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Drill Vs Screw Driver – The Most Common Differences

You will need a power tool when you want to tighten a screw. No doubt, a screwdriver has its own importance, but we do have quality drills available out there. These drills are used to make holes, tighten various screws, and whatnot. Given such benefits, you might be thinking, which one should I go with? Drill vs screw driver?

Most probably, you would pick a screwdriver for this purpose. Well, most of us would presume that a screwdriver is meant for such purposes. Well, it depends on several aspects. Before proceeding any further, let us share some highlights of both these tools.

✔️Both of these tools are easy to use

✔️No maintenance is required

✔️Get the jobs done quickly

Now, let us talk in detail about the common differences between these two tools.

All You Need to Know About –
Drill Vs Screw Driver

Drill Vs Screw Driver

The main difference between both these tools is their intended purpose. We all know it is a very convenient and powerful tool helping homeowners and professionals for years about the drill. Sounds different? Let us differentiate both these tools.

What is a Screw Driver?

What is a Screw Driver

A screwdriver is a tool that helps you tighten screws in various devices. It has a handle attached to it which helps you apply some torque to loosen or tighten different screws. Now, in the case of electric screw drivers, the scenario is a lot different.

As the name highlights, the electric screwdrivers have a dedicated electric motor that keeps things running. The motor generates the torque that helps you tighten screws and other such bolts.

Whether we talk about the electric screw driver, or the manual one, their working method is the same.

What is a Drill?

What is a Drill?

A drill is one extremely popular power tool, as it is mostly used by homeowners. Drills are used to enlarge holes in various types of surfaces. For instance, if you want to hang a wall clock on, you will use an electric drill machine. These drills are not just powerful but also efficient enough.

Drill machines come in a variety of types, and all of them have different specification sheets. In reality, the drill machines are used mainly for making holes.

Drill Vs Screw Driver

i) Functionality Difference

The main difference between both these tools lies in their functionality. Both of these tools have different functionality.

For instance, you can use screw driver for tightening and losing different screws.

This application of screwdriver is quite evident by its name. But, on the other hand, we have a drill. The majority of drills are used by DIYers for their crafting related projects . So, the functionality difference is the main difference here.

ii) Performance Aspect

The performance difference is another major difference between both these tools. The screwdriver is used to tighten screws. We all know this, but the torque required here is controlled manually. So, you do get that edge to control the torque manually.

The drill is primarily used for making holes in solid surfaces and other such stuff in walls. The performance and power output of a drill machine are exceptional. This is because an electric motor controls its power output.

On the other hand, the screw drivers are usually manually operated. So though you get the electric ones, they are not that common.

iii) Difference in Pricing

The pricing is another main reason to choose screw drivers over drill machines. This is because pricing is an essential buying factor for many. Things are quite clear here. If you want to buy a drill, you will have to pay more.

This is because drills are not cheap. So, you have to invest a bit to get a drill of your choice. If we talk about the screwdrivers, they are pretty cheap and do not require too many bucks. You can get a screwdriver even if you do not have a defined budget.

Moreover, if we talk about electric screwdrivers, things are pretty much the same. You get a fully powered screwdriver half the price of an electric drill. Isn’t that a significant difference?

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Difference in Their Respective Types

Both drills and screwdrivers are available in different sizes and have unique functionalities. To understand the differences between these two types, you should know about the different types of drills and screwdrivers available out there.

Types of Screw Drivers Available

Following are the types of screw drivers available:

Types of Screw Drivers Available

1: Manual Screw Driver

The manual screw drivers are simple to use. You can use them for tightening screws of various types. Furthermore, these screw drivers are also cheap and require no maintenance.

2: Electric Screw Driver

Electric screw drivers have a dedicated electric motor that runs the whole show. There is a power button, just press it and use the screw driver the way you want. However, electric screw drivers are expensive compared to manual ones.

Types of Drills Available

Here are different types of drills that you’ll find on the web.

Standard Drill

1: Standard Drill

The standard drill is mainly designed to get the job done. Most of these drills do not have any extra features or functionalities. If you are looking to buy a simple and easy-to-use drill, this one should be your pick.

2: Cordless Drill

If you want a portable and easy-to-use drill, the cordless drills are for you. These drills have an electric motor that helps your drill through various materials. But the good thing is that they are battery operated. Therefore, you do have to worry about any cord length here. You can take cordless drills anywhere with you.

3: Hammer Drill

Hammer Drill is a heavy-duty drill, and professionals mostly use it. It is used to drill through various tough materials such as metal and tough blocks of concrete.

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Drill Vs Screw Driver – Which One Should You Choose?

If you are not sure which tool you should choose, here are some tips in this regard.

Choose Screw Driver If You Are:

1: Short On Budget

This is because screw drivers do not cost that much. So, if you want a reliable yet affordable screw tightening tool, it is best to consider the screw drivers.

2: Do Not Want any Complexity

As screw drivers are simple and easy to use so if you are the kind of user, who does not want any complexity, you can go with screw drivers.

Choose Drill If You Want:

1: Convenience

Convenience is the number one reason why you should go with the drill machines. These machines are also battery-powered and can be taken anywhere. Further, you can drill through even metal with several accessories put on.

2: Flexibility

Who does not want a flexible power tool, almost all of us want such a tool? Therefore, if flexibility is what you want, consider drill machines eyes closed. They won’t disappoint you with their performance.

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Final Words

So, there is a lot to say to conclude the debate on drill vs Screw driver. We have covered the major differences and also highlighted the strength of both these tools. Now, it is up to you how you decide.

Furthermore, you can list down your preferences to make a better decision. If you want a more refined power tool, you should go with the drill. Whereas if you want a simple and straightforward tool, you can go with a screwdriver.


If you are curious about the common questions people ask me, here is a list of my most frequently answered ones.

Q1: What is the main difference between a drill and a screwdriver?

Ans: The main difference lies in their primary functions. A drill is primarily used for drilling holes, while a screwdriver is used for driving screws into various materials.

Q2: Can a drill be used as a screwdriver?

Ans: Yes, many drills have a setting that allows them to be used as a screwdriver. This setting adjusts the torque to prevent overdriving or stripping screws.

Q3: What are the key features of a drill?

Ans: A drill typically has adjustable speed settings, a chuck to hold different drill bits, and a more powerful motor to generate rotational force for drilling.

Q4: What are the key features of a screwdriver?

Ans: A screwdriver usually has a fixed speed, a narrower range of torque, and a bit specifically designed for driving screws.

Q5: Can a screwdriver be used for drilling holes?

Ans: While a screwdriver is not designed for drilling holes, it can be used for light-duty drilling in softer materials like wood. However, it is not as efficient as using a dedicated drill.

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