DIY project at hand and are unsure which is the best jigsaw review for the task? Congratulations! You are in the right place. Jigsaws have been in the market for a very long time, and they have changed construction dynamics.  

The reason for their immense popularity is ease of use. These saws are so simple to understand and use that any layman with a borderline knowledge of construction and electronic appliances can use them. 

Before getting deep into the world of excellent jigsaws, let’s explore some factors you must consider before buying one: 

✔️ Ease of Use

✔️ Portability

✔️ Efficient Cuts

✔️ Safe and Simple

Now that you know what to look for in a jigsaw, we have picked the top 9 jigsaws for you to explore through. All these products are rated based on usability, durability, demand, and price. So, let’s get to it: 

Product Reviews 

  • Motor Power: 20V
  • Bevel Adjustment: 0°,15°,30°,45°
  • Stroke Range: Upto 3,200 RPM
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  • Battery : 5.0 ah
  • Bevel Adjustment: 0°,15°,30°,45°
  • Stroke Range: 0-3,500 RPM
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  • Motor Strength : 18V
  • Bevel Adjustment: N/A
  • Stroke Range: Upto 3,000 SPM
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  • Motor Strength : 120V
  • Bevel Adjustment: 0°,45°
  • Stroke Range: 0-3,000 SPM
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  • Motor Strength : 7 amp
  • Bevel Adjustment: 45°
  • Stroke Range: N/A
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  • Motor Strength : 120V
  • Bevel Adjustment: 45°
  • Stroke Range: 800-3,000
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  • Motor Strength : 6 AMP
  • Bevel Adjustment: N/A
  • Stroke Range: 0-3,200 RPM
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  • Motor Strength : 3.5 AMP
  • Bevel Adjustment: -45° & +45°
  • Stroke Range: Upto 3,000 RPM
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  1. DEWALT DCS334B Jigsaw–  The Best Jigsaw Tool 202
  1. BLACK+DECKER JS515 Jigsaw– Value Tool  
  1. Bosch JS470EST Jigsaw– Best Ergonomics
  1. Milwaukee D-Handle Jigsaw– Best in Budget 
  1. Porter Cable PCE345 Jigsaw
  1. Ryobi P523 18V One+ Jigsaw– Best for Beginners  
  1. Avid Power Jigsaw – Best Heavy-Duty Jigsaw 
  1. Meterk E4160 Electric Jig Saw Multi-functional Cutter 
  1. Blaupunkt JZ3000 – Economical and handy  

1: DEWALT DCS334B – Best Jigsaw Tool 2023

Unbeatable Battery
  • Battery Voltage:20-volt battery
  • Type: Cordless
  • 4-position: orbital action
  • Weight: 6.8 lbs. 
  • Light: LED Light Usage
  • Size: Compact Size for Easy Grip
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Are you looking for something portable and powerful? Then, DeWalt’s 20-volt max XR best jigsaw review the pick for you. This cordless jigsaw has a 20-volt battery which makes it last longer and works harder. 

In addition, the jigsaw is very lightweight, which makes it highly portable and handy. 20-Volt Max XR Jigsaw makes intricate cuts easily on various materials other than wood also. You can also adjust the speed with the adjustable dial according to the type of work and material. The jigsaw also comes with a LED light to make working in dimly light or dark places easier.  

Its long battery time allows the house owners to work long hours without interruptions. The runtime of this jigsaw is long, and the charge time is short. Unlike many other jigsaws in the market, this tool delivers quality while being economical. The features it offers justify the price. 

The maintenance of this jigsaw is not complex either. You can change the blade easily without even a screwdriver. In addition, it comes with a dust blower which helps get rid of the saw debris and keep the workplace squeaky clean. Find DeWalt jigsaws offering here.

This jigsaw is a complete package and the best fit for homeowners who want to maintain and improve their houses.


