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How to Choose Wisely Between Electric Screwdriver vs Drill?

Some of you might be thinking that why would we need a review regarding electric screwdriver vs drill?

The reason is that many aspects may confuse these two, especially when it comes to a Do It Yourself (DIY) project by a beginner.

Before coming towards the main topic of our discussion, let us talk about the significant differences in a bird’s eye view. Generally, the voltage of a screwdriver is from 3 to 10.8 volts. On the other hand, a drill consumes 12 to 18 volts. That difference in voltage is also a sign of how different is the basic function of these two tools.

Obviously, a lighter tool will consume much lower electric power. Now let us discuss these two other essential features to further clear the confusion.

We often need some tool that can function dually during a DIY project. That is when many would confuse one tool for another, as we know that a drill can be modified into a screwdriver by just changing a few parts.

Due to the above dual function, one might confuse one tool for another. To save you from that inconvenience, here are some of the most distinguishing similarities and differences between the two. Read this electric screwdriver vs drill to get a sound idea about both.

Difference Between – Drill & Electric Screwdriver

Difference Between - Drill and Electric Screwdriver

The primary line of difference starts from the voltage and battery consumption. Both these parts have different sizes. The motor of a drill is more powerful and prominent. On the other hand, an electric screwdriver has a smaller motor.

Some of the significant differences are as follows:

  • Utility and usage
  • Size and functionality
  • Twisting power and torque
  • Pricing

It also covers the aspect of your needs and requirements. Moreover, the price issue will be resolved to know how much to spend and which tool. So let us review all of these aspects one by one.

Once you have all the above aspects in mind, it will not be challenging to decide which one to use for which purpose. After you are sure about the functionalities and utilities, you will understand why it is necessary to know about electric screwdriver vs drill.

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Utility and Usage of Electric Screwdriver vs Drill

First comes the difference between the utilities of both the power tools. One must know for which function a screwdriver is used. The same goes for the drill.

Though a drill can be transformed into a prior one with some amendment, the difference will always be there.

However, not all drill machines have the same dual function. For example, if it can be used as a screwdriver, it can also be used as other tools like a grinder, polisher, and even woodcutter. So, it gives an edge to the drill in this electric screwdriver vs drill write-up.

On the other hand, a screwdriver is just a single facet tool. You can only use it for the built-in functions. And that is no other than the screw driving. Though it is far more functional and valuable than a manual screwdriver, it is not comparable to a drill in functionality and utility.

Size Functionality Aspects to Keep in Mind

The functionality of both these tools is directly proportional to their size. Therefore, we can say that the size does matter. For heavy duties, more giant-sized machines are in use. However, the larger the size, the less mobile the machine is.

Various types of drill machines have different utility levels.

Some are cordless, and others are with a battery. Battery increases their mobility. However, such tools are often bulky and difficult to carry from one place to another. As far as electric screwdrivers are concerned, they are usually medium size.

They are so light in weight that you can even use them single handily. For easy functioning, they come with various sizes of head positions.

Points Regarding Twisting Power and Torque

The twisting capacity of any rotary machine is known as torque. Its working capacity and functionality increase with the torque it can produce. It also varies in electric and battery-operated machines.

The drill machine may be giant in some cases, but the torque output will remain the same as the hammer drill. That makes it a better tool for concrete and other challenging surfaces. However, its torque is almost similar to the ordinary drill.

Now comes the electric screwdriver and its twisting power. Usually, a 3-4 Volts battery is enough to keep it in good working condition. However, you will have to charge the battery well before any new operation, especially for a bigger job.

All the torque an electric screwdriver need is enough to turn the screw into a wooden structure. Even if it is a metallic sheet, it will already have a hole. All you have to do is screw it with your electric tool.

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Similarities Between a Drill and Electric Screw Driver

Similarities Between a Drill and Electric Screw Driver

So far, we have discussed the dissimilar aspects of both these power tools. Now comes the turn of similar aspects. As mentioned previously, both are powerful tools in various construction and DIY projects.

These are handy and comparatively lightweight when we see other power tools of the same category. As mentioned in this electric screwdriver vs drill, even the cordless feature comes with both.

The incredible thing is that some of these tools’ models are also interchangeable. But that is not the case with all types of drills and electric screwdrivers. Moreover, these are handy and controllable. Safety features are also almost the same.

One can efficiently utilize these when high torque and rotary speed are required. However, most of the time, a beginner will need some hands of practice first and then work perfectly with any of these.

Last but not least, these come with attachments and accessories that can enhance their functionality. A whole set of features can be added to any of these power tools.

When to Use a Drill Machine?

We have already discussed the similarities and differences of these two tools in this electric screwdriver vs drill review, now comes the turn of individual functions. A cordless drill is a multi-function tool.

It is best to drill holes in walls and wooden surfaces. The one without a cord can be much heavier. Also, it has a bulky battery that makes it heavy. Their best use is around the house or at a masonry site.

Its further usage is as follows:

  • A wire-wheel brush · Rotary sanding machine
  • Buff applicator
  • A screwdriver

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When Shall be an Electric Screw Driver Be Used?

When Shall be an Electric Screw Driver Be Used?

Compared to the drill machine, the screwdriver is quite limited. Therefore, you can only use it for screwing and similar functions. However, its utility might increase if used to modify the drill machine.

It is primarily available in the cordless form as we know that one has to take it from one place to another too frequently. Due to this reason, a corded device will not suit that type of activity.

However, it would help if you took care of the battery, and you must charge it well before any usage.


There are many power tools available out there. However, a screwdriver and drill machine both are the most common ones. These may look alike, but many aspects vary from one another, as discussed in this electric screwdriver vs drill review.

Though both these tools are quite popular among professionals and DIY enthusiasts yet according the experts a drill machine is more useful as it can also be used as an electric screw driver with minor alteration.

Frequently Asked Question

If you are curious about the common questions people ask me, here is a list of my most frequently answered ones.

Q1: For which purpose is a drill machine used?

Ans: It is best to draw holes in various hard surfaces such as wood, plastic, or even metals.

Q2 What is the essential utility of an electric screwdriver?

Ans: Unlike a multi-functional drill machine, it can only be a screwdriver. Its essential use is in the field of mechanics and construction.

Q3 What are the main types of drills?

Ans: Famous drills include breast, push, gimlet and hammer drill etc. In some cases, it is a milling machine.

Q4 How is an electric screwdriver different from a drill?

Ans: The most prominent difference is the basic functionality. A screwdriver is just for a single purpose. On the other hand, a drill is a multi-functional power tool.

Q5 Which tool is more useful, an electric screw driver or a drill?

Ans: As mentioned earlier, the drill machine is more useful due to its dual nature of work

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