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DeWalt Table Saw Review: DWE7491RS – Perfection in Hand

If you’re looking for a quality table saw that will get the job done, this DeWalt table saw review is what you need. With an increased capacity and stand, this premium DEWALT 10-Inch Table Saw, DWE7491RS model is perfect when combined with other tools from our brand. 

The Best-Selling Features of DWE7491RS 

The DEWALT DWE7491RS is one of the best tools out there in the market. We would even venture to such an extent to regard it as the powerful one for job site as well as mobile stand working. We shall now discuss its power, quality, cut capacity, and more. 

Technical Details

dewalt table saw White Background
DeWalt DWE7491RS Table Saw
  • Product Dimensions: 31 x 24.5 x 31 inches
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Blade Length:22 Inches
  • Blade Speed: 4800 RPM
  • Style: ‎10-Inch Tablesaw w/Stand
  • Item Weight:‎110 pounds
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The Major Pros of DWE7491RS

✔️ Its rack-and-pinion system promises quick, precise, and smooth fence adjustments.  

✔️ This model is amazing for narrow rip cuts. 

✔️ You get 32-1/2″ rip capacity that makes cutting wider material hassle-free. 

✔️ DWE7491RS comes with accessory storage for easy access to wrenches, gauges, push sticks, and more.  

✔️ Its roller stand is intended for simple set up and disbanding with incredible safety.  

15 Amp Power

15 Amp Power dewalt table saw

This model has an incredible 15-amp engine which promises a speed of 4800 RPM for faster cutting. Additionally, its improved speed has also positively modified its ripping quality marginally.  

It is recommended for several applications, including cutting ¾ inch plywood, 2x framing material, and 1x maple hassle-free. 

Powerhouse Performance

Powerhouse Performance dewalt table saw

This model from DeWalt delivers on its name. This model’s rack and pinion fence rails ensure you get nothing but precision and high-end overall functioning. The fence is not difficult to change and remains corresponding to its sharp blades.  

The special fence configuration works on rails all over the face and rear of the tool, taking out the chance of fence drift. In addition, the mitre gauge is installed in this table saw for cross-cutting. It is not too extraordinary, but it takes care of the business. 

Mobile Stand

Mobile Stand dewalt table saw

You must have never used a better mobile stand before. It is very easy to set up and promises strength with portability. You can set it vertically in a compact arrangement. In addition, we must inform you that it is worth the price so you can consider spending on this stand.  

Secure Switch 

Secure Switch  dewalt table saw

DWE7491RS includes an exceptionally decent on-and-off switch with a safety cover. Furthermore, you have to lift the lever or cover to switch on your tool. To stop the saw, it comes with a bump pad to easily turn it off. 

Flip Over Fence

 Flip Over Fence dewalt table saw

Flip over fence is one of the nicest things about this table saw. It offers two helpful advantages that revolutionize your experience. You can easily cut the narrow pieces of the material without meddling with the blade guard with this feature. 

Similarly, when you are cutting wide sheets, this feature helps to lock your tool in a lower position to help the workpiece. Otherwise, your guard would not have been there if it was not for this flip-over fence.  

Storage Location 

Storage Location dewalt table saw

DeWalt believes in perfection, and they prove so with this model. You also get proper storage to keep your accessories in the blade guard. We have often seen that many accessories never make it back, and therefore, this storage location promises excellence. 

Say Goodbye to Dust 

Say Goodbye to Dust dewalt table saw

This model is also great for dust collection. It comes with two ports, one integrated below the table, and the other is situated over the blade guard.  

One on the back comes with a 2-1/2″ residue port that associates with the space beneath the blade. Connected to a job site vacuum, it is exceptionally compelling and gathers around 80 percent of the dust, relying upon the material you cut.  

Furthermore, DWE7491RS has a compact 1-1/4″ port on the topmost surface of the guard to collect the dust. You do not need to be too amped up for this as it is a hassle in the long run.  

We firmly believe that this brand needs to redesign this guard or upgrade it to help in making it simpler to connect.  

The Cutting Capacity  

The Cutting Capacity  dewalt table saw

If you want to buy the ideal job site table saw, DWE7491RS is present for max cut capacity. On the right side of the blade, you get a remarkable 32-1/2″ rip capacity. This capacity is improved from the last model and pushes other brands to do the same.  

Moreover, its rack-and-pinion fence system incorporates a flip-over-fence attachment which has been discussed earlier. This feature makes it the  best DeWalt table saw. It is useful for making support for wide material and allows cutting such material while staying compact during storage.

The Mobile Roller Stand  

The Mobile Roller Stand  dewalt table saw

This model’s roller stand is amazingly powerful and simple to use. Many DIYers and other workers face the issue of portability and ease of using table saws. These machines are pretty heavy, so its mobile stand is an effective solution for solitary labor.  

In addition, it is reviewed as one of the simplest models in the market with respect to an easy-to-use point. You can easily place or stand the saw on the ends for folding this roller stand. Now, at that point, the 4 legs crease somewhere near delivering simple to utilize switches. 

Setting the saw up without any tools requires just a few moments, and it is easy to put together. The enormous wheel stature handle makes moving the saw and stands very simple.  

Safety Above All

Safety Above All dewalt table saw

DWE7491RS is not here to surpass all expectations here yet has some standard security hardware as a feature of its safety system. Its blade guard is a standard clear plastic system that cuts the wood smoothly while protecting your hands from the uncovered sharp edges.  

Also, its blade guards will secure a raised position while operating the machine. For instance, it can be set while changing the blade height as it will reduce the impulse to eliminate this safety measure when used in your own manner. 

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In the End  

In this DeWalt table saw review, we can easily say that DEWALT DWE7491RS is undoubtedly the best job site table saw in the market. Its incredible power with one of the biggest rip capacities and mobile roller stand makes it worthy among its competitors.  

Not only that, but its built and precision is excellent. Every good tool has its pros and cons, but its concerns are so minor that you can neglect them easily. DeWalt has to improve its dust collector system and make it easier to use the dust port on the blade guard. They should consider offering a hose and splitter.  

This table saw delivers on high quality with seamless performance in a convenient way. It is touted better than many other table saws without a stand. You must have this in your kit to show you are a real DIY enthusiast.  

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