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Northrock XC6 Review 2023 – 30 Days of Testing

Northrock XC6 Review

These days, buying a reliable mountain bike has become a hassle. That’s because there are a ton of brands out there. Almost each of them claims to be the best in the segment. For example, “Northrock xc6 review” is one mountain bike brand with affordable bikes under its umbrella. 

Their XC6 bike model caught every biker’s attention. Surely, Northrock XC6 is a good bike, but what about its durability, performance, and longevity? Well, that’s what we will look at in this Northrock XC6 review. Let us jump into it. 

Northrock XC6 Review – What’s So Special? 

Northrock XC6 Review

The Northrock XC6 promises to bring a lot of valuable additions. Even from the specifications sheet, we can see that the brand is very serious about offering reliable mountain bikes to the biking community.

Now, here you are, getting a lightweight aluminum frame. Plus, there is a lifetime warranty on the bike’s frame. This gives peace of mind to various buyers. Moving forward, you also buy this bike in various frame sizes.

So, even some tall guys shouldn’t have any problems with this bike’s size, features, and specifications. 

XC6 from Northrock is a mountain bike
The XC6 from Northrock is a mountain bike that comes with various quality components. Its main highlights are its Suntour XCT front suspension, Trekto brakes, and 6061 aluminum frame.
Bike Part Type
Frame size 18 and 19.5 inches
Frame type Aluminum 6061
Wheel size 26 inches
Drivetrain 24 speeds Shimano Acera
Crank Shimano
Spokes Stainless Steel
Rims Alloy
Shifters Shimano Altus
Front Suspension SR Suntour XCT
Saddle Shock absorbing WTB with high-set padding
Chain KMC

Northrock XC6 – A Detailed Review 

Northrock XC6

Now, let us jump to the actual review of this bike. We tested and reviewed all the aspects of this bike. Let us have a look at them. 

1) Durable Aluminum Frame 

Fewer folks claim aluminum bike frames are as durable as any other material. However, the scenario is different when talking about the 6061 aluminum frame. 

The 6061 aluminum is known for its lightweight and enhanced durability. These characteristics make it one suitable frame option for a variety of bikes. 

Luckily, Northrock has provided us with this bike with a 6061 aluminum frame. This particular frame is pretty lightweight, stiff, and also durable. 

Don’t let the light weight of this frame make you believe it may not last long. As we mentioned, it is a high-strength aluminum frame. So, it would perform great on all types of terrains. 

2) Quality Brakes 

When we say quality brakes, this definitely means we are about to discuss a brake configuration from a reputable brand name. Here, you get Tektro brakes. 

These brakes are well-known for their efficient braking performance. So, Northrock XC6 stops almost every time you pull its brake lever. 

3) Excellent Suntour Suspensions System 

After brakes, it’s the suspension of a mountain bike that has to be excellent. Again, Northrock has done a great job here as their XC6 comes with Suntour XCT front suspension. 

Now, the XCT shock absorbers have 80mm travel. Therefore, they are best suited for almost all types of terrains. You can also ride your XC6 on off-road tracks. Whereas on smooth and paved tracks, the bike would perform even better. 

4) Comfy Seat 

The seat of your mountain bike also aids in a good comfort level. Unfortunately, not all bikes have it. Here, Northrock really impressed us. The seat they include with this bike is shock-absorbing. This helps you enjoy a comfortable ride, even on some bumpy roads. 

So, coupled with the Suntour suspension and this seat, you will surely have a great time riding this bike. 

5) Shimano Drivetrain 

Like suspension, brakes, and frame, the drivetrain of your mountain bike also has to be on par with other bikes’ components. 

The Northrock XC6 has a reliable Shimano Acera drivetrain. Also, the quality of this Shimano crank is excellent. This drivetrain train comes with a 24-speed gear system. So, you can ride this bike on various types of terrains without any issues. 

We like the fact that the brand hasn’t compromised on the quality of the drivetrain. The use of such high-quality components makes the XC6 an ideal mountain bike. 

6) Shimano Altus Shifters 

The Shimano Altus shifters are also a great addition here. Again, these shifters are made of quality materials. Plus, these shifters make it a breeze to shift gears on time. 

7) 26-Inch Bikes 

Northrock XC6 comes equipped with a WTP 26-inch tire. This particular tire is known for its excellent adaptability. That’s because this tire adapts to road conditions very well. 

Its tread pattern is just perfect for a mountain bike of this category. These tires won’t disappoint you no matter what your riding style is. The 2.1- inch width of these tires is also a welcome addition. 

North XC6 Review – Pros and Cons


  • The 6061 aluminum frame is lightweight yet solid
  • It comes with a life-time warranty (for frame only)
  • There are no any doubts about the durability aspect of its frame
  • The Trento Brakes are a great addition
  • Comes in two frame sizes
  • The bike easily stops thanks to its quality brakes
  • The front shock absorbers have 80mm suspension travel making them good for all-terrains
  • The seat of the bike is also great for a long journey.
  • The bike is quite comfortable and lightweight too.
  • XC6 also comes with rustproof finishing
  • The Shimano Drivetrain is durable and long-lasting too


  • Assembling might be tough for some
  • The paint quality could have been improved

Who is Northrock XC6 For?

Who is Northrock XC6 For


The Northrock XC6 is a fantastic mountain bike for entry-level riders. Here we should appreciate the brand for not compromising on the quality of this bike’s components. 

Every component of this bike is branded, from the 6061 aluminum frame to Trek to the brakes. This bike is ideal for starters and even some mid-level riders. No matter who buys this bike, he won’t have to worry about the durability aspect of this bike. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1: Does Giant make Northrock? 

Ans: Yes, Northrock XC6 and some of their models are made by Giant. Now, Giant is one top-rated bike manufacturers. So, you can confidently buy XC6 made by Giant. 

2: What Size Frame Is Northrock XC27? 

Ans: The North XC27 has a 27.5-inch frame size. This frame size is good for 5’8 to 5’10 height people. You can also check out SC26. It comes in two frame sizes. 

Final Thoughts! 

So that is our Northrock XC6 Review. No doubt, Northrock has manufactured a quality bike. In addition, the Northrock XC6 promises to bring a lot of valuable additions. 

Even from the specifications sheet, we can see that the brand is very serious about offering reliable mountain bikes to the biking community. 

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  • Northrock XC6 Review 2023 – 30 Days of Testing

  • Northrock XC6 Review 2023 – 30 Days of Testing

  • Northrock XC6 Review 2023 – 30 Days of Testing

  • Northrock XC6 Review 2023 – 30 Days of Testing

  • Northrock XC6 Review 2023 – 30 Days of Testing

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