  • Cordless
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maintain
  • Less friction and noise
  • Precise, perfect, and intricate cuts due to the orbital motion
  • Useable on a variety of materials


  • Costly
  • Loose shoe bevel

2: BLACK+DECKER JS515 – Best Value Jigsaw

Impressive Strokes
Black+Decker Variable Speed Jigsaw
BLACK+DECKER 4.5amp Jigsaw
  • 5-amp motor
  • Corded
  • 120-volt motor
  • Cut depth: 3″
  • 45 degrees bevel adjustment
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If you are an entry-level jigsaw user, This BLACK+DECKER jigsaw is the tool for you. Its intricate design and low-price tag make it the best means to practice and accustom yourself to the craft. 

With its 5-amp robust motor, the jigsaw delivers the best results and power cuts with ease. In addition, it has a stroke range of 0-3000, which makes it very efficient and effective. 

It has a cut depth of 3″, which is good enough to work on DIY projects and self-done home renovations. The jigsaw offers a beveling option which allows it to cut in both directions. The wire guard and adjustable shoe make it safe to use and also easy to miss. 


  • Cheap
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Precise bevel adjustment
  • Intricate and easy cuts
  • Easy maintenance


  • Not cordless
  • Complicated bevel adjustment

3: Bosch JS470EST – Top Ergonomic Jigsaw

Bosch JS470E Jigsaw
Bosch 7.0-amp top-handle jigsaw
  • 7.0-amp motor
  • 45 degrees bevel range
  • Cut depth: 1″
  • Weight: 5.90 lbs.
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Are you a professional carpenter or a severe DIYer who needs an effective jigsaw? If yes, Bosch 7.0-amp top-handle jigsaw is what you need. With its easy grip and sharp blade, this jigsaw proves to be the best for long-time use and professional tasks.  

In addition, the jigsaw provides a four-orbital action option that allows the user to adjust the settings according to the requirements. 

It is a tool for all. Its ambidextrous lock-on button makes it equally easy to use for left-handed people as for right-handed ones. In addition, Bosch’s lock-on button option allows the users to take a break and relax for a while. 

The grip on this jigsaw is ergonomically designed to make it possible for users to use it for long periods without losing sensation or experiencing pain. In addition, its 7.0-amp robust motor makes it is the best heavy-duty jigsaw in the market. 


  • Heavy-duty
  • High stroke range
  • Powerful motor
  • Easy to use
  • Ergonomically design
  • 4-orbital setting
  • Favorable for left-handed people as well


  • Heavyweight
  • No LED lights

4: SKIL PWRCORE 12 Brushless Jigsaw JS5833A-10  

Fine Add-Ons
  • 120-volt motor
  • 45-degree bevel adjustment
  • Halo lights
  • Stroke rate: 800-3000
  • Weight: 3.0 lbs.
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If power is your top priority while getting a jigsaw, this is what you need. SKIL PWRCORE 12 BRUSHLESS JIGSAW is matchless when it comes to power. With its 120-volt battery, it delivers more than what is expected of it. 

Its 4- orbital stage functionality allows it to make precise cuts with accuracy and precision.  It comes with a 2-finger variable speed trigger which allows you to adjust the speed as per your liking and have increased control on the machine. 

The best jigsaw review is innovative in many ways, but the most significant innovation is halo lights instead of LED lights. These halo lights are ten times stronger than their LED counterparts and hence can light up spaces in a better way. 

Some users might find the cut depth a little less because it is limited to 2.04 inches on wood and 1 inch on aluminum and steel. Other than this is the best value jigsaw, in our opinion.


  • High power motor
  • Sharp blades
  • Easy to maintain
  • Halo lights instead of led lights


  • Less cut depth
  • Difficult to use for left-handed people
  • Issues with the trigger lock

5: Milwaukee D-HandleBest jigsaw review

Milwaukee (MLW273721) M18 FUEL D-Handle Jig Saw
Milwaukee D-Handle Jigsaw
  • 5.0 Ah battery
  • 120-Volt motor
  • Stroke rate:0-3500
  • Weight: 6.49 lbs.
  • Cut depth: 5.5 inches
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Milwaukee D-Handle best Jigsaw review screams ease with perfection. The unique D-handle makes it easier to handle and use for long periods. Its lightweight frame makes it highly portable, and the long battery time allows you to work with it for as long as you want. 

