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Best Performax Circular Saw Review

Durable handheld circular saws are often quite expensive. Further, its not easy to find many of them. Therefore, you are only left with limited options. But don’t worry, we have got some quality offerings for you. 

This performax circular saw review is all about one of the best handheld circular saws. It’s the Performax 4.8-Amp Corded 3-3/8″ model that has been reviewed in this post. Here are some of the benefits of getting this particular model. 

  • It’s quite handy
  • Comes with additional blades  
  • Can be used to cut almost any material 

This is why you should also get one for yourself. Don’t stress out, here is all you need to know about this particular power saw. 

Best Performax Circular Saw Review 

Blade Length  3-3/8″ 
Power Source  Corded Electric   
Cordless Functionality  No 
Measurement System Metric  
Material   Other 
Voltage Rating  60V  
No of Teeth   24 
Horsepower  2.0 
Speed  N/A  
Item Package Quantity 
Item Model Number   2410951 
Package Dimensions  9.50 H x 8.75 W x 6.75 D 
Product Weight (including shipping) 7.25 lbs. 
Cutting Angle  45 Degrees  


  • Excellent Handy Saw
  • Decent Enough Power
  • Bevel Angle Up To 45 Degrees
  • Comes With 9 Free Blades


  • None

1: Design Language  

The design aspect of this circular saw is quite evident from its outer casing. You might not have seen such a circular saw from any other brand. Its design to be used with single hand. Also, the color scheme is quite interesting. The blade and the motor both are placed at the appropriate spot. 

Further, when the motor works, the vibrations are pretty minimal. An excellent design language meets well with a powerful motor.  

2: Power Output 

Isn’t it surprising to see even affordable circular saws are pretty powerful nowadays? Well, they should be, because even homeowners want that good raw power. Therefore, in the case of Performax circular saw, power figures are pretty impressive.  

The motor you get here can produce a maximum current of up to 4.8 amps. Moreover, it can cut up to 1 inch of depth. The best part here is the 9 pieces blade set that you get with this tool.  

That’s why cutting a variety of materials becomes a breeze. If one blade doesn’t work, you can simply replace it with the other one. No need to spend extra on blades.  

3: Ease of Use 

When you are investing in the handheld power tool, forget about any complexity. This is because these all are designed to help beginners and DIYers work with peace of mind. Therefore, there is nothing that you miss in the case of Performax circular saw review. 

  You get an easy and convenient grab handle. Moreover, you get a dust management kit that helps you get rid of unnecessary dust. That is why, you will find this circular saw relatively easier to use.  

4: Durability Aspect 

When we talk about some of the affordable models, we come across many of them. But the problem is that not all of them are that durable. So, therefore, users have to suffer a lot in this regard.  

Thankfully, here you are all covered. This is because the Performax circular saw has a solid metal base. Furthermore, the quality of its switches and paint is also good for the price.  

5: Ideal for . . . 

This should be quite clear now, no? Okay, let us make it clear. Performax circular saw is ideal for homeowners. It is reasonably lightweight circular saw, packs some excellent features, and is also handy. These add-ons make it the perfect power tool for DIYers.  

For experts, the 1-inch limited cut depth can be a deal-breaker. Therefore, they may not buy it at the first place. However, as a backup tool, they can consider it eyes closed.  

6: Key Features 

  • Handy Power Saw
    You won’t find such lightweight and handy circular saw anywhere else. Its super lightweight and convenient to use.
  • 4.8 Amp Motor
    With sufficient power, you get that freedom to cut any material whether wood or metal up to 1 inch depth.
  • Built-in Dust Port
    Attach any external vacuum and removes all the dust particles. Helps you work with better focus for enhanced results.
  • Comes With Set Of 9 Blades
    The included packaging comes with 9 various blades. Therefore, you can cut all types of materials without investing on new blades.

7: Box Contents: 

Includes Five Corundum Blades Diamond Segmented Blade 
Carbide Tipped Blade 24-Tooth Carbide Tipped Blade 36-Tooth 
A Thin Kerf Saw Blade 80-Tooth One Vacuum Adapter
Edge Guide  Carrying Bag 

Why Homeowners Should Get a Circular Saw?  

You might have read in several reviews that circular saws are one handy tool for 

homeowners. Here is why. 

1: Doesn’t Break Your Bank 

Modern power tools have become pretty affordable now. For example, you can get a circular at a throwaway price. Moreover, the functionality you get against some bucks is excellent. Even in the cheaper models, you barely miss out on any aspect.  

Therefore, you should invest in a lightweight and compact circular saw.  

2: Super Convenient to Use 

Along with the affordability, you also don’t have to bother too much to operate modern-day circular saws. Most of the tools have easy control layout that helps you operate them without a hassle. Furthermore, the weight isn’t that much. So, there is nothing too complex about a circular saw.  

3: Tons of Add-Ons Enhance the User Experience  

This is the most exciting part about getting a new circular saw. You get a variety of cool features that are practical also. For instance, the addition of LED light, built-in dust port, electric brake, and tool-less blade change are excellent add-ons. These features enhance the user experience. 


You won’t find such a detailed Performax circular saw review on the web. Now, you know why it’s so popular. Despite the low price, it doesn’t disappoint with its performance. Further, the extra blades you get are the icing on the cake.

Frequently Asked Questions  

1: What Brand of Circular Saw Is Best? 

Makita, and Performax are one of the best circular saws brands. You can choose any of these.  

2: Are Mini Circular Saws Any Good? 

Yes, mini power saws are good if you know their intended purpose.  

3: What Saw to Buy First? 

Any cheap circular saw can work for you. Get the one that fits your needs the best.  

4: What Is the Best DIY Circular Saw? 

According to this Performax circular saw review, It’s the Performax 4.8-Amp Corded 3-3/8″ circular saw that is good for DIYers.  

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