Metabo Table Saw Review: A Detailed Analysis of the Power Tool Saw
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Metabo Table Review: A Detailed Analysis of the Power Tool Saw7 min read

November 15, 2021 5 min read
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The best table saws are one of the most important tools in any woodworker’s arsenal. Badly made or even just sub-par equipment will only get you so far, but with high-quality products like this one, you get unparalleled results.

This saw will be perfect for people looking to get into home improvement projects on the weekends or who want a powerful tool to help them with anything they need. It does not have any limitations because it is lightweight and affordable.

Let’s look at this Metabo table saw review to find all the amazing features it provides its user:

The Power Features of Metabo C10RJS

It is time to consider some of the vital points for buying this table saw, which gives it a competitive edge over others.

Motor & Power Supply:

It has a 120-volt motor and houses a 15-amp unit that will run perfectly on most residential powers. It has an adjustable speed control ranging from 1000 RPM to 4500 RPM with soft start capabilities for an even distribution of torque.

The saw has an automatic shutoff and restart lockout if the motor is overloaded. It will also stop working with insufficient power, preventing any damage that could cost you more money in repair bills or lost time productivity.

Furthermore, it has a power switch with an emergency-shut cover. So you can easily activate it using your knee for hands-free work when needed the most.

Table & Fence of Metabo Table Saw:

The large aluminum table of the C10RJ is easy to remove for storage or transport. The extensible 2″ support at the hindmost offers up to 10″ extra outfeed room when fully extended, making it perfect if you are planning longboards. In addition, a 28 3/4″ wide by 22″ deep table is required for this tool.

Moreover, its fence moves with a rack-and-pinion system. As a result, you can detach it from its standard position and extend 27″ out to reach 35″, which is more than any other brand offers.

To help you cut more efficiently and safely, the fence overturns so that a shelf can support workpieces at longer distances with an L-shape structure. You may move it side-to-side on your blade with an extended reach of 22 inches.

Precise Cuts:

The saw is not only portable, but it also comes with a 40-tooth carbide-tipped blade. This provides users of all experience levels great flexibility for both ripping and cross-cutting tasks.

If you are looking for a portable saw that can handle both construction and woodworking projects, the C10RJ may be right up your alley. Besides, it is geared towards accepting an 8″ x 13/16″ dado set to deal with everything from cutting boards to furniture carpentry with ease.

Furthermore, the trick for getting the blade aligned is under the saw. Loosen and tighten these two bolts to make sure you have a parallel alignment with your miter slots, fence panels, or whatever else might be on there before starting.

The blade on this saw can bevel from 0 to 45 degrees. It will cut up 3 1/8″ deep at the lowest setting, but at full tilt with a 45-degree angle, you can only get 2 1/4″. The handle of each side where adjustments happen also includes some knobs that allow for height changes.

The Miter Gauge & Slots:

Another feature we will discuss in this Metabo table saw review is its miter gauge and slots. Miter gauges are typically made from metal and have two slots. They keep the miter gauge firmly in place. Furthermore, it has positive stops at 0 to 60 degrees on both sides of the blade.

Some customers have reported the miter gauge sliding out when they fold up their saw for transport. To prevent this, ensure it is securely fastened in place and not lose sight of its location.

Secure Stand:

The saw comes with a wheeled stand to make storing and moving it more accessible. It has an operating position for when you need your power tools in use and folds up vertically so that they will not take up too much space on their own without being used or taken apart.

What’s not to love about this rolling workstation? With its all-terrain 8″ wheels, you can navigate through most surfaces easily. The exterior frame is sturdy enough for rough terrain but lightweight, so it will not slow down your movement.

Sawdust Collection:

For those who want to avoid sawdust, this little guy can handle it. The nylon curtain surrounding its main area show dust the way into a bag, so you do not have to clean up after. You could also attach one of these vacs to its 2 1/2″ slot if cleaning inside is more convenient for you.

The Safe Play:

There is a lot of safety equipment on this unit. We already have talked about a few of the leading security aspects above as well. However, other vital pieces of this tool that deserve mention are as follows:

🔹 A good safety precaution is to cover the blade with a clear plastic guard. This will enable your piece to glide under the guard but keep your hand away from danger.

🔹 It has a riving knife behind the blade that can help you maintain control and safety when cutting.

🔹 It comes with anti-kickback pawls – on either side of the tool – that you are trying to cut, preventing it from flying back towards yourself.

🔹 This saw has a powerful motor and an electric brake, which will allow you to stop the whirling blade quickly when powering down. This reduces your chances of sticking anything into risky spots while retrieving cut material from its enclosure.


Metabo Table Saw  WHite background
Table & Fence of Metabo Table Saw
  • Table Material: Aluminium
  • Blade Size:10-inch
  • Blade Type: 40T Carbide Tipped
  • Max Rip Capacity Right:35-inch
  • Max Rip Capacity Left:22-inch
  • Working Table Size: 28-3/4 x 22-inch
  • Outfeed Support Size: 28-3/4 x 2-inch
  • Cut Depth at 0 Degrees: 3-1/8-inch
  • Max Cut Depth at 45 Degrees: 2-1/4-inch
  • Max Width of Dado: 8 x 13/16-inch
  • No-Load Speed: 4500 RPM
  • Tool Weight:96 lbs.
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  • Its powerful motor enables you to handle materials with thick and dense properties.
  • Its wide stand ensures improved stability, perfect for those looking to avoid any movement or trembling.
  • The 35-inch width of the rip makes it a preferred table saw in the market.
  • With its flat surface, the table is perfect for precise and clean cuts.
  • Its all-terrain tires can work seamlessly on all surfaces, making them perfect for a variety of terrains.
  • Its manual is not thorough as it misses a few of the blade alignment processes.
  • The bevel lock of this table saw will not stay in place if you do not tighten it correctly.

Final Verdict of Metabo Table Saw Review:

There is plenty of options when it comes to purchasing your next table saw, but the Metabo HPT C10RJS is an exceptional one. This powerful and reliable tool can do wonders with any project you work on it.

It’s time to get your hands on the Metabo HPT C10RJS right now! So what are you waiting for?

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