The jigsaw comes with variable speed options. The user can adjust the speeds as per their requirement and the type of material. It offers a stroke range of 0-3500, one of the best.  

In addition, the jigsaw provides 4-positions of cutting, including a no-action mode where the blade moves up and down. 

Some of the users have concerns regarding the replacement of the speed dial with the two-finger speed trigger. They find it a bit more complex and not very handy in case of emergencies.  

Moreover, the bevel stop marking is versatile but very ill-marked on the dial, making it more challenging for new users. 


  • Faster cutting
  • Easy to maintain
  • Brushless motor
  • D-shaped handle


  • No lock-on buttons
  • No variable speed dials
  • Small font for bevel levels

6: Porter Cable PCE345 best jigsaw review 

Best Variety of Cuts
Porter Cable PCE345 Jigsaw
  • Size:Pack of 1
  • Head Style:Flat
  • Weight:6 Pounds
  • 7-position speed dial
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If you want quality jigsaw in the budget, Porter-Cable PCE345 Jigsaw is what you need. This jigsaw is specially tailored for heavy-duty projects but for those users only who are new to this field and do not want to invest much in the craft. 

The jigsaw offers a 7-position speed dial which makes it worthwhile on a wide range of materials. In addition, the speed adjustment makes it easier for new users who are not comfortable with higher speeds yet. 

The ergonomic design of the handle makes it easy to carry and use for more extended periods. The features of this gadget offer at its price are out of the ordinary. 

Some users had an issue with this jigsaw: there is no dust blower or collector to help keep the workplace clean. But, other than that, it is one of the best in the market, according to our jigsaw reviews.


  • Powerful motor
  • Good cut depth
  • Wide speed range
  • Affordable
  • Easy to handle and maintain


  • No dust lower or collector
  • Some design flaws
  • Corded

7: Ryobi P523 18V One+ Jigsaw- Best for Beginners  

Ryobi P5231 18-Volt ONE+ Cordless
Ryobi P523 18V One+ Jigsaw
  • 18-volt battery
  • Dimension: 12x10x7 inches
  • Weight:5.64lbs
  • Number of teeth:10
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If you are new to woodworks or an avid DIYer, Ryobi P523 18V One+ Jigsaw is the best jigsaw review product for you with its powerful brushless motor. It is cordless with a big battery time and significantly less charge time.  

Furthermore, the jigsaw offers speed match options that allow the user to customize the orbital action and speed according to the material. 

A variable speed lever is also a part of the design, which gives the user freedom to choose whatever speed they are comfortable with. The jigsaw is very easy to install, use and maintain. The tool-free blade changing option allows anyone to change the edge quickly, without any hustle. 


  • 3500 SPM
  • Heavy-duty battery
  • Brushless motor


  • Expensive
  • Difficulty cuts metals

8: Avid Power best jigsaw review

Avid Power Jigsaw
  • Dimensions: 10.3 x 8.8 x 3.2 inches
  • Weight:  5.84 lbs.
  • Motor Strength:7.0 amp
  • Cutting Angle: 0-45 degree
  • Cutting Depth: 2-1/2 inch for wood, 1/4 inch for meta
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Avid Power Jigsaw is a sensible choice for someone new but passionate about woodwork and cutting metal. The machine has a 7- amp motor, which is not the most powerful, but it sure is the best you can get in this price range. 

The stroke rate of this machine is between 0 to 3,000 SPM. The device can make straight, diagonal, and curved cuts in different materials like wood, steel, and aluminum. The cut depth which this jigsaw offer is ¼ inches for metals and 2-1/4 for wood. 

