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Craftsman Table Saw -Top Choice for Woodworkers 

A table saw is one of the power tools that every construction company needs. It is perfect for cutting wood, metal, and even plastic. The table saw with a 10-inch blade has a swift performance and makes your boring job an enjoyable task to do.

If you are an amateur, you might face quite difficulty in finding a suitable table saw for your projects. In this craftsman table saw review, we are going to provide you with the best Craftsman table saw review. This will help you to make a wise decision of picking the right power saw.

The Craftsman 10-inch table saw is the perfect addition to any construction company, carpenter’s tool trailer or just for when you want an easy way to cut wood pieces. This portable device lets users easily create all sorts of designs with its efficient design and powerful motor.

In this guide, we are going to walk you through the distinctive features and specifications of Craftsman’s best model of the table saw. Its efficient working will leave you in awe and will make your pesky project feel like a breeze.

Comprehensive Craftsman Table Saw Review

The Craftsman portable table saw is an excellent, affordable table saw option for homeowners looking to create their own worksite. The overall features of the saw look great. It has a powerful motor and a strong stand with wheels, so you can roll it anywhere with ease.

Let’s delve into the features, and detailed work efficiency of one of its great models of table saw.

Craftsman CMXETAX69434502 10 Inch – Table Saw Features

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Craftsman CMXETAX69434502 Table Saw
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Motor Type: 15-amp
  • Blade Speed: 5000 RPM
  • Cutting Depth: 3.125 Inches
  • Weight: 55 Pounds
  • Arbor Diameter: 5/8 Inches
  • Blade Diameter: 10 inches
  • Maximum Bevel Depth: Up to 45 degree
  • Stand: Separable folding
  • Fence: Quick Release locking
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  • It is can be easily stored away when it is not being used. Its folding legs allow you to store it away when not in use.
  • The innovative expanding table on the right-hand side of this saw provides more workspace and cutting options.
  • The blade of this tool has a 2-and-a half-inch port for optimal functionality and design.
  • This table saw is quite light-weighted.
  • It gives you great stability during working.
  • The Craftsman table saw has a solid fence.
  • The fence and miter are tucked away in the storage of your table saw, but they are easy enough to access if you need them.


  • It does not provide you with adequate cutting depth.

One of the most amazing features of this table saw is its 15-amp motor. The 5,000 rpm provides fast and precise cuts with 12 inches for right-angle or rip cuts on 10 inches from front to back. Moreover, a quick-release rip fence accurately makes square measurements that assist you in cutting perfectly.

In addition, there is a 0-degree Bevel that allows you cut up 3 1/8″ 90-degree angle and 2 ¼’ 45 degrees. All of this makes the Craftsman 10-in table saw perfect for any cutting project.

i): Highly Portable

Best Craftsman CMXETAX69434502 Table Saw review- highly portable

The Craftsman 10-in table saw is lightweight, easy to transport and store. In addition, it comes with a portable stand that can be detached for transportation purposes as well. It offers high durability, for it comes equipped with a protective roll cage design.

ii): The Impressive Design of Craftsman CMXETAX69434502 Table Saw

Best Craftsman CMXETAX69434502 Table Saw review- design

The Craftsman table saw is a sleek and modern machine, with bright red buttons on the front to make functioning easy for you. The design of this product stands out from other brands by using pleasing colors.

This table saw’s stand is a versatile workstation that can be used in either tight garages or sheds. It excels at saving space and features an easy-to-navigate design with strong durability, making it worth considering by carpenters and woodworkers.

iii): The Fence of Craftsman CMXETAX69434502 Table Saw

Best Craftsman CMXETAX69434502 Table Saw review- the fence

With any table saw, it is the motor, fence and accuracy that make all of a difference. It’s a table saw designed for professional woodworkers. It features a quick-release fence, making it easy to change blade positions with minimal effort and time.

