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Best Kawasaki Circular Saw Review-The Cordless Model

There are many tools that any craftsman will need to complete his job. Screwdrivers, hammers, drills, and tape measures are just a few of them. However, there are a lot of tools like Kawasaki circular saw review to make you “fully-enabled” to perform your tasks with efficiency.

The circular saw is an essential tool for any home mechanic. It has been the standard of choice since its inception, but times have changed and now cordless versions are more prevalent than ever before.

The cordless circular saw has become the new standard for cutting wood. It is quite compact circular saw and does not require an extension cord, making it more accessible to store than traditional models with giant power cords.

In this article, we have brought the comprehensive Kawasaki Circular Saw review for you. Here are our top-picked Kawasaki circular saws that can prove to be your potential assistance for next cutting projects.

Overview of Kawasaki Circular Saw

Kawasaki circular saw review

With over 35 years of experience, Kawasaki power tools deliver the highest-level of enjoyment and adventure to their users. They are highly rated for delivering quality products at a fair price with an unbeatable value.

The Kawasaki circular saws are the versatile tools for cutting wood or metal. They feature fast acting electronic brakes and adjustable bevel. These features ensure that you get perfect cut every time.

The electronic brakes help you keep safe when operating this device at higher speeds. Their saws provide tactile comfort grip handlebars which are fully adjustable. They give you a convenient hold so that you can work with ease.

We will now review two of its best models of this amazing cutting saw. Take a look below:

Kawasaki 840328 Green Heavy-Duty Metal Cutting Saw

Kawasaki 840328 Green Heavy-Duty Metal Cutting Saw
Kawasaki 840328 Circular Saw
  • Weight: 17.85 pounds
  • Power Source: Corded electric
  • Length of Blade: 7.25 inches
  • Dimensions: 11.5*17.75*10.13 inches
  • Motor Power: 10 Amp Motor
  • Handle: It is adjustable
  • Design: Durable and sturdy built
  • Blades: 36T metal cutting blade plus wrench
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This is well-built structure and it is quite easy to handle jigsaw and work with. It can be utilized to cut any thick piece of metal seamlessly. This Kawasaki’s model is quality tested and can be your best bet for your upcoming cutting tasks.

It has a powered motor that will not leave you disappointed during operation. Moreover, it has the potential to give accurate cuts. It does not let you get fatigued and the easy to hold handle will give you a comfortable grip.

Technical Details:

Kawasaki Green Heavy-Duty Metal Cutting Circular Saw is designed to exceed your expectations of top-notch service, performance, quality and value. With this power tool at hand, you will be able to achieve your goal of cutting stock with much more precision.

Kawasaki 840228 Black 19.2v Cordless Circular Saw

Kawasaki 840228 Black 19.2v Cordless Circular Saw
Kawasaki 840228 Circular Saw
  • Weight: 21 pounds
  • Power Source: Cordless-electric
  • Speed: 3700 RPM
  • Dimensions: 17.75*9.63*7.75 inches
  • Laser Guided: Yes
  • Blade Pouch: Yes
  • Batteries: 2 Included
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This new circular saw from Kawasaki includes a state-of-the art laser guide for accurate cuts, two NiCad batteries to power it all up and four carbide tip blades (18T 18 teeth per inch = 3/4″, 24 T 24TPI with 12 slots per inch).

These features will make your projects smooth and swift. It also comes with rip fences so you can cut perfect grooves. The latest circular saw from Kawasaki is perfect for cutting into any material that you can imagine.

This is a cordless electric power tool that will give you the convenience of working with ease. Being a hassle-free equipment and compact in design, it will make any of your project an enjoyable task to achieve.

This model Kawasaki circular saw give you review. It should be your choice for the next cutting project. It is considered among the best cordless circular saws and its dynamic performance has made it a favorable option among its competitors.

Power Source of Circular Saws

The circular saws come with two kinds of power sources. One is corded and the other is cordless. Following is the difference between these two:

Cordless Circular Saw

Cordless saws are one of the best choices for cutting wood and other materials in small spaces. Their compact size makes them perfect for working with limited amounts of space. Its light weight allows you to easily move it around without getting fatigued.

This type of equipment also has plenty more power than your average corded battery-powered circular blade device. Unlike other tools that require an extension cord or huge clunky battery packs, this little tool gets enough power from its 1-3-hour charge time.

So, you should not worry about running out of juice while working away at something hard. Just make sure it has plenty of back up batteries before starting your work.

Corded Circular Saws

Corded saws are a better choice for tough cutting jobs, such as masonry and steel. They are available in many sizes from 7-1/4 inches up to 28-inch blades with an extension cord that can power them on working site and provide continuous work flow.

You can choose between the two types of circular saws. However, it totally depends on the nature of your work . The above-mentioned information will help you to choose the best one and will definitely help you in easing out your manual work.

The Concluding Remarks

There are so many options available in the market when it comes to circular saws. Many manufacturers sell sub-par tools and lure customers with fancy terminologies and marketing taglines.

Do not get boggled with the tall claims and choose the one that has the potential to make your work seamless. Kawasaki is one of the leading manufactures that provides quality circular saws and make your rigorous tasks enjoyable.

Kawasaki high-power technology allows them to remain ahead at all times while staying true to themselves both creatively and technically. In this thorough Kawasaki circular saw

review, we have examined its two best models that you can avail for your upcoming DIY projects.

If you want your project to be done smoothly, then Kawasaki circular saws are for you.


1: Do you need to lubricate a circular saw?

The circular saw is perhaps the most common and versatile tool that can be found in any workshop or home. It is easy to use, with no need to oil any part before usage. All the lubrication is done during the manufacturing process and it’s enough for its effective working.

2: How long do circular saws last?

Circular saw can work between 12 to 120 hours. However, it highly depends on the quality of blade and the material you are intending to cut.

3: Why does your Kawasaki circular saw jam?

When your hand asserts sideways pressure, it causes binding and will make a circular saw to stop working. Moreover, sometimes the excess of debris can also be the reason for jamming.

4: When should you change your circular saw blade?

If you think that the blade of your circular saw is broken, chipped, or has a missing teeth, then it is time to change the bladeit. Moreover, always check for the wearing lines, if they are getting dull then it’s the indication for you to replace the blade.

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