The jigsaw offers variable speed control, giving the user more power over the machine and their work. Users may adjust this speed according to what they can handle and what type of material they are using. 

You can choose from the four gear options. The Gear 0 is best while working on wood or making straight cuts, Gear 1 comes in handy for hardwood, aluminum small and curved amounts, Gear 2 is helpful to make seamless middle curved cuts in aluminum and steel, Gear 3 is best for speed cutting and significant curved cuts. 


  • Speed control
  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Easy and fast blade replacement
  • Easy to maintain and use


  • Thin stamped out metal base
  • May spark on higher speed settings

9: Meterk E4160 Electric-best jigsaw review

Multi Functional Cutter
Meterk Jigsaw
Meterk E4160 Electric Jig Saw
  • Battery: 20 Volt
  • Motor:  3.5A
  • Weight:   6.71 lbs.
  • Speed:  2700
  • Power: 400W  
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If you are into everything beautiful, this is the best pick for you. This 20-volt cordless jigsaw comes with a battery, charger, and a tool bag. Four orbital speed adjustments come in handy while working on different kinds of materials.  The base plate is adjustable, and one can move it to angles of -45 and +45 degrees

The exciting feature is that this jigsaw has ten blades apt to cut wood, PVC, metal, and aluminum. Some customers complained about the battery not holding its charge. But, other than that, customers are satisfied with the product and the results it delivered. 


  • Cordless
  • Elegant cuts
  • Easy to use


  • Battery retention issues
  • Expensive

10: Blaupunkt JZ3000 best jigsaw review

Economical and Handy
Blaupunkt Electric Jigsaw JZ3000
Blaupunkt JZ3000 Jigsaw
  • Size: 4.75inches
  • Weight:  1.59 pounds
  • Dimension:  8.5×7.5×3.25inches
  • Stroke rate: 0-3000
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Want something compact and in your budget? Blaupunkt JZ3000 is what you need. It is a powerful, corded jigsaw that works best for professional woodworkers as well as enthusiastic DIYers. With its 240V motor, it delivers exceptional results and intricate cuts.  

The jigsaw comes with a variable speed function; users can increase or decrease the speed as per their liking. There is also a laser guide embedded in the design, which helps guide through the trajectory of the cut.   

This is not only easy to use but also easy to maintain. No tools are required to change the blade, and cleaning it is also very easy.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Economical
  • Laser guide


  • Heavy
  • Corded
  • No dust collector or blower


The above products conclude our best jigsaw tool review. We listed the top 9 jigsaws that the market has to offer. The study concluded that no doubt DEWALT 20-Volt Max XR Jigsaw is the best jigsaw out there; many other jigsaws serve other purposes and are worth a try.  

Best jigsaw review: 

Before buying any jigsaw machine, these are some of the things you must consider to buy a product that fits your needs:  

What is the extent of work?  

What is the extent of work?  

It would be best always to consider what and how much you want to work with this jigsaw. For example, if you are someone who uses it occasionally, a 500-watt jigsaw with a 60mm cut depth would be enough for you.  

On the other hand, if you are a regular user, you might need a 700-watt machine with a cut depth of at least 90mm. You might also need additional features like bevel adjustment, an ergonomically designed handle, and an extended warranty.  

For professional users, a 700-watt jigsaw with orbital or pendulum action is a must. It would be best if you looked for a machine with a cut depth of 135mm minimum and a warranty lasting up to years.  

What is the type of task at hand?  

Jigsaws are lightweight machines designed to cut through thin sheets of material. If you have a task that might not fit this type of tool, look for something else. However, if you have any job requiring 90- or 45-degree cuts, this is the tool for you.  

What power jigsaw do you need?  

The thickness of the material measures the power of a jigsaw. Thicker the material, more powerful tool needed. Primarily, jigsaw motors range from 350 to 850 watts. Higher powered motors make easier and cleaner cuts.  

