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Best Wen Jigsaw Review – Power Packed Affordable 2023

Jigsaws have become one standard DIY tool that even homeowners can use with ease. The added convenience makes these jigsaws one of the best options for beginners and professionals. 

Jigsaws are ideal for making some straight cuts and crafting some wood or ceramic pieces. Here are some of the benefits of getting a wen Jigsaw for yourself:

They are super easy to use

  • Requires no extra effort for making some precise cuts
  • Cordless models are even more compact 

So, given the exciting benefits, it’s a good idea to get one for yourself. Now, it’s not easy to pick the best jigsaw. Therefore, we have chosen one specific model for you. Our wen jigsaw review contains all the necessary information to help you get started. So, let’s explore this specific model. 

Best Wen Jigsaw Review & Ratings

Wen 33606 Jigsaw
  • Weight: 5.4 pounds
  • Power Source: 20 volts
  • Power Cord Length: 6.5 feet
  • Output Power: 6.6 Amp (Max)
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • SPM Range: 0-3330 (Max)
  • Cutting Thickness: 4.25 inches
  • Wood Cutting Thickness: 4.25 inches
  • Blade Length: 2-inches
  • Orbital Selection: 4-way
  • Laser Guidance:Yes
  • Illumination: Yes, LED
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  • Powerpack features
  • Excellent tool for amateurs
  • Built-in laser light
  • Dual bevel angle support
  • It has a handy dust blower


  • Not recommended for heavy-duty cutting
  • It does not come with a storage case

i): Design


You might think all jigsaws have the same design language. But no, not all of them share the same design. For instance, the Wen jigsaw has one unique design. However, from the outside, it looks like a fun-to-use tool.

On the other hand, it packs some impressive internals to help you cut all types of materials. First, the all-black look gives it that unique touch. Second, the placements of the buttons make it easy to use.

So, from the design point of view, it’s a win-win situation here. It’s one compact yet modern-looking jigsaw.

ii): Power Output

wen Jigsaw Power Output

A lot of people assume that jigsaws are less powered as compared it their “siblings.” Well, not all jigsaws are the same. In this case, the Wen jigsaw packs some good raw power to cut a variety of materials.

Starting with its built-in electric motor, it is 6.6 Amp and promises to deliver adequate torque. Moreover, it can produce from 0 to 3300 strokes per minute (SPM). Now, such numbers are pretty healthy for a compact saw.

Further, the electric motor also has variable speed control. So, cutting a wide variety of materials isn’t going to be a problem. So, if you are an enthusiast, you’ll love the raw this particular jigsaw offers.

iii): Ease of Use

wen jigsaw ease of use

For many users and even some professionals, convenience is something they can’t compromise on. Fortunately, you are all covered here. That is because the Wen jigsaw has a ton of convenient add-ons.

It is easy to use and has a convenient grab handle. Furthermore, it has a non-marring shoe that helps in the prevention of scuff marks from your workpieces. Moreover, the quick-release blade function is super convenient.

With the press of a button, you can replace the blade. But things don’t end here. You also get a lock on the power switch. It helps you lock the power switch and focus more on the cutting process.

Let’s not forget the addition of the Led laser guidance feature. With Led light on, you can work in dim conditions without worrying about anything. So, from the usability point of view, you are all covered here.

iv): Durability

wen jigsaw Durability

Most of the power saws you find on the web are durable enough to last for years. However, the quality of construction materials matters a lot. In the case of Wen jigsaw, you get plastic construction for the most part.

The buttons are well-finished and are also easy to operate. However, no matter the quality of its construction, you have to be careful once you use it. Ensure that your workplace is safe and secure.

v): Ideal for

If you are allowing kids to operate this tool, you have to be extra conscious. In short, the durability seems fine, given the build, but some safety measures can enhance its lifespan for sure.

As we discussed in the beginning, jigsaws can be used by even homeowners. But some jigsaws are done for defined classes. So the Wen jigsaw is the perfect tool for DIY folks and amateurs.

However, its raw power can assist professionals, but they might consider some other option due to its average build. Coming back to the first defined class, the beginners will find this jigsaw easy and convenient to use.

vi): Box Contents

  • In the box, you get the following contents:
  • Wen Jigsaw
  • A set of blades
  • User manual
  • Warranty Card

Key Features

  • 6.6 Amp Motor 

Backed by a 6.6 Amp electric motor that helps the Wen jigsaw outperform its competitors. Allowing you to cut metal, wood, and plastic with ease. 

  • 4-Position Orbital Selection 

Choose the direction of your blade with a press of a button. Then, with the 4-position orbital selection, you know you are in control.

  • Variable Speed Function 

Control the motor speed at your convenience. This helps you cut almost all types of materials with ease. 

  • Laser-Guided Cutting With LED 

The added laser-guided helps you cut different materials even in a dark situation. Also, the LED light is itself a handy addition. 

Why Investing in A Jigsaw Is a Good Idea?

A jigsaw is a tool that helps you in various ways. Although it’s not just compact, the set of features it packs makes it an ideal option for amateurs. Here are some reasons that shed some light on why investing in a jigsaw is a good idea.

1: Almost Anyone Can Use Jigsaw

Yes, jigsaws are relatively easy to use compared to some other powered tools. However, the added functionality you get is something hard to find. With a convenient controls layout and one press blade release, the jigsaws enhance your craftsmanship experience.

2: A Handy Tool 

Jigsaws come in both corded and cordless variants. Now you’ll assume that the cordless ones would be super handy compared to the corded models. However, in the case of Wen jigsaw, it’s the opposite.

You get a convenient grab handle and compact form factor, making it one ideal option for carrying almost everywhere. Therefore, jigsaws are rated as a super handy tool for a variety of users. 


So, you got to know about the different aspects of this “Wen jigsaw review.” First, this model offers an impressive feature set at an affordable cost. Further, it is backed by a two-year warranty. So, you also get that peace of mind. 

Therefore, for reliable performance and a hassle-free cutting process, this jigsaw should be your first.

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