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Best Skil Circular Saw Review – Top Rated For 2023

An average person also wants to get some power tools to satisfy his DIY cravings. Now, such tools are pretty expensive, especially for a layman. Therefore, you need to read some Skil circular saw review to find out the perfect ones.

Do not be sad. Tools manufacturers such as Skil have not ignored the average needs of their users. They have a dedicated line-up of power saws that would not break your bank.

Yes, we are talking about some affordable options in this regard. For instance, the Skil 5280 is one of their top-selling models. Moreover, it delivers excellent performance at a bargain price. Are you wondering why it is so cheap? You will get the answer in this Skil Circular saw review.

Best Skil Circular Saw Review


  • Lightweight Tool
  • Good Safety Add-Ons
  • Affordable Price
  • Convenient To Use
  • Comes With a Dust Blower


  • Loud Noise
White Background SKil circular saw
Skil 5280 Circular Saw
  • Blade Length7.25 inches
  • Power Source Li ion Battery
  • Cordless FunctionalityYes°
  • Measurement System Metric
  • MaterialBlend
  • Voltage Rating60
  • No. of Tooth24
  • Horsepower 2.5
  • Speed5300 RPM
  • Package Dimensions 14.2 x 9.8 x 8.5 inches
  • Product Weight8.7 Pound
  • Cutting Angle90 Degrees
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1: Design Language

Design Language

No matter the type of power saw, its design aspect is something that can bring a smile to your face. Of course, such tools are designed for delivering what they promise, but if the design language is attractive, you enjoy using them.

In the case of Skil 5280, you get a clean and minimalistic look from the outside. It straightway indicates a message that it is meant for some tough cutting-related jobs. Therefore, you would not have any complaints in the design aspect.

You will love the design and color scheme of this circular saw. It is quite refined and attractive.

2: Power Output

Power Output

You might assume the power output to be on the lower side because of the price tag. Well, you should not be. That is because, with the help of Skil 5280, you can easily make various types of cuts on wood and metal.

Thanks to its 15-amp motor, it produces impressive torque to help you work with confidence. The RPM rating here is 5300, which is more than enough for a power saw of this size. Therefore, you can expect pretty good performance.

Whether it is plywood or some metal sheet, you will be able to make some excellent and precise cuts. Furthermore, the enhanced output also ensures good efficiency.

3: Ease of Use

Most of the affordable circular saws are pretty easy to use. Fortunately, the same is the case with Skil 5280. It is quite easy to use, thanks to the host of convenient features it offers. Let’s go through them individually.

✔️ Indicator Light

Ease of Use

Why are there so many lights here? Interesting ask. Well, these are present to assist you better. For example, the indicator light turns on as you turn on the saw. It indicates that the saw is on and ready to use.

✔️ Laser Light

Don’t underestimate this tiny laser. As this power saw is designated for homeowners, adding laser light will help them a lot. A single beam laser helps you cut in a straight line with peace of mind when turned on.

✔️ Spindle Lock

Spindle Lock

Not all power saws offer toolless blade change, but that’s not the only convenient option. For example, with Skil circular saw, you get a spindle lock feature. With this lock on, you can easily replace the blade with a dedicated tool.

4: Durability Aspect

Durability Aspect

To judge the durability of a power saw, first, you have to verify the manufacturer. In the case of branded companies like Skil, this point gets all covered because it is one reputable brand that has been associated with this business for years.

Second, it’s the quality of materials used in manufacturing a jigsaw. Finally, the base of the circular saw also helps determine its lifespan.

Skil 5280 has a durable base and has been constructed with quality materials. Therefore, from the durability point of view, there is nothing really to worry about.

5: Ideal for

Ideal for

Still don’t know who the ideal buyer of Skil 5280 is? Well, these are no other than homeowners and DIY geeks i.e. These users would love the functionalities and the unique feature set of this circular saw. The price, set of add-ons, and convenience make it one top pick.

Despite the low price tag, a lot fewer corners have been cut. So, the overall performance and durability are just what you’d expect from a reliable circular saw for beginners.

Do note that all these claims are being backed by one of the top-rated companies.

6: Key Features of Skil circular saw review

i): Dust Blower (Comes Standard)

Key Features of Skil circular saw review

Sawdust can ruin your cutting experience. Here the built-in dust blower cleans the line of cut free from any dust, ensuring maximum precision.

ii): Guarded Trigger

Avoid accidental start-ups with the guarded trigger. Keep the trigger covered to avoid any accidental situation.

iii):Adequate Power

The 15-amp motor produces a maximum speed of up to 5300 RPM, ideal for cutting metal and wood.

iv):Bargain Price

How can you beat that price? One defined with the competitive edge of Skil 5280 over its competitors.

7: Box Contents:

  • Circular Saw
  • 24-Tooth Carbide Blade
  • Wrench
  • Carry Bag


Our Skil circular saw review covered all of its highlights. We picked this model because of its affordable price and refined set of features. No doubt, there are many other options available, but no one knows how reliable are they.

In short, you’ll be able to make a clear decision after knowing all significant aspects of this circular saw. Then, if it suits your need, get one for yourself, eyes closed.

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