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Best Ozito Table Saw Review – Perfect for Heavy Cutting

Choosing the right table saw has never been an easy task. There are many factors involved in that single choice. Being a professional, your whole cutting job depends upon that single decision. That is why we have brought you this Ozito table saw review with all the essential guidelines. Let us discuss it in detail.

Though you will find a lot of cutting-edge table saws around you, our today’s editor pick is no other than the OZITO Portable Table Saw Freestanding Bench Saw 200mm. Here some of our readers might think that why need a table saw when you could get a handy jigsaw for almost the same price? There are many reasons for it.

A table saw is a must-have tool for your home or professional workshop. Though it is a bit cumbersome to set it up, yet it is not a big deal as compared to its vast range of benefits. For those who love DIY jobs, it is an inevitable part of their workshop. Let us see some more of its features:

Major Qualities of Ozito Portable Table Saw

Ozito Table saw
Ozito TBS-2000 Table Saw
  • Material: Plastic, Metal
  • Blade Speed: 2950 per min
  • Wattage: 800 watts
  • Blade Length: 200 millimeters
  • Power Source: Corded Electric boring
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  • Its blade is relatively long-lasting with more durable teeth.
  • Cuts straight lines with high precision.
  • You can even make crosscuts and rips more than easily.
  • It collects the residues so that the work area is clean and clear.
  • If one takes good care of its maintenance, it can serve for years to come.


  • One of the biggest disadvantages of a table saw is that it is fixed. You cannot move it freely.
  • You can only cut stock that can be put or is adjustable on the table.
  • Only experts can work with them, and these are more dangerous than circular saws.

As the name signifies, the first thing one must keep in mind regarding it is the structure and functionality. It is a saw fixed on a table. You will have to move and adjust the stock according to the position you like. All the angle cutting depends upon your manual expertise and adjustment.

On top of the list stands its blade function. If we speak concerning the toughness of its teeth, these are one of a kind amongst various other reducing devices. Thus, making it a top choice for many challenging DIY jobs.

When we talk about the touch of professionalism, this table saw wins that race too. Those who want to cut larger pieces of woods in no time would always choose it as their ultimate tool. Though all the cutting and trimming tasks cannot be completed with it and you will need a jigsaw for fine cuts.

Best Choice for All Material Types

Best Choice for All Material Types ozito table saw

This model has actually been developed to cut wood and other such items effortlessly. When reducing bigger work surfaces, the big job table with very easy to set up back expansion as well as side tables give higher security.

Created for multi-purpose applications such as tearing, go across as well as miter cuts of chipboard, hardwood as well as plywood. The saw can likewise be slanted at approximately 45° for precise bevel cuts. However, it needs a lot of expertise to perform.

For safety and security, a press stick is a part of the pack. it will make its use more than easy for the user. Dirt removal from the back of the saw will certainly maintain the workspace tidy. Stand with anti-slip rubber feet gives complete assistance and also security.

A Highly Affordable DIY Workshop Choice

A Highly Affordable DIY Workshop Choice ozito table saw

A table saw is even more of a gripping and efficient type of power device. It proves to be more than useful in all such instances, whether to reduce a solitary wooden strip or simply to make fine a tidy side on lumber.

Having an Ozito table saw in a do-it-yourself workspace is typically the best choice when establishing your home store or workshop. Those who have a garden at home try it most. No matter whether you want to cut bigger logs into smaller ones or craft your own lawn bench, it is the topmost choice.

Key Features

  • Side and Back Expansion Tables
  • Dirt Removal Ports
  • Blade Elevation and also Bevel Modification
  • Hole & Miter Fencing
  • 3 x 24TCT Saw Blades
  • Compact and Portable design

Ozito Table Saw vs. Circular Saw – Which Is Best?

Apart from discussing the best Ozito table saw review, a question might arise in our readers’ minds. And it is no other than its use as compared to a circular saw. First, there is no comparison between these two. Each one is useful in its own place.

i): Circular Saw

Circular Saw

A circular or jigsaw could be the best choice for the general house do-it-yourself fanatic due simply to its greater versatility. However, if you do not need this sort of versatility and only need a saw for a particular sort of cutting, a table saw could also be worth considering.

If you require a saw that will permit you to make the best series of cuts for all sorts of jobs, a circular saw is the one to go for. It is also the very best option if you need to establish a small workshop at home. However, it is not a handy choice.

ii): Ozito Table Saw

Ozito Table Saw

Last but not least, an Ozito table saw is best if you put greater value on severe accuracy, and also, you just need to cut wood that can be placed on the table saw in your workshop. After that, this kind of saw might be a far better selection.

You can effortlessly tilt its blade more than 45 degrees in the left, cutting the wood up to 32mm thick. Furthermore, this model’s parallel stop with two elevations cuts it easy and precise every time.

With its compact size and multiple features, this table saw is perfect for home or professional use. The safety features are not just about protection, but they will also enhance your productivity.

In addition, a push stick with a holder helps keep you safe while on-site cuts can be completed without worrying about losing visibility due to poor sightlines caused by cord placement near power outlets throughout a workshop environment where dust extraction ports are included as well.

So, everything stays clean during cutting sessions no matter what device is used since they are located at either end of this model’s handlebars, which also houses an integrated cable storage area if desired.

Wrapping Up

The Ozito 200 mm Table Saw is a versatile tool for cutting different kinds of timber, and it can be used in your home or on the job site. Its portable design makes limited space irrelevant, while its compact size means you do not have to worry about storage when not being used.

Though we have discussed this topic in our best Ozito table saw review, the best method to pick which one to buy first is to make sure you comprehend the advantages and downsides first. The best is the one that meets your requirements.

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