Best Beginner Circular Saws – Top Picks of 2022
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Best Beginner Circular Saws – Top Picks of 202217 min read

November 20, 2022 12 min read
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Circular saw is one incredibly powerful tool that you can buy even for your everyday cutting-related tasks. Because of their enhanced functionalities, homeowners have started taking an interest in such power tools.

Even some beginners prefer buying a power tool for dealing with their crafting projects. Therefore, you will find many best beginner circular saws available in the market. However, choosing the perfect one can be a hassle.

But do not worry,

you will get to know about some of the top-rated circular saws for beginners. All of the circular saws included in this review are hand-picked. Let us dive in and find out more about these power saws.

3 Top Best Beginner Circular Saw Reviews and Ratings

  • Voltage: 60V
  • Bevel Adjustment: Upto 50°
  • Stroke Range: 4,000 RPM
Latest Price
  • Voltage: 20V
  • Bevel Adjustment: 0° – 45°
  • Stroke Range: 3,500 RPM
Latest Price
  • Voltage: N/A
  • Bevel Adjustment: 0° – 45°
  • Stroke Range: 4,700 RPM
Latest Price

1: Hyper Tough AQ8001G– Best Circular Saw for Starting

Hyper Tough AQ8001G white background
Hyper Tough AQ8001G
  • Blade Length: 6-1/2 inch
  • Power source: Battery
  • Cordless Functionality: Yes
  • Measurement system: Metric
  • Material: Other
  • Voltage: 60 V
  • No of Teeth: 24
  • Horsepower: N/A
  • Speed: 4000 RPM
  • Product Weight: 8.818 Kg
  • Cutting Angle: Up to 50 Degrees
  • Parallel Guide System
  • Well-Built
  • Easy To Use
  • Comes With a Battery And Charger
  • Poor battery Life
  • Requires frequenct charging

Key Features:

  • Electric Motor With Speed Up To 4000 Rpm
    Now you can cut PVC plastic or wood in multiple directions. The all-new and refined electric motor with 4000 RPM speed has got your back.
  • 2-1/8 Inches Of Depth Control
    Adjustable depth controls give you more freedom and control over different cuts. So, utilize it for maximum efficiency.
  • Battery Powered
    No AC power is required, just insert the battery and cut any materials with ease. The cordless feature is one main highlight here.

1: Design Language

What can one expect from a circular saw when it comes to its design? Well, hyper tough AQ8001G circular saw design is pretty much what you get with most of the other options available out there. Its round blade covers most of the area.

The electric motor occupies the left space. Finally, there is just a slight room where you get all the basic controls. For example, the power button is located at the top side. The good thing here is the placement of the grab handle.

Carrying it around or using it all day won’t make you tired. Further, the addition of safety guards around the blade is also excellent for better safety. So, you would not find it tough to operate it no matter the work conditions.

2: Power Output

Just like most of the best beginner circular saws, the Hyper Tough works at almost every worksite. As there is no cord required, you can even use it at places where there is no AC power available.

Now, let’s come to some figures. First, the no-load speed maxes out at 4000 Rpms. Moreover, the battery here is copper winded for maximum efficiency. That is why the battery also lasts for some good hours.

For an enhanced cutting experience, the base of the saw is adjustable. You can adjust it all the way up to 2-1/8 inches. So, you also get that flexibility here. That’s why it is rated as one of the best circular saw for beginners.

3: Ease of Use

Do not worry, it is not tough to operate the hyper tough circular saw. As we highlighted earlier, the handle is placed at a convenient spot. Moreover, you also get that power button placed on top with lock-on functionality.

Therefore, it would become easier for you to use it for cutting plastic or wood. But, unfortunately, not many power saws come with a parallel guide for the ease of users.

Fortunately, the Hyper Tough Cordless model comes with parallel guides to help you make straight cuts without a hassle.

Last but not least, the battery-powered functionality is the most convenient add-on here. Because you can take this power saw anywhere. There is no need to rely on AC power. Further, it comes with a battery and also a charger which is a big plus.

Most of the users assume that battery-powered tools are less durable as compared to traditional ones. But, in reality, there is no such thing unless you get a dirt-cheap power tool from one not-so-popular brand.

Here, you get a metal base that keeps all the things nice and tidy for the most part. Further, you get decent finishing all around. So, the overall build and finishing quality make it a durable option.

Note that your type of usage and care also prolongs the life of any power tool. So, make sure that you use it with care.

4: Ideal for Beginners

Hyper Tough 20 V Lithium-ion 6-1/2 is ideal for homeowners and DIYers who are looking for an affordable battery-powered saw. As it is a cordless model, so you can use it with peace of mind. Though, experts may also like some of its features.

But, again, the limited battery life can disappoint them. That is why you will find most of the circular saw reviews written by homeowners. The majority of reviews are positive. So, beginners will find it easy to use.

