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Triton TJS001 Jigsaw Review – Powerful Yet Classy

Getting the best-rated jigsaw often becomes a challenging task for many. With so many options on the web, one quickly gets confused. Further, different manufacturers offer various types of jigsaws, such as cordless ones.

For your ease, we have compiled this Triton jigsaw review. We have chosen Triton TJS001 corded jigsaw for this review as it offers excellent value. In case you don’t know, here are some highlights of a typical jigsaw: 

  • You can cut almost all types of materials
  • It is durable enough to last for years
  • Requires no maintenance

Excited? Aren’t you? Hold on, in this review, you’ll explore all the significant aspects of our chosen jigsaw. So, let’s dive in.

Triton Jigsaw White Background
Triton TAJS001 Pendulum Action Jigsaw
  • Brand: Triton
  • Model: ‎TJS001
  • Amperes: 6.5
  • SPM: 2900 (Max)
  • Voltage Rating: 120V 
  • Power Source: Corded electric
  • Weight: 7.8lb
  • Color: Yellow
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  • 3 stage pendulum action ensures faster cuts 
  • Four-position mode selectors
  • Quick-release blade change 
  • Variable speed control 
  • Quality construction


  • Cord length could have been a bit longer 

Triton Jigsaw – Features to Keep in Mind

i): Power Output

The one area where the Triton TJS001 shines is its output power. You get quality power figures to help you cut through different materials. It has an ampere rating of 6.5 amperes. In terms of watts, it produces a maximum of 750W.

Thanks to such raw power, you can rely on this jigsaw for cutting metal or even ceramic tiles. Furthermore, it doesn’t reduce the blade speed no matter the thickness of the material.

Few jigsaws offer such functionality. Therefore, it is rated as one of the best in its competition.

ii): Design

Unlike some standard jigsaws, the Triton TJS001 has a different design language. It has an easy-to-grab handle. Further, its shape is slightly different as it is one pendulum action jigsaw. Further, the yellow color gives it a different look.

The overall design of this jigsaw is pretty robust. It gives a glimpse of power, agility, and durability. 

iii): Ease of Use

Another good aspect here is the add-on features of this jigsaw. It has all controls placed in the correct positions. Further, its variable speed control function is a welcome addition. That’s why even if you are a beginner, you’ll find it like a piece of cake to operate.

iv): Durability

It’s not just the material that determines the lifespan of a tool. It’s the brand name that also matters a lot. In this case, the Triton TJS001 has some good benefits to offer. It has been constructed with quality materials.

Further, its motor is made from pure copper, ensuring better efficiency and lifespan. So, unless you are way too careless, this jigsaw won’t disappoint you.

v): Ideal for 

The Triton jigsaw is ideal for almost all types of workers. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you’ll find this jigsaw equally helpful. Further, the professionals would love its feature set.

vi): Key Features

  • Dual Axis Grip

No more shakes while cutting any material. The dual-axis grip ensures that you make smooth cuts every time.

  • 3 – Stage Pendulum Action

The 3-stage pendulum action not only minimizes the wear and tear of blades but also optimizes the overall performance.

  • Quick Blade Change

With Toolless blade change, it becomes a breeze to replace the old blades

  • Comes With 3 High-Performance Blades

There is no need to buy extra blades; it comes with three free blades that help you experiment with different straight and bevel cuts.

How to Buy a Jigsaw That Makes Curved Cuts?

We know it’s a tough ask to choose the best jigsaw among so many offerings. But, don’t worry, our buying guide has got you covered. Let’s get to know all about buying jigsaws:

1: Corded Vs. Cordless Jigsaws

So, you have decided to get one jigsaw for yourself. Did you come across some cordless models? Indeed, you would have. Here you have to understand the differences between these two common types of jigsaws.

Both these are designed for totally different users. Let’s find out some common differences:

Cordless Jigsaws 

These power saws get all their power from a rechargeable battery. Unlike the traditional saws, they don’t have a power cord. Now, being cordless, their power rating isn’t as high as their sibling. Still, you get some reasonable power figures.

Note that you have to compromise on some aspects here, such as average power output and short battery life. However, if you are a DIY person and can afford extra batteries, you won’t have trouble using cordless jigsaws.

Corded Jigsaw

Want to know one fun fact? Every jigsaw is corded one except for the cordless models. Sounds vague? Well, it shouldn’t be. Because corded jigsaws are the real jigsaws that professionals use. The cordless ones are only offered for added convenience.

As the AC (alternating current) powers the corded jigsaws, they tend to have better power output. So, the output power here is measured in ampere ratings. Furthermore, you don’t have any certain limitations in this case. 

With ample raw power, you can easily cut wood, metal, plastic, and ceramic tiles. Unfortunately, therefore, professionals rely on corded jigsaws for their livelihood.

2: Variable Speed Control

The variable speed control function is an excellent add-on for enthusiasts. That allows you to change the speed of the blade as per your liking. Furthermore, you can adjust the speed according to the depth of the material to be cut.

Therefore, one should never overlook the presence of variable speed control functionality in a jigsaw. 

3: Toolless Blade Change 

You don’t want to carry an additional toolset for replacing jigsaw blades. The toolless feature allows you to change the blade of your jigsaw without the need for any tool. Such a feature not only saves your time but also helps you work with better focus.

4: Dust Blower

Dust particles and severely hurt your eyes. So, it would be best if you always got the jigsaw that has a built-in dust blower. But, in case you don’t find one, try to get a jigsaw that at least has an external port for connecting a vacuum.

The whole purpose of such features is to keep the worksite clean while avoiding any unnecessary injuries. So, if safety is your concern, this is a must-have feature.

5: Don’t Forget the Pricing

Every user wants to get a reasonably priced jigsaw. Fortunately, most of the jigsaws are priced well, given the set of features they offer. So, you can get one that is feature-packed and also doesn’t break your bank.


So, now you know what the good and bad aspects of Triton TJS001 are. Our Triton jigsaw review covered all its significant aspects to help you make a wise decision. So, it’s a good idea to get one for yourself. Get it here! 

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