One other consideration in this regard would be the weight of the jigsaw. Jigsaws are meant to be light: weights range between 1.5 to 3 kgs. However, if you are going for a high-powered machine, it is going to be heavy.    

Why choose a best jigsaw review with a variable speed option?  

It is better to choose a jigsaw with a variable speed option. That gives you control over your tool, and hence the results are better.  

Jigsaw machine speeds may be categorized as follows: 

  • Slow: 500-1000 strokes per minute   
  • Medium: 1,500-2,000 strokes per minute 
  • Fast: more than 2,000 strokes per minute 

What orbital action do you need?  

There are a variety of orbital actions offered in the market today. Some of the jigsaws provide the traditional up-down motion, which increases the accuracy and precision of the cuts. In addition, it recreates the sensation of a conventional sawing which makes the process a bit fun.  

There are also some angled blades or 4-way orbital options in which the edge moves up and down in both directions and tilts at a 45-degree angle.  

✔️ Easy to Maintain

Make sure whatever machine you choose is easy to maintain. Maintenance is a big part of owning a jigsaw. If not looked after properly, the blades may rust, become brittle and be a security hazard. Go for the one with a tool-free blade changing option.  

✔️ Presence of Dust Collector or blower

Using a jigsaw might be a lot of mess. Sometimes this mess may become too much to handle. The wise thing here would be to get a jigsaw with a dust and debris collector and blower. That will allow you to clean up while still working.  

✔️ LED or Halo Light

LED Safety is the primary concern when it comes to jigsaws. But, sometimes, you might have to work in a dim or dark place. Such situations call for a LED or halo light to make sure you are safe. 

Relevant Information: 

How to ensure safety while using a jigsaw? 

✔️ To make sure you are safe while using a jigsaw, consider the following review of Jigsaw

✔️ Make sure to use a mask while cutting wood, primarily due to a large amount of dirt and debris produced.
✔️ While using a corded jigsaw, be mindful of the cord. It should not be in the way of the cut line and should be long enough to let you move around quickly.
✔️ Beware of the blade. If it can cut metals, it can cut you too.
✔️ Make sure the blade is sharp enough. Old blades can go brittle and snap during the process.

How to choose your jigsaw blade? 

There are several blades to choose from when it comes to a jigsaw. Different blades serve different purposes, so be mindful of what you choose depending on the task. Some things to consider before selecting one are: 

  • Shank type: Check what kind of blade will fit in the jigsaw. The jigsaw might have a T-shank blade or a U-shank blade. 
  • The number of teeth: Greater the number of teeth, better the cuts. 
  • Width of the blades: Choose whether to go with a narrow or a wide blade as per the task’s requirement. 
  • Application: Some blades are reserved for specific tasks and should just be used for them. 


1: What is the difference between a standard and an orbital jigsaw? 

In a standard jigsaw, the blades move only in an up-and-down motion. That makes every stroke perfectly perpendicular to the length of the jigsaw. 

In an orbital jigsaw, the stroke blade is angled forward after every stroke. When the edge is brought backward, it returns to its initial position until it is straight with the tool. 

2: How is jigsaw speed measured? 

Jigsaw speed is measured in rotations per minute (RPM) or strokes per minute (SPM). A jigsaw may have fixed or variable speed depending on its type. 

3: Which is the best jigsaw? 

According to our review, DEWALT 20-Volt Max XR Jigsaw is the best jigsaw in the market as of 2023. 

4: Can jigsaws cut metal? 

Certain types of jigsaws can cut metal. It is dependent on the jigsaw type and the blade sharpness. For example, BLACK+DECKER Jigsaw is an excellent jigsaw to cut metals. 

5: What is the importance of voltage in a cordless jigsaw? 

Voltage is a significant factor when it comes to cordless jigsaws. The voltage of a cordless jigsaw is the only measure of its power. This level may vary from model to model, but it primarily lies in the range of 12-18 volts. 

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