2: BAUER 20v Lithium-Ion Cordless– Best Entry Level Circular Saw

BAUER 20v Lithium-Ion Cordless Circular Saw White Background image
BAUER 20v Lithium-Ion Cordless Circular Saw
  • Blade Length: 12 Inches
  • Power source: Corded Electric
  • Cordless Functionality: No
  • Measurement system: Metric
  • Material: Other
  • Voltage: 60 V
  • No of Teeth: 24
  • Horsepower: N/A
  • Speed: 3500 RPM
  • Reliable 5.8-Amp Motor
  • Convenient Grab Handle
  • 45 Degree Up To 45 Degree
  • A bit expensive
  • Placement of the motor could be an issue for some

Key Features:

  • 5.8 Amp, 3500 RPM Motor
    With a 5.8 Amp motor, you know cutting plastic, ceramic, and metal will not be a problem.
  • Compact Design
    Carry it anywhere or use it the way you want, thanks to the compact design. Making precise cuts is a breeze now.
  • Easy Adjustments
    You can adjust the bevel angle from 0 to 45 degrees. It gives you that flexibility.

1: Design Language

You will be surprised by the looks of Bauer circular saw. It not only performs well but also looks good. Beginners and DIYers often go with nice-looking circular saws because they prefer looks over anything.

The placement of the motor and blade is also at the right spot. This arrangement makes sure that you do not find it tough to operate the circular saw. Moreover, the grab handle is also there for your convenience.

The straightforward design language will definitely grab the attention of many. So, the design language here is backed quite well.

2: Power Output

The power output you get from the Bauer circular saw is worth the price. There is a 5.8-amp motor which is more than enough for your day-to-day cutting-related tasks. The good part here is that you can cut various materials such as metal and tiles up to 1.7 inches of depth.

That is an impressive figure for an affordable circular saw. Further, you can replace the blades to cut with even better precision. Finally, the RPM rating maxes out at 3500, which is not bad for a portable circular saw.

In short, despite the affordable price tag, you would not be disappointed with the performance of this tiny circular saw.

3: Ease of Use

In the case of compact saw, there is nothing that can be complicated. But, yes, such power tools are designed keeping the convenience of the majority in mind. That is why you will find it a breeze to operate this circular saw.

There is enough space between the handle and the blade of the circular saw. Therefore, you will find it easier to work with this circular saw, no matter the type of surface. However, the good things do not just end here.

The placement of the motor is also far away from the handle. Therefore, you would feel the vibrations from the motor. In reality, such tiny additions really come in handy. Fortunately, the Bauer Circular Saw has many of them for your ease.

4: Durability Aspect

If we talk about the durability aspect here, things seem pretty fine. Again, the unique design aspect helps a lot here. Due to the convenient positioning of motor and grab handle, chances of its falling are low.

Let us talk about the build quality here. To be honest, it is mostly plastic but the base is all metal. On the other hand, the motor is also winded with decent materials. Therefore, one can conclude that it would last fairly long.

5: Perfect for Newbies

Bauer 4-1/2-inch circular saw is ideal for folks who are on a budget. Moreover, professionals who want a secondary saw can also rely on this tool. However, using it as a primary tool might not be the best option.

The 5.8-amp motor has some limitations too. For instance, it can only cut up to 1.7 inches. Experts demand more depth from a power tool. That is the only reason why one cannot recommend it to professional woodcutters.

For beginners and amateurs, it works fine as they can cut different materials without a hassle. Also, the add-ons can really grab the attention of DIY folks.

3: Draper 185mm 1300W– Best for Home Projects

 Draper 185mm 1300W Circular Saw white background
Draper 185mm 1300W Circular Saw
  • Power source: Corded Electric
  • Cordless Functionality: No
  • Measurement system: Metric
  • Material: Blend
  • Watts: 1300
  • No of Teeth: 24
  • Horsepower: N/A
  • Speed: 8300
  • Product Weight: 3.8 Kg
  • Cutting Angle: 90 Degrees
  • Excellent Performer
  • Lightweight
  • Well-Constructed
  • Comes With 3 Free Blades
  • Short Cord length
  • Heavy Weight

Key Features:

  • Power That Shines
    With 1300W on board, you can cut plastic, PVC, ceramic, metal, and wood without a hassle.
  • Adjustable Bevel Angle
    st the bevel angle the way you want. You can adjust it all the way up to 90 degrees which is an added bonus.
  • Laser LED
    Beginners would love the addition of laser guidance. Cut in the straight line just like a professional with the help of laser light.
  • Dust Port
    No need to get worried about the tiny dust particles. Simply attach any vacuum through the built-in dust port, and you will be all good to go.

1: Design Language

The design here is somewhat different than some of the other offerings. First, you get a robust design that promises reliable performance. All the parts are well-made and have a refined feel to them. Further, the placement of buttons is also convenient.

Let us not forget the iconic handle. Its black color and textured finish make it look different. Not to forget that it helps a lot while making some cuts on either wood or metal. The color scheme here is also very unique.

Silver, blue and black colors give an excellent touch to this particular model. Though the color scheme choice is subjective, but it is definitely pretty unique for its class.

2: Power Output

You will love the power figures of Draper circular saw. The users who use it find it quite powerful for the most part. As the name says it all, this power saw produces maximum of 1300 Watts.

Now, with such power, you can easily cut materials like wood, metal, ceramic tiles, and even plastic. Unfortunately, you would not find reliable circular saws that are as powerful as this specific model. Here the diameter of the circular saw is 185 mm.

With enhanced blades and 1300 watts motor, there is not any type of material that you cannot experiment on using Draper jigsaw.

3: Ease of Use

Every user on the web wants to get a circular saw that is easy to use and also packs some compelling features. Fortunately, Draper 185 mm 1300 W is one such power saw. In addition, it offers a variety of convenient add-ons to help you out.

For instance, laser LED guidance is a welcome addition. To experts and professionals, it may not sound interesting. But for beginners, such features are a blessing. For example, with an LED laser, you can cut any material in a straight direction.

Furthermore, the ergonomic handle is also an excellent addition. It is easy to grab and offers good comfort. You do not have to focus on the grip; just focus on the cuts that matter.

Moreover, the safety lock-on button helps you lock the power button when in use. The built-in dust extraction port helps you get rid of dust particles while cutting any material.

All in all, from the convenience point of view, this specific power tool ticks all the boxes. There is hardly anything you miss here. Therefore, homeowners and DIY gurus would love such features.

4: Durability Aspect

Experts know that the durability aspect is something not to overlook in any power tool. Whether it is a jigsaw or a circular saw, you have to ensure that the tool is durable enough to last for years to come.

This Draper Circular Saw has some good stuff to claim itself as a durable circular saw. For instance, its solid construction. In addition, all the controls and buttons are well-finished. The paint quality also seems fine.

Furthermore, an aluminum base plate ensures that it can handle minor drops. This high-quality base plate strengthens the overall construction of this power saw. Overall, durability-wise, this power saw is not going to disappoint you for sure.

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5: Ideal for Beginners

Given the promising figures, it is easy to recommend the Draper Circular Saw for experts. However, some experts may find its cord length a bit short. Similarly, the blade set it comes with might not suit the needs of some.

Therefore, it may not work perfectly for some professionals. So, it is recommended to beginners and amateurs who want a durable power tool. The add-ons such as laser light and dust extraction port are the main highlights that will attract beginners.

6: Box Contents

  • Circular Saw
  • Reduction ring adapters, 3 x 16, 3 x 20, and 3 x 25.4mm
  • User Manual

What is a Circular Saw?

Out of all the power tools, the circular saw is the easiest one to understand. As the name indicates, it has a circular blade that is powered by an electric motor. It helps woodcutters and cabinetmakers make some precise cuts on various types of materials.

Why Beginners Should Get Circular Saws at First?

Beginners should consider going with a circular saw for any of their crafting projects. This is because circular saws offer so much more for nearly the same price as some other power tools. Let us find out some unique highlights of circular saws.

1: They are Easy to Use

Yes, circular saws are an easy-to-use power tool. Unlike some other tools, there is no hard and fast rule to operate them. All the controls of these saws are placed in the right place. Further, you do not have to be very careful while operating a circular saw.

Convenient features such as grab handle and tool-less blade change are really good additions.

2: Loads of Safety Additions

Safety add-ons are something that you should look for in every power tool. Here, circular saws come in really handy. For instance, an electric brake is one top-rated feature that is a must for every power tool. With the help of an electric brake, you can easily control the speed of your saw’s blade.

So, several such additions make it a breeze to use circular saws. You can use ease. Especially for beginners, such safety add-ons are essential.

How to Buy the Best Beginner Circular Saw?

Now, you have to make sure that you get the best entry level circular saw for yourself. This will ensure that you get that much-needed cutting power and also that flexibility. Here is what you should know before buying a circular saw.

1: The Materials

Make sure that the circular saw you are buying is constructed with good quality materials. For example, metal-constructed circular saws tend to last long. Moreover, the addition of solid materials also prolongs the lifespan of a circular saw.

So, it is essential to look for a quality made circular saw before making a purchase.

2: Cutting Depth

The cutting depth is one aspect that cannot be overlooked while buying a circular saw. You want that cutting depth to be good enough so that you can cut different kinds of materials using it. The cutting depth should be at least 1 inch or more.

The deep cutting length gives you room to experiment with different types of cuts on various materials. For a beginner, this is really essential as they want to learn a variety of cuts for their upcoming projects.

3: Power Figures

Power figures of a circular saw indicate how powerful a tool is. The rule is pretty straightforward here. More horsepower and RPM rating mean more control you get over different cuts. So, do not consider investing in a cheap and less powerful power saw.

Always choose the circular saw that has ample power to cut various materials, including metal and wood.

Final Words

So, there are several best beginner circular saws available out there. As a beginner, your preference should be to buy one that best matches your current and future projects. Always think ahead, and invest your hard-earned cash in a powerful yet durable circular saw.

This way, you will enjoy using it no matter what the working requirements are.

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