The Craftsman standard of excellence means that you can make your projects easy quickly without compromising cuts quality in any way.

iv): The Blade of Craftsman CMXETAX69434502 Table Saw

Best Craftsman CMXETAX69434502 Table Saw blade

The 10-inch blade is perfect for cutting dimensional lumber up to 2×6. With an additional 3 1/8-inch depth, you can rip through any task on the job site. The blade of the saw can be set to 90 degrees, allowing it to cut through 2 ¼ inches deep.

However, when facing upwards at 45-degree angles, you will still have no problem cutting anything up high or on an angle.

v): The Quality Table

Craftsman CMXETAX69434502 Table Saw

The Craftsman 10-inch table saw is the perfect addition to any workshop. This durable cast aluminum work surface provides a 12″ rip on one side and an even more spacious 10 inches of kerfing (the groove) along with it.

Moreover, the 27 3/8 in by 21 7/8-inch table area is large enough to handle the projects. The height of the work surface can be adjusted accordingly. So, it is perfect for any task you need to get done.

vi): Easy to Lift Saw Stand of Craftsman CMXETAX69434502 Table Saw

Best Craftsman CMXETAX69434502 Table Saw stand

The steel frame of this saw is strong and can support the heaviest boards. It weighs over 54 pounds without tools or blades. It is highly easy to lift easy for anyone, and it is compact enough to not fill up much space. Thus, making your rigorous tasks quite easy to manage.

Tips and Tricks to Use a Table Saw Safely

Tips and Tricks to Use a Table Saw Safely

Working with a table saw can be intimidating, especially if you have never used one before. But do not worry. There are some simple steps that will help ensure that your cutting project goes smoothly. Take a look below:

🔹 Use the Correct Blade

The consequences of using a dull, poor quality or inappropriate saw blade can be disastrous to the work you are trying to do. It could result in delays and mistakes that will set back any progress significantly.

The blade is the heart of your table saw. “Make sure that the blade of the saw is sharp enough to pierce through anything.” It will not only make your performance swift but also will help prevent accidents.

🔹 Use Safety Tools

You should always wear glasses, gloves, and a respiratory mask while using a table saw. It will help you to be safe from any injury and will make your tasks enjoyable.

🔹 Read the Manual

It is a must requirement to read the manual of a table saw carefully. Go through all the safety precautions that the manufacture mentions on the guide before starting to operate the table saw.

🔹 Utilize Blade Guards and Splinters

When it comes to safety equipment, the splitter (or riving knife) is key. They are located behind your blade and prevent kickbacks. This will allow you to work with no fear of an accident while using this tool.

Keep Away All Obstructions

Always make sure that your work area is clear from any kind of debris. If you do not clean the surroundings of your saw after cutting, the debris will accumulate and can increase the risk of an accident. Get into the habit of picking up cut-offs right away and make your work risk-free and efficient.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are curious about the common questions people ask me, here is a list of my most frequently answered ones.

Q1: What are the two most common uses for the table saw?

Ans: The table saw is a versatile and productive tool in the woodshop. It can cut, cross-cut, rip to make perfect angles for your projects. It also can rip boards into manageable sizes.

Q2: What feature should you look for in a table saw?

Ans: When it comes to investing in a new saw, there are many features that you should consider. The first is the type of table; a flat top will ensure accurate cuts and prevent any accidents. Moreover, a fence needs to be securely locked down so as not to be crooked or wiggled at all while cutting.

Q3: What are the three main safety precautions you must ensure while working with a table saw?

Ans: You should always wear gloves, glasses, and a dust mask while starting to operate the table saw. Moreover, always pick sharp blades to make your work seamless and easy.

The Bottom Line

A table saw is a must-have for every DIY enthusiast and woodworker. It has to be efficient enough to make your projects seem like a breeze. There is a plethora of table saws in the lucrative industry of power tools.

In this guide, we have provided you with the best Craftsman table saw review. We have accumulated all of its distinctive features and specifications into one place to help you make an informed decision of buying a table saw for your upcoming projects.

The Craftsman table saw has no comparison, and it undoubtedly offers the best table saws in the market.

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