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Best Draper Circular Saw Review – Most Powerful

Want to buy a powerful circular saw? How about choosing the Draper power saw? The Draper is one famous brand in the power tools industry. No matter what your requirements are, you will love the functionality of their power saws. 

Their  Draper 185mm 1300W is one such tool. As evident by the numbers, it packs in some serious raw power. Moreover, it also comes with 3 free blades. Sounds good? Why it shouldn’t be! Let us dive into Draper circular saw review and find out more about it.  

Best Draper Circular Saw Review in 2023

Draper 185mm 1300W
Draper 185mm 1300W Circular Saw
  • Blade Length: 185mm
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Material: Metal Blend
  • Watts: 1300
  • No. of Teeth: 24
  • Product Weight: 3.8kg
  • Cutting Angle: 90 Degree
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  • Excellent Performer
  • Lightweight
  • Well-Constructed
  • Comes With 3 Free Blades


  • Short Cord length

1: Design Language 

Ease of use in Draper circular saw

The design here is somewhat different than some of the other offerings. First, you get a robust design that promises reliable performance. All the parts are well-made and have a refined feel to them. Further, the placement of buttons is also convenient. 

Let’s not forget the iconic handle. Its black color, and textured finish makes it look different. Not to forget that it helps a lot while making some cuts on either wood or metal. The color scheme here is also very unique. 

Silver, blue and black colors give an excellent touch to this particular model. Though the color scheme choice is subjective, but it’s definitely pretty unique for its class. 

2: Power Output 

You’ll love the power figures of Draper circular saw. The users who use it find it quite powerful for the most part. As the name says it all, this power saw produces power of 1300 watts maximum.  

Now, with such power, you can easily cut materials like wood, metal, ceramic tiles, and even plastic. Unfortunately, you won’t find reliable circular saws that are as powerful as this specific model. 185mm here is the diameter of the circular saw.  

With enhanced blades and 1300 watts motor, there is no any material that you can’t experiment on using Draper jigsaw. 

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3: Ease of Use 

Draper circular saw review

Every user on the web wants to get a circular saw that is easy to use and also packs some compelling features. Fortunately, Draper 185mm 1300W is one such power saw. In addition, it offers a variety of convenient add-ons to help you out. 

For instance, laser LED guidance is a welcome addition. To experts and professionals, it may not sound interesting. But for beginners, such features are a blessing. For example, with an LED laser, you can cut any material in a straight direction.  

Furthermore, the ergonomic handle is also an excellent addition. It is easy to grab and offers good comfort. You don’t have to focus on the grip, just focus on the cuts that matter.  

Moreover, the safety lock-on button helps you lock the power button when in use. The built-in dust extraction port helps you get rid of dust particles while cutting any material.  

All in all, from the convenience point of view, this specific power tool ticks all the boxes. There is hardly anything you miss here. Therefore, its perfect circular saw for DIY gurus and homeowners.  

4: Durability Aspect 

Durability of the best draper circular saw

Experts know that the durability aspect is something not to overlook in any power tool. Whether it’s a jigsaw or a circular saw, you have to ensure that the tool is durable enough to last for years to come. 

This Draper Circular Saw review has some good stuff to claim itself as a durable circular saw. For instance, its solid construction. In addition, all the controls and buttons are well-finished. The paint quality also seems fine. 

Furthermore, an aluminum base plate ensures that it can handle minor drops. This high-quality base plate strengthens the overall construction of this power saw. Overall, durability-wise, this power saw is not going to disappoint you for sure.  

5: Ideal for . . . 

Given the promising figures, its easy to recommend the Draper Circular Saw for experts. However, some experts may find its cord length a bit short. Similarly, the blade set it comes with might not suit the needs of some. 

Therefore, it may not work perfect for some professionals. So, it is recommended to beginners and amateurs who want a durable power tool. The add-ons such as laser light and dust extraction port are the main highlights that will attract beginners.  

6: Key Features

  • Power that Shines
    With 1300W on board, you can cut plastic, PVC, ceramic, metal, and wood without a hassle. 
  • Adjustable Bevel Angle
    Adjust the bevel angle the way you want. You can adjust it all the way up to 90 degrees which is an added bonus.
  • Laser LED
    Beginners would love the addition of laser guidance. Cut in the straight line just like a professional with the help of laser light. 
  • Dust Port
    No need to get worries about the tiny dust particles. Simply attach any vacuum through the built-in dust port, and you’ll be all good to go. 

7: Box Contents 

  • Circular Saw  
  • Reduction ring adapters, 3 x 16mm, 3 x 20mm, 3 x 25.4mm 
  • User Manual 


So, the Draper Circular Saw Review comes to an end. See, its not a terrible option even for experts. You get a lot of cool features that can come in really handy on any day. Further, it comes with three free blades and also the 2 years limited warranty has got you back. 

Therefore, you can get this particular model with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions  

1: Is Draper A Good Tool Brand? 

Draper is a mediocre brand. Compared to other brands, they aren’t that known in the industry.  

2: What Is The Best DIY Circular Saw? 

According to this review, Draper 185mm 1300W is perfect DIY Circular saw.   

3: Are Circular Saws Worth It? 

Yes, circular saws are worth buying. They help you in so many different ways.  

4: What Size Circular Saw Is Best? 

It totally depends on your needs. However, the right size is the one that first your needs